Married Again 2 saturday update 21 December 2019

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Married Again saturday update 21 December 2019, Morning Time, Kamla taunts Sarita about Vikrant’s house.

Married Again saturday update 21 December 2019: Kamla taunt her indirectly and Sarita is forcing her to talk juts then Raj walks in and tell her its time to go to the market.
Sarita ask Raj what is Kamla saying? Raj say mom is always like that, she shouldn’t bother with her. Kamla say to herself she won’t make Sarita have her Punar Vivah.
Abhi ask his dad for Sarita, but Vikrant say Sarita will not come today but he will be home. Raj is calling Vikrant but he is ignoring, Abhi tell him to answer and not to worry the maid will take his to school. Vikrant say to himself one day with Sarita Abhi is like that, thank god she isn’t coming back. Raj message Vikrant but he ignore, Raj is thinking something happen yesterday making Vikrant not answering his calls.

Sarita is in the changing room of the sari shop when she call him to tie her salwar suit as she is unable to do it. Raj hook the suit back but he can’t. Sarita change as Raj ask the sale person to get the suit alter. Sarita then ask Raj why is he doing this, hope he isn’t making her have a date with someone again, as she isn’t a kid anymore. Raj then leave as his dad call and Sarita say she will walk home. Raj thinks Sarita is so understanding she will make a perfect wife for someone and he will make sure he get her punar vivah.
Sarita then decide to give Abhi a visit at his school, she found his sitting alone on a bench, Abhi isn’t talking with Sarita.

Raj at his shop is still calling Vikrant who is only ignoring him, Vikrant finally take the call, Raj ask what time should Sarita come, Vikrant can’t answer and say he will call him back.
Sarita is helping a old woman cross the road when a car driver is popping his horn, Sarita yell at the driver. The woman came out from the back seat, its Rohan’s mom. The two as usually taunt each other then Rohan’s mom leave.

Vikrant is on the phone when the maid bought in Abhi who is hurt, he is crying very badly. Sarita is dressed in her suit when her phone rings its Vikrant who yell at her why doid she meet Abhi without his permission and how is he hurt. He tells he rif anything happen to Abhi she will see the worse of him, Sarita tell him to control his angry and tell what happen to Abhi, Vikrant made it clear to her never to go near Abhi again. Sarita told his then its better if be with his son and not yell at her.
The doctor tell Vikrant, he needs his mom but he will prescribe some medicine for him. Vikrant ask him to do what he can to make Abhi okay. The doctor tell Vikrant Abi needs mother love and he can’t give him that.

Sarita is wondering how could she go to Vikrant’s house, she decide to go when Kamla stop her and taunt her, she but left anyways. Vikrant is scolding the school security on the phone when she sees Sarita and becomes angry, he blames for what happen. He threaten to call the police, she said she would meet him. She tell him the relation she share with Abhi, he can see what he isn’t ready to accept it .

Continue reading Married Again 21 December 2019 update…Sarita tells Vikrant that ..he is not ready to accept that.. Abhi has a place for someone.. n he is putting her in it! She asks him to think about abhi and Vikrant says. .ur not his mom! Sarita says.. not trying to become a mom.. only saved Abhi .. and hugged him! Its not her fault that he has so many emotions for her! She must be some lacking from his side that Abhi considers her his mom! She says move aside so can meet Abhi..!

Raj sees a kid holding a thread and she says. .in Rs. 20 he will get all happiness n their bond will be form! Kid says.. next time.. he comes.. his wife will be with him! He says taking it for a friend so she gets happiness! The kid gives two thread… n says one for u another for ur friend..! The kid says.. dad taught..that when someone asks for another person. .one should give two as nothing sweeter than praying for another persons happiness! The thread gets jumbled n Raj says.. only thread is jumbled not life..! Sarita asks Abhi how is he? Doc says.. will give injection n he will be fine..! Kid says no.. m scared..!

