Mehek update Saturday 12 October 2019 Zee World

Mehek update Saturday 12 October 2019 Zee World

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mehek and Shaurya takes injured man in ricshaw to Kanta’s society.

Karuna is in thoughts. Anjali comes there and says I will serve you food, she thinks if Karuna is thinking about mehek and Shaurya. Karuna recalls how once Karuna was busy working so mehek asked her to focus on spending time with Anjali, she will handle all house expenses, she took key from Karuna then. Karuna thinks that mehek never cared about Anjali but she wanted to take control of this house. Karuna gives house keys to Anjali and says I want you to take responsibility of this house, Anjali says no you are elder, you should keep it. Karuna says today or tomorrow, you have to handle this house and restaurant, now you are mehek and shaurya for me. anjali says I dont want to take anything which have mehek or Shaurya’s right on it. Karuna says I will choose whose right this is, it will feel weird in start but you will learn to handle things. Anjali hugs her and says I am doing this for your happiness only, she smirks.
Shaurya and mehek brings man to hospital. Doctor treats him and says he had heavy blood loss, we will see if we can find blood. Nurse says to Shaurya that you have to buy blood bags for him, his family is coming but we need blood urgently so please bring it. Shaurya says to mehek that we have only 10,000 rs, if we give them then we wont have anything left. mehek says if you dont help him then we wont be able to sleep, dont worry about it, he needs this more than us so help him. Shaurya gives money to doctor and says I have this money only, please treat that man nicely. mehek smiles at shaurya and says I am proud of you Mr. Khanna. Shaurya says I love you Mrs. Khanna, they leave.

Shaurya and mehek comes to a park to spend the night. Shaurya says there are many mosquitoes here, we can go to some relatives house. mehek says we cant become burden on anyone, this is our problem so lets face it together, lets sleep. She lies down on bench. Shaurya sees a cockroach and screams. mehek laughs and says aww, my Shaurya who fights with terrorists got scared of a cockroach, aww my baby. shaurya glares at her but laughs. Some drunken men come there and sees mehek. They starts singing, hooting and teasing her. Shaurya gets angry. One goon says come with me to spend the night, Shaurya is about to charge at them but mehek stops him. Goons leave. Shaurya says I told you this was not a good idea. mehek says okay, we will go somewhere later, lets sleep. They sleep. Sooraj sees them and calls police, he says there is a couple who is doing inappropriate acts, come here. Police comes there and wakes Shaurya and mehek. Inspector says to Shaurya that what are you doing here? park is closed and you both are here? doing inappropriate acts. Shaurya says stop this rubbish, let me tell you who I am. shaurya takes wallet to give ID but recalls he left it home. Inspector says once we beat you then you will be in right mind. mehek gets an idea and says yes we were wrong, take us to jail. Inspector says its minor offense so we wont arrest you, just leave. mehek says no but its against law, take us to cell. Inspector arrests them and takes them from there. Sooraj calls Anjali and says they got arrested. Anjali smirks and says Shaurya and mehek will be in jail now, I took their identity from them. mehek and Shaurya are locked in jail. Inspector says they are stubborn, they should be locked for a night to have brains back. mehek thanks them for locking them together. Shaurya asks what she is doing? mehek says these policemen will protect us now, this is our room. She says imagine that this door is our house door, imagine a bed, cupboard.. imagine a window here too, she acts like switching on TV and smiles. Shaurya smiles at her antics. Muskurane ki waja plays. mehek hugs Shaurya.

In morning, mehek is sleeping on jail bed, Shaurya sleeping on floor with head on bed. One inspector says they are spending night like on honeymoon. One inspector comes there and says you arrested Shaurya Khanna? policeman says who is he? Inspector asks him to free them. They bring out mehek and shaurya. Inspector says sorry to Shaurya. Shaurya says its okay, they didnt know about my identity, it was a nice night, she smiles at mehek who blushes. Inspector asks if he needs anything from them? Shaurya says no we will manage. Shaurya says to mehek that I have earned a name and it cant be taken from me, we will find someway. Anjali calls Sooraj and says how they got freed from jail? dont worry, they will cry for even water too.. he and his mother. Karuna comes there from behind. Anjali hears a noise and stops herself. She acts innocent and says the way Maa had to talk, I was heart broken, I am worried about them so keep telling me where they are. Karuna comes infront of her. Anjali says I was worrying for them, they were seen near Chandani chowk last, they must have been in mehek’s home. Karuna says yes they would go there, thats their real house, they worry about that house more than anything, let them go there. I came to tell you that you have to go to white chilies to handle work.

Nehal and Vicky comes home and greets Karuna. Vicky asks where is Shaurya and mehek? Nehal says we called them too to tell we are coming back but they didnt take call. Vicky says have Shaurya gone to restaurant? Karuna, and dolly are tensed. Nehal asks if everything is fine?

mehek and Shaurya are walking on road. mehek thinks where we will go now? Shaurya thinks that I have to arrange for basic necessities, I cant keep mehek under heating day, I should call my friends. One car is about to hit Shaurya but mehek pulls him away and says what are doing. Shaurya says lets drink coffee. Shaurya takes out some coins from his pocket. mehek says coffee is expansive, lets drink tea, Shaurya makes face. mehek says you always drink coffee, have tea with me today. Shaurya nods. mehek thinks till we dont start earning, we have to spend little, Shaurya doesnt know how to work in less money, I have to handle it. mehek says to Shaurya that tea is our national drink. They come to a tea stall. Men are eyeing mehek. Shaurya thinks why they are eyeing us like this? Shaurya buys tea and biscuits for them. mehek feeds him, they both enjoy morning tea together. Men are still eyeing them. mehek asks Shaurya to ignore them. Shaurya says I see phone booth there, let me call my friends and see if we can find some work. Shaurya comes to phone stall and calls his friends, all ignore him and cut calls. Shaurya says I need favor today so nobody is a friend. Shaurya buys newspaper and sees his photo in paper. He realizes why everyone was eyeing him. Shaurya comes to mehek and says lets go. He takes her from there. Karuna reads newspaper which shows that Shaurya was thrown out of house.

Dolly says who gave this news to media? Karuna says you always take Shaurya and mehek’s side so you might have taken it out. Vicky says but.. Karuna says stop, this is my house and she is my daughter, those who wants to live as per my rules can live here otherwise they can leave too. Anjali smirks. Nehal looks on.

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