Married Again 2 Wednesday update 18 December 2019

Married Again Wednesday update 18 December 2019, It begins with Raj trying to make Sarita learn to eat with chopstick.

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Married Again update Wednesday 18 December 2019: Sarita thinks that she will not learn since if she won’t then no one will like her and Raj will be forced to live with her, Sarita goes to tailor with Sheila and but in way she sees a poster of talent hunt competition in Bhopal for Director.

Sarita goes to that place to get Raj’s name entered there. Sarita is informed that registration is closed yesterday due to too many applications.

Sarita convinces the person to take Raj’s name as well.

Raj gets a suit for Sarita as a surprise and tells her to wear it. Sarita also wants to give a surprise to Raj but he doesn’t listens.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Raj teases her saying that one day she would have to go to her husband’s place, tensing her, even though they would miss her a lot. Raj asks whats her surprise. she presents him a leaflet for an upcoming drama competition. Raj says that he isnt concerned with them anymore. sarita asks how can he not relish his dreams, and that if Divya went, why is he leaving thi dream, and she is the only trouble in its way. Raj says that he’s lucky to have her as his wife, but he cant have this drama anymore, as its all in the past, and he has also taken a vow. Sarita reminds him that the vow allows him top miss divya and think about her. sarita says that for her sake, before she goes, he should say yes, and won this. She asks him that due to her, he left his dream, and she wants to salvage it now. She says that she wanst to be a proud wife, and asks for that much happiness.

Married Again Wednesday update 18 December 2019 Ended As raj agrees and goes, Sarita thanks vikrant that she may not like him one bit, but he has opened a way for Raj.

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