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Mehek update Friday 15th November 2019 Zee World

Suvetlana sees the house and says never thought I would come back to this house.
Sajita says why is she helpin us?

Mehek says she is a good woman. she wants to help other woman. She saw everything in the party. Sharma says this is a good opportunity. Sajita says I don’t she has good intentions. Mehek you can win on your own. You don’t need her favor. Shaurya comes and says this is a reward for her hard work. Its for her hard work and passion. I will support Mehek. She is better than any man.

She deserves this chance. Sajita says okay. Suvetlana leaves. SAjita says thank you. You cleared it for me. Mehek says coach sir lets go for practice. She leaves.
Shaurya says Mehek please listen.

Sharma says maek we are getting late. Mehek says get auto I am coming.
Shaurya says please listen.

She says dont’ waste your time on me. You will say you are happy for me and support me. It wont work with me. Now I will be the champ and you will be jealous. I don’t trust you at all. She leaves.

Mehek practices in the ring. Suvetlana comes and says I have a press conference in the evening. Please be on time. Mehek says we will e there. suvetlana says you will have to do a charity match with shaurya. It will be here in this boxing ring.

Will you be able to do it? People want to see if you are capable enough or not. Mehek says I am ready.

Sajita says why is she asking you to fight shaurya? Mehek says I have no worries.
Yuvraj says to Shaurya this is about my respect. Shaurya ignores him. Yuvraj says be mad at me but don’t lose this sponsorship.

Shaurya nods and leaves. Shaurya says in heart I will make Mehek win in the last round. I want to be near her though. Match starts. Mehek and Shaurya are in the ring. Photographer takes their photos. Shaurya says we are not opponents. Look into my eyes. Mehek punches his face. The match starts.

Suvetlana says why is he so easily being beaten? Mehek beats him down. She says are you okay? He holds her hand and gets up.

Saurya says you are worried like a wife. Mehek beats him down again. Mehek wins the round.
Yuvraj is angry. He says Shaurya is doing it on purpose. The press conference starts. Shaurya says good luck Mehek. She sits n it. Suvetlana says welcome everyone. Thank you for supporting us. We are proud of Mehek. She proved woman is not less than any man. We are open to questions. Journalist asks her how does it feel? She says I feel good. Would have felt better if it was a tough match.

Suvetlana says our CEO is here.
Mehek says to Suvetlana thank you so much. She says you deserve it. Suveltna says our CEO has invited you to a party at his place. I will get you ready.
CEO says on call I like girls like Mehek.

She should spend time with me. She should prove herself in bed room first. Shaurya over hears he is angry.

(first Part in Piya Albela section)

Svetlana grabs Shaurya who is going to Mehek. CEO pulls Mehek closer and asks if she enjoys parties? Shaurya says to Svetlana that CEO is a cheap man, why are you sending Mehek to him? Svetlana says you are jealous of her success, you cant bear that she won, till you were getting the contract, it was right but now Mehek is getting it so its wrong? if you worry about Mehek then leave the party.

Shaurya says I am going to her, you cant stop me. He goes to CEO and Mehek and pushes CEO away from her. All look on.

Naren wakes up, he sees Kiran in his wardroom, he asks if she will not come closer? she nods. He says you love me so much that you fought with your father to save me? She blushes.. he says till when you will keep running from your love?..

it all turns out to be her dream. Naren coughs, she gives him water and thinks that wish I could be yours but now my heart cant be of anyone.

Angraj is leaving, he takes Surbhi with him. Rahul is confused.

Pooja says to herself that Angraj loves my beautiful face and now he will hate it. Rahul says to Angraj that she got hurt, no big deal. Angraj says I cant live with ugly face. He brings Rahul and Surbhi to Pooja.

They are shocked to see her scarred face, broken arm. He says I want my pooja fine. He asks how she got hurt? She says you raised hand on me. Rahul says what did you do with her? what if anyone sees her? Angraj asks Surbhi to do her makeup. Surbhi tries to do her makeup but she screams in pain.

Surbhi says makeup can destroy her face more. Angraj says I will brin Kiran for surgery, he leaves.

Pooja stops Surbhi and says take your things with you, she gives her makeup kit, Surbhi and Rahul leaves. Pooja smirks.

Angraj says what did I do? I destroyed Pooja’s face. Svetlana calls him and says I need your help. Angraj says ask someone else, I dont have time.

Svetlana says remember when you wanted to go to Vyas house, I helped you and I can prove that you are not Naren.

He says I cant against you, tell me whats the order? Svetlana says I want to send Mehek and Shaurya to their real place, I will tell you later.

Angraj cries and says how I could raise hand on Pooja so badly? He is in car and sees drugs in compartment, he controls himself and says I need something, he tries to drive the car but cant.

He shakes and cant stop himself, he takes the drugs, he takes pills after pills and faints.

