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Meet In Love September Teasers 2022

Meet In Love September Teasers 2022: Meet undergoes physical training for police recruitment. Below are Zeeworld Meet In Love September 2022 Teasers

Zee World Meet In Love September Teasers 2022

Thursday 1 Sept 2022

Episode 91

Hawa Singh orders Hawa Singh to open the box. Meet Ahlawat disguises himself and enters the police station to save Meet. Meet discovers that Mohanlal lives in Assam. Mohanlal is then video-called by Meet.

Friday 2 Sept 2022

Episode 9

Meet agrees to open Ashok’s case again. The Ahlawats support Meet. Anubha, Dadi and her later learn that Ashok had been murdered. Mohanlal is run over by a man riding his bike. He then dies right in front of Meet.

Monday 5 Sept 2022

Episode 9

Meet is arrested by Hawa Singh at the Ahlawat House. Meet meets Ahlawat in prison. With the support of the media, she threatens to defame Hawa Sing for arresting Meet Ahlawat on a false charge.

Tuesday 6 Sept 2022

Episode 95

Babita doesn’t like Meet’s decision, and she gets angry with her. Duggu runs out of the house and is kidnapped. Later, Meet pretends to be a child and is kidnapped.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Episode 95

Meet Ahlawat orders Meet to join the police force. But Ram stops Meet. Meet Ahlawat decides that Meet will smear color on him first. They play Holi together the next day and share a sweet moment. Meet later reads a letter from someone threatening to kill Meet Ahlawat.

Thursday 8 September 2022

Episode 95

Friday 9 Sept 2022

Episode 97

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Ram is shocked to learn that Meet still wants to join the police force. For police recruitment, Meet is required to undergo physical training. Hawa Singh requests Ram to kill Meet.


Monday 12 Sept 2022

Episode 98

Masoom listens carefully to Sunaina and Tej’s words. Later, Ram executes the cruel plan. Hawa Singh instigates Ram. Meet agrees to undergo the physical exam and meets Meet Ahlawat at the police academy.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Episode 99

Rajvardhan announces the decision. Meet meets Ahlawat. Rajvardhan is shocked to see them pretending to leave the house.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Episode 100

Rajvardhan regains consciousness, and asks Meet to take him for police training. Meet meets Mithai. Meet discovers that Deep and Isha like each other later. Meet makes a mistake when cooking.

Thursday 15 Sept 2022

Episode 101

Meet departs for the training academy. Meet is sent to the police academy. Meet receives boys’ clothes at the academy. She then goes to the head of the academy complaining about it. Hawa Singh is then introduced to her.

Friday 16 Sept 2022

Episode 101

Meet secretly arrives from the police academy in order to meet Ahlawat. The Ahlawat Pharmaceutical’s medications are blamed for the deaths of academy trainees. People protest against Meet Ahlawat.


Monday 19 Sept 2022


Meet will ask her senior to take a break by solving a case. Police confirm that Meet Ahlawat is innocent. Meet later explains the situation to the family.

Tuesday 20 Sept 2022


Meet swears to be a police officer after four months of training. Meet Ahlawat and a man request justice.

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Wednesday 21 September 2022


Meet hears from Rajvardhan about Meet Ahlawat and Deep’s animosity. Meet stops Isha’s suicide attempt and talks to Meet Ahlawat to learn more about Deep.

Thursday 22 Sept 2022

Episode 101

Meet is against the engagement but Babita won’t budge. Meet follows a boy who forcibly takes a woman with him. Later, she saves the girl and takes the boy into custody.

Friday 23 Sept 2022


Meet Ahlawat assists Meet in getting ready for their engagement. They end up becoming close. Meet meets Shanty, Abhay’s son. She tells his family about the wrongdoings. She is unable to prove that Shanty had eveteased a woman. She asks for a day and the engagement is postponed.

Monday 26 Sept 2022

Episode 110

Babita assures Isha she will wait for Shanty to reveal the truth. Meet convinces Latika to testify in favor of Shanty. Meet later asks for time from the family.

Tuesday 27 Sept 2022

Episode 110

Meet is shocked when Latika hides in front of the Ahlawats. Meet performs Shanty’s aarti, and challenges Meet to expose him in 10 days. Meet Ahlawat suspects Meet is plotting something.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Episode 110

Meet arrests Shanty and brings him home. Meet arrests Shanty, and then brings him home. However, she is shocked to learn the truth. Babita makes fun of Meet for being wrong. Abhay and Shanty are furious when Shanty asks them to remove the glasses.

Thursday 29 Sept 2022

Episode 111

Meet makes one more attempt to expose Shanty. Babita orders Meet to stop opposing Shanty. Meet later feels hurt by Sunaina and Babita’s words.

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Friday 30 Sept 2022

Episode 112

Rajvardhan accepts a promise from Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat Shanty plans to sell drugs at his farmhouse. Both attempt to enter the farmhouse. Abhay is shocked to hear Sunaina’s words.

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