Married Again update Monday 25 November 2019

Location: Divya’s residence
The ladies, who are trying to listen outside the closed doors, taunt sarita, when she comes out of divya’s room. as divya comes out, they ask her what happened. Divya says that they met after a long time, hence old memories were relivened.

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Married Again update Monday 25 November 2019 zee world

As she begins to leave, the relatives stop sarita, and ask her to stay for the haldi ceremony. Divya wonders what does fate want from her, earlier it was raj and now its Sarita, who she has to face. As divya is taken out for the holy bath, sarita comes in saying that its very good for a married woman to take off haldi from the would be bride, by giving her a holy bath. Sarita wishes her that she should get as much love from her husband as she got from hers. Divya is shocked, while sarita pours down water on her, taking away the haldi. Divya remembers their talk in the room. Sarita then pours milk on her, as is part of the ritual, and completes her bath. she leaves in a huff.

Location: Gaurav’s residence
As raj begins to approach gaurav, He is taken to the priest by his mother. raj looks on, The arti begins. while people comment on how good good their spouses are, Divya and Raj’s. While one comments on gaurav’s luck, another comments on Divya having landed a lucky catch, like gaurav, at the end of her career. raj hears all this, and is upset. Later, Gaurav meets raj and is about to talk, when his brother comes and talks about wedding plannings, with the Choti Bahu, as divya is fondly known. After signing off the check that his brother asks him to, for payment, he asks what is raj here for. Raj returns the money, that he had given for bail, saying that he never keeps others offerings, and asks him to use this money for their marriage. He says that gaurav might be in the habit of doing this, not him. He congratulates Gaurav on his marriage, and leaves.

Raj walks out and thinks that he had waited for 10 years, and he tortured sarita too for this. He thinks that he had thought that raj and divya would chaneg the definition of love. But instead of waiting for him, or even considering meeting him, in bhopal, after having come for 10 years, she just got engaged at the first chance she got. He kickstarts his motorbike and goes off.

location: On the road
Sarita walks out, thinking why would divya help her, forgetting how could a lover, give away her love, to her Sautan. As she is walking, raj zooms past, and she runs after him, but he doesnt listen. She runs incoherently, and stops after a awhile, breaking down into tears. she looks upto god, thinking that its enough, and she cant stoop any lower. She thinks that now’s the time, that what didnt happen in 10 years, she would do it now.

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Location: At the temple
Gaurav’s mother gets them to the temple, divya and Raj, and emphasising on the ritual and the puja that needs to be done, explaining the rules, as to how they should pray devotedly for their marital life, and Goddess’ blessings on the same. She gets a call from a relative, and asks Divya and Gaurav to go ahead while she attends to it. Divya and Gaurav, perform the puja in the temple, by a priest’s aid, who asks them to call out their spouses’ name, three times, for the puja’s completion. while Gaurav does so, calling out Divya’s name. Divya, is all the while wondering how can she agree to Sarita’s wishes, by staying in Raj’s house and getting sarita raj’s love. Divya, when asked to do the same, instinctively calls out for Raj, surprising Gaurav and Divya, herself. then she rectifies herself, and calls out Gaurav’s name three times. The priest gives them prashad, while Gaurav is still stunned. He walks out of the temple, after Divya.

Location: Raj’s shop
As Sarita storms in, the helper asks her to stay here, as she doesnt need to go inside and he would get raj. Sarita however is undaunted by this, and walks past. She trips, and falls on the ground, with raj on top of him, with a mesh covering them. They enter into an eyegaze, each confused at the situation they are placed in.

As they regain composure, Sarita says that she needs to talk to him, and maybe this isnt important for him, but it needs to be said, as it would decide the future course of their relationship. Raj looks at her, and asks why is she talking like this to him.

Location: In the car
Gaurav asks divya if she still loves Raj. She says that she doesnt know. He asks to clarify, as this means that she doesnt want to answer. He asks if she loves him. Divya is perplexed, and asks why is he asking this. He says that this is a simple question, and the answer is either yes or no. Divya says that theirs is an arranged marriage, and love happens after marriage in such cases. Gaurav agrees that she’s right but says that its a one way love marriage, as he fell in love, the first day he met her. He apologizes her for putting her at discomfort and drives off. As they reach divya’s home, and she is about to get off, he says that he’s willing to wait for her love, for his entire life, and she should know that. After she gets down, as Gaurav drives off, Divya looks on longingly.

