Married Again 2 Saturday update 28 December 2019

Married Again Saturday update 28 December 2019, Seeing shiela crying and not believing her parents concern, sarita tries to place herself in their shoes and then understand their dilemma.

Married Again 2 update Saturday 28 December 2019: She says that she would talk to her parents. shiela says that its futile as guru’s bhabhi has said no, and maybe the house is cursed, where love and marriages dont culminate successfully, and cites her, kamla’s and ssarita’s example. She also asks sarita and start her life with vikram

She says that kamla is right, and that she should go out and run away with guru, as both their parents are against it, and hence they have no other option. Sarita is shocked. Shiela asks what difference does it make. Sarita warns her never to even think about it, and says that she would talk to them about guru, and make everyone agree to this relation, and asks her to keep faith on her. she leaves, while shiela is distraught. She thinks that her parents would never understand.

As sarita comes out, raj asks what happened. Sarita tells him, and also adds that they have to comply to what shiela wants. raj expresses his tension of vikant and shiela too. He asks what was vikrant’s reaction. Sarita tries to express her problem, but raj says that they are running out of time, to stop this remarriage. Raj offers to go along, and sarita agrees. As they run out, they are surprised to see vandana at their door, with haldi, as only four days are left for marriage. Sarita says that they would just come back attending to some imp work. Vandana laughs at that. Kamla comes out and tells raj that she forgot to tell him about the marriage. Vandana asks if they can start the ritual. soham reminds the last time, and asks if there would be a problem this time too. Vandana says that last time, her son may have been to be blamed, but this time, it just might be his own son. They are shocked. As all go inside, Raj says that already its too late, and everything is too complicated, and difficult to get away with now. He curses himself for not having realised his love before. As Raj goes to his room, vandana asks raj to attend this ritual too, saying that as the firsdt person to be remarrying his own wife to someone else, he gets the first right to do the ritual. She asks him to put haldi on Vikrant’s would be wife. Raj has no choice but to comply. He puts it, and wishes that she should get the husband that she wants, and hopes that noone can come between them. As shiela comes out, vandana asks if they have yet seen a boy for her. Kamla says that she would search for a far better groom than rohan. shiela says that maybe she has already found one, but she wont tell her. vandana thinks that she’s fallen into their trap, and doesnt even know it. She says that she would pray that her daughter and her bahu dont take steps that humiliate them forever, as the person who has to be the bride of some other house, is romancing in the house, and her own daughter is slipping away. While she laughs, the family is tensed. Vandana takes her leave. Kamla instructs the girls n ot to do anything to mar their reputation. she tells shiela that she wont be able to marry guru at all, and sarita that she has no other choice but to marry vikrant. Munni comes and announces that the rohan lookalike has come. kamla is angered.

Guru asks soham for shiela’s hand. Soham gets very angry, at the prospect of a normal man marrying his daughter. shiela asks him to speak politely with guru. Kamla reprimands her not to speak at all. shiela says that she would be happy, in his condition. Kamla again asks her to shut up, as sarita is getting married to the richest man, and she too would have the same groom. Shiela asks if they have the intention to sell her off to the richest man too. Soham is about to slap her but is stopped by sarita. Sarita says that they want to see guru and rohan together, then their doubts shall be over. shiela asks them to come along to the station, so that their doubts are taken care of. rohan is tensed. raj asks him to come along. rohan asks if he can prove it, then would they agree to the marriage. They are shocked, but sarita says that they dont have any objections. Shiela asks granny if she’s okay with this descison. She extends her support to shiela. Just then, guru’s bhabhi comes to him and slaps him, for falling in love with the girl, who’s just causing his problems. She asks him not to fall so low that he has to prove his identity and existence. She refuses to let guru be involved with her, and takes him away. Kamla is happy. Shiela goes inside. Sarita says that mayeb they are wrong in judging guru. raj says that she’s very tensed fopr shiela. Sarita says that a person in love like shiela can go to any lengths. raj is tensed and leaves.

