Mehek Saturday Update 16 November 2019 Zee World

Mehek Saturday Update 16 November 2019 Zee World

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Mehek update Saturday 16th November 2019 Zee World

Mahek comes home, Swati says are you okay? Mahek says what happened? Swati says are you okay? Sajita says shaurya said they are not right people. You didn’t know that. Sharma says my champ is home. how was your party? She says it was good. Mahek says ma you have to trust me. I don’t need a man to take care of me. All mothers need to understand that. Sharam says see I told you. Daughters aren’t less than any man. She is my champ. Sajita says are you okay? Mahek says I am telling you I am fine. No one would listen to me after shaurya. My problem is that Shaurya. Shaurya is outside. He is angry.

Piyaa Albela
Naren and Pooja are leaving. She says angraj must be coming. Babu ji comes in and says why wouldn’t you come out with me? Jyoti says Naren how did you get these bruises? He says I am fine now. Pooja says naren lets go. I want to have ice cream. They leave. Angraj sees in and says something is wrong. He says bhai. I want to eat ice cream as well. Naren says don’t disturb us. They leave.

The CEO says our new brand ambassador is Mehek. She isn’t her due to he training. I want to wish her all the best. Shaurya comes and shouts mahek. He slaps her. Everyone is dazed. Mahek grasps his collar. She says how dare you. Shaurya says you can spend night with anyone for this success? Mahek says your head is full of shit. Shaurya says now I know why you got me insulted. You wanted that contract at any cost. Mahek says you first did all this and now here to lecture me. Go from here. Sharma says get out before I call police. He says I thought you ave self respect but I didn’t know you are disgusting. Mahek slaps him and says what do you even know about me. Go from here. Shaurya says I don’t even wanna be near a characterless woman like you. Mahek shoves him. SAjita says what is he saying? Shaurya says God is seeing all this. Mahek you are a man. You think that a woman can do anything for her benefit. Sajita says mahek be calm and tell me why you came alone late night? We called why didn’t you pick? Where were you all night? Mahek is angry.
Mahek says you are asking me all this? You trust that shaurya more than me. Swati says ma listen. Sajita says he was begging here for your address. Why would he lie? Mahek says of course I would lie. Because I am a girl. Swati says ma listen. Sajita says sir je wont you say a thing? Mahek says you don’t trust me and you trust that shauyra. You didn’t even think I am your daughter. At least trust what you taught me. Dont’ you even trust your up bringing? SAjita says I didn’t mean that. Mahek says you thought I would do anything for success?
Sajita says I was scared. I trust you more than anyone. Mahek says you wont have even listened to Shaurya. SAjita says I was worried fr you. Mahek says you thought I am a girl so anyone can take advantage from me. You thought I have no self respect. Sajita says I am sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was worried when shaurya told me.. Mahke says enough, I dont wanna listen his name. What has he done that you trust everything he says. He has always caused us trouble. She goes to her room.

mahek recalls Shaurya slapping her. The song judai plays. SHaurya breaks stuff in anger.
Rashmi comes to shaurya and says have juice. He is silent. Rashmi asks him what happened? He tells her everything. Rashmi is dazed. She sys this can’t happen. Shaurya says all I saw wasn’t enough? Rashmi says don’t let misunderstandings lead you. You are jumping to conclusions. You are not getting it right. someone calls shaurya he says what.. He turns on TV.
Reporter says some people in a Dehli hotel caught people having fun. Mahek sees people dragging sajia and swati out of the neighborhood. Sajita says I didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything. The neighbors put black colors on their faces. A woman says we should have known what kind of people are you. Sajita and Swati are crying. Mahek is dazed. Mahek says didi ma.. She cries. the woman says she is a disgusting girl. She shouldn’t live here. Mahek says nothing is their mistake. Don’t blame them. She says didi.. I am sorry. I am here didi. Neighbor says we wont let you live here. Mahek says I beg you please don’t do this. I will do what you ask. this all is a lie. The woman says we are all defamed because of you. Girls like you don’t deserve to live in us. Mahek says this is all a lie. I can never do this. They make her sit down and blacken her face. Shaurya comes and says stop. A woman says you are the one who complained. Tis girl has defamed us so much. Mahek goes in with sajita and swati. She locks the door. They all sit down and cry.

