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    • Thursday 1 August 2019
      Episode 75
      Shaurya and Mehek work they magic as they get Ajay to start sympathising with Mehek. Seema is cornered and eventually confesses to having poisoned Eddie.


Assessor captures Svetlana, Svetlana scowls at Shaurya and Mahek and says I will have returned to deliver my retribution, Jeevan says we will ensure you dont turn out this time. Nikki and Ajay sees Svetlana getting captured, she says so this was M Khanna. Kanta glares at Shaurya and scolds him saying dont ever try to pull plans like this again, lets go home. At Sharma house, Karona and everyone are tensed about kidnapping. Sonal gets Shaurya’s call and gets elated hearing his voice.

Harish takes call from her and is happy to hear Shaurya, he says to Shaurya that thank God you are fine. Shaurya ends call. Harish tells that Shaurya is safe, Karona looks on and leaves. Nikki and Ajay comesback home.

Pammi asks what happened? Nikki tells her that Svetlana was behind everything. Nikkicalls her lawyer to arrange for property registration. Nikki ends call, Ajay looks on.
Shaurya and Mahek comes to Sharma house. Karona runs out and sees them, Dolly does their aarti, all family members are emotional.

Balwant smile. He says thank God you are back. Harish hugs Shaurya tightly and says son I got to know how much I love you when I lost you, dont ever do this again, I love him, he hugs him. Sheetal comes there and gets excited, she says Shaurya is back, I knew you both were hiding something, Mahek was not looking like she lost you, she applies tilak to him and eats sweets instead of giving to him.

Balwant says to Sonal that your mother is a liar, she was mourning over shaurya’s death most. Mahek looks around and asks where is Karona Maa? Shaurya sees Karona standing far away, Karona turns to leave but Shaurya calls out Maa? he comes to her and puts hand on her shoulder, Karona says I dont want to talk to you, Shaurya hugs her from behind and says Maa I am sorry, I wont leave you ever again, I promise, Karona breakdowns and cries. At night, all family members sit down.

Shaurya says to Karona that I am sorry, we did a mistake, I forgot right and wrong to get property back, Mahek tried to stop me but I didnt listen.

Karona kisses his temple and cries, she looks to Mahek and kisses her cheek, she says dont ever overlook this exercise, cash, vengeance property all comes to second, first comes your family and love, consider the possibility that anything transpired both. how might we live? guarantee me to never accomplish something like this, guarantee me you will never do it regardless of whether you get property or not, guarantee on my name. Shaurya says dont say that, I wont promise something like that, Mahek says Shaurya please. Karona says my real wealth is you and Mahek, I dont need that property that can put your life in danger. Shaurya says its about justice, I wont let that cheaters Nikki and Ajay get that property, nothing happened to me. Karona says you will understand when something happens to you? why dont you just forget everything and move on. Kanta says Karona is right. Shaurya says I love you all but I wont accept it, my principles are most important to me, I will make Ajay and Nikki get their lesson and punishment at all cost, he leaves. All are tensed. Karona cries, Mahek is hurt seeing her state.

In morning, Digvijay meets Shaurya and Mahek. Mahek says Maa doesnt want us.. Shaurya says dont be emotional like Maa, I will get my property back. Digvijay says you both have to be on one page to fight this, Ajay and Nikki are going to court to file for property, you have to stop them. Mahek says I will bring my bag. Mahek comes in lounge, she sees Karona and Harish fighting.

Karona asks Harish to stop fighting and putting his life in danger, Harish says Shaurya is doing right, he has to fight for his property, Kanta says I will talk to Mahek, Harish says no Shaurya is right, he is a man and will fight for his rights, Nikki and Ajay keep snatching if we dont stop them, Shaurya has to punish them. Jeevan says he is right, we cant keep sitting silently, Shaurya should teach them a lesson that they will never forget.

Kanta says why you men keep fighting for your ego, its about our kids’ safety, Jeevan says they did wrong but now they are fighting legally and I support Shaurya.

Mahek comes inside, Karona pleads Mahek to stop Shaurya from putting his life in danger, Harish says no Mahek dont stop Shaurya from fighting.

Mahek is confused, Shaurya calls out to her, she leaves.

