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Meet in Love update Thursday 25th August 2022

Meet in Love 25th August 2022: On Meet in Love update Thursday 25 August 2022, Hawa Singh says to Meet after food and recognition enquiry we get to know that they are facing problem because of training powder and pills which were expire and you know who supplied it your know Ahlawat’s farma so we have launched the complaint against boss of that company, now don’t know when you will become police but we have send our police to your house and walk away. Meet looks at everyone.

Everyone protesting against Meet Ahlawat outside Ahlawat’s mansion. Everyone come out and see. A women curse Meet Ahlawat for his son’s condition. Meet Ahlawat walks to lady says listen to me your kid need checkup you should take him yo hospital. Women shouts at him says because of you he is in this condition. Meet Ahlawat ask Deep to call ambulance for kids. Women says stay away from my kid it’s because of you he is in this condition. Raj says to everyone your pain is different but you need to take care of your kids. Media ealks to Raj says we were having faith in company till the time you were handling it but your son has broken our trust by sending expired medicine. Raj says nothing has happened like that. Report says your son want to earn money so he played with the life of comman people and says to Meet Ahlawat the statement you gave to provide cheap medicine does that mena to give duplicate medicine.

Meet calls at home but no answer says God please protect him, I need to go home and start walking. Hawa Singh put barrier in her path and says because of your I resigned so I’m going now what will happen to you, candid are allowed to go our of academy they have rules. Meet says listen it’s important for me yo go home it’s all rumours he cannot do anything like this let me go. Hawa Singh says go as fast as you can and ask someone to open gate but if you kept you leg out if this premises you will be rusticated and can never become police and your dream will shatter now it’s your wish. Meet call someone but no answer. Hawa Singh you are free bird go away. Meet thinks about the promise she gave yo her father of becoming an officer and start walking towards main door.

Meet Ahlawat says to Press, we reduced the prise of medicine but this doesn’t we will kill people these are false allegations. Ram takes Meet Ahlawat back and says I’m worried our competitors can call it scam before things go out of hand you should run away. Meet Ahlawat says how can I run away they are questioning me. Ram says try to think practical you know this may take so much time and can go to jail.

Meet walking towards main door academy and see Meet in uniform and try to make her remember about sacrifices she did to come here and promises she made to everyone, remember if you step out of here everything will go waste. She says I didn’t forget everything but now Meet Ahlawat need me. Meet in uniform says what you will tell to your father. Meet says tell him I’m sorry and leave. Hawa Singh see her walking out and message to Ram congrats sir she Meet has accepted to defeat.

Ram reads the message and ask Meet Ahlawat to go away before police come and take him away. Meet Ahlawat get’s call from Meet and remember what Meet told him earlier for the situation, you can face it or run from it. Ram hold his hand and ask what are you doing come with me. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot run away I did nothing wrong I’ll go and talk yo everyone I will not run away and walks to Media. Ram gets call from Tej. Tej says police has sealed our factory and coming to arrest Meet Ahlawat. Ram says what police is coming to arrest Meet Ahlawat everyone listen to Ram and get’s in shock. Ram ask Tej to stay there and disconnects. Babita take Meet Ahlawat inside and ask Raj to do something I won’t let take police and says I’ll do something and says I’ll call my brother. Raj says no I already told you not to call that person we can handle the situation and for god sake I’ll not call that person. Babita says okay then let police take my son and ruin his life my son did nothing and I won’t let happen anything to him and she faints. Everyone take Babita inside.

Raj put Babita on sofa. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll grab her medicine. Raj trying to wake her up and ask for water. Ragini give him water. Raj try to wake her up. Babita wake up says my son did nothing. Raj says you will make yourself worse, I know Meet Ahlawat did nothing and I also don’t want him to go jail but I didn’t want you to call your brother but you can call whoever you want. Babita take her phone and call.

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Meet at door step about to cross the line but he gets call from Meet Ahlawat. He greets her. Meet ask how is you and everyone in house. He calm her down and ask where are you standing at you academy gate, you were thinking of coming home. Meet says I’m coming home you need me. He says you are with me everytime and no need to worry about here I can handle it but you cannot break your dream and come if you will leave your training and come here that will be a burden for me and what I’ll say to Aunty and Dadi listen to me you will stay there if I need you I’ll call you and listen carefully you will not leave your academy promise me. Meet says promise I’ll be back after completing my training.

