Mehek 8 October 2020 Zee World Written update

In morning, Kanta is looking for network on phone and says dont know whats the matter. She asks Mohit to check her phone, he doesbut Jeevan hints him to not call.
Jeevan comes to him and whispers that your mom’s phone is fine but her mind is not working, Mehek didnt call her and she is worried. Mohit says but Mehek is on honeymoon. Jeevan says Kanta doesnt understand that, they want privacy but Kanta wants Mehek to call daily.
Kanta’s phone rings. Kanta takes it and says its Karona’s call. She takes call. Karona asks if Shaurya or Mehek called her? Kanta says no they are careless. Harish says to Karona that I will book ticket for you to spoil their honeymoon. Kanta says if I get call then I will inform you, you do same, she ends call. Karona asks Harish to not taunt me like this, mother’s heart cant have peace till she doesnt hear son’s voice, let me call Shaurya. Harish says no way, lets watch a movie darling, he takes her.
PD says to Kanta that they are enjoying their time together but you cant get that? Kanta says I am feeling restless thats why worried.
Shaurya and Mehek are walking around lake. Mehek says I dont know swimming, I wont go. Shaurya says I wont be alone on my honeymoon. Mehek says I wont do any adventure. Shaurya pulls her closer and says dont do drama, you can hug me tightly if you are scared. Mehek says if I get drowed in this water then I will become ghost and torture you. Shaurya says lets go boating. Mehek finds Sahil guy there. She says its same guy who was fighting with that girl. Shaurya meets Sahil. Sahil introduces himself and his Trisha. Mehek is tensed. Shaurya says my wife is worried about drowning, Trisha says you wont drown with life jacket.
Sahil’s ex-girlfriend gives money to boating crew and says you have to drown Sahil and his fiance today in boat even if they are wearing life jackets, he says your work will be done.
Mehek doesnt want to go but Shaurya makes her wear life jacket and makes her sit in boat. They start peddling. Mehek keeps praying for safety. Shaurya says we use cars, trains and buses but its time to work on boat, relax baby, I am here. Mehek says dont try to relaxme, I will deal with you later. Shaurya sprinkles water on her and laugh. Sahil’s ex-girlfriend is near shore and sees Sahil and his fiance enjoying in boat in which Shaurya and Mehek are too. She calls boat guide and ask him to drown boat. Boat guide jump in lake and turns boat upside down, all drown in water. Everyone knows to swim. Mehek is drowning and asks Shaurya to help.
Shaurya swims towards her and catches her. Sahil brings Trisha to shore. Shaurya swims towards beaches and brings Mehek out of water. He runs towards guards and catches them. He beats them and asks why did they turn over boat? they throw sand in Shaurya’s eyes and runaway. Mehek lies on beach and catches her breath. One baba comes there, she gets scared seeing him. He says this will happen again, this is just start, your life is in danger and nobody is going to save you, who have come will leave too, Mehek shouts for Shaurya, baba glares at her and leaves. Shaurya comes to Mehek and asks what happened? Mehek winces in pain. Shaurya sees Mehek’s foot bleeding and says lets go from here. Shaurya brings Mehek to resort and shouts for security, he asks Mehek if she is hurt? she says I am fine. Manager comes there.
Shaurya says see my wife is hurt, call doctor here right here, boating staff was fake, I will send them to jail, call doctor here soon, manager says it will take time, Shaurya shouts him to bring doctor here, I dont want to hear anything else. Mehek says I am fine. Mehek recalls Baba’s words that her life is danger and nobody is going to save her.
Shaurya says to manager that I want doctor here right now, I want to send criminals to jail. He says to Mehek that I am sorry, she says I am fine. Shaurya takes first aid kit and wipes her wound, Mehek winces in pain, Shaurya is pained to see her and says I am sorry, you asked me to not go there but I didnt listen to it.
Mehek says dont keep blaming yourself for everything, you do so much for me, its a small wound and will heal soon, I am more pained to see this state of yours, you are more doubtful because of what Ajay and Nikki did, nobody tried to kill me, Shaurya kisses her hand and says I feel pained when I see you in pain. Mehek says it happens when love increases too much, it cant be seen so we cant heal it. shaurya says I am scared to lose you.
Mehek recalls baba’s words that she is in danger, she gets tensed and says I am yours Shaurya and I will stay with you, you will always feel me closer even if I go away, I love you, he says love you too, she says dress my wound then we will go shopping, he nods and bandages her wound, he sadly looks at her, Mehek hugs him tightly.
Jeevan and Sharma family is working in food truck. Ravi is taking orders. Kanta is working in kitchen. Karona and Harish comes there, Kanta says kids didnt even call me, they can enjoy but can atleast tell us that they are safe. Sonal is working in kitchen, she sees milk spilling from pan on stove, she screams.
Kanta sees milk spilling and thinks this is bad omen. Jeevan asks what happened? Kanta says this is bad omen, Jeevan says you keep saying everything is bad omen. Harish says who make these bad omens? Karona says its about belief. Harish says kids didnt call thats why you are worried. Kanta says I am calling kids. Karona says yes.
Shaurya and Mehek are in market and shopping. Shaurya is taking Mehek’s pictures.
Mehek gets Kanta’s call, Kanta asks how is she, she says I am fine, I am shopping for you. Kant puts phone on speaker. Kanta asks if she is fine? Mehek whispers to shaurya if he told family about accident? Shaurya says no. Kanta and everyone hears accident, Karona asks which accident? Mehek says to Shaurya that I did mistake, I told them about accident.
