Married again 14 December 2019: Raj is shocked at sarita’s question, but asks if she’s joking again. She nods, and raj is relieved and teases her that he is scared to death when she jokes like that. He gets her to smile.

Kamla is bothered about shiela’s preparations, that sarita had undertaken, and didnt do. Just then sarita comes and gives shiela everything for the function tomorrow. showing sarita’s efficiency, shiela asks kamla to now go and rest. As kamla goes off, sarita teasingly gives her a headache relieving balm, to get rid of the headache that supposedly she has given her. Kamla leaves taking it, while sarita offers to oil shiela’s vhair. While massaging with oil on her hair, sarita asks shiela teasingly about Rohan and as to where she went for her romantic date with rohan today. Shiela remembers the garden encounter and gets nervous and starts fumbling and hastily leaves citing some urgent work, with granny which she forgot earlier. Sarita is surprised to see this. she understands that shiela is hiding something, that she doesnt want to tell her but she would have to find out.

Sarita goes out and finds shiela crying, and asks her if she’s hiding something. shiela wipes her tears, but sarita asks her to clarify as to why she is lying, and if she doesnt tell her anything, then she would call rohan. Shiela is scared and asks her not to. Shiela tells sarita everything that happened at Lovers’ point. As sarita wants to talk to rohan, shiela asks her not to, as she doesnt want any problems in her marriage, and she really loves rohan. as kamla calls out for shiela, she hastily leaves, while sarita is tensed.

Sarita is very excitedly preparing for the haldi ceremony. She is about to collide into rohan’s mother, carrying haldi for shiela, who reprimands her to walk carefully or she would have brought ill luck to her own sister in law, had the haldi fallen. Sarita says that her family is very modern, and they consider even servants as their family members, hinting at Kajri Ji, then why does she believe in such superstitions. She is speechless. Kamla comes and intervenes asking her not to listen to sarita and takes her from there. sarita is tensed. Rohan’s mother goes and tells shiela that her haldi has come. shiela shyly says that she wants raj and sarita to be the first people to put turmeric on her. they come and gleefully do the rituals with much pleasure, and overwhelmed with emotions. The other family members too do the rituals of haldi ceremony.

Raj has turmeric paste on his hands, and asks sarita for a cloth to wipe it with. She readily is about to go inside, when rohan stops her saying that she wont find and that he himself would go and get her a new towel. Sarita says that she isnt coming here for the first time, and she would definitely find out another towel, and sternly asking him not to worry, she leaves inside. Rohan is tensed.

Raj has turmeric paste on his hands, and asks sarita for a napkin or cloth to wipe it with. Rohan remembers sarita’s inquisitive nature. She readily is about to go inside, when rohan stops her saying that she wont find and that he would send someone to go and get her a new towel. Sarita says that she isnt coming here for the first time, and she would definitely find out another towel, and sternly asking him not to worry, she leaves inside. Rohan is tensed. as she goes, rohan and his parents are tensed. Inside, sarita looks around, for a towel as well as Kajriji. she enters rohan’s room, but doesnt find Kajri there, and wonders where she went. she comes inside, and thinks that if she catches kajri ji,, then noone would stop her from knowing the truth. Just then the landline rings, and she instinctively pickls it up. it is rohan’s mother who says that she wont find anything, as its in vain and asks her to prepare for the marriage. She also hears kamla

She says that she doesnt like Sarita who keeps gazing at rohan. kamla is instigated and goes on to taunt and scold sarita on the phone. She asks sarita to come home, asap after finishing the ritual. rohan’s mother is verey happy. Sarita thinks that till now, she had a doubt, but now she’s sure that all the family is hiding kajri and her secret. She decides that she wont let this stay a secret. She notices rohan continuously cancelling someone’s call on his mobile. She asks him to take it. rohan says that iuts his friends

Sarita says that he shoudltn go out after haldi, and should call his friends instead.

As raj is about to go, and asks sarita to come along, she pretends to have a work that kamla gave her, and she would finish it and then

Sarita catches rohan with a girl, and is shocked when she finds it to be Kajri Ji.

Location: Deserted building
Sarita is shocked to see rohan with kajri. Rohan tells Kajri nthat nothjing in the world can stop him from coming to her. sarita thinks that she would have to stop this marriage. sarita says that she has understood that Kajri isnt the servant but his lover. Rohan is shocked when he sees sarita’s shocked reflection in the mirror and scared that his secret is now up. Sarita thinks that its very important for her to talk to Raj Ji. Rohan and kajri hide, wondering what to do now. Sarita is tensed that there’s no network, and if they both run away then she wont have any proof of this. she calls out for rohan that the truth is out now and that they should come too. Rohan switches off the lights, but sarita is undaunted, and tells him that shiela would believe her and not him, and that she would tell the entire family now. Kajri comes behind her, with sarita unaware that kajri is behind her, and hits her on the head with a vase, while kajri is shocked at the impact. rohan asks kajri what she did, as if sarita dies, then he would be in jail.

Location: In the deserted building and Rohan’s and jagotia’s residence
Raj is shown tensedly trying sarita’s phone. kamla taunts him reemphasising about sarita’s infidelity. Raj asks her to see the rain, and bother about sarita being well, instead of taunting her. Kamla says that she isnt preparing for but breaking the marriage. Sheila comes too. raj is very angry at kamla for talking like this. kamla says that he would have to listen, and she knows that he wont listen to her now, but soon the truth would be in front of his eyes. Kamla asks shiela too that its good that she heard everything, as she should hope now that she doesnt break her relation. as kamla leaves, shiela is tensed. rohan and kajri are very tensed when raj’s phone keeps ringing, while sarita is unconscious. They are scared that raj will come till here looking for sarita. Rohan calls and tells his mother that they are in a big trouble. She too is tensed to hear this. She asks him to fend out for himself, as had he heard to her advise, then this wouldnt have happened. she decides to think what can be done.

Location: On the road, and a deserted bulