Married Again update Thursday 16 January 2020 Zee world: While vikrant and abhi are asleep, sarita comes to ask vikrant if abhi slept easily.

Married Again update Thursday 16 January 2020 Zee world: vikrant says that he told abhi a story, influenced by how she tells abhi the stories. He tells that he told abhi a love story between a prince and princess. Sarita teases him saying that he shouldnt tell abhi love stories. Vikrant says that he finds fault in everything. Sarita thanks him for leaving her till raj’s place and kept waiting for her. Vikrant says that its okay. Vikrant goes on to sleep, but she asks him to insistently change first.

Vikrant sleeps without paying attention. Sarita wishes him goodnight and dozes off herself. Seeing abhi and sarita asleep, vikrant stealthily places a hand on sarita’s hand, while she is asleep. she wakes up to find that vikrant is sleeping, with his hand on her. She smiles and again closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. vikrant, who was pretending to be asleep, opens his eyes stealthily, and finds that sarita is asleep. He starts smiling too.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
While kamla and sohan are sleeping, raj enters stealthily and moves towards the safe, with a bag. He cautiously takes the key of the safe from under the pillow, but is surprised when he overhears, sohan mumbling that kamla neednt worry as raj would take the responsibility of marrying off his sisters. he vturns around in guilt, but reminded by sarita’s warning to collect money, he apologises to a sleeping soham, that he wont be able to fulfill his responsibilities and his dreams. he cautiously take the key and opens the safe with much caution. He finds jewellery and money inside, and starts stuffing it inside the bag, all the while crying, ashamed by his guilt of doing this to his family. Raj thinks that he is stealing sohan’s whole life’s savings, for his own selfish motives. He locks the safe back, and keeping the key back, Raj says that he isnt even worth forgiving, and touches their feet nevertheless. He comes out of the room, with the bag and gets in his room. He is shocked to see divya, and the bag falls from his hands revealing its contents, surprising and hurting Divya. She picks them up, and asks him to keep this ancestral jewellery safe. He makes an excuse that he was taking them for polishing. She thinks that raj has stooped so low, that he could do this. She gives up hope to redeem him anymore.

Location: Jagotia’s and Vikrant’s residence
The next morning, sarita is performing the puja. She asks him to relieve everyone from the troubles, and get divya and raj together. She is surprised to find divya, and asks her whats she doing here, on dusshehra. divya says that she came here to tell her that she’s leaving him forever, as she cant take her and her love’s insult anymore. Sariota says that she too feels tht she’s betraying him every moment. She tells her about how much she advised raj. She says that she is happy knowing that he still cares and loves divya, otherwise he wouldnt have gone to the producer. She says that she should wait for 2 more days, as he wouldnt be able to arrange the money. Divya tells her about the heinous crime that raj committed today, that made him lose her trust forever, and discuss as to how they were mistaken that raj would come back on the right path. divya says that he’s just thinking of going with him to dubai, and he wouldnt realise his responsibilities. Sarita is smiling that confuses divya. when she asks, Sarita says that raj has made their work easy. Divya asks what happened. Sarita is all smiles.

While raj is negotiating with the jeweller, on the phone, divya comes in reprimanding him as to what is he doing, as sarita told her everything. Raj asks hesitatingly what does she know. she says that she knows everything as to how he broke her trust by lying to her, as she would have permitted him, had he come to her. Raj says that he tried to talk to her about this, and is apologetic for what he did. She says that she didnt feel bad, and that she is indeed happy to see this love. raj is conufsed. Divya says that he even went to the extent of lying about their marriage to the producer, and she thought wrongly about him. She says that now she all the more has no qualms of leaving the film for him. raj is boggled. Divya shows her excitement at their mehendi ceremony today. Raj is confused.

While vandana is preparing heavy and oily breakfast, sarita tells her that she wont let him have such unhealthy food, as his cholesterol has risen.She says that she being a wife wont allow vikrant to have this. Vikrant comes and is about to gorge on food, when sarita tells him that she would take care of his diet from now on, as abhi has shown her the reports that he had hidden. As she begins preparing his nutritious food, vikrant gazes on smilingly. While working, sarita in her carelessness, is about to burn her saree, when vikrant saves her in time, and they enter an eyegaze. Vikrant tucks sarita’s pallu in her navel nicely, saying that he maynt help her in the kitchen, but she should always keep her pallu like this, while she looks on shyfully. As he leaves,

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Location: Vikrant’s residence
Vandana finds sarita’s cell phone ringing, and she finds out where is it. She takes it from the almirah, seeing that noone’s watching her. She is surprised to find that Raj’s call. She accepts it, and pretends to be sarita. Raj tells sarita that what they had planned for two days later, would have to be done right now, ans that he would tell her everything about their plan. Vandana wonders whats it. seeing sarita, she is surprised and hides the phone in her saree. Vandana makes an excuse that the laundry fellow had come for clothes. Sarita tells her that she should give vikrant’s suits for drycleaning, and asks her to give them. When vandana is relieved, she goes to keep it back, but is given a scare, when sarita comes back for the clutcher and leaves. She keeps it back in the almirah, when sarita is gone. she wonders whats sarita upto, and how to find otu. she thinks that she would have to take vikrant there also, on thre mehendi, so that their love story can end.