The next morning, while raj is awake, sarita is haunted by dreams of her marraieg with vikrant, and wakes up tensed. Raj asks what happened. She tells what she saw, and how she was tensed. Raj says that this would just be a dream, as he would tell everyone. Sarita says that they should first talk to vikrant then the family. Raj asks her not to delay any longer. Sarita promises that before tonight, this truth would be out.

Location: On the road
Rohan compliments his supposed Bhabhi, over her brilliant acting. He is resolved to have his revenge on shiela and her family, where sarita or raj wont be able to save shiela, from being intimate with him, if not actually get married.

Location: At the temple
Shiela is waiting for guru. guru comes and is surprised to see her. she says that since they have no other option, they should runaway, as she has brought her clothes along, without telling anyone. Guru asks what she did. She says that she followed the heart, and left her family behind. She asks if he too has the same guts, and can leave his family. guru says that he too would reciprocate the same feelings, and decides that they shall go very far away. While he hugs her, he smiles at his victory.

Shiela gets rohan to the house, and says that she would get the money and jewellery that she has to sustain them for some time. He expresses anxiety at this, but she says that she would handle everything. He thinks that this would create such a drama, that would spoil sarita’s life and happiness, and he would be very happy. Shiela quickly collects her stuff, but is confronted by munni. Munni asks that she feels that she’s hiding something. shiela tries to get her grip free from the bag, and she pushes her away. She says that she has to go somewhere, and finally is forced to say that she’s leaving the house. Shiela jerks munni away, and locking her inside, runs out the door. She is about to walk out, but collides with kamla, who starts reprimanding her. Kamla hears this. shiela asks kamla to not listen to munni, as she isnt studying and hence has been locked.
Kamla says that she’s right in doing so. Shiela moves ahead, but kamla stops her and asks about the bag. shiela fumbles, and says that its just some stuff, that sarita has given to give to vikrant, and says that these are just abhi’s clothes. Kamla is angered at sarita. BUt she allows shiela to go and give them nevertheless. Kamla asks her to be polite when talking in their house. They again hear munni’s screams, and shiela hastily begins to leave. Raj comes from outside, and asks rohan who’s he waiting for and if its shiela. read full updates daily only at He ask him to get lost, or he would land in the hospital again. shiela sees them and hides. Rohan goes away. Shiela sees that raj is inside, and thinsk that raj should forgive her, but she didnt have any other choice, and would always regret that he and sarita arent with her. she makes up her mind and begins to walk out the door, when rohan again comes to pick her up. She sees the house longingly. Rohan asks her that they should hurry, and that he would never let her feel the absence of her family from her life. She rides ahead with guru and leaves. While, on the bike, rohan starts giving mysterious answers to shiela, when she asks about their future plans.

Rohan takes shiela to a new house, while she is surprised. He ask whats the matter, and why is she so scared. He says that the farmhouse and the bike is his friend’s and they are perfectly safe here. When she’s tensed, he asks if she doesnt belive him. As he says that he had been dying to take her in his arms, remembering his earlier lust for shiela. She brushes aside her doubts, and also hugs him back. He thinks that soon she would begin to hate ‘love’ and would know his true identity, and that before the morning, he would achieve what he wants to.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
While vikrant is trying on suits, he is happy to see sarita, and asks her to pick some stuff for him, and help him choose. sarita says that she wants to talk to him alone. Vikrant, while trying on suits for marriage, says that he should choose this first, or else its delivery shall get delayed. Sarita says that it would be delayed if there’s marriage at all. She is about to go, but he holds her and turns her around. He says that he didnt hear correctly. She says that he heard perfectly alright. She says that she cant remarry him. He is shocked. He says that this marriage shall happen, while she says that she would be unable to marry him. He cites the unavoidability of this marriage. Vikrant holds her hand, tightly, making her wince in pain. She is surprised to see his anger. He asks if she’s joking, but she says that this is the truth. sarita says that this marriage can never happen, as she doesnt agree. He says that she doesnt have the right to say no, and reminds her of the promise. She tries to make him understand, and asks him not to only think of himself, but also about her, as she has always loved him for ten years. He says how can she compare, as raj has treated her so badly. He says that she’s foolish. she says that after ten years, he has realised his love, and her importance. He says that she’s just not being in love, but selfish too, and says that she isnt thinking about abhi, who has considered her his mother. She says that she would take care of abhi with raj. He asks if she wants to seperate them. She says that she’s just wiling to take this responsibility. She says that she just wants to live with raj. She turns around to go, but is stopped by abhi, who comes lovingly to her and reminds that she’s going to be with him in the next two days. Sarita is speechless.