Police walks to Ahlawat’s mansion. Security guard stop them says nobody is allowed to get in after this point. Inspector ask his constable to connect home number. A person picks up phone says Abhay Rana speaking. Officer says Jai Hind Sir. Abhay Rana says to officer don’t dare to get inside the house I request you, I know Meet Ahlawat since I was kid he cannot do this, till the time I didn’t get the stay order for him please corporate. Officer says but I have to follow order. Abhay Rana says I know law is same for everyone, I’m being a minister not using my power I’m requesting you two hours yo prove Meet Ahlawat innocent I assure you Meet Ahlawat will not go out of this house till that time you and your team can wait outside, my nephew is innocent if I’m unable to prove his innocence in two hours then I’ll resign from my seat. Officer says okay you have two hours we won’t be active till that time. Abhay says thankyou and disconnects call.

Meet in her training taking classess. Officer tells everyone about the class and ask them to complete the task and try to find out the killer. Meet thinking how did Meet Ahlawat get caught in this situation, how can I go and meet him. Officer says last time team completed this challenge in 10 minutes so let’s see who will win this case and break the record. Meet thinks if I solve this case them everyone will be happy from me and may be allow me to go and meet Meet Ahlawat. Officer ask who sill solve this case. Meet and two other students says I’ll do it. Officer says to boy okay you will solve this. Meet says to him on what basis you selected him. Officer says it was a random choice it there any problem. She says yes it’s not a lottery that you can choose there should be a way to select. Officer says do you mean any chit or something. Boy says no don’t take any risk, she gave the idea and might she will give us expired energy pills. Officer ask him to keep quiet. Meet says last record was 10 minutes so you can ask everyone how much time they require and whoever says they can solve this case in less time give them chance. Officer says okay and ask someone how much time you will take one 9 minutes other one says 8minutes 30seconds, other one says 8 minutes. Meet says I’ll solve in 7 minutes, he ask are you sure. She says yes I can do it. Officer says okay this case is in your hands now solve it in 7 minutes or I’ll fail you in this test. Meet says okay. Officer ask everyone to stand aside and give clues to Meet. Meet start examining and analysis the crime scene. One of the boy make fun of her condition. Meet finds the weapon and complete the case. She explains the case to officer. Officer and everyone applauds for her. Officer praise her and says I’m happy for her she solved the case in 7 minutes. Meet thinks this is right time to ask for holiday and he might say yes for holiday. Officer says she proved that she is a brilliant student so as an reward she will assist me so from now own she will assist me. Girl says how lucky she is. Meet says now I cannot ask for holiday I thought of going out but he made me his assistant.

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Teacher says Meet has proved that she is a brilliant student so she will be assisting me. Meet says now what I’ll do, I thought that I’ll ask him for holiday but now things have changed. Teacher says to Meet I’m sure you are happy now go and bring physical chart of everyone then I’ll tell what you have to do and everyone leaves. Meet thinks now how I’ll help Meet Ahlawat, she shouts and fall down. Teacher ask her what happen. Meet says my leg is paining I think so I twisted my bone and shouts in pain. Teacher ask students to help her to get up and ask someone to call doctor. Meet says no need of doctor he will check my leg, give me medicine and will give bed rest of atleast one week and will ruin my training, I’ll also ruin the opportunity of assisting you, what if you require assistance and I’m on bed rest, no sir. Teacher says do you have any other option because you are in pain. Meet says Nandu Ram is a doctor of 105 year old who is near my house, he can cure any bone with his hammer. Teacher says do you believe in him. Meet says don’t worry when I’ll be back after seein him you can ask me take a round of our ground. Teacher says okay you can go for your check up but you have to reach here before 7 in evening okaym meet says yes sir. Everyone leaves.

Meet walk out if class and twist her leg says finally my Dadi’s remedy came to work, she pray to god and says I made excuse so that I can go and save Meet Ahlawat, please forgive me for that and leaves.

Babita with her brother says it’s only you who can save Meet Ahlawat I don’t understand who did this. Abhay Rana good thing is that you remember me and called me and more best thing is that you still remember that we use to have tea in same cup, don’t worry have faith in me, I have good people in my investigation team they will solve the case. Ram walks to them says I believe everything will come infront but I want to know why you want to do this and put stakes on your carrier. Meet Ahlawat outside door listening everything. Abhay Rana says because of some misunderstanding few years back we have differences between us, my relation with this family and my sister got finished, today I got an opportunity to start that relation again, Meet Ahlawat is also my son. Raj says I know but. Abhay says I’ll answer you every question but now I have to call many people yo save Meet Ahlawat excuse me and he leaves.