Nikki and Ajay comes to registrar to register property. registrar says you will get in 10 days. Digvijay comes there and says they cant get it, registrar says you have come yourself sir? Digvijay says I had to come, the property is of my client, she has already claimed it as M Khanna, Shaurya says its my wife’s property, Nikki says Svetlana filed claimn not Mahek, Digvijay says Svetlana would have used S Khanna, its Mahek’s property and she filed the claim, if you have proof that this property is yours then give it to registerar, Mahek has the proof, Nikki doesnt have any proof that property is hers. Registrar asks if Mahek if she has the proof? show it to me. Mahek looks down…

Digvijay asks her to show it. Mahek says Nikki is right, I didnt file any claim on the property. All are stunned, Shaurya glares at Mahek for double crossing him. Shaurya and Mahek comes out of registrar’s office. Nikki and ajay comes out too, they hide and spies on couple’s talk. Shaurya says to Mahek that you cant stop me. Mahek says yes but I wont be part of your plan, Shaurya says you want me to leave my property that I earned with years ot hardwork and live with your useless family in that small house? Mahek says mind your language, is my family nothing to you? why you keep fighting, cant you live a simple life like everyone else.

Shaurya says you want me to live like a failure and not achiever? why didnt you marry Ajay Parmar but me.

Mahek says dont say like that, we were all putting our lives in danger when you went on suicide mission. Shaurya says your responsiblity is to take my side, I wont stop, I will get my property back, Mahek says dont be so blind by your anger, it will burn your hands. Shaurya glares at her and pushes her away angrily, she falls down on road and cries, Shaurya leaves her there, Mahek cries. Ajay and Nikki witnesses all that. Nikki says their relation is at self destructive mode, Ajay feels bad for Mahek crying alone, Nikki glares at him and says lets go,they smirk and leaves. Mahek looks at them leaving, she wipes her tears and calls Shaurya.

She says to Shaurya that I dont think if they fell for our plan or not, Shaurya says they have to love, your acting is way too good sweetheart, Mahek smiles. Mahek calls Shaurya and says I dont know if our plan will work, Shaurya says ofcourse it will work out, my love your acting is great, he tells her next step of plan(which is muted), Mahek says okay and ends call.

Shaurya and Mahek arrives outside Sharma house. Mahek slips, shaurya holds her and says watch your step, where is your mind? Mahek says are you doing mistake again? we are lying again, doing another drama.

Shaurya says last time we didnt know that we were fighting Svetlana too last time, our mistake was not hiding things from family but misjudging our enemies, Mahek says we can fight legally, why have to lie and fake things, we can fight the right way, what will be the difference between them and us if we are lying and pretending too?

Shaurya says this world doesnt let people live innocently, if we fight the case then we never know how much longer case will go on, Ajay and Nikki can get registration done, we are acting but our intentions are right, we have to do this drama and break Nikki and Ajay’s bond, you have to gain Ajay’s sympathy.

Mahek says I know but I feel disgusted from Ajay, his eyes are so filthy. Shaurya says if Ajay crosses his limits then I will kill him, he is a fool but not Nikki, you just have to fool Ajay and win his trust then you will get papers from Ajay, we will get property from him.

Mahek says I dont like to fight with you, do we really have to fight infront of all? I just got you back.

At Khanna mansion, Ajay and family are dancing, Nikki smiles and says I dont feel irritated with your cheap acts today,maybe money makes everyone, they all dance together.

Shaurya says to Mahek that I cant let Nikki and Ajay get our property and do injustice, we cant let them win, I have to right things. Sonal comes there on street. One woman taunts her that Sonal is a loser, she is preganant and doesnt even have her husband, if she married Rohit then atleast they would be together and she would be living in peace, Mahek gets angry hearing it.

Sonal sadly leaves. Shaurya asks Mahek to calm down, he says we will answer these people when we win our fight,I need you, I need you to be with me in this fight, we will win it together. Mahek smiles and says your biggest plus is your words, you win my heart with them, I am with you. Shaurya smiles and leans in closer.

Mahek sees Sheetal coming there, she says to Shaurya that you cant romance with me till your plan is going on, now bear the burnt of your plan, stay away from me.Shaurya frowns. Pammi asks Awara to plan a grand party.

