Mehek August Teasers 2020: There is a ray of hope for the Sharma’s and Khanna’s. Leleti and Norah will do anything to keep Eddie alive after being poisoned. Mehek season 2 August 2020 Teasers Zee World

Mehek Monday 3 August 2020
(Episode 46)

The Sharma’s stop at nothing to penalize the Khannas due to their reduction.

Mehek Tuesday 4 August 2020
(Episode 47)

Shaurya blames his mother’s dire illness on Mehek and Mehek is persistent on assisting Karuna regain. Eddie attempts to assist Leleti clean her name to the fraud charges.


Mehek Wednesday 5 August 2020
(Episode 48)

Svetlana and Shaurya’s grandma plot their own master program. Mehek requires the fall for Karuna’s worsened condition. Leleti contemplates shutting her down online business after her ordeal with all the fraud accusations.

Mehek Thursday 6 August 2020
(Episode 49)

A legitimate betrayal unfolds facing Shaurya’s eyes. Will he really be able to bear it? Its Karan’s birthday and Sanjana goes out to outshine Norah.

Mehek Friday 7 August 2020
(Episode 50)

As Mehek juggles between caring for Karuna as well as the restaurant she might have too many things on her plate. Sanjana sabotages Norah’s attempts to create up things for forgetting Karan’s birthday. Leleti signals up a new spouse so as to conserve her internet business.

Mehek Monday 10 August 2020
(Episode 51)

Mehek must choose between her family and her husband. Priya needs Dennis to have up for their connection being more than only a friendship.

Mehek Tuesday 11 August 2020
(Episode 52)

Shaurya isn’t happy that Mehek isn’t on his group. Ajay has other programs for Leleti’s internet business money deal..

Mehek Wednesday 12 August 2020
(Episode 53)

Tensions are high because the Sharmas go up from Shaurya along with his restaurant, White Chillies. Shaurya goes out of the way to create Mehek jealous. Ajay worries his partners in crime could spill the beans about who masterminded the prosecution.

Mehek Thursday 13 August 2020
(Episode 54)

Nikita indicates the Sharmas she is on their own side. The Sharmas are making fantastic progress from the contest. The Gabela business site was hacked and it affects Norah and Karan’s relationship.

Mehek Friday 14 August 2020
(Episode 55)

Shaurya can not accept defeat. How will his urge to win influence his connection with Mehek? Dennis attempts to get to the base of that had his mum’s site hacked and Mr Khanna is at all.

Mehek Monday 17 August 2020
(Episode 56)

Mohit is certain that he has made the right decision, although this affects his family badly. Shaurya is focused on coming out on top and nothing else. Karan tries to leave the Gabela home and they will not hear it.

Mehek Tuesday 18 August 2020
(Episode 57)

In a fit of rage Jeevan gives Mohit what he wants, however this devastates the family. Norah’s jealousy gets the better of her when Karan starts working with Leleti. Ajay makes the next move on the future of the Gabela family.

Mehek Wednesday 19 August 2020
(Episode 58)

The Sharma’s are at the mercy of Sheetal and they are not even aware. Mehek has lost respect for Shaurya. Sonal and Nehal join the Gabela on line business to help out Norah.

Mehek Thursday 20 August 2020
(Episode 59)

Nikita plots against Shaurya and Mehek. Norah’s jealousy gets in the way of her relationship with Karan.

Mehek Friday 21 August 2020
(Episode 60)

Sheetal uses Mohit to get back at the Sharma’s. Shaurya and Mehek rekindle their love. Norah discoveres Sonal is pregnant.

Mehek Monday 24 August 2020
(Episode 61)

Nikita desires revenge and nobody will stop . Shaurya’s blind trust in people has set his business in danger. Eddie has awful news regarding the Gabela businesses in Africa.

Mehek Tuesday 25 August 2020
(Episode 62)

Mehek is backed up at a corner because she’s to rescue her uncle Jeevan. Shaurya isn’t impressed by Mehek’s decision making. Ajay’s working on bringing the Gabelas and its not functioning

Mehek Wednesday 26 August 2020
(Episode 63)

Everybody hates Mehek for the scenario that the Khanna family has seen themselves . The Sharma’s give out a helping hand.

Mehek Thursday 27 August 2020
(Episode 64)

Sheetal struggles for Sonal’s standing as Pammi and Ajay enable things to get out of hand. Eddie’s life is at risk since the physicians struggle to diagnose him.

Mehek Friday 28 August 2020
(Episode 65)

Shaurya and Mehek stand up to Ajay and Rohit. Eddie’s condition deteriorates and the family struggles to comfort him.

Mehek Monday 31 August 2020
(Episode 66)

There’s a ray of hope for the Sharma’s and Khanna’s. Leleti and Norah can do anything to maintain Eddie alive after being poisoned.


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