Married Again 2 Thursday update 19th December 2019

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Married Again Thursday update 19 December 2019, The next morning, raj is asking sarita to come out, or else he would break the door open. Sarita says that she would come out herself.

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Married Again update Thursday 19 December 2019: She comes out dresses in suit, while raj is mesmerised to look at her. She is conscious that she isnt looking good and waits for a response. He says that had he been someone else’s wife, he would have burned in jealousy, and it looks like a dream for him. He asks sarita to come along. She denies, but raj says that he would participate in drama only when she goes out dressed like this. He takes her outside, while she is hesitant to walk out like this, and accuses her of emotinally blackmailing and coming out like this in front of parents. As Raj’s voice booms out calling everyone out, she hides behind raj. they ask him what happened. Raj says that he wants them to see sarita’s new makeover. Shiela is very happy and others too to see her dressed like this. Kamla taunts her for being shameles, but raj defends her saying that the person is still the same. shiela praises raj for making her look so beautiful. Kamla again says that she would be eve teased. Raj says that he would break the bones of those who do that. Sohana nd kamla go inside angrily. raj asks sarita not to worry, as their thinking is well known. He takes her for the competition, while thye all wish him best of luck.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Vikrant comes in abhimaan’s room, and teases him about being a bad boy, and hence he wont give him a gift. But abhimaan says that he doesnt need any gifts but a mother, whose drawing he had been making. Vikrant says that its imnpossible and this cant happen. Abhimaan says that he himself says that everything is possible. Vikrant says that some things actually are impossible. Abhimaan is adamant that he wants that aunty only, as his mother. vikrant gets irritated, and leaves the gift there and leaves. He overhears abhimaan still longing for that aunty to be his wife.

Location: Outside the Drama venue
Raj and sarita reach on the bike. as sarita is excited, raj is hesitant, and unable to have faith in his abilities in stage direction. But sarita assures him. Raj decides to go inside and she wishes him the best of luck. She prays to the Lord, to give him strength. The child come running to sarita, and she asks him why didnt he go to school today. Abhimaan says that he pretended to have a stomach ache. Sarita says that its wrong to say lies, and he instantly apologises. He says that he had some work from he, and he had overheard that she would be here.

he says that all his friends have mothers, only he doesnt. sarita hugs him. Vikrant sees this and is overwhlemed. He turns his face away, and jerks abhimaan ‘s hands to take him out of sarita’s grasp. As he takes him angrilyu away, sarits rushes after him. Abhimaan still is adamant about sarita being his mother. vikrant is about to hit him, but sarita stops him citing abhimaan to be imaature. He angrily sends abhimaan home in the car. then he goes on to reprimand sarita and justify his problem, with the child and its inexplicable solution. He asks her to be in his shoes and tell what should he do. He leaves angrily. She understands his dilemma in making his child feel loved, by both the parents.

Inside, raj faces the audition, while sarita reaches just in time to boost his confidence and eliminate his nervousness. The jury too asks why didnt he pursue his drama for 10 years, and started all over once again. Sarita asks for permission to talk to him, when she sees raj speechless. When she is given permission, sarita asks raj to say the truth as this is his dream and his aim.

Raj says that his love went away, and he went away from drama. The jury asks if his love has returned back in his lfie, and thats why he wants to start again. raj denies, surprising everyone. He introduces sarita, as his wife, and the person who left him away, ten years back, was his love. He explains that he’s standing here for his wife so that he can come back to his love and aim, and be happy. The jury asks how can he stay away from his familial life, wife and kids and devote time to this competition. Sarita asks if she can answer. When the jury permits, she thanks them and says that she wont be a trouble in his life, and they havent thought of kids yet. she says that she would go once his dream is acheived, and they have decided to seperate and part ways. The screen freezes on her longing face.

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