Married Again 2 Sunday update 8 December 2019

Married Again 2 Sunday update 8 December 2019

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Divya is standing at the door, when she is stopped by sarita. Divya says that she cant stay another moment. Sarita says that she knows but she couldnt tell raj.

Sarita asks if there has ever been any relation between them, in the beginning, but today it feels like they know each other from ages. She says that she too wants her to be happy, and to be able to do something for her. She says that she mightnt be able to stop her, but if she would accept anything that belongs to her. Divya closes her eyes, in agreement, but is shocked when sarita gives her mangalsutra to her. Divya says that she has no right on this. She says that she used to, but not anymore and that their relation is over. Divya says that now raj is just hers, and she is his responsibility. gaurav arrives and asks what happened. Divya says that she would go home and talk. Gaurav takes her bags and waits in the car, for divya who asks sarita to take care of herself. As she is about to go, the necklace that Raj had got for her falls on the floor. Sarita reprimands her for lying that all is finished, when it clearly isnt.

Divya says that it must have come in haste and tries to avoid the topic. But sarita holds her and asks her if she still loves her, and that she would have to say the truth. She asks if she came here for sarita or for raj, and if she really wanted to see them happy. Divya agrees but says that her intentions were clear, and that is his and sarita’s marriage, and thats the biggest truth of their lives. she gets into the car, and tells sarita to erase her chapter from hers life book, forever. she drives off with gaurav, while sarita is tensed.

In raj’s room, sarita tries to get to talk to raj, by giving her the necklace as if he loves her so much, then why didnt he stop her. He walks out from there. She follows him. She tells him that ten years back, the mistake he made, he shouldnt repeat it again. She asks him that they may have left at that bend, and today again they are doing so. He says that divya was meant to be in his life as noone can replace her, which is reflected in his eyes. Raj says that its all a lie, as divya doesnt love her anymore. Sarita says that had she not loved him, she wouldnt be keeping the gift he gave her. She asks him that they havent been able to forget each other. raj asks her why isnt she angry at this question. She says that she would have been if she had been the earlier sarita, who would have thrown her a tantrum, but these few days have changed her, and even if it was a false sympathy, he did take care for her, even if he didnt love her. She understood that he was never hers to begin with. She says that she was under the false assumption of hope that divya would get them, together . Sarita asks that they should free themselves from this useless relationship. Sarita says to raj that he should see in his heart that maybe this is his descision too. She says that she’s ready for the remarriage to anyone that he feels like, and that he is free to marry Divya, the love of his life. Raj is shocked to hear her talk like this. Raj asks her to think before talking. Sarita says that she is doing so, and that this is after much thought. He asks why was she trying to attain him, if she wanted this., She says that she has realised the truth. He asks what truth has she realised, that she cant attain him. She is hurt. She says that what isnt hers, that always distances from her, and whats yous always comes back again, just like his and divya’s love, which cant be erased, giving him the necklace. He eyes the necklace. She asks him to get her remarried. Munni is shocked to hear this, and leaves in haste. As raj tries to stop her, so that a drama isnt created, sarita says that he should let it be, since its time they also know what is decided. She says that she feels like they should seperate, and that she cant live another ten years like this.

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The other family members ask munni what happened, that shocked her so badly. She says that she cant believe what she heard. She tells them what she heard. They are shocked to hear this. shiela reprimands her for talking nonsense. She asks her to be straightforward. shiela is about to slap, when sohan stops her, and lets munni speak. Sohan says that she’s saying the truth for the first time, and that she’s happy with sarita’s descision, as without any love or attachment, there is no use of this relation, that is his fault, and as a father, he cant regret or improvise it. But now that she is agreed, he would free raj from this relation. Kamla says that raj is to given credit and not sarita. sohan says that he knows that sarita isnt liked by her, but she should get over it, as she wont be her bahu for long. Kamla says that she wont be able to change the habit of scolding the bahu now. And that she would get raj remarried to Divya. Kamla and sohan happily discuss that divya has gone for a few days, to return to stay here forever, and that this time she wouldnt let anything come in the way of raj’s and divya’s remarriage. Granny and shiela are very sad to hear this.

Location: Gaurav’s residence
Divya returns the engagement to Raj, saying that she cant marry him, and apologises too for this. She says that she knows that every word would hurt her baqdly, and he would be pained, but its better than the pain, that he would have to bear every day after marriage, as she has realised that she cant love anyone else other than than raj, for her entire life. Gaurav is very sad, but hides it somehow with a smile on his face.

Location: Divya’s, Gaurav’s and Raj’s residence
Sarita, raj, gaurav and Divya are in tears, all distraught at the latest developments in their lives, all recapitulating moments from the past. The screen freezes on Divya’s distraught face.

Its morning! Sarita wakes up and finds Raj asleep on the couch! She looks at him lovingly ..! She walks upto him ..and is about ot touch his head when Kamla knocks on their door! Raj wakes up and stares at her.. n Sarita explains there was a fly so..! Raj goes to get fresh!

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Sarita opens the door and says sorry for being late to get up! Kamla says no problem and it doesnt matter! She asks her to get fresh and come down in new saree! She thinks that Sarita is there for few days only so speak sweetly! Sarita asks who is coming? Kamla says.. someone.. n asks her to be patient..! She says she doesnt wish ill of Sarita! Sarita closes the door back and watches Raj ..! He realises she is staring at him and turns to look at her but she looks away! Sarita is setting the blanket when Raj walks by her side!

