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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Meet In Love Zee world: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Meet In Love Zee world
Meet In Love Zee world

Meet In Love Zee world: The plot revolves around Meet an energetic young teenager who’s sole source of income in her family. Meet is an unconventional person and works as a delivery person. Follow the tale of Meet and the way she overcame the male-dominated society in which she lives and the patriarchal beliefs she was brought up with.

Despite her efforts to provide for her family, Meets disregard for societal gender norms and her nonconformist job as a delivery agent make her an unsuitable girl in the eyes of her family.

Meet In Love  zee world will be starting on 14 May 2022

Meet In Love Zee world
Meet In Love Zee world

Meet in Love Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

The show focuses on the life of Meet Hooda, a spirited young girl who hails from Haryana and who’s the only breadwinner for her family. She also breaks the gender norms of society’s roles as a delivery person. Her father was an officer in the police force who gave his life in the service and, as a result, Meet assumes all the household responsibilities and gives up her dream to be a police officer just similar to her father. Her mother blames her for the demise of their twin brothers, who was born prematurely and subjecting her to emotional abuse for the rest of her life, while reminding her that she cannot be as the boy she was.

Meet Hooda is joined by Meet Ahlawat. While they’re initially in conflict, they quickly become friends. Ahlawat is in affection with the sister of Hooda Manushi after listening to Manushi sing. In actuality Manushi was Meet who was singing , while Manushi was lip-syncing to the tune. Meet Ahlawat’s wedding is planned in conjunction with Manushi. Ahlawat ends his friendship with Meet and starts to hate her due to a miscommunication. On the day of the wedding, Manushi runs away and gets married to Kunal which leads Meet Hooda to marry Meet Ahlawat. Everyone is not happy, particularly Meet Ahlawat’s mother as well as his sister and even himself. There are many arguments and fights that are fought among Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat. While Meet Hooda tries her best to prove herself at each move, Meet Ahlawat is unwilling to recognize her as his wife.

Ahlawat is eager to see Manushi and gets angry and loses his cool. In his search for Manushi at the house of Meet Hooda she yells at him and then leaves and tells her not to enter his home again. When he returns to his home He is attacked by goons. Meet Hooda comes to his rescue and saves his life. She donates blood to him and stays up the entire night caring for his hospitalization. Meet Ahlawat regrets her words and warms herself to. Meet Hooda is a great caregiver for the husband she loves with great love without letting him go for even a second. Meet is trying to get Manushi to confront Ahlawat. She instead, meets her mother who makes her promise not to inform her parents that Manushi is home. Ahlawat plans to throw Meet the birthday boy a surprise party. But, Babita enters the scene and brutally scolds and taunts Meet Hooda for making Ahlawat exercise too much when he’s sick and injured. Meet Ahlawat stands up for his wife and explains in front of his mom that it was he who was the one who put on a surprise celebration. The family member confronts him regarding how they’ve been treated and viewed by Meet H. In the end Babita accepts the perspective of her son and accepts Meet as her daughter-in-law.

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Meet In Love Zee world
Meet In Love Zee world

Masoom discovers that Manushi is staying at Meet’s place. She threatens Meet Hooda, threatening to disclose the information to the other members of the family in the event that she doesn’t get divorced from her husband. Meet appears distant to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat is sad for her , and she demands an explanation from her on why she’s not letting her talk to him. Then, Meet throws the divorce papers into a fire, and informs Masoom that she will not get divorced from her husband. She apologizes Meet Ahlawat Meet Ahlawat for not taking his care without divulging the true reason and she’s apologized to. Meet Ahlawat is drugged, and he confesses love for Meet Hooda, imagining her to be Manushi. Even though Meet is devastated by this, she dress in the form of Manushi in an effort to lift him from his drunken state in order to enable him to attend a crucial business event which he’s been working toward for a long time. The plan is successful, and he’s in a position to attend the meeting and performs admirably. Meet Ahlawat initially believes that it was Deep that had assisted him, but Deep clarifies the fact that it’s Meet Hooda who had helped him achieve his goal. Meet apologizes sincere to his wife and is remorseful of the suffering she went through and amazed at the way she cherishes him despite the negativity and hatred surrounding her. He hopes to begin with her afresh.

