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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Married Again 2 sunday update 22 December 2019

Married Again update sunday 22 December 2019, Shiela asks her not to worry, as she would talk to raj. Sarita stops her.

Married Again sunday update 22 December 2019: when she asks why, sarita says that she’s scared that he might say yes, and agree to this, saying that his will is the same. she leaves asking shiela to go to sleep. Shiela thinks that both hve started loving each other, then why this. She hopes that god would keep them together and never seperate.

The next morning, while dressing up, sarita thinks whether raj wants her to get married to vikrant, and wonders how to convey her love to him. Raj thinks that he should tell that he’s planning top get her married to vikrant. he asks sarita that he wants to talk to her. Sarita thinks that he shouldnt say anything, drearing that it might be about vikrant. She cites an excuse that she has some work. but he insisits her to stay back for two minutes. he says that he’s always wanted good for her, and he has been thinking for some days, that if…but he drifts off to take an urgent call. He asks vikrant on the phone, as to what was so urgent. vikrant asks him to come straight away. raj says that he’s a little busy. He insists that its very urgent and raj agrees to go. He says that he has seen sarita with abhimaan for the past two days and wants to clear up something.

raj reaches his house and waits for him. vikrant comes and they both sit down to talk. Raj says that he doesnt know what happened with them last night. Vikrant is surprised at the fact that raj refers her as chotu. He says that he knows that sarita is a little naive, but he shouldnt be hasty in deciding, as it involves abhimaan too. Vikrant says that he doesnt want to waste time, as in business, time is money. raj points out that this isnt a business. Vikrant says that he has decided that within two weeks, he wants to see sarita in his house, as the mother of his child. raj is shocked to hear this. He says that he thought that vikrant would reject her. vikrant says that its true that whenever she has met Abhimaan, something wrong has happened. And hence he thought that she isnt a good mother. Raj is boggled as to where is vikrant is going with this. Raj asks why does he want to marry her then. vikrant says that he has fallen in l;ove with her. raj is shocked. Vikrant says that it was a joke. vikrant asks him not to be possessive and explains that, for the last two days, abhimaan has attached himself to her, and considers her a mother. He says that he realised the importance of a loving figure in his life. Vikrant says that he had told sarita not to enter the house, but she came back when he was hurt, despite his warning and insults. he admits that he was wrong in recognising her, as he was searching for a disciplinarian and not a mother for abhimaan. he says that he couldnt understnd, that the way a mother raises a child, nothing can replace that. He says that when abhimaan calls her mother, he’s so happy that its inexplicable. Raj is gloating about sarita happily. He says that he believes that abhimaan’s life would be complete, but what about her life. He asks him honestly if he would be able to give sarita the love and respect that she deserves as a wife, as he couldnt. vikrant says that he would go to any lengths for his child, and promises to keep her very happy. He says that before promising abhimaan, he wanted raj’s consent. He readily agrees and gives his consent saying that he would ask for preparations to start. vikrant expresses concern for sarita, Raj says that when she would know that he has chosen him, she wouldnt deny. Vikrant excuses raj, to go ahead and prepare for the marriage. He leaves to attend a business call. Raj wonders why is he in tears, if its due to happiness or the sadness of losing a friend.

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Vikrant comes to abhimaan and teases him when he says that he doesnt need any toys. vikrant says that he’s getting his desired mother for him. abhimaan is very happy, and hugs him, when vikrant promises him to get sarita as his mother.

Unaware about this, shiela finds sarita lost in his thoughts. she comes and teases her regarding the same. Sarita shyly smiles. Shiela says that she can see a new hope and desire in her eyes, when she thinks about raj. She says that raj missed her bad when she was with vikrant. She says that raj had got jalebis for her, from a remote distance, just because she likes them. shiela says that she doesnt know true love, but doing something for someone, missing them, and thinking and smiling about the person is love. She says that Raj also feels the same. shiela assures her that raj would remarry her only. Sarita is very happy at this. She says that when that happens, that would be the best day of her life. shiela says that it would happen very soon, and maybe its today. Sarita too thinks the same.

As sarita is about to fall off the stool trying to take the clothes off, she falls off, and right into raj’s lap, who’s there to save her. He says what would have happened, if something had happened to her, he wouldnt have been able to live. he asks her if she realises her importance for him. She asks if he loves her. raj says that he loves her too much, and that at first he didnt understand, but when her remarriage talks surfaced he realised that he cant live without her. He says that he loves her very much. she too confesses the same. They both hug each other. Her dream is broken, when raj asks her about her daydreaming. He asks what dream she saw. they both ask each other what did they see. She makes him swear and he says that she was looking very beasutiful in the saree, and her hair let loose. She was waiting for the person who comes and sweetly cups her face, and his lips say, that he loves her very much. sarita thinks and shys that he’s talking about himself. Raj says that he has chosen her true love and soulmate, and its Vikrant suryavanshi. Sarita is shocked and distraught to hear this.

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Continue Reading  Sunday Update On Married Again (2) 22nd December 2019 raj gloats that he was very happy when he heard vikrant’s descision.
Raj says that she would get a family and a man who are much more deservant of her than him and his family. he says that he would get the love of a child, who considers her as his mother. he says that he understands that she must be shocked, as he didnt tell anything earlier, but he didnt want her to feel rejected and get insulted, if vikrant doesnt like her. he says that he cant see her being insulted. he says that soon she would be Mrs. Sarita virant suryavanshi, and the wife of the most influential person in bhopal, and teases her by asking if she would recognise him on the road. Sher hugs him tight and says that she’s scared at the thought of losing her. He asks her not to worry as he would be with her through all the rituals of remarriage. And who loves her very much, and the world shall historically witness how a husband gets his wife remarried. Howevere sarita is in tears with her hopes and dreams having been dashed. he asks her to smile as he is fulfilling his promise. She tries to, but thinks that even aftre spending ten years, and these moments of friendship, he still couldnt realise that her dream and her hopes are with him only

The next morning, Kamla is shocked at Vikrant’s descision. She is very angered at this, while all others are very happy. Soham says that its good that sarita is leaving, so that dovya can come. Granny asks him to think again, instead of lameting later. He goes to her and says that he has thought enough, and tries to convince that sarita is rightfully to be married to Vikrant, and how she and raj are a mismatch. He says that maybe this is god’s will too, so that she can spend the rest of her life happily. Sarita is tensed and awkwardly faces him. Raj leaves to get sweets. kamla taunts her but shiela comes to her defence. kamla taunts her too and asks her not to defend sarita. Soham asks her to look at the positive side. But kamls says that she cant be happy at sarita’s exit from their house to enter into such a powerful magnate’s, and her daughters are unmarried sitting at home. She leaves frustratedly. granny tells soham that everbody reaps what they sow, including sarita and themselves.

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Sarita expresses her sadness to shiela, but she defends raj saying that he doesnt even realise that he’s in love with her. she says that this is the biggest mistake of her life that they dont confess their love to each other. She asks sarita to confess and make the first move, and then raj also would do the same. She says that she saw tears in his eyes, and that can only be for love. She asks her not to be quiet. Shiela asks her to take her life descisions herself for once. Sarita too agrees that she is right and she has to take life in her hands before things go out of hand. Married Again Sunday 22th December 2019 Update

Rest of the update is coming

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