Location: Jagotia’s residence and vikrant’s residence
vikrant calls up raj to meet him urgently, and he says that he would be back in 15 minutes. Vikrant says that now it would be decided whats going to happen. Raj thinks that sarita must have told everything, and henec he was angry. He calls for sarita, but finds that she isnt at home. He hears munni’s screams and opens the door, to hear the truth about shiela from munni. Kamla hearing this, is berserk at shiela’s descision, and says that if she mars the reputation, then her other daughters’s life would be in trouble too. Sarita hears this, and says that they should find out about guru from his house. Raj, munni and sarita leave.

On the other hand, vikrant counts upto 15 minutes, and then says that now they shall have his judgement. One of his personnels come with raj’s background at all levels. Vikrant checks them on his laptop, and is tensed.

Location: In the shop
Raj and the ladies are shocked when the shopkeeper tells them that his family have shifted overnight, and it was very strange that they only stayed in the day. They are tensed while raj says that he would leave for the police station rightaway, and asks them to go home, and tell the rest of the family. Munni is told by sarita to get home, as she has some important work. Sarita leaves too.

Location: jagotia’s residence and the police station
Munni tells soham about the police report of shiela’s disappperance, and soham is very tensed for his reputation in the society.

The inspector shows sarita rohan, who has his hand on his face. Sarita is tensed and disappointed too. As she accidentally drops her keys, the criminal wakes up, and sarita is shocked that it isnt rohan. She informs the police and they get to finding out where rohan went. Sarita is confused and tensed at this. Sarita thinks thats why rohan and bhabhi werent ready for this test. She is very tensed for shiela too, as rohan’s entire plan gets clear in sarita’s mind. She thinks that shiela is again in trap and this time pretty badly.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
While soham is angry at the police report, raj tries to convince him that this was needed and everything would be alright. Sarita says that nothying would be right, and tells them what she just discovered in the police station, that gur is rohan only. They are all shocked at this. Raj leaves to find about rohan and shiela.

Sarita gets raj’s phone call, and he tels her that there’s been no update yet, and that both are missing. Sarita is tensed and wonders who can help her. She remembers that virkant is related to rohan. She decides to find out from him about vandana.

Location: Kajri’s residence
Rohan is getting intimate with his first wife, saying that their plan is a success, and that now they would get shiela to sire a child, and the child would be from a good familial background. He tells kajri that once shiela gives birth to the child, then they wont have a problem with her. they hug.

Location: Vikrant’s and rohan’s residence
Abhi is happily dreaming for his mother to come soon. Vikrant tries to put him to sleep, while thinking how to break this awful news to him, that she wont marry and has betrayed both of them. Justr then, a butler comes and announces sarita’s arrival. He is tensed and surprised too. He remembers sarita’s harsh words. She says that before he judges her, she wants to be given the chance to explain her coming here. He is shocked that she has come asking for his help. Sarita tells rohan’s trap and true nature to vikrant, and asks him to put aside his personal grievances with her and help her save shiela. He says that rohan is in jail. But she tels everything about rohan and vandana’s double face. She asks him to find out where has rohan taken shiela, before its too late. He is shocked that rohan has tried this, instead of modern emthods of fertilisation and reproduction. She asks him to convince vandana and stop this. She thanks, but he says that this isnt needed. he says that he needs something from her. She asks what. He says that they need shiela, and he needs her. They need the daughter of their house, and he needs the lady and the mother of abhi in this house. He agrees to help her, but only if she agrees to remarriage with him. She is shocked. He extends his hand and asks if this is a deal then. She says that he knows that she’s in love with raj. He says that its okay if she doesnt want to consider this, but she shouldnt expect any help from him, as shiela is getting what she deserved for her foolishness. He asks her to take it or leave it. She tunrs arouns and leaves. He thinks that he maynt be noble like her, but wont let anything wrong happen to shiela. He says that he wont let rohan do wrong with her, nor let her be away from his and abhi’s life. Vikrant calls up someone to keep an eye on rohan and keep him informed of his activities. He complies.