Surbhi brings mom to a den. She says we cant hide Naren somewhere else too. Sardar comes there and says I deal with men only, what are you doing here? Surbhi says if you want money and house then listen to us, he asks what do you need? She says mold has come from Delhi, call Kiran so we can give her this.

Sardar thinks that Kiran have taken Naren to hospital, if Rahul knows it then he will not spare me. Rahul comes to Angraj’s car and sees him fainted. He says I told you to not take drugs, what if something happens with you due to overdose?
Rahul brings Angraj to wardroom.

On the otherside of the wardroom, Naren is lying there. Rahul calls Surbhi and says Angraj overdosed on drugs, if anyone asks what happened to Pooja then dont let anyone know that Angraj beat Pooja so badly.

Naren hears it and says Angraj raised hand on Pooja? Nurse sends Rahul out of the room.

Pooja looks at Naren’s photo and says my heart have only you, no Angraj can take place there, where are you Naren? comeback. She cries but feels his presence. She runs and sees door opening and Angraj coming there.

She gets tensed. He moves towards her, she is about to fall but he holds her in his arms, she feels him and realizes he is Naren, she says Naren? they emotionally look at each other. She hugs him tightly. He cries in her arms, abhi mujh mein kahin plays.

Pooja gets angry and says go away, you left me, you didnt think about me and how I would fight with Angraj.

Naren sits with her and holds his ears, he says thats why I have come to you, to say sorry for every pain you got, she tells him everything, Flashback shows how she tried to stop him saying his life is in danger and he pushed her away and said to not test his love, she took out gun and said if you go out then I will kill myself, he tried to take gun from her, he pushed her away and said that you have gone mad, what new game are you playing? voice message on Pooja’s phone played and its Angraj.

Naren says this is my voice who is he? she told him its Angraj, flashback ends. Naren says to Pooja that that Angraj can change his identity, can come here and plan against us so he can do anything, we have to make him believe that I am gone.  Mehek says this is my life. I can do what I want.

Shaurya says I wont let you stay here. Mehek says go from here. The CEO says I am off now. I am going to my room. Mehek lets go to my room and discuss the deal there. Suvetlana says I will come as well.

He says you stay here and handle that Shaurya he might come back. Shaurya says Mehek he is a wrong man dont’ go with him. The CEO says do you wanna listen to him or discuss the contract with me? Mehek says he isn’t my friend. Lets go. Shaurya says Mehek you are doing mistake. The watchmen pull shaurya our.

He shoves them and tries to go in. the grasp him. Somoene hit Shaurya on head and he faints. They lock Shaurya in a room.

Suvetlana says my plan is going as I thought. Mehek will even hate Shaurya’s name.

Piya Albela
Naren says once he is exposed I will take revenge from him for these bruises. She says he loved my beauty and I stained it and blamed him.

She says how you got here? Didn’t anyone see you? These clothes are Angraj’s. How you got these?

CEO says Mehek come in. Don’t be shy. He locks the door. Mehek sits uncomfortably. He says be relaxed. He makes her sit on the bed and drinks.

CEO says not everyone has this passion like you. He says every path to success if full of twists and turns. He touches her face. Mehek coughs and stands. He caresses her shoulder and says we will be close today. I saw you and know you are special.
The CEO says we have to know each other Mehek.

Don’t be shy. What do you want? Success right? We all have to pay a price. Mehek recalls what Saurya said.

Sajita says Shaurya isn’t picking the phone. Lets go there. Swati says we can’t go there.
Sajita says what is what shaurya said is right? His phone is off as well and so is Mehek’s. Sharam says you both trust Shaurya? You told him her address?? He will go there and mess everything. Sajita says its about Mehek.

He says I will have to call Suvetlanaa.
Sharma says Mehek is locking a big deal here and you have a problem? You can’t come in here. Sajita says we can only come and wait for her outside. Suvetlana says she sure will come to meet you out and guests will find it rude.

Sharam says its okay we wont come.

Shaurya’s is fainted. His phone rings. Shaurya says open the door.
CEO says if you dont’ spend the night with me I wont give you the contract. Mehek says I wanna go home.

She says so you want to give me contract for doing all this?
Shaurya knocks the door and says open the door. Help please.
CEO says dont’ act like a child Mehek. You know why you are here. Its all give and take. Shaurya tries to go out.

HE says you are not the first one. There a lot of girls who have benefited from it. Mehek shoves im and says you think you could do this. Let me tell you how good of a boxer I am. SHe beats him. Mehek says you wont dare doing this with a girl again. She beats him. Mehek plays recording.

She records everything. She turned on recording when he went out. Mehek says I will keep an eye on you and expose you in front of the world.

I wont let you use any girl again. I will ruin your career. She its him and leaves.

Mehek goes out. Shaurya asks receptionist for Chopra’s room number. He goes upstairs. Shaurya asks butler where is chopra?

He sys I think he had fun with the girl here. Shaurya says Mehek how can you stoop so low.

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