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Meet in Love update Thursday 18th August 2022

Meet in Love 18 August 2022, On Meet in Love update Thursday 18th August 2022: Meet in Sunaina and Tej room. Meet says, so there were no points of share and living alone in notice, it was that you and Tej are still legally married. Sunaina says yes, but it’s a big misunderstanding.

Meet Ahlawat with Babita in her room. Babita says there was no misunderstanding, Raj took a big decision on just a notice by Sunaina, after many years I got my Tej back and he took decisions to of sending him away again without talking to me. Meet Ahlawat says Dad won’t do anything. Babita says if Tejus will go then I’ll leave too.

Meet says to Sunaina you will not go anywhere, give me your lawyers number. Sunaina give her card.

Meet Ahlawat says to Babita don’t worry we will find a way. Raj at door says decision is been taken and now I’ll not change my decision to my and I won’t stop anyone from going out.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet says lawyer change the notice content, someone must have ask him to do, but who will do it. Meet Ahlawat says Ravi. Meet says no he will try to take only Sunaina not Tej. He says logic. She says there is someone else with benifit. Meet Ahlawat says who is to be benefited from this action, after dad has taken the decision so property will split into Tej, me and Masum. They both stop and get surprised says Masum and they both get static shock. Meet Ahlawat ask what happen were on Masum, says if I talk to Masum. She says no, first we should confirm. He says but then how we will know and touch her, gets shock. Meet shouts and says we will know. Meet Ahlawat move towards her but Meet step back because of shock and they both start thinking. Meet says let’s check Masum’s phone. He aays it’s impossible she don’t give her phone to anyone. Meet says we will figure out go and cut electricity of house. He leave.

Masum in her room acting says to Hoshiyar I’ll be late drom party so please take care of Duggu and here are few change and leaves. Masum call Hoshiyar and he wake up from his dream. Masum says to him Dad has decided to give me share from his property, I thought he will not give but finally he decided to split in three of us and they both lie on bed and electricity go. Masum says go switch on light. Hoshiyar says everything ir revolving. Masum get’s up and check the switch but it doesn’t switch on so she go out to check for main switch.

Masum in hall hear scary voices, she continue to move. Two people behind her disguised as ghost. Masum turn and see no one says Hoshiyar stop troubling me. Masum see shadows and get scared says I can see two heads and 4 hands what kind of animal is this. Meet and Meet Ahlawat jump scare her, she drops her phone and run. Meet says here is her phone and she won’t remember for some time because of being scared and till that time we will do our work.

Masum in hall shouts ghost. Ragini and Sunaina walks to her says what happen. Masum says to Ragini nothing happens good in this house and where is my phone.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat checks phone says we didn’t find the number of Kushal Bajaj.

Everyone at dining table. Raj says start your breakfast. Masum says how can we start without mom we never did before. Ragini says I’ll go and get her. Raj says no need things are already changing in house so let it be and get use to it. Masum says but change is good but this don’t feel right, don’t know who cursed us. Hoshiyar says baby you. Masum start coughing. Hoshiyar says I ment you are right. Meet Ahlawat shouts listen to me. Meet in corridor with stick. Everyone looks at them. Meet says I don’t want yo listen you and go downstairs. Meet Ahlawat stop her. Meet says listen I’ll not leave that lawyer when I’ll beat him then he will tell who is working with him because of him our family is splitting, and I won’t leave the person who has joined hands with him and walks to Masum. Masum gets scared. Meet take action yo hit her. Masum says please don’t hit me. Raj says what happen. Masum start acting and gets funny. Meet start saying again about that lawyer and will find about traitor. Meet Ahlawat says no you should not take law in your hands. Raj says no Meet it’s not the lawyers fault. Meet says I just want yo bring truth infront of you, he did wrong I’ll not leave him. Masum says Meet bhabhi why do you do such things which ruin the reputation of our family, forget it. Meet says I did nothing it’s the traitor who did and I’ll go to any extent to bring out the traitor and start leaving. Meet Ahlawat walks to her. Masum scared and says to Raj my phone battery is low I’ll go and charge it.

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Masum go and call Bajaj says go out and ghost everyone for few days because my Meet Bhabhi is looking for you, you don’t know she is goon of Shahbadh she will hit you and make you say everything that I ask you to change the content of notice. Meet’s phone on speaker and everyone hear her. Raj says from other end yes Masum, I’m stunned after hearing you, come down I need to talk. Ram says Masum did very bad, she shouldn’t have done that. Hoshiyar brings Masum says you have to go down Raj wants to talk yo you. Masum go to Raj says let me explain. Raj says I’m not that shock because you did this earlier but I’m hurt a lot, I feel ashamed of myself because of you, is this kind of upbringing I gave you. Meet says I don’t want to hurt you but it’s necessary to bring out the truth because of you all are together and I don’t want you to take wrong decision without truth, you are like god to us. Raj says thank you from stopping me from taking wrong decision, but how did you know Masum is behind this. Meet says me and Meet Ahlawat used our brain and find out that Tej don’t need property share, Meet Ahlawat cannot think of that and it’s only you who is left for that we cut electricity yesterday to check your phone, yes yesterday everything was planned but after looking so much I didn’t find Bajajs number and explain everyone how she tricked Masum….(Meet and Meet Ahlawat see Masum has saved lawyer number as plumber and add Raj’s number with lawyers name in Masum’s phone.)…
Meet says she did this so that no one learns about it and this is how we found out about this. Hoshiyar says but Meet how did Raj’s number come there. Meet says being with Masum I also learn few tricks, I changed the number so that when she call plumber Raj will receive call, says to Raj I did all this so that you don’t do a mistake. Hoshiyar says to Meet Ahlawat your wife beat mine. Meet Ahlawat says she is smart. Isha says you are right bhaiya and solved all the matter like cop. Babita says to Raj now you will change the decision. Masum says I’m sorry dad please forgive me. Raj push her hand. Masum apologize to Babita. Meet says don’t forgive Masum this time.