Tej and Meet outside Ahlawat’s Pharmaceuticals. Tej says to Meet so you came out of your police academy are you sure there won’t be any problem. Meet says there won’t be any problem and I have earned this half-day, Meet Ahlawat is important right now so tell me how did this happen. Tej says I don’t understand Meet Ahlawat checked the consignment personally and loaded too he had signature on Challan. Meet says so you believe everything was fine. Tej says I look after quality check also and from our end there was not any problem. Meet says when truck left consignment was correct and the medicine which reached were or expire date, something must have happen on the way, might be trucks have changed. Tej says no every truck is installed with tracking deviceso that we can get to know about the route and this truck followed the same path is there is no diversion near the sellers godown he was late by 2-3 minutes, I don’t understand how will they change things in 2-3 minutes, I’m worried about Meet Ahlawat a lot how can he go to jail, we have to do something I cannot see him. Meet says yes we have less time to find out the truth, can you take to the path truck follows. He says yes and they leave.

Abhay Rana on phone says good do fast and disconnect call. Rana says to Meet Ahlawat no need to worry I’m here. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t how to thanks you, you are taking big risk because if me. Rana says I’m your uncle and you are family, if some danger come to family then I’m ready to put my life on stake, go now.

Tej and Meet in market. Meet walks to a juice vendor says I need your help. Vendor says I’m busy. Tej says come let’s go somewhere where and go to pan shop. Meet says yo him I need your help. Oan vendor increase the volume if songs and start talking on phone. Meet and Tej go from there and walks to few people who are eating food. Meet says listen I need everyone’s help two days back a truck went from this path if Ahlawat’s Pharmaceuticals near about this time, so I want to know something different happen here. Tej says I don’t think anybody would help here let’s go somewhere else. Meet looks at everyone she walks to juice vendor make sound from his utensils to gather everyone’s attention and says listen to me carefully I’m talking about the truck which was carrying medicines for poor people and someone change the medicine of that truck with the expire one and if this practice continues then this may keep harming people. Everyone gets up walks to Meet. Meet says there are chances that next time you may be the victim so please help us if you know anything and help us in this kind work. A boy says yes I remember few days back corporation people came to spray medicine with motor pump which created lot of smoke. Other man says yes they were creating so much smoke that it became difficult to see on other side of smoke and which created a lot of traffic jam. Meet says to Tej I think so medicine are changed here which make it delay for 3 minutes and she thanks everyone and ask vendor to give them lemon water because of heat and give him money. She says yo Tej medicine are somewhere here at the distance of 3 minutes set the timer and we will check.

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Tej and Meet come near to a lake says over here out timer will reset for 3 minutes. Meet says here, something can be here. Tej says it’s time waste let’s go. Meet says there must be something let’s look and start looking for any clue. Tej says to her we are wasting our time we must go to mamaji he will help us out to save Meet Ahlawat. Meet says let’s find clue something should be here and pray to god.

Babita says to Rana my Meet Ahlawat will be save. Rana says I’m trying my best. Babita says I’m scared because police gave us 2hrs and only 15 minutes are left. Rana I understand. Police officer enter Ahlawat’s mansion. Everyone in hall. Babita walks to Meet Ahlawat and says to police I won’t let you take him there is some misunderstand, I won’t let you arrest. Rana walks to inspector says what happen I asked for 2 hrs and still 15 minutes are left don’t you believe me. Inspector says ofcourse we do, we are not here to arrest Meet Ahlawat, it’s proven that Meet Ahlawat is not involved in this conspiracy he is innocent. Everyone so happy. Babita hugs Meet Ahlawat and Rana and thanks him, I don’t know what your intelligence team did, I just know that my decision for asking you to help was right thankyou so much. Rana says my team did not reverted me till yet. Inspector says Minister sir is right his men didn’t do anything. Babita ask then who did it. Meet and Tej walks in. Tej and Meet greet Rana. Inspector says the efforts of your daughter in law proved that your son is innocent. Masum says but how did she prove it. Meet says with the help if Tej and explain how she figured out…
…Meet stumble and fall down and the rock fall inside the river and they both hear a metallic sound. They both walk down to river and see a wrapper of medicine and calls Tej says look at this is this from our factory. Tej says yes it’s of our company and I remember the batch consignment. Meet says this means our medicine are somewhere here, did your heard that sounds this menas our box is inside the river, we need to talk to fisherman. Tej talk to them says can you help us to find our box of medicine. They both dive in river says something is here but it’s heavy. Meet looks at the crane she take help of crane to bring out the box out of river. Tej check the box and says this is same consignment we did it…

Meet Ahlawat says somebody change the box in screen of smoke. Meet says to him 3 minutes are more then enough to commit a crime and this crime was done with planning. Raj says without our driver knowing this is not possible. Meet says our driver is also involved in this that’s why he ran away when police called him and I know he did this job on someone’s instructions.

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