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married again
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Married Again 1 June 2022: Episode starts with Aarti requesting Yash to go to hospital with her. She then says, I will be back in a while. Yash asks where are you going? Aarti says, I am going to bhabhi.. actually I am having lots of pain and my hand doesn’t reach there. Yash says, wait a minute.. I told you r
ight that I am taking all responsibility of your health.. so now if you don’t mind then.. Aarti passes him something with which you do massage. Yash asks her to sit down. Aarti turns around and smiles. Yash asks her to sit down. She finally sits down. Yash asks where are you having pain? Aarti points to her back. Yash starts massaging, but he is not comfortable. Aarti tells him to do properly as she is not having any effect of it. Yash is still uncomfortable. Aarti says, you leave it.. I will go to bhabhi. Yash says, noo tell me where is the pain exactly and now he moves her hair and finally massages properly.

Aarti thanks him and says am feeling better, stress-free now.. Yash says, not just stress.. it’s clearly written in your report that you have got very weak.. blood pressure is also not normal.. and I think you should…….. do the abortion. We can’t ignore the facts and it’s clearly written in the reports that it’s impossible to do a normal delivery. Aarti says, nothing in this world is impossible.. you just need to think positive. Yash asks how can anyone be positive in such situation? Aarti says, just like how I am trying.. I am telling you.. I will take proper care of myself.. I will eat and sleep properly and don’t keep any stress. I will only think positive and keeps bad thoughts away then see how all complications will go away like that. And then we will fulfill maa-bauji’s dream by brining this child to the world. Yash says, why are you not listening to me? Look you started again. Aarti says, it was you who started. Yash says, whatever I am telling is for your good.. it’s not like you can’t be pregnant again… and then he shuts himself up. They look at each other.

Pari is in her room and she watches police saying they are trying best to find murder of Karan Mehta (her show producer). Police say, this time they have found a solid proof.. they are sure that the murderer is a woman and they found necklace where he was killed. She says, thank God this necklace is not mine. What did I do.. now what will happen? From the back Vidhi says, you will get punishment. Pari is very worried.

Vidhi then says, I told you to do some kitchen work right? and you forgot. Vidhi laughs and says, you got scared like you killed someone. She then says, I know you’re from a big family and you never worked in kitchen.. but here at least you’re trying so that’s enough. Vidhi’s eyes go on TV and Pari turns off TV right away. Vidhi says, why did you turn off.. by watching news you get to know what’s going on in the world. Pari says, actually I get scared watching such news. Vidhi then says, I actually need to my necklace back which you wore other day when going for shoot. Pari says, I will find it and give it to you. Vidhi says, not a problem and leaves. Pari says, police has bhabhi’s necklace.. now from where I will bring it?

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Aarti is sitting alone and thinking something. Yash gives her medicine and says, it’s time to take medicine. She takes it. Yash says, I have talked with doctor and he gave tomorrow’s appointment. Aarti gets happy and says ,that means you accepted everything is normal right and there will be no complication in my delivery. Yash says, first let’s meet doctor and know their opinion. If there’s any solution for this problem, then we will do what you want. I will be with you. But if doctor says, there is no hope, then you will have to be with me in my decision. He puts his hands on her shoulder and says, In either case we have to support each other. Aarti holds his hand and says, I am always with you.. and if your support is always with me like this then everything will be fine. Yash says, I hope everything happens the way you want. He expands his hands (and asking Aarti to hug him indirectly) and Aarti hugs him.

Break 1..

It’s morning now. Yash is getting ready and Aarti is looking at the reports. Yash is watching Aarti. Ansh comes there and closes Aarti’s eyes. Aarti quickly recognizes him. Ansh asks her, how do you recognize me so easily? Aarti says, this is mumma’s magic. Ansh says, I also have a magic. He then asks Aarti to choose one of his hands. He says, in one hand.. it’s happiness. and in other.. sadness. After taking lots of time.. Aarti chooses one. Ansh is disappointed and says, you chose wrong hand. This hand had sadness.

Break 2..

Aarti is sad. Ansh then says, you chose happiness hand.. I was just kidding. How can I give you sadness? He says this magic’s trick was that both had happiness. Wasn’t it good magic? Aarti has tears in her eyes. He says, I showed you such a good magic and still tears in your eyes? Yash is looking at them and smiling. Ansh says, now you got happiness… so smile. Aarti doesn’t smile.. Ansh then shows to her how to smile big. Aarti finally smiles. She kisses his hands. Ansh says, when you smile.. you look so cute. And he hugs her.