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Meet says to Raj and Babita you won’t forgive Masum today, she is taking advantage of leniency everyone is respected same way in this house, she will get in return what she give, you cannot be saved juat by saying sorry and everyone is equal here no one is superior and says Msaum dee you and Sunaina have equal rights in this house, me and Sunaina left our homes and give love protect our family and you being a daughter wants to break your family. Raj says Meet is right and says to Msaum, explained you lot of times but still you are misbehaving now Sunaina will decide your punishment. Sunaina says how can I. Raj says tell me what you want I can even throw her out of this house it’s all your decision now. Hoshiyar ask Masum what do you think will she choose.

Masum walks in kitchen and ask servant to make her cheelas and pasta for Duggu and paratha for Hoshiyar and veggies for mom and dad. Servant says says cook isn’t available. Masum ask where sid cook go. Raj says his hometown, everyone walks in along with Raj. Raj says Sunaina has very well thought about your punishment you have become use to spoiling others life, now you will cook for everyone and take care of everyone and enevn ask Servant to go and leave. Masum says mom how I’ll I manage so much work do something. Babita says did you think about me when you wanted to send Tej away. Raj says now you will get share in property only when you will get on right track, give her vegetable and says you will need it.

Meet Ahlawat thanks Meet and says because of you my family is together, he touches her shoulder and Meet feels the shock. Meet says my am I getting current when he touches me.

Meet walks to Sunaina thinking she will check wheather touching Sunaina all give her current. Meet touches Sunaina. Sunaina ask what’s wrong. Meet says aren’t you getting shock. She says no. Meet ask Tej to give his hand. She touches him and says I’m not getting shock from him. Ragini walks in. Meet hugs her and says even you are not giving shock and after that checks on Isha. Isha ask what happen to you, why are you hugging everyone. Sunaina says because she is getting shock. Meet says when I touch Meet Ahlawat I’m getting shock. Everyone tease Meet. Ragini says it means when Meet Ahlawat touches you, you get shock. Meet says yes this meanythere is something wrong with him. Everyone tease her again. Meet says tell me solution. Isha says there is no solution but I can give you knowledge on this topic in Genz generation it’s called love sensation and in your language it’s current and on this I remember a song and start singing it.

Meet Ahlawat looking for Meet in hall. Meet hiding behind pillar and imagine dancing with Meet Ahlawat and get close to her, she gets shock. Ram Lakhan shake her says she is in love. Meet hold there ears and shush them.

Raj ask Masum about dinner. Masum in kitchen says it’s getting ready and start cooking. Masum messes everything. She says they made me servant, she drops atta all over her. Hoshiyar walks in with kids and get scared. Duggu tease Masum as white ghost.

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Lakhan ask Meet are you getting shock. Meet says no but do you want. Ram says now you are getting shock from Meet Ahlawat this is what happen in love right. Meet says don’t bring your nose between elders. Ram says earlier you use to tell me everything now you hide everything. Ragini passing by wask them for water. They say no. Meet says to them how many time I told you to concentrate on studies don’t you want to be successful man. Lakhan mocks her. Meet says let your result come then I’ll tell you, she give money to them and says give you Mom. Ram says your look tensed. Meet says not now but I’m worried for 2 months later. Meet Ahlawat hear this and stop. Meet says, Meet Ahlawat told me new semister is starting in 10 days then how can I earn money to send home. Meet Ahlawat hear this and calls someone and give him order to send all the household things at Huddah house in the name of Meet and I’ll pay you online. Meet Ahlawat says to himself you will sureygo college.

Masum in hall. A servant walks to her says Masum dee washing machine is not working. Masum shouts at him so why are you telling me go tell someone else. Everyone gather around. Masum says fine I’ll call someone to get it repair and leaves while lookyfor phone.

Meet Ahlawat, Jeet and Hoshiyar out in party drinking. Hoshiyar ask for the shots for everyone. Meet Ahlawat says no I won’t want any I’m done. Hoshiyar insist him to drink and says to him your wife what I was trying from so many times. Meet Ahlawat ask what. Hoshiyar says today I had paratha made by her now we have to drink. Jeet and Hoshiyar forcely give him too many drink. Meet Ahlawat says to Hoshiyar you are right my wife brings everyone to right path her vision is clear for respect.

Everyone in hall. Isha ask Meet did you tell Bhaiya tgat you are getting shock when you touch him. Ragini says Meet looks beautiful when she blush and I feel good. Sunaina says why didn’t you tell him. Meet says it’s very difficult. Sunaina says you know me and Tej were in love but we kept waiting who will say first and then one day Tej praposed me and we have interesting kiss story. Meet get’s up and shut Isha’s ear says we cannot talk this here. Ragini get up and ask Isha to leave and says to Meet there is nothing wrong in that it’s way to express love.

Hoshiyar says to Meet Ahlawat always respect your wife. Meet Ahlawat I know that and I’m scared of messing with her. Jeet says to Meet Ahlawat if you try to run away from one thing that definitely happen in your life. A girl walks to Meet Ahlawat says I lost my phone so can you please give a miss call at my number. Meet Ahlawat I cannot but my bestfriend can do and bring him forward says my wife Meet ustaad happily married. Jeet says excuse me your number. She walks away. They three enjoy and have more shots. Hoshiyar says happy married life is myth so enjoy.

Sunaina says to Meet it’s deep feeling to express love and first kiss is a difference feeling and you fall deeply in love without knowing. Meet says how is this possible. Sunaina says try it and let me know. Meet thinks is first kiss so special.

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