Kamla is discussing the remarriage thing of Sarit with Minaxi a famous match maker..! She introes the duo to each other! Kamla says that since Sarita has agreed about punar vivah.. they dun wanna wait and hurry up the matters! Minaxi checks out Saritas waist and says.. is thin ..face is good too ..then whats the matter that her hubby kept her un touched? All feel embarassed..! Minaxi says..she knows all these questions are embarassing but boys side ask all this so..! Kamla says.. she can do whatever she wants..! Raj comes down to the hall and asks…who is she ??

Raj asks who called her (Minaxi)? His father asks him to keep quiet..! He says that he has been waiting for 10 years for a grand kid.. now cant wait anymore! Raj fumes on him and says that coz of him Saritas 10 years are ruined.. its a matter between hubby wife..they will sort it out! Sarita asks him to stay calm and that they are her parents too.. so he does not have to worry! She says..she has agreed so why does he fret? His father tells him that when Sarita is ready why does he have to bother?

Rajs dad tells Minaxi to find best matches for Sarita…and not to worry about money ! The faster she does.. she will get fatter paycheck! Minaxi says.. as such difficult to get this type of relations . .but she has found one relation but the guy has a shortcoming! Kamla asks what ? The lady says..that the guy was married before.. but his wife ran off with her lover..! She says. the guy is like Sarita only..! Minaxi says.. the guy is very good looking.. n shows pic! Kamla says.. they will see the guy directly..! Kamla offers her sweets..! Sarita walks off from there! Rajs granny rues ..why is she sacrificing herself?

Sarita comes to the room and finds Raj pacing around! He asks her what she got by enduring this humiliation ..?? Why bear this insult? Sarita says.. in their country .. unmarried girls have to come with tray. .what about her ..who is out to search for a match after 10 years of marriage? Raj asks if she will endure all this? Sarita says.. no one waits for love for 10 years.. Raj-Divya will lead their life.. so cant she lead her life as well? She says..he cares for her..thats great..! He is gonna chose the right companion for her.. n she will marry the guy he chooses! She says. .never got love from this family but now getting it..! She says let them find a match for her. but she wont agree till Raj agrees! Raj says. .in 10 years he never spoke nicely to her .. n she trusts him so much! Sarita asks him not to feel bad n says..he has taught her the meaning .. of love.. about living for someone else..! She says.. hope her life starts afresh with the person he chooses for her..! Sarita walks off from there..! Raj leaves the room! Sarita breaks down.!

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Sarita brings tiffin for Raj at the shop..! He is busy working ! Sarita says tha earlier when his mood used to be like this.. what did he used to do? Meet Divya or call her? Raj stops working and asks her to leave! Sarita gives the phone to Raj and asks him to call Divya! She says.she knows..he is angry but better to control .. n talk to Divya.. it will make him feel better! Sarita leaves from there! Raj is dialing Divyas number ..! Sarita turns n watches Raj on the phone! Divya looks at her moby .. and sees its Raj calling..! Raj cuts the call ..n walks off..! Sarita leaves from there..! Divya calls Raj back but cuts the call as well..!

Kamla chides her daughters.. for not working properly n says guests are coming to see Sarita so work properly..! Shiela says that..why do they have to work for all this? She says the person getting remarried.. should work! Kamla says.. Sarita is leaving in a few days.. so. .let her be at peace n asks them to work properly!

Shiela comes to Sarita and asks her if she is in her senses.. n asks what is she doing? Sarita says..yes in my senses and do.. know what am doing ! She says.. have fought a lot. .now no more.. dun wanna look back! Shiela asks ..what about her love for Raj? Sarita says.. Shiela is still small ..she doesnt know what love is! Sarita says.. this is her way to express her love..! Shiela it means Sarita loves Raj ! She makes Sarita take her oath! Kamla asks Shiela not to eat Saritas head.. n says.. boys family is coming to see Sarita..! All are stunned!

Rajs dad shows around the house to the prospective grooms family n says.. even he is large hearted thats why agreed for daughter in laws remarriage! The boys father says.. thot they were old fashioned! Kamla says she convinced her hubby to agree for Saritas Punar Vivah! She praises Sarita.. about being very obedient.. n having a sweet voice..! She says.. that she is no.1 in everything be it studies or work..! Rajs granny rues that seems sun has risen from west.. Kamla is praising Sarita so much? The grooms mom wants that the boy n girl should like each other! The groom arrives! (New entry Abhishek Mallik)! Shiela offers fries ..and he says dun eat fried stuff! Munni says.. if he wont eat and praise how will Sarita feel? The boy tells Shiela that she doesnt look married! All lauf.! Munni corrects him saying .. Shiela is not the one! He apologises! His mom says..that doodh ka jala chach bhi phook phook ke peeta hai… its second jittery! She says.. he had love marriage first time. .but now he has agreed to marry where they want so this punar vivah! Kamla asks Shiela to bring Sarita ..!

Sarita comes with tea tray and serves all..! Kamla says.. she is their cultured and loving n dutiful daughter in law..! She asks them to question Sarita if they wish! Sarita turns and sees Raj standing and both exchange looks..!

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