Married Again 2 Thursday update 5 December 2019

Married Again 2 Thursday update 5 December 2019

All the girls ask Divya to go with them. div ya tells them that its futile for her to go with them as its their family trip. But kamla doesnt agree to anything, and forces her to come along with them.

Divya finally agrees, much to everyone’s excitement, and as she goes to dress up, kamla instructs them that this kheer that she’s carrying is just for Divya, and they can have the other one. Raj puts down the fan, with an intention to mend it and change it, so that it doesnt fall on sarita. As shiela comes in to see if Raj is ready to go for the picnic, she sees Raj mending the fan. She asks what happened. Raj says that the fan was making a noise. Shiela says that the fan has been bothering sarita for years, and now he’s mending it. She says that shje likes tShe exclaims that she feels like this time, sarita would have love in her life. Raj is tensed to hear this.

Raj thinks that what he is doing for sarita, is care, concern and sympathy, and hopes that sarita and the family doesnt mistake it for love.

Just asthen, sarita collides wioth kamla, and she starts taunting her for having spilled

Sarita tells her not to even dare slap her, as that society is gone, as she too has daughters

They get into a scuffle

The daughters too start taunting and get along with kamla, in scolding her. Kamla takes her out to throw her out of the house, but granny stops her. sarita says that this house isnt just hers, but her husband’s too, as she wont leave

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She says that she is the mother of her husb and, and today

Sarita tells her that she would put her in jail with a nonbailable warrant, for torturing the daughter in law. She says that she’s not the one to subdue down, and can fight for her rights

Kamla changes her tone instantly, and leaves in haste, with her daughters in tow. Granny compliments her for her bravery as

Sarita says that she didnt want to insult or threaten her, but she too has some self respect, and wont stoop to this level. shiela too comes and says that even if noone loves her, she always wants to stick to this house. she says that she would aspire to be like her and not her own mother. Sarita hugs

Kamla and sohan are concocting plans to get divya close to sarita, in which she has mixed powder so that divya goes nauseous and raj would have to get her to the house. She explains her paln, to give divya chilly snacks, and then give the kheer, so that would build the foundation for raj and divya’s remarriage.

Raj, while driving the car, looks at sarita, and Divya, sitting behind her. sarita remembers her last night with him, and is smiling. kamla asks divya if she’s hungry. When divya refuses, kamla

divya again says that she isnt hungry. But kamla goes on forcing her, while sohan is very angry at her haste. Sohan tries to stop her, saying that she wont eat all this, as its very Indian, and she prefers english deserts. To keep Kamla happy, Divya offers to eat the kheer. She asks her not to give divya

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sarita goes on to eat forcibly, but soon the chilly gets to her. she starts saying that its very chilly. They find out that there’s no water. as sohan asks reaj to get water, divya offers to give the kheer to sarita, much to kamla’s and Soham’s displeasure. she takes in a couple of spoonfulls. Her head starts going dizzy. she falls on Raj’s arms

Sunadari says that the last time she ate was

Kamla says that the driver would take her. Sohama nd Kamla send away divya too. Divya agrees. Raj carries sarita in his arms, and gets into the second car, and they drive off,

The driver gives a prescription and asks to call if they have any doubts. As he leaves, Raj is upset seeing sarita like this. He tells divya that what happened today, has led him to believe in the prophecy, and maybe her time has come, and if she has a few days to live, then he wants to give her happy, and asks divya what would he have to do, what does sarita want. Divya says that only sarita can tell what gives her happiness. Raj says that he wont be able to ask, and asks divya to do the same. She says that he wants to make her happy, but would have to take the first step himself. she goes to get medicines. Raj hesitatingly asks sarita, while her eyes are closed, as to what she wants, or likes, for example, chocolates, or flowers, or favourite colour. But sarits doesnt respond, and he notices that she’s sleeping

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Divya asks Raj if he asked sarita what she wants. He says that he started but also fumbled throughh it. He wonders what sarita might want. Divya blurts out that she needs him. Sarita wakes up and hears all this and is surprised. Raj is shocked to hear what divya wants him to do. the screen freezes on his face.

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