Mahek washes herself and says enough. Shaurya comes in. Mahek says you are dead for me. You must be very happy to see me defamed. He sys listen.. Mahek says I dont’ wanna listen. You didn’t listen whem I wanted to tell you truth. He says please listen. Mahek says trusting you was my worst mistake. She shoves him and locks the door.

Mahek sees her contract termination letter. She recalls everything that happened. Suvetlana comes in. She says I know you are innocent. You are woman and people will prove you wrong. Mahek says I have proof that I didn’t do anything wrong. She tells suvetlana everything. Sajia hears. Mahek tells her about the recording. Suvetlana says pack your stuff. The founder of the company lives abroad. We will show the video to him. We will leave at 4. Sajita says why are you going? Mahek says at least she trusts me unlike my family. Suvetlana texts Angraj get ready. I will bring Mahek. Naren looks at Kiran. He sys please get me any paper that I get pooja out of his trap. Krian says Ia m his doctor and you are asking me for proofs. I will go and tell pooja everything. I didn’t know you will be like rest of the people. She puts cloth in his mouth and leaves.

Sajita meets Shaurya and tells him everything. SHe says Mahek is innocent. She can never do this. Her character is clean. She is in a trap. I don’t trust suvetlana. Go and save my Mahek. Sajita says Mahek was talking about some proof to suvetlana. When I asked her she denied. It was my mistake that I didn’t trust her. I want you to be with her before Suvetlana gets her in another problem. Please help me. SHaurya says what are you saying. Just tell me what to do. I know how much I love Mahek. Nothing can harm her till I am here. Don’t worry please. Angraj picks is sherwani.
Krian comes and says to watchman I want to meet Naren. Watchman tells Kiran. HE says she must have brought Naren’s finger prints. Pooja comes to Kiran and says why are you so scared of doing something that your heart is scared of? Watchman says Naren is coming. Pooja says to Kiran if you tell angraj everything he will kill me and Naren.. Before Anraj comes here please give me five minutes. If you think you should tell Angraj. We both love the same man. For him just five minutes. They go to a side. Angraj looks for Kirna.

Pooja says to Kiran Angraj is a ravan. Krian says Naren isn’t Ram either. Ram doesn’t lie. Angraj looks for Kiran. Pooja says I know you are hurt after what NAren did. He did that for me, It was not his mistake. He loves me so much that he doesn’t mind right or wrong. He did that to save me from angraj. Kiran says but he played with my emotions. I will tell Angraj everything even if you don’t forgive me. Pooja says okay if you want that take my last message for Naren. Tell him that his pooja never let Angraj touch her. If he ever comes close to me I will kill myself. Don’t worry you wont pay for it. Pooja leaves. Kiran holds heer hand and says sorry pooja. I became selfish in love. we lose in love. If Naren can do all this I can lie at least. I wont tell ANgraj anything. I promise you. Pooja hugs her. Suvetlana and Mahek are in cafe. She says order something. Mahek orders so much suveltana is dazed. Suvetlana says you will eat all this alone? Mahek says why? She says nothing. You eat I will call. She goes out. Shaurya sits opposite to her. He says get us two lassi. Mahek says what are you doing here. He says eat first. Your mom is worried for you. I said no worries I will take care of her. Mahek says you have ruined enough. stop it now. Shaurya says I wont go frmo here. Get used to of seeing me around because I promised your mom. She says I am leaving. Shaurya says I am after your car. Mahek hits his head witha road. He faints. Mahek locks him in trunk.

Servant gives pooja box. He says naren sent it and said wear any of it. She says none of these are colors naren likes. I reject them all. Angraj comes in and says you can’t say no to this color. Its white. Pooja caresses his face and says naren you here. What if Angraj sees. He wraps the sari around her. He says it looks like a dream right? SHe was dreaming all this.
Naren calls pooja from Kiran’s phone. Pooja says Naren. He says we aren’t alone. I wil come to you with all the proofs. Pooja says but there are so many people looking for you. Naren says Krian has spoken to them.

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