Married Again 2 update Friday 17th January 2020

Married Again 17 January 2020: Divya asks sarita if she forgot raj, and if has forgotten the pasat, then did she try to get into a love affair with vikrant.

Married Again Friday 17 January 2020: Sarita is speechless. Divya says that she might want her to be with raj, then she should also make that effort to be a husband and wife like couple, with vikrant. Divya says that she should try too, with vikrant, by forgetting the past, and that more than being abhi’s mother, she is responsible for being a wife to vikrant oo, and then their relation shall be complete. Divya asks sarita to promise just like she did for raj, that she would try till the best of her abilities to win over vikrant. Before sarita can promise, vikrant asks her to come along, lest they shall miss the flight. Sarita leaves, while divya is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Shiela and kamla are super excited preparing for Raj’ and Divya’s arrival. A doorbell gets kamla excited, while granny asks her not to be so excited. But kamal goes for the door, and gets to welcoming raj and divya, with the traditional Arti before they enter the house. But divya says that they dont want any false respect like on Tv, and just wants their true bvelssings., They are all surprised to see sarita and vikrant, along with abhi, while they take everyone’s blessings. Shiela is tensed. Sarita asks how is she. She says that she’s fine and asks about her. sarita too nods her head. she then meets munni. Kamal asks the reason of this sudden arrival. Divya tells how they were together and vikrant offered to drop them homer and she agreed so that sarita also would meet them. Vikrant apologises for coming here unannounced. But kamal tells her that they are always welcome. Kamla asks raj never to go away again., Soham comes and asks kamla not to get emotional. He asks shiela to gte stuff that they have made for them. Sohama sks raj to sit beside him. Raj gets his suitcase and comes and sits. He starts giving everyone gifts that he has got for everyone from mumbai. He gives perfume to soham, a walkman for granny, designer saree for kamla, and gives munni, lots of gifts and surprises her. Sarita thinks that raj doesnt realise that his family is his life, amd has forgotten everything in this madness for her. She says that she would have to talk sense into her. Divya and sarita are tensed to see each other. Kamla serves them sweets. She asks sarita to take care of here food, so that she doesnt fatten up, and asks vikrant to continue gymming for sarita. Abhi compliments her sense of humour and all are amused. Vikrant takes their leave, and goes with sarita and abhi. All are tensed, when he just talk to abhi, and ignores sarita. Vikrant and abhi leave, with sarita. Divya thinks that sarita is right and that she shall have to ignite love within raj’s heart for her, and not let him go astray.

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While the ladies are busy discussing marriage arrangements, raj is lost in thoughts. divya asks them to ask Raj, but munni says that he wont have an idea. Divya says that she is fedup of high society and wants to live life like a common man, with one, and that now she would do everything that raj wants, and his choice would be honoured from now on. Munni compliements raj on his good luck. Kamla takes munni with her on the pretext of cleaning the room, so that divya and raj get some alone time. Divya says to raj that what she said was from her heart, but before she can continue, kamla calls her too. Raj thinks that divya wants to live with her, for her, and he is in a mind of running away with sarita. divya thinks that raj may try to runa way, but she and sarita wont let him do so, and that this marriage would happen and bind him forever.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Vandana is surprised at their arrival, and asks abhi how was the trip. Abhi excitedly narrates everything. Vandana asks for the pics. Abhi says that they are in his father’s Ipad. Vikrant leaves to freshen up. Vandana sends abhi to surprise Kajri. He leaves. Vandana stops when sarita too begins to leaves, and taunts that they didnt come back as on ehappy family, and no signs of honeymoon are visible. Sarita says that how can a bahu be happy, if she has a Saans like her. Sarita compliments her intelligence, but adds that what happened between a husband and wife, she shouldnt interfere. Vandana is irritated as sarita continues to taunt her. She says that she knows that vandana told raj everything. She thanks her that this solved her life’s biggest problem, and thta her plan led her closer to vikrant, and that she has returned with a new hope, that her closeness with vikrant in mumbai, will continue here too. She takes Vandana’s blessings, while she is furious.

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While working in the room, sarita slips accidentally on abhi’s car, and she falls right into Vikrant’s arms, who manages to save her from falling. They enter a romantic yet awkward embrace. They compose themsleves, and sarita begins to arrange abhi’s toys. Sarita remembers divya’s advise, and finds vikrant busy in his work, and thinks that she should thank him. She goes ahead and again slips and falls right into his lap, inviting yet another embrace.

Saritha fall on vikrant (from last episode) and he scold her asking whether she is playing some kind of game ? , and says that he will no catch her next time if she falls down.she says he will catch her even if she falls down 100 times. he asks why, she says because men always wants excuse to touch women.
vikrant is mad at this example and asks about that.. she makes him touch her and says , see like you touch me now.. and vikrant gets embrassed.

she again makes her self fall down and vikrant catches her just in time. She confirms with him that she won,this bet as he caught her ..

She goes to meet raj and places a lot of conditions and says to save money so that they can settle in Sweden.. he is perplexed by all the conditions. she asks him not to say anything to divya also..he questions that one ,to which saritha says she also will run away with him with out telling anyone (vikrant and abhi). so he also have to forget everyone from his family and think only of her

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Raj is in his home and his sister comes to him, saying their father fell down in bathroom.
he asks whether she called doc, to which she confirms divya called for one.
doc diagnoses his father with some condition.. and raj is tensed

She returns home to see vandana who blackmails her and says she will call vikrant.. saritha says please call him, as i aslo want to let him know who told raj about our where abouts when we were in mumbai..
vandana is shocked and stops calling vikrant

Vikrant gets ready for office , and tries to get out with out eating breakfast. Saritha says he is settign bad example for abhi by doing that and says he is the boss and everyone is scared of in office, so he can be late and no one will leave meeting. Vikrant is forced to oblige and he eats and appreciated the taste of food ,that saritha made.
vandana and kajari is so jealous.

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