Ajay recalls Shaurya mishandling Mahek and how he insulted her, he feels sad for Mahek. Pammi asks Nikki what happened to Ajay? Nikki says he is a fool. In Sharma house, Kanta scolds Mahek and Shaurya for fighting in the middle of road. Shaurya says this too justified girl went to court and gave statement against me, Jeevan says to Mahek why you have to act too loyal and moral high when plan was decided.

Shaurya says this girl doesnt let me make any plan successful, I am goin mad because of her, I have lost everything and still she is giving me headache, he angrily leaves.

Mahek acts like crying, Karona says he is mental,dont cry, she hugs him.

Shaurya smiles and winks at Mahek from far. Karona says to Shaurya that you shouldnt have yelled at Mahek. Jeevan says when Shaurya made the plan then why did Mahek go against him in court? Kanta says when you people dont listen to women of house then this happens, see the results. Harish says menm work so hard to make the house and you women dont let them be in peace. Men and women of house start fighting. PD says instead of solving the matter between couple, they are fighting.

PD says enough, I will give verdict now. PD says Mahek you both have united after so much time and still fighting? she ask Shaurya to take Mahek out or on terrace, talk to her nicely and calmly, solve everything. Mahek says he doesnt know how to talk, he just yells.

Shaurya says you dont know anything but just how to cook. Karona says Shaurya why you get angry on everything, Harish says he is not saying anything wrong. Whole family starts fighting again with women on Mahek’s side and men on Shaurya’s side. At night, Shaurya calls Mahek. Mahek is in her room, he is in porch, he says when I married you, I thought I will keep you in my arms forever but I cant get you for a second now.

Mahek says make these foolish plans more, this is the result, Shauray says will you meet me? she says no way, your plan will fail, go to sleep. She looks at Shaurya from her window. Shaurya says this moon doesnt let me sleep.

Mahek says practice to fight not romance. Mahek lies on her bed. Sonal coughs. Mahek asks what happened? Sonal says I am thirsty. Mahek sees jug empty and goes to bring water. Mahek comes in kitchen, its all dark. Mahek fills water in jug.

Shaurya comes there, she gets scared and says why dont you listen? he smiles and caresses her face, he says I was dying to see you up close, I will leave, just stand here for sometime.

Mahek says anyone can come. Shaurya says we have tired everyone, they are all sleeping. Mahek says its risky, Shaurya says true love is risky, Mahek says Sonal is thirsty.

Shaurya says I am thirsty too, my thirst will not go away till tomorrow night if you leave now, my lips are thirsty Mahek, please do something about it. Shaurya pins Mahek to wall, Hawain plays as Shaurya leans in closer to her. Mahek blushes and looks down. Mahek closes her eyes… she anticipates the kiss but doesnt feel anything, she opens her eyes and is stunned to see Jeevan standing there.

Shaurya hides behind fridge. Mahek says what are you doing here? Jeevan says what are you doing here? are you sleep waking again?

Mahek says I just came to take water, I am fine, Jeevan says I will check if you have fever, Mahek says I am sleepy, Shaurya is hiding behind Mahek and pulls on her shirt, she jerks him away and leaves with Jeevan, Shaurya laughs. In Sharma house, Mehek is serving tea to all ladies.

Mansi pushes Kanta and she comes in front of her and says she wants to talk to her.

Kanta says that cannot help Shaurya’s anger but at least she has to listen to him. Mehek says you were with me till yesterday and now she is saying this.

Kanta chachi is asking Mehek to adjust with Shaurya as he is her husband, Mehek says she has to tell them an important thing and brings them to Food truck parked near White Chillies. She Tells them that she has made it theirs with the money saved from their dabba business. Harish praises Mehek.

Shaurys says Harish never liked Mehek earlier and now why is he supporting her.

Shaurya starts shouting at Mehek saying that he wanted to fight with rats with that money.

Harish says we’ll battle with them with the cash earned through Food Truck. Shaurya discloses to Harish that even Harish realizes that it is so hard to set up a business. Shaurya begins accusing that she is an obligation to him what not.

She ought to have hitched Ajay and he would have been the one to be devastated, she is pointless and not commendable yakkity yak.. Karuna lifts her hand on Shaurya and discloses to him that he has lost it.

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