Walking out of the house, sarita remembers vikrant’s words. She gets a call from an unknown number, and when shiela responds from the other end, she goes berserk and tries to explain shiela how tensed they are for her. sheila says that noone would have understood their love, and that she would come back, after marrying guru. Before sarita can tells shiela about rohan, Rohan takes the phone and asks why does she think of him as a person in disguise, and says that he would always keep shiela happy. he says that he wont ever leave shiela, as he has got her after much difficulty. sarita warns him that he wont be left, and would be punished for this. rohan just says yes and cancels the phone. Sarita is very tensed. she walsk off. Shiela says that she’s very happy that guru is with her, when she has to face the family. Rohan thinks that this is exactly what he wants. He feeds her food laced with some sort of intoxicant so that he can finish what he has started without any assistance. He gets kajal’s call, and says that he has to go to see an important call, while she has to finish the food. He comes aside, and asks kajal not to be impatient and insecure and nopt do anything wrong this time. Rohan says that the call was from the friend, who owns this farmhouse. Just then, a knock on the door, makes rohan go and see who is it. Rohan is surprised to see who’s at the door. Meanwhile, shiela sees kajal’s number on the dialling list. She is shocked and calls back. She is all the more shocked to find kajri on the phone, expecting rohan at the other line. She turns around and rohan asks who was she talking to, and finds kajri’s number on the dialling screen. Rohan slaps shiela asking how dare she touch his phone. Sheila reprimands him for his evil doing. She says that raj and sarita would come. Rohan tells that they wont be able to do anything, as she’s completely trapped, and there’s no way out. Shiela falls out of consciousness, and collapses into rohan ‘s arms.

Rohan views an unconscious shiela lying on the bed, and progresses towards her. He caresses her, waking her up, and she tries to get free from his grip. He pins her down,a nd is about to force himself on her, when vikrant’s informant, Inspector Satish, holds rohan at gunpoint, and rohan understands that he’s been sent by vikrant. Shiela is relieved and again doses into unconsciousness, at the effect of the sedative.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Kamla pleads to sarita to save shiela from that rohan’s trap. She says that she has turned out to be a god bahu, while she’s the owrst saana. She asks sarita to forgive her, and save her daughter anyhow. Sarita hugs kamnla and consoles her, and says that she has all the right to ask for anything. Sarita promises that she would get shiela pure and safe from rohan’s trap. Granny and soham too pray for this to hapen. Sarita says that she has one way left, and leaves.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Sarita gives up and says that she cant win from vikrant, and says that she has finally come to him, to accept the deal. Vikrant is tensed. She says that she’s ready to marry him, as only he can get shiela back safely. He says that he cant trust her, as her descisions keep changing. She says that if he gets shiela, then she would marry him. He agrees, and says that before he gets shiela, she would have to marry him. She asks how can she trust him, that he wont betray. he says that only if this marriage happens, would sheial return. He says that he knows that he mighjt seem lowlife to her, but if she sees him, then she would know that he’s doing this for abhi’s happines and desires for a mother. He says that he may go to any lengths, and hence cant trust her. He says that he always prefers a fair deal. Sarita is tensed.

