Mehek update Saturday 19 October 2019 Zee World

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Mehek update Saturday 19 October 2019 Zee World

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Rano throttles Mehek and says you tried killing me? Dolly says please stop. Anjali says you will die and Shaurya will go to jail. You thought you would give me poison. Doctor says it wasn’t poison. Anjali says you are fooling me you don’t know anything. Call police everything will be clear.
Dolly calls Shaurya and tells him everything. Anjali calls police and says Mehek gave me poison. Mehek says no i didn’t know anything. Anjali says then drink it and tell everyone it doesn’t have anything. Anjali forces Mehek to drink it. She says nothing would happen. Mehek coughs and faints. Dolly says she is pregnant and you made her drink champagne. Mehek opens eyes and drinks water. Mehek says I dont drink. Inspector says to anjali are you crazy. You don’t have right to do anything like this. Mehek you can complain. Mehek says i wont do anything. Police leaves. Anjali asks her men to kick them out.
anjali says she tried killing me? I have to find out what their plan is. She comes to outhouse. Mehek calls shauyra nad says she will have to trust us. Mehek says to Shaurya I feel bad these days. anjali is hidden under bed. She looks in the bag for poison. She can’t find anything. Anjali sneaks out. dolly says I heard some noise. They look everywhere. Mehek says must be a rat. Anjali goes away. Mehek and dolly smirk. Mehek says we have to stay ahead of her.

Next morning Mehek adn dolly come ot house. Anjali says how dare you come without permission? Go and do your work now. She says go and clean the garden and swimming pool. Dolly says but anjalu is pregnant. Anjali says if you want shaurya out then go and do all this. clean swimming pool first.
Dolly and Mehek come out. Dolly says I so want to kill her.

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Anjalu is on her way to somewhere. She says to driver stop using your phone. Mehek calls the driver. She calls the doctor. Doctor says Anjali called but didn’t talk about transplant. Mehek is in police station. She says we have to do something. What if she goes to another doctor? He says how will you find out? She says i have to go there and find out. He says be careful.

Nehal calls Mehek and says we saw a car and Anajli in it. We are following her. Mehek says I am coming there.
Nehal and Vicky come to city hospital. Anjali is in there too. Nehal’s condition is not well. AKash says you rest here. I will see what can be done. Mehek comes to city hospital. Vicky calls Mehek and says please follow Anjali. We can’t go because Nehal’s condition is worsened. Mehek comes in and looks for Anajli. They see her with a doctor. Mehek says she will know the truth and our game will be over.

Anjali gets her reports checked. She comes out. Mehek and Vicky hide. Mehek comes to doctor and asks about anjali. He says there is a problem in her lever. Shakti comes in. He says how are you Mehek? He says I was in village. I came here and got to know everything. Don’t worry this doctor is my nephew. The doctor tells them everything. He saw anjali’s reports and said who is the donor? She said Karuna my mom.He said you should talk to donor and get your transplant done asap.
Mehek comes to Nehal. She asks vicky to stay with her. Mehek comes to Karuna. An old woman tells Mehek Anjali is coming here. Mehek calls Shaurya and says Shauyra anajali is coming here. He says ma please don’t lose this chance. You have to make your emotions work. Please be careful.. She says okay. Karuna says to Anjali why are you here now? What do you want now? I gave you everythign but you wanted money only. Anjali says I am sorry ma. I will die please save me. Forget everything. karuna says how? She says I am your daughter afterall. karuna says sunita ji meet my daughter. Mehek is on call with shaurya. ANjali twists Karuna’s hand and says you are laughing at my condition? Karuna shoves her and reads newspaper. Anjali says do what I saw or your son will always ve in jail. Karuna says okay I will give you my liver. But in return you have to sign these papers and write all your sins on these. Anjali says I will never do that. She leaves. Mehek comes out and says you did right ma.

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Anjali calls Karuna. Anjali says ma I am ready to accept everything. You have to give me your liver tomorrow morning.
Mehek calls Nehal. She says we are all worried for you. But we know anjali wont understand. Anjali comes there and says you can go to your sister of you want. If your husband comes out you wont work here. I can do anything. Mehek says should I go? Anjali says yes go and take dolly too. Where are my meds? Mehek gives her meds. Mehek and dolly leave. Anjali comes to Karuna with her thugs. They try to kidnap her. karuna screams. The old women wake up and come with hockeys. They stop anjali. Anjali points gun at them and says stay quite here. She points the gun at Karuna. They take Karuna. The old women call Mehek and tell her everything. Mehek is dazed.

Anjali kidnaps doctor too. She says she is the donor. Do the transplant. he says I can’t transplant here there are not equipment. Anjali gives him equipments. She says I will give you so much money you wont need to work. Care about your life not hers. He gets ready to operate Karuna. Anjali says good morning mom. Karuna coughs. Karuna says why are you doing all this. Anjali says when I saw you in TV with your family I hated you. I thought my ma was poor and you were here living your life in fun. You threw me away. I will take all your money and happiness and even your liver. I decided how I will destroy you and your life. She tells Karuna whole story. Mehek comes in with police. They arrest. Anjali. Mehek snatches her gun. She says your game is over. We have recorded your confession.

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