Shaurya takes phone and says dont worry Kanta chachi, it was small accident as we went for adventure, I couldnt take care of your daughter but I am sorry and will take care of her. Kanta says comeback, we are worried. Karona says yes we want you both infront of our eyes, please comeback, sorry, you can go again later. Sonal takes call.
Mehek takes call, Sonal says both moms are worried, you can come if you want, Mehek says okay we will come tomorrow, she ends call. Shaurya is miffed that they are leaving tomorrow. Mehek says all are worried and we will get another chance. Shaurya says okay but tonight you will remain infront of my eyes, I will make tonight special.
Sahil says to his ex-girlfriend that you are wrong Prachi, I have gone away from you, you did wrong today, he leaves. Prachi says he cant go away from me.
Shaurya buys cotton candy for Mehek, she hugs him. He buys bangles and earrings for her. She makes him eat gol gappas. Mehek and Shaurya enjoy shopping.
Shaurya and Mehek comes to resort, he smiles at her and says you are first wife that doesnt want to be with husband on honeymoon but want to go back to drink tea with family, Mehek says all are worried there, we can always comeback as resort is ours now. Shaurya says I have loved a weird girl. Mehek thanks Shaurya for bringing her here, she says I love you so much, he says but I love you way more, she says no I love you to infinity, they smile at each other. shaurya stops her and hugs her. Mehek hugs him tightly, hawain plays. Shaurya gets call and doesnt get sginal, he moves away from Mehek. Mehek starts looking around hill.
Kanta and Karona does pooja for peace of kids. Priest says everything will be good. Karona says we will do this pooja once a year. kanta says they dont understand, they should comeback only then I will get peace, they leave but diya of mandir blows off hinting something wrong is going to happen.
Mehek is walking on bridge. Prachi comes there with cart, she says baby I love you, I told you that I love you most but you didnt believe me, baby you should have understood me. Mehek sees Sahil’s ex-girlfriend putting unconscious Sahil on walk through bridge. She puts Sahil in a bag and throws him over bridge in lake. Mehek screams seeing it. Ex-girlfriend turns to see here there. Mehek says you killed him? Shaurya is on call away from bridge.
Prachi glares at Mehek. Mehek says you killed him, you will go to jail, I will tell everyone. Prachi says you shouldnt interfere in others’ matters, she moves towards Mehek. Mehek screams for Shaurya, she sees Shaurya away busy on call. She screams for him. Prachi takes a wooden stick from cart and hits Mehek on head. Mehek’s head bleeds, she tries to call out to Shaurya but he doesnt listen, Mehek faints.
Prachi smirks and sees Shaurya not looking at Mehek. She pulls Mehek up, Mehek is dizzy, prachi says you wanted to send me jail? she drags her to bridge corner and throws her in lake. Shaurya turns at exact moment and is shocked to see Mehek fallen in lake.
Prachi throws Mehek in lake. Shaurya turns and sees Mehek drowning in lake. He runs to bridge and shouts for Mehek. Prachi says oh my God, she is your wife? dont jump, water is flowing too fast, she wanted to take selfie on bridge and fell down, she slipped and fell. Shaurya sees Mehek drowning in water, he shouts for help. Prachi says I will call police, she leaves.
Shaurya keeps shouting for Mehek and sees her hand in water. Guards start searching for Mehek in water. shaurya is on shore and shouting for Mehek. Life guard brings out a body of a girl and put cloth on her face. Shaurya turns to that body and is in tears. Police takes Shaurya bear body. Shaurya says this cant be Mehek. Shaurya drops near the body and is in daze. He takes of sheet from her face with shaky hand and sees that its Mehek only.
He is shocked to see her dead. He recalls how Mehek said that she will always be with him and even if go away, then he will feel her near him. Shaurya screams and hugs her body. He asks her to wake up.. he cries and caresses her face. Prachi tries to control him. Shaurya kisses Mehek’s hand. Kanta calls Shaurya. He takes call. Kanta hears everything and drops phone in shock, she faints hearing about Mehek.
All run to Kanta and asks what happened? they sprinkle water on her face, Mohit asks what happened Maa? Ravi takes her phone, shaurya is on call. He takes phone and hears about Mehek too. He starts crying. Mansi asks what happened? Ravi says Mehek.. Jeevan asks what happened? Ravi cries and says.. Mehek left us, she is dead.. all are shocked. Sonal cries.
Mehek’s last rituals start. Sharma and Khanna family is there. Mehek’s face is shown as Shaurya starts doing her death rituals. Karona cries and gives him sindoor.
Shaurya applies it on her forehead. Shaurya cries and hugs Karona. Mehek is dressed as bride. Shaurya covers her body with woodsticks except her face is shown. Shaurya takes rounds around her body with water pot and breaks it. He starts fire to her cemetery and Mehek’s cemetery is burned, all cries.
Shaurya comes by the lake with Mehek’s ashes, judai plays as Shaurya recalls his first meeting with Mehek, his fights with Mehek over Mehek’s food, their meetings in cooking competition, their love confession, their marriage, their romantic moments. Shaurya clutches Mehek’s ashes and cries recalling his moments with her on their honeymoon. Shaurya pours her ashes in lake sobbing silently.
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