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the heir

Kanta says I wont spare, Karona says she is just acting and acting very nicely. Kanta says I know. she sees Nikki spying on them and says from where this witch came here? Call shaurya and tell him that she is spying here. Karona calls Shaurya and says Nikki is here, she is keeping an eye on Ajay and Mahek. Shaurya says you have to distract her, she cant behind Ajay and Mahek, I cant do anything, you have to manage her, Karona says okay, she ends call and tells it to Kanta. Ajay says to Mahek that I will drop you, Mahek says no I will take cab, people will taunt me if they see me with you.

Ajay says people would say things but it doesnt matter, I will drop you, Mahek says no I dont want people to taunt me, she thinks why he is not offering to come with me? Mahek calls cab, Ajay says I will go with you,she says what about your car? he says I will take it tomorrow. He sits in cab with Mahek.

Nikki thinks where this lover boy is going in cab with her? Cab leaves. Nikki comes to her car. Kanta says we have to stop her from following them. Nikki sits in her car. Kanta says think fast. Karona sees ice cream stall and says I have an idea but its risky, she tells it to Kanta in whisper. In cab, Mahek is crying.

Ajay says my heart cries when you cry, I feel like burning whole city, I will cry if you dont stop. Mahek says I did a big mistake, I rejected you for that person?I did such big mistake, Ajay smiles proudly. The driver of cab is Shaurya, he is disguised as Sardar, Shaurya smirks at Mahek. Ajay says you left Shaurya for me? he dreams again.

Mahek acts like sobbing. Karona talks to ice cream seller. Seller puts his stall infront of Nikki’s car. Nikki doesnt see it and starts driving but hits stall. seller starts crying that she injured me. Nikki comes out and thinks Ajay and Mahek will go far away, she offers him money for destruction. Mahek and ajay are in cab. Mahek asks driver/Shaurya to stop car, he does. Mahek comes out, she says I did big mistake by marrying that Shaurya, I have done mistake of life by not choosing, I should just die. Ajay says no no no.. he hugs her tightly, Mahek makes face and pulls away, she runs away.

Ajay runs behind her and says everything will be fine. Mahek says no. She brings out wine bottle from cab and says Shaurya loves it and not me, what does this have that I dont? I will find out. She drinks wine which is actually apple juice.

Shaurya says keep love story going on but give me my fare. Ajay gives money to him and says you seem familiar, Shaurya says many people are smiliar in this world. Mahek acts like drunk and says this is good feeling, come here Ajay. Shaurya says what is happening? Ajay offers more money and says just let what my girlfriend wants tonight happen, just leave us alone. Mahek sits on top of cab.

Ajay sits with her on top and asks what are you doing? Mahek asks driver/Shaurya to play a song. Shaurya plays DJ wale babu. Mahek starts dancing, she is about to slip but Ajay handles her and dances with her, Shaurya is smiling inside cab. At Khanna house, Nikki says Ajay cant see what Shaurya and Mahek are doing but I know this is all for these papers and they will never get it. Nikki calls her man and says I want more security to increase in this house, I want cameras and more guards, she ends call.

She takes off mattress from her bed and there it is safe beneath it, she hides property papers there and locks it, puts mattress back on it and looks on. Mahek and Ajay are sitting on top of cab. Shaurya is there as a driver. Mahek asks Shaurya to give her one more bottle.

Shaurya acts likes driver of cab and gives it to her. Mahek asks Ajay to drink it then we will dance, he says no I wont drink, you drink it and I will take care of you.

Mahek says are you a coward? you dont want to drink wine? if you dont then I will cry. He says no no, dont cry, I am drinking it. Ajay starts drinking wine. Shaurya gives apple juice to Mahek and wine to Ajay. Ajay drinks more and more, he gets drunk and says to Mahek that I will always stay with you forever. Ajay tries to hug Mahek but Shaurya comes out and says enough of your money, we will be in trouble if police comes there, so do your love act somewhere else. Ajay says he is irritating, he gives more money to Shaurya and asks him to silently sit in cab. shaurya takes it and sits in cab, Ajay asks to play music. Shaurya plays DJ wale babu.

Ajay dances. Mahek whispers to Shaurya that if I keep making him drink then I will make him give property to me, Shaurya says you middle class, he is drunk, just make him confess where is property papers.

Mahek glares at him but says to Ajay that you did great by snatching shaurya’s property. Ajay says I wanted to show Shaurya his real place, he used to show too much ego but I put him in place. Mahek says Shaurya is clever, keep property papers safe. Ajay says there is one safe that even I cant touch so Shaurya wont know about it. Mahek asks whats that safe? where is that safe? Ajay says Nikki.. Nikki is that safe, she says what? Ajay says thats why neither me nor Shaurya can touch it. Mahek says so Nikki have property papers? Ajay says yes and she doesnt even tell me where property papers are, she is very clever,its late now, I will drop you home. Mahek thinks that Nikki have property papers? Shaurya is worried hearing it. Harish asks Jeevan if his wife is taking call? mine is not. Ravi says what if your wives ranaway to complain about you both to police, Jeevan asks him to shut up. Ajay falls unconscious in drunk state.

Kanta and Karona comes there. Shaurya and Mahek are there near cab. Kanta kicks Ajay.