In the home of Meet Hooda there is a problem. Manushi has persuaded her mother and grandmother to allow her as well as Parth (actually Kunal) to be married, pretending she’s pregnant. Masoom is the one who brings Babita, Ragini and Meet Hooda to the house of Hooda in the hope of giving Meet the gift of surprise. In the midst of all this meeting, the grandmother of Meet admits that she is her daughter and begins to see her for the person she truly is, and recognizing Manushi’s dark side. Meet Ahlawat arrives at the Hooda home in a state of anxiety, and reveals that the police have come to the Ahlawat home with the message that the criminals who attacked him had been taken released from jail. Meet arrives to ensure that Meet could return home and be protected. Masoom prevents the two from leaving, and reveals that Manushi is staying at home in the hopes that Meet will leave his wife. But, Meet is adamant about his wife’s support in a statement that says If she had made the decision to keep this secret, they would’ve done so to ensure the happiness of everyone.

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Kunal intends to steal the Manushi’s jewelry He even goes as far as pretending to be kidnapped, and demanding the jewelry as a ransom, but his schemes fall through. Meet Hooda does her homework during the night in the kitchen , so as not to disturb anyone. Isha behaves strangely in the household. The family soon discovers that she has been blackmailed by a handful of boys who took pictures of her in uncomfortable positions after they had injected her. The combination of the two incidents results in Meet Ahlawat to be convinced that Meet Hooda has fallen in love with a different man, and she decides to stand by her even though he’s clearly wounded. Meet Hooda discovers Isha’s story and joins her to ensure that the photos are deleted and to have the boys arrested. Meet Ahlawat arrives and the two assault the boys. Meet Ahlawat’s mistake is resolved.

The couple decides to take Meet and Meet to their honeymoon at a luxurious hotel in Rajasthan. Manushi is finally able to discover Kunal’s true motives and nature as she steals her jewelry vows to return Meet Ahlawat following their extravagant lifestyle. Manushi attempts to undermine Meet and Meet’s love in the course of their honeymoon, but her efforts fail. Although Meet Ahlawat initially is stunned when he encounters Manushi and Meet, but thanks to Meet’s constant support and trust, he’s in control of himself. Meet and Meet become more inseparable during this journey and their bond is strengthened. Meet Hooda helps a bearded man, known as ‘Bhulababa”, who later identified as Tejvardhan Ahlawat the older brother of Meet Ahlawat who was missing for three years. He is suffering from memory loss and cannot recall anything. But, he is able to recognize of names such as Meet as well as Sunaina (his spouse). He begins to think of Meet Hooda as his friend. The day before he leaves Rajasthan, Meet Ahlawat sees photos with Bhula Baba and recognizes Tej. Tej along with Meet Ahlawat reunite. But when they are back in Chandigarh Rajvardhan is forced by Sunaina to marry again as she isn’t willing to live her entire life in search of someone that may never return. When Meet is able to inform Rajvardhan about the possibility of finding Tej Sunaina’s wedding to Ravi is already in place.

Rajvardhan informs the other household members Meet and Meet is returning from Chandigarh together with Tej. They are all waiting with anticipation for their arrival. When they do arrive, Meet reveals that they have lost Tej at the market. Babita accuses Meet Hooda for being careless. Manushi returns Tej Ahlawat in the course of her strategy to go back to the life of Meet Ahlawat, the woman who brought them apart from Tej in the market. Manushi can remain at the Ahlawat home for one day of gratitude for the return of Tej. She plans to stay at the house until she gets meeting Ahlawat. Therefore, she scolds Tej Ahlawat, who injures her to defend herself. Meet Hooda, not aware of her sister’s evil plans asks Meet Ahlawat to allow Manushi remain at the house until she recovers. Anubha discovers that Manushi is in the Ahlawat home, and gets furious and drags her from the home. Manushi pretends to commit suicide by taking bleach. The bleach allows her to remain for longer, as her doctor advises her that she shouldn’t be overly stressed. Manushi is trying to get nearer her goal to Meet Ahlawat, and he is stunned and confused.