Yash and Aarti at hospital now. Doctor tells Yash, as you might have seen in the reports.. your wife has lots of complications in her pregnancy.. on top of that.. high BP.. and other issues. It is very risky to continue pregnancy in such condition and I have told her and her mother already. Yash says, what would you suggest in this condition? Doctor says, I had suggested Aarti to do the abortion. Yash asks, is there any other way? Doctor says, if you two promise me that you will always have such coordination, then I have a solution. Aarti and Yash look at each other.

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Doc say no other solution is there to save prashant his cancer is in advance stage we need to do blood transplantation and chemo therapy and we need money and we cant even guarantee if this all will work shobha says u can to the miracle after god people trust u I cant see my son dying I wont go from here is there no way

[yash at docs place]

yash says nothing sho
uld happen to my wife doc says there is only one solution but its painful and your wife is ready doc says if within next 3 weeks her hemoglobin will be normal your love and care will do the magic then we can go for the method doc says so will u take care of her yash says yup he keeps his hand on aartis hand (bg yeh dil hai) yash says smile he says you should always be happy aarti smiles back yash then gets a call he starts to talk and aarti is staring at him lovingly yash looks at her and he asks why is she smiling so much yash hen continues to speak aarti then touches her stomach

[shobhas house scene]

doc says does prashant have any bro sis dubey says no he is alone child doc says his wife shobha says she does not live with him doc says I am asking this question becoz we can transplant bone marrow shobha and dubey says take ours doc says your bone marrow is of no use doc then asks does he have any kid doc says prashants own ansh can give him life both are silent doc says I guess this road is also closed for u as he does not have a kid dubey says no he has a son from his first wife ansh doc says can u get him here doc says get him here we will discuss rest later and doctor leaves shobha says what did u says how will u get him here what will u tell aarti yash and scidhiya people dubey says I will get him any way ansh bone marrow will save prashant now did I do anything wrong now we have to get him any way shobha silent and in mind says god I am confused one side my son is there on the other hand I will end up destroying my daught3ers house

[shobhas house]

shobha tells prashant to rest and she goes to get juice for him

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[car scene]

yash says its been two hours doc has said u need to have food every 2 hours its imp for our babies health aarti says we r going home only I will have it yash says we will need 45 min lets go to an Italian restaurant aarti says she is not in mood yash then says lets go to Indian restaurant aarti denies that also yash says u tell now aarti says u wont know my fav thing u cant do yash says I cant do he starts thinking and says aarti ji i know u wont deny one thing I will give feed u bhelpuri with mango chutney aartis mouth starts watering yash says u liked the idea na see your smiling smile looks good on your face

[shobhas house]

dubey insists shobha to tell aarti truth shobha says I cant u know yashs family thinks she is widow if we talk about this they will know she is divorcee I cant spoil my daughters life dubey says what about our son dubey says can u see your son in this condition shobha says I cant see this dubey says let the truth come our yash is intelligent and he has accepted aarti he trusts her now if aarti makes yash understand he will agree everyone will support her we have some responsibly towards prashant shobha says how can we go an ask to him wont it be bad if we go and asks his childs help are we doing right thing just then prashant comes he says mom is right I don’t want aartis life to get spoilt again becoz of me its about yash aarti and their to be born kid its about her family she may loose everything thing dubey says aarti has time to save her family but we have less time to save your life I have to talk to aarti



Dubey goes to call aarti but shobha says don’t do this she is happy now its not good to get her past in front dubey says why are u repeating the same thing she does not need to tell the truth she can do this silently dubey says our son is fighting with cancer and your not ready to leave your stubborn ness prashant just then prashant falls down dubey holds him shobha comes running but dubey says u care about aarti I am there for my son dubey takes prashant shobha then in mind says talk to aarti before its to late



Aarti yash come near the stall and yash takes aarti on one side he is staring at his mob aarti asks what is the matter yash says my friend (they are talking about vikram sugni and adi about sugnis prob )aarti says sugni life with get a new ray of hope she says uski zindagi me phir subah hogi


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