Sarita asks.. the kid to calm down ..and Vikrant says.. lemme talk to him..and Doc says.. u are scared of injections too .. and Sarita smiles..! Vikrant asks..why is she smiling..?? Sarita talks to Abhi and diverts her mind.. as the doc gives injection..! Doc says..thats the magic of a mother..!

Raj comes home and says. .have surprise for Sarita.. jalebi for her..and pede for Kamla..! He asks where is Sarita and Kamla says.. she is out of home.. to his sautans home..! Money is a big attraction… his Sarita ji wont think of him ..! Kamla walks off! Shiela tells Raj not to believe Kamla..! Shiela says.. Abhi is injured so Sarita has gone to meet him .. n will be late to return..!

Vikrant asks about his son and Doc says.. he is not as serious and Sarita is taking care of Abhi like her own son! Vikrant says..problem is created by her..! Doc says dun agree with him ..she is the one.whom Abhi has considered his mom.. so its his call..!

Sarita is feeding soup to Abhi by telling him a story..! Vikrant watches and smiles..!

Raj comes in the room and finds the bed ready on the floor and smiles..! He finds clothes ready for him and water..! He smiles..thinking Sarita takes such good care of him..and ensures he is never troubled! He says.. fulfilled my promise..n here is the penalty of the mistake.. jalebis..!

Raj recollects .how his button broke..and Sarita brings thread and needle.. with button to tie it up..! Raj hesitates but relents..! Raj fakes her pricking him and she pricks herself..and they both smile..! Raj says my mistake and Sarita says.. so pay penalty ..bring jalebi ..! Raj says. .just this?? Ok..! Raj smiles thinking of Sarita..and looks at her pic..and says.. she is lucky and Vikrant is lucky that they are together.. n may she be happy always..!

Vikrant is in his room and Sarita comes..! He asks any work? Sarita says Abhi is fine.. he can sleep.. he must be tired..! She says.. it must be stressful for him..! She says.. another thing.. ! Vikrant says.. anything more on the list to be added? Sarita says sorry to meet Abhi without his permission but dunno how he got injured..! She rues that sorry to give leave to nanny and then when light went he got hurt..! Sorry cant take care of Abhi..! She says can see its touf being mom-dad.. n promises not to meet Abhi after he is fine coz she doesnt want him to be attached to her..! She says sorry and leaves..!

Raj is working ..but cant focus..and keeps waiting and wondering for Sarita..! Vikrant recollects Sarita chiding him …for his ill habits..!

Vikrant comes in Abhis room and finds Sarita asleep.. he offers to drop her back home..! She worries for Abhi but Vikrant says Mary will take care.! Vikrant drives Sarita home …!

Raj hears tires screeching and wakes up..! Sarita gets out of the car and her dupatta is stuck and she removes it.. from the car..! Raj asks Vikrant about Abhi but he drives off..!

Raj says brought jalebi for u. .and Sarita says not hungry.. ! She asks him to sleep..! Sarita comes in Shielas room and Shiela asks the matter? Sarita says.. something important..! Shiela asks what? Sarita says feeling that Raj is trying to pair up Sarita-Vikrant..! She recollects Kamla taunting her about Vikrant..! Shiela says not to focus on Kamla..! Sarita says.. Kamla knows what Raj is doing.. he is trying her to be close to Abhi ..! Shiela asks why? Sarita says went to meet Abhi twice.. and Vikrant scolded..! She says.. how Vikrant din talk to Raj today…! Sarita wonders why Raj is trying to send her to meet Abhi? Seems Raj is trying to distance her from himself.. how to tell that cant live without him! Shiela says since few days Raj-Sarita are coming close.. even can see in their words… and reassures that they wont be out of each others life..!

Married Again saturday 21 December 2019 Update Zee World ended when Shiela goes to talk to Raj but Sarita stops n says.. fear he will say.. YES…!!!


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