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Meet in Love Zee world Cast & Real names:


  • Ashi Singh as Sub-inspector Meet Hooda Ahlawat: Anubha and Ashok’s younger daughter; Manushi’s younger sister; Meet Ahlawat’s wife

    Meet in love - Ashi_Singh
    Meet in love – Ashi_Singh
  • Shagun Pandey as Meet Ahlawat: Rajvardhan and Babita’s younger son; Masoom and Tej’s brother; Isha and Kunal’s cousin; Meet Hooda’s husband

    meet in love - Shagun Pandey
    meet in love – Shagun Pandey


  • Abha Parmar as Dadi: Ashok’s mother; Meet and Manushi’s grandmother
  • Vaishnavi Macdonald as Anubha Hooda: Ashok’s widow; Meet and Manushi’s mother
  • Sharain Khanduja as Manushi Hooda: Anubha and Ashok’s elder daughter; Meet’s elder sister; Kunal’s wife
  • Ravi Gossain as Inspector Ashok Hooda: Ammaji’s son; Anubha’s late husband; Meet and Manushi’s father (Dead)
  • Pratham Kunwar as Kunal: Rajvardhan and Ram’s nephew; Meet, Tej, Masoom and Isha’s cousin; Manushi’s husband
  • Sooraj Thapar as Rajvardhan Ahlawat: Ram’s brother; Babita’s husband; Sunaina and Meet Hooda’s father in-law; Meet Ahlawat, Tej and Masoom’s father; Duggu’s grandfather
  • Sonica Handa as Babita Ahlawat: Rajvardhan’s wife; Sunaina and Meet Hooda’s mother in-law; Meet Ahlawat, Tej and Masoom’s mother; Duggu’s grandmother
  • Nisha Rawal/Parakh Madan as Masoom (née Ahlawat): Rajvardhan and Babita’s daughter; Tej and Meet’s sister; Hoshiyaar’s wife; Duggu’s mother; Isha and Kunal’s cousin
  • Aditya Rao Nuniwal as Hoshiyaar: Masoom’s husband; Duggu’s father
  • Het Makwana as Duggu: Masoom and Hoshiyaar’s son; Rajvardhan and Babita’s grandson
  • Vishal Gandhi as Tejvardhan “Tej” Ahlawat: Rajvardhan and Babita’s elder son; Meet and Masoom’s brother; Sunaina’s husband; Isha and Kunal’s cousin
  • Riyanka Chanda as Sunaina Ahlawat: Tej’s wife; Meet Ahlawat, Meet Hooda, Isha and Masoom’s sister-in-law
  • Afzal Khan as Ram Ahlawat: Rajvardhan’s brother; Ragini’s husband; Isha’s father
  • Preeti Puri Chaudhary as Ragini Ahlawat: Ram’s wife; Isha’s mother
  • Tamanna Jaiswal as Isha Ahlawat: Ram and Ragini’s daughter; Meet Ahlawat, Tej, Masoom and Kunal’s cousin
  • Aashutosh Semwal as Deep: Rajvardhan’s employee; Meet Ahlawat’s colleague and best friend
  • Shalini Mahhall as Chhavi: Masoom’s sister-in-law
  • Manish Khanna as Jaypratap Singh: Sunaina’s father, Tej’s Father-in-law
  • Manoj Kolhatkar as Inspector Hawa Singh (2022–present)
  • Chandan Anand as Minister Abhay Rana: Babita’s brother; Meet Ahlawat, Tej & Masoom’s maternal uncle
  • Ankit Vyas as Shantanu Rana (Shanty): Abhay Rana’s son; Isha’s fiancee; Babita’s nephew; Meet Ahlawat, Tej & Masoom’s cousin


Actor Day
Neha Marda Meet’s Wedding, 2021
Mugdha Chapekar
Megha Ray
Amandeep Sidhu
Sriti Jha Diwali Celebration, 2021
Shabir Ahluwalia
Mugdha Chapekar
Krishna Kaul
Kanika Mann
Nishant Singh Malkani
Debina Bonnerjee
Gurmeet Choudhary
Reem Shaikh
Rithvik Dhanjani
Anjali Tatrari
Avinesh Rekhi
Megha Ray


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