Location: Jagotia’s and vikrant’s residence
Sarita comes home tensed, to find raj sleeping, and is distraught at the dilemma in her life. She breaks into tears. She thinks that shiela is safe and sound and would return home soon, pure and unscathed, and all would be happy, but she wont be there to witness it, as she wont be with them. she wonders how to tell him what she has lost, and what deal she has made, as if she had told him, then he wouldnt have agreed to this, and shiela would have been in danger. she says that their relation was till this only, and they arenht destined to be together. She decides to marry vikrant, and touches raj’s feet to seek his blessings, also wishing for forgiveness if possible. She gets vikrant’s call, and picks it up, and composes herself to ask about shiela, and gets to know that she’s safe. she thanks him, and cancels the phone. Vikrant comes by abhi’s bedside, while he sleeps, and taking his hand caresses him, and thinks that the person he wishes for, would soon be with him, to be there for him every night to put him to bed telling him stories.

The next morning, Raj is scared to see sarita excited about the jewellery which all seems a little too fake for everyone to believe, and happy that she’s getting married tomorrow. They are perplexed to see her reaction. She also asks raj, that they couldnt spend so much ever. Kamla is shocked at her insensitive behaviour. But sarita says that she wont be in pain for people, who are no longer hers. Munni asks how can she be so insensitive. sarita goes on to put a farce display pretending to hate shiela, and careless towards her apathy. raj takes sarita forcibly inside.

raj asks why is she doing all this, and why the drama, after what they had decied. Sarita says that she tried but cant as she starts comparing between the two, and finds that he falls deficient everytime. Raj says that she’s lying. But she says that vikrant is always superior and she has already wastede ten years on him. She says that she has to be selfless sometime in life, and wants god times in life. She says that he too did the same, by forgetting divya and being with her, just because he wanted to. Sarita intentionally is angry and rude to raj, that when she’s getting all the love, happiness, then why should she accept his proposal instead of vikrant. Raj asks why is this drama being enacted out by her. She says that she’s doing this for love, as a person can fall in love again, just like him. raj is shocked at her changed behaviour. She asks if he was faithful to his love, then why does he expect her to be with him. She says that his love might keep changing and maybe he fals for divya when he sees her again, and deserts her. she says that she doesnt trust him at all. Raj is hurt and distraught. He just manages to say okay and sits on th bed, while sarita tries hard to conceal her emitons and reaching out to him. He asks her to go to whoever she wants to. Sarita, unable to control her tears, moves out of the room, and breaks into muffled tears. Raj too is in tears inside.

Soham tells kamla that sarita is right as shiela’s news would make them lose their respect in the society. Sarita comes and asks him to gee the divorce papers ready, as she would be getting married tomorrow. Raj comes and curtly tells sarita that he’s thankful to her for freeing him. sarita says that she would, as her first marriage failed, and she hoeps that the remarriage would be successful. raj asks if she’s so anxious to marry vikrant. She defiantly says yes. Raj tells sarita that by tomorrow he would throw the divorce papers on her face, and then she can live her life peacfully with vikrant, and addresses her as Sarita Ji. She thanks him. Sarita pretends to be rude yet again. the entire family is tensed. Kamla goes to sarita and says that she doesnt know why she did this, but its good that they would get rid of her. Sarita is tensed and sad.

While vikrant is instructing the inspector ovre the phone, to take care of shiela, he hears a drunk raj, getting into a brawl with the security guards, and asks the butler to let him in. When raj comes, vikrant asks why is he doing so, if he doesnt so whose hosue is this. Raj says that its a thief’s house, who stole everything from him. He talks about his money that he can buy anything. Raj begins to talk insane, about his money. he says that he thought love cant be bought by money, but vikrant did so too, and proved him wrong. Raj, in a drunk state, begs to vikrant, that he would get lots of girls, top take care of him and his child, but he doesnt have anyone else other than chotu. He pleads him to return his chotu to him, as he cant live without her. He begs on his feet, to let him have sarita. vikrant is perplexed. He makes raj get up and asks the guards to leave him home. Raj breaks free and says that he doesnt need support and leaves in a rage. The screen freezes on vikrant’s tensed face.


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