In the evening, while vikrant is ready, he asks vandana too to get ready. Meanwhile, he gets an ugrent business call, and says that he would go to office straightaway. He tells this to vandana, and asks her to go with abhi, and apologise to sarita. She says that she wont let him go, as sarita takes so much care of abhi and him, and he cant even do this much for her. She says that sarita would be hurt. He is influenced, and decides to go. He is happy that vandana doesnt dislike her anymore, and likes her like himself. He leaves shy of what he said. Vandana says that he didnt understand her nicely, as she isnt happy, and how can she like the gilr, who’s taking the place of his daughter, because of whom, he threw her son out of the house, and that she wont ever let her be happy.

Location: Rohan’s residence
Rohan is lost in kajri’s betrayal, and vikrant’s anger, and burns his hand slightly in the kitchen. shiela comes in rushing. While shiela is tending to roahn. he blurts out that he loves her truly, and asks for forgiveness. She is about to go, but he jerks her around and says that she always loved him truly, and he only kept using her for the weakness of his wife, and now only she is with him. She says that she did it only for humanity, and old friendship’s sake. rohan says that this is love. She says that he only loves his wife, then hopw can she. He says that he did love kajal, but she never was there for him, and now he hates her and doesnt consider their relationship as one, and now only loves shiela. She says that had kajri wanted, she could have taken him to vikrant’s place, just like she can. Rohana sks how would she manage. She says that she has an idea.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
All start chatting with sarita, when she comes to their house, without abhi and vikrant. Sarita asks where’s divya. kamla tels that she’s in her room. Kamla tells her that she can help her later, as shiela is nowhere to be seen. As sarita begins to go, raj tells her that its good that she came early, and good that they can go ovre their plan. When kamla asks what happened, sarita says that he’s just concerned for sohan’s health. She gives sarita the bangles, and says that the rest of the jewellery is in the safe, which she would give in due time. Raj is tensed to ehar this. sarita leaves too.

Divya goes to sarita’s room, and says that she has to talk very urgent. Sarita meets divya and asks her to listen carefully what she is about to tell her. she says, that to stop Raj, they would have to do something ton ight, that she was planning for two days after. Divya asks what do they have to do. Sarita says that they would have to steal the jewellery that raj has stolen. divya is shocked. Divya says that the key is always with raj. sarita says that she would get it, but she has to steal them. divya is doubtful, but sarita asks her to have faith in her. she leaves, while divya is tensed.

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Shiela comes back and is very happy to see sarita, who asks her how’s she. Shiela talks about her skin’s problems with sarita, and sarita says that its all due to Dabur Dashmoolarisht. shiela is happy and takes it from her. Kamla hollers for her, and she leaves.

Kamla excitedly greets vikrant, and vandana too, in the evening when they arrive. Vandana asks kajri to keep watching to see how her traps would trap sarita and they would rule in virkant’s house. Kajri asks what is she planning to do, but vandana just smiles, and doesnt answer. vikrant asks soham about his health. abhi takes his leave, excusing himself for a minute, Vikrant finds sarita beautifully dressed, and is mesmerised. Munni teases him for this, and he tries to make excuses. He leaves embarassed.

Divya asks how would they get the key, as its always in Raj’s shirt. sarita has an idea, and goes on to compliment kamla on her beauty. Sarita asks her to get a pic clicked with raj and sarita. kamla agrees. the photo session begins, and sarita is happy. As raj leaves, sarita too follows him. this gets vandana’s attention and she too goes on to find out where sarita went. Meanwhile, ssarita is trying to take the key from Raj’s pocket, while he’s busy with the pic. Vandana is distracted, by abhi who asks her to get him some water. Sarita accomplishes her task, while the photo shoot is going on. She is very happy. She shows it to divya, who’s very happy too.

Married Again 2 update Sunday 19th January 2020

While sarita is chatting with granny, abhi gets vikrant to her, saying that she has a surprise for him. abhi tells her that she’s going to feed vikrant paan, as granny says that with paan, the love between a couple grows. both vikrant and sarita are embarassed, while the rest of the family is amused. Abhi starts insisting, and granny asks sarita to do the honours, and fulfill abhi’s wish. she gets up shyly and takes out a paan, and feeds it top vikrant, who eats it, while abhi is smiling. Abhi says that now this would stop the fights, and give way to love. Vikrant and sarita gaze at each other.

