Mehek Season 2 August Teasers 2019

Mehek Season 2 August Teasers 2019

  • Mehek takes one year leap, she is presumed dead and a lookalike Vandana surfaces. Will Shaurya be able to bring her memory back? 

Here comes the Mehek Season 2 final teasers for this August 2019:


  • Thursday 1 August 2019
    Episode 75
    Shaurya and Mehek work they magic as they get Ajay to start sympathising with Mehek. Seema is cornered and eventually confesses to having poisoned Eddie.
  • Friday 2 August 2019
    Episode 76
    Ajay is under the impression that Mehek saved him, will this be enough to win over his trust? Karuna and Kanta have caught on to Shaurya and Mehek’s plan. Karan is out looking to bring Seema back to the Gabela home at Eddie’s request.
  • Saturday 3 August 2019
    Episode 77
    Ajay is at Mehek’s aid once again. Nikita doesn’t trust the whole situation and has begun tailing Mehek and Shaurya. Seema is back at the Gabela house and trying to make amends for her mistakes.
  • Sunday 4 August 2019
    Episode 78
    Ajay forces Pammi to let Mehek live with them. The entire family is hopeful about Shaurya and Mehek’s plan. Sanjana reaches out to Karan and Norah for support in her time of need. Sharma’s tax evasion lands him in hot water thanks to Dennis’ whistle blowing.


  • Monday 5 August 2019
    Episode 79
    Uncle Jeevan cuts ties with Kanta and Mehek. Shaurya only has seven days to rectify everything. Karan makes it to see Sanjana at Norah’s request and realises she is dying from cancer.
  • Tuesday 6 August 2019
    Episode 80
    It’s crunch time as Ajay asks Mehek to marry him. Nikita is bent on showing everyone that Mehek is making a fool out of Ajay. As Sanjana gets weaker from her illness Norah decides to move her into her home for care.
  • Wednesday 7 August 2019
    Episode 81
    The Sharma’s and the Khanna’s make their way back into the Khanna mansion, but Nikita won’t let things get any easier for Shaurya and Mehek. Karan is not too keen on Sanjana moving in and Norah will not hear it. Leleti trips and falls at home.
  • Thursday 8 August 2019
    Episode 82
    Shaurya has disguised himself in order to get the property papers back from Nikita. However, Nikita has a whole new plan up her sleeve. Sanjana offers to look after Leleti to help her to recovery but how sincere are her intentions.
  • Friday 9 August 2019
    Episode 83
    It’s a scramble for the property papers as no one backs down. Ajay doesn’t take it too kindly as he finds out how he has been fooled. Leleti is accidentally burned by Sanjana or is it really accidental?
  • Saturday 10 August 2019
    Episode 84
    Mehek’s life is in serious danger and Ajay has promised to kill Mehek this time around. Will Shaurya find Mehek in time? Sanjana has other plans for Karan as she is trying to get him to relapse to an old drug habit. Sanjana drugs Leleti while she is deep in her sleep.
  • Sunday 11 August 2019
    Episode 85
    Having conquered Ajay and his partners in crime, the Sharma family still long to have Mohit back at home. Leleti is critical in hospital and Sanjana is disappointed she made it.
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  • Monday 12 August 2019
    Episode 86
    Forgiveness goes a long way, especially for a loved one. Mehek and Shaurya finally go for their first honeymoon. Leleti is finally discharged from hospital to continue recovering from home. Karan opens up to Dennis about his drug addiction past.
  • Tuesday 13 August 2019
    Episode 87
    Season finale
    Tragedy strikes again as Shaurya is no longer whole. Bonds that were once created have been broken. Dennis starts to doubt Sanjana’s claims that she is dying from cancer. Karan and Dennis corner Sanjana to open up about her tricking Karan to be addicted to drugs again.



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