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Location: Raj’s shop
Sarita tells him that she doesnt have any other option. she tells Raj that she’s leaving his house, and his life forever, after 10 years, to her father’s house, in Vidisha. as she turns around, Raj stops her, giving sarita a ray of hope that he might stop her from going, but then he crushes it and says that Babloo would book his tickest and leave her at the bus stand. He also asks to be forgiven, if possible, and apologizing, he leaves. The screen freeezes on Sarita’s hurt face.

Location: Jagotia’s and divya’s residence
As sarita looks at their photo, with Raj, and begisnt p pack her bags, all the members begin to taunt her, as to ho would do their household work. Granny comes in asking them to shut up, or else she would hit all of them with her cane. she throws everyone out of the house. She goes to sarita to ask if she never even thought of granny, who talks to her only, and just went along to go to her father’s place. granny says that she wont let her go, as she would see her dead face, if she steps out. But shiela tells her not to stop sarita, as she didnt get anythinbg in the past 10 years, except for the taunts, as she didnt get any loving word from Raj even, to pull her through the next 10 years. She tells granny that they would bid her farewell nicely. She asks why does a woman have to go through the mire of a relartionship that is futile, with no respect, love and care for herself. She tells sarita that she isnt wrong, and her brother and her family is to blame. she says that she’s not the sister in law who is happy seeing her cry. she says that she would bid her farwell happily, in the hope that she remarries and she can start a new life, and get a new partner, who erases the pain that she has seen in the past 10 years, and give her lots of respect, love and happiness. Granny smilingly cries. She applauds shiela, for such maturity. Shiels hugs granny. She pulls sarita too close to her. granny asks them to get to work, and ask her to dress up sarita nicely, so that she can be given a farewell, just like she entered in this house, as if she departs smiling, then she would be able to die in peace. As Sarita is dressed up nicely by shiela and granny, divya too is dressed up for her functions. Sarita remembers how she had happily come in their bedroom, on their wedding night, smiling and nervous and excited in anticipation. Granny and shiela, do sarita’s tilak, while she takes their blessings and finally leaves the house. As she reaches his shop, raj sees her going. Sarita looks at him, while Raj looks away.

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Celebration and cultural programmes are in full swing at the mehendi ceremony of Divya. Divya remembers what sarita had told her. Her sisters involve her in the programme. But she cant forget what sarita had told her. In the mehendi ceremony, Divya leaves the function, and calls up at Raj’s house, and asks for sarita. When she is told by the youngest daughter that sarita has left for good, Divya is shocked. She asks when she left, and is surprised at what she hears, that sarita is leaving for vidisha in the next half hour, and left the house around 15 minutes back.

Location: At the bus stand
Sarita arrives at the bus stop, and waits for her bus. Raj’s helper comes to give her the tickets. He too is sad. He asks if she needs anything to eat. When she refuses, he tells her that the bus would come anytime. he gives her water, saying that Raj had asked him to, but he forgot. Sarita thanks him, and asks him to take care of himself and sometimes remember her too. He asks him to make his bride wear the same earrings that she had given, and asks him to leave. sarita says that she sint a small girl, who needs assistance, and if he stays longer, then he would start crying. When he says that he would go only after she boards the bus, as raj had instructed him to, she sends him off. Sarita remembers what her last conversation with Raj was.

She hears the Vidisha bus being called out for passengers. She walks towards the bus with her luggage. She boards the bus and sits on her seat. as her bus picks up speed, Divya rushes upto the bus stand, on her scooty, and asking people for the bus going towards Vidisha, she rushes to the concerned bus, that has already begun to leave. She hurries up to the bus, and makes it stop. She gets inside the bus, and while she is being recognised as Choti Bahu, by the passengers, divya searches around for Sarits, who is very surprised to see her. The screen freezes on sarita’s face.

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