Kanta says we have to go home soon. Digvijay calls them, he puts on speaker, Digvijay says I have one idea, its risky, Ajay said that property papers are inside Khanna house and what if Mahek gets entry there? Shaurya no thats not possible, I wont allow it, its dangerous. Karona says when Ajay roams with her outside house atleast Shaurya is around her but inside house is not safe. Digvijay says papers are in house only, I got to know that

Nikki have increased security of house so papers are there and nobody can enter stealthily so Mahek has to go inside. Shaurya says dont even think about it Mahek. Mahek says I am ready to go inside, if we have to play this then we have to take big steps. Shaurya says Pammi and Nikki wont welcome her there. Mahek says you people are thinking wrong, I will go there but I have a plan for that. She tells them plan which is muted. Kanta comes home. Jeevan asks where she was? Kanta says I was in temple, I couldnt hear your phone call. Dolly asks her to tell whats the matter? Kanta says I dont want to see your faces, my girl is loving someone else so I went there for some peace. Jeevan says how are you talking? have some shame. Karona comes there and says shame is not left here. Harish asks where was Karona? Kanta says she must be finding her son in some gutters as he is always drunk. Jeevan asks them to stop it, they leave.

Ravi says not only kids but even elders are fighting in this house. Balwant says if this goes on then there will blood bath here. Sonal says hope Shaurya and Mahek will reunite.

Shaurya and Mahek are still on street. Mahek hugs Shaurya and says when I go to Khanna house to get papers then I will miss you. shaurya says atleast we will get papers. Mahek says you are not worried about your wife but papers? Shaurya says you can go anywhere but I will always come behind you to meet you, and also Kanta will go with you, Mahek asks how? Shaurya just wait and watch. Mahek says I love you.

Shaurya says you are my shadow and strength Mahek. Shaurya cups her face and leans in, he is about to kiss her, mile ho tum humko plays but suddenly they hear cab’s horn.

Shaurya goes and checks that Ajay have foot on horn in car but still unconscious. Shaurya this villain is not at peace even when fainted. Mahek says lets go its late. In morning, Shaurya and Mahek comes out cab. Ajay is still inside, Mahek hugs him. Shaurya asks Mahek to sit in backseat with Ajay, Mahek says I dont want to sit with Ajay, he says it was your idea, he says if Ajay crosses limit then beat him, bring papers back but if its risky then leave that house, if you are not comfortable with this plan then we can drop it, Mahek says no now we will go ahead with it.

Shaurya hugs Shaurya and places a kiss on his neck. Shaurya gives car keys to her, Mahek sadly looks at him and sits in backseat with Ajay, Shaurya turns to leave but Mahek says I forgot one thing, he comes to her, she pulls him down and kisses his cheek. Shaurya smiles at her and starts leaving her. Mahek sadly sees him going away. Shaurya turns to look at her, she tries to smile and waves at him, he smiles and waves back, Channa plays, Shaurya has bad feeling but leaves Mahek with Ajay.

Mahek sadly keep looking at him. All are worried at Sharma house as its morning and Mahek-Shaurya havent arrived yet. Jeevan says they are not picking call too.PD says maybe they have solved problems. Shaurya comes there and stumbles. Karona asks if Mahek gave him something bad to eat? Kanta says he is drunk and shameless. Kanta asks Shaurya where is her daughter? Shaurya says Mahek spent whole night with Ajay and I am sure she had her morning with him too, all are stunned. Shaurya comes home in morning. Kanta asks where is Mahek? Shaurya taunts that she must be spending time with her boyfriend. Vicky asks what he means? Shaurya says Mahek went to Ajay and spent whole night with him, I am sure she will have her morning with him. All are shocked. Kanta says this Shaurya is alleging my daughter, Karona says Mahek have crossed all limits. Shaurya says if you people dont believe me then go and check that Mahek cheated on me. Vicky says this cant be true, who is Mahek’s lover? Shaurya says Ajay, all are stunned.

They all go to Khanna house to check. Mahek is in car with Ajay outside Khanna house. Mahek waits for Shaurya. Shaurya comes to Khanna house with family. Shaurya shouts for Ajay to come out. Pammi and Nikki comes out, Pammi says he is not here. Shaurya says go and check in his room, he must be with Mahek there. Nikki says I will go and check, she goes and comes back, she says Ajay is not here, Shaurya Mahek was with Ajay? did you do something to him? Kanta says this Nikki is lying. Karona says yes yes only your daughter in pure and all are lying? just accept that she has affair with Mahek.

Pammi says do this drama in your house, where did that witch take my son? I wont spare anyone if anything happens to my son. Shaurya says they must be romancing. Mahek is in car with Ajay, car is parked near Khanna house. Mahek plays horn. Guard sees car and goes to check who is in car. Pammi says to Sharma and Khanna family that find my son, where did that Mahek take him? Guard comes there and says Ajay in car with Mahek and its parked outside. All come to car.

Mahek is lying her head on Ajay’s shoulder who is asleep. She wakes up. All are stunned to see them together, Pammi have headache. Shaurya shouts Mahek you disloyal and cheater? Ajay you rascal. Mahek says Ajay was dropping me home but cab driver left us then he tried to drove me. Pammi says he had to bring enemy’s daughter out of all. Ajay wakes up and asks how am I here? Mahek says you tried to drop me, Ajay says I shouldnt drive drunk. Karona says see this Mahek was spending time with Ajay, she left my handsome son for this monkey? Dolly says I didnt expect this from you Mahek, you left Shaurya for this? Pammi ask them to not create scene on road.

They all go in house. Mahek says he was just dropping me home. Dolly says then why he didnt? Ajay says we got drunk? Shaurya says wow, people taunt me but she was getting drunk with this Ajay? you could have told me Mahek and I would have brought wine for you. I wont live in that house with Mahek now. Karona says we wont leave that house, we didnt do any mistake, this Mahek is having affair, tell me Jeevan whom should leave house? Pammi says you can throw her out of house but leave from here, Ajay says but..

Pammi slaps him and says come with me.


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