Location: Hotel in Mumbai
Sarita tells raj, on the terrace that what he wants cant happen, as they arent alone. Raj says that he too wants to talk about this, as he never expected so many lives to be entangled. Raj tells about his blunder in calling divya, sarita. sarita asks him to understand, what would divya do when she finds out. Sarita is happy that raj finally understands. But raj says that they have to get rid of vikrant, who’s super suspicious of them. Sarita is surprised at his ferocity. While sarita tries to talk to raj, he keeps going on a rant, as to how to escape from here, and how to gather sufficient funds to survive underground if they have to. Sarita tries to talk, but raj stops her. Raj says that not now, as he doesnt want either divya or vikrant to see them, and decides on alternate ways to go. However, they are shocked when they find divya staring at them. They are tensed. She asks raj whats he doing here. He says that he came to invite sarita and vikrant for their marriage, as they too are here. sarita leaves. Divya asks why such an awkward place, and why only sarita, and why not vikrant and abhi. divya says that she isnt naive to understand that they are hiding something and asks whats it. Raj leaves saying that they should check out. Divya is tensed. The receptionist tells them that their taxi has been cancelled. Raj and divya are tensed. Vikrant and sarita too are getting out. seeing them divya offers to team along with them, so that they dont miss the flight. Divya goes and tells vikrant and asks for a ride. Vikrant is tensed seeing raj, but abhi insists that they should take them along too. Vikrant agrees.

Location: in the car
Sarita thinks that she understands what divya is thinking, and that she herself doenst want to hide, and would tell everything before taking the flight. Divya tells about raj’s invitation with sarita, and personally invites vikrant. He says that he wopuld come provided tht they do get married. Divya asks why does he feel like that. Vikrant says that Punar Vivah is very unpredictable, and he has a first hand experience at that. Divya says that come what may, this marriage would happen. vikrant compliments her confidence. she invites them all for marriage. Vikrant says that noone else would be happy for their marriage, and would come even if noone else does.

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Vikrant leaves with abhi to get the boarding passes. Sarita leaves with divya with the excuse of the washroom. Raj too waits to gte the boarding pass. In the washroom area, Sarita and divya are telling that they wanted to talk to each other. sarita begins to talk, but divya stops her. Divya asks for an answer as to what was she doing at the terrace. Sarita asks her not to shout. divya says that she doesnt care, and demands to kn ow the truth. She tells about raj’s sudden behaviour, and lamenst as to why they came to mumbai. She also tells him of Raj’s blunder. sarita is tensed. Divya says that she put her acreer at stake, and he doesnt have time for her, and that he finds time to meet her secretively, and has made a joke of both the ladies. sarita says that she doesnt want to hide anything, nor betray her. Divya asks her to spill it. sarita says that raj may be with her, but he has forgotten that he wanted her, and that he wants sarita and not divya now, as he doesnt want to get married to her and wants to run away with sarita, and that neither she nor vikrant knows this. Divya slaps her in anger, startling and saddening her. divya leaves from there, but sarita stops her asking her to listen to her once. divya says that she doesnt want to, as she is deeply hurt by her betrayal, of her trust and friendship. She reminds sarita of her sacrifice of her love for getting them togteher as a couple. Sarita accepts it, and divya asks why did she do this then, as she returned only because sarita got remarried. sahe tells about the high hopes that she had built for herself, when raj got engaged with her. Divya asks why did she return back in their lives and what does she want. Sarita says that she just wants raj to return back to her senses, and he understands his responsibilities ftowards his familiy and her, and let him live in peace with her family and child. She says that she wants to be a true mother to abhi. Divya says that she doesnt understand what he tries to say. sarita spills out everything. Divya asks why she told her all this so late. Sarita says that she just wants raj to be very happy with divya, and that he himself got vikrant in her life, and thats when raj realised love for his wife. She tels her about shiela’s kidnapping and the deal between them. She says that she married only for abhi. She says that she cant leave anywhere without abhi, and that raj isnt willing to listen to this. She says that she had noone to listen to this, and asks her not to mistake her intentions.

At the boarding pass area, abhi is very excited to have Divya and raj too sitting in the same cabin as them. Abhi asks why is there so much tension, when he and his father are together, like a hero and villain. Vikrant is tensed.

Location: Bhopal
Rohan is talking to his goon friends, about shiela and how she spoiled his life, and promises to have revenge on her. Shiela comes in dressed superstylishly and shocks Rohan, by greeting him. rohan is confused and boggled, and so are his friends. Shiela says that she came here to apologise, as she caused him much pain. She invites herself to having coffee with him. as she leaves to get it, she is happy to see rohan confused as to whats begotten her. She thinks that she would teach rohan such a lesson, that he would never again play with another innocent girl’s life.

Location: At the airport
Divya apologises for not trusting her friend. Divya says that hearing all this, she feels that she should leave raj. Sarita begs her not to do this. Divya asks her to try and understand. She says that its decided that she cant be with him, but divya can and asks her to do so. Divya is tensed. She agrees to go byu sarita’s plan. sarita says that she has to make him realise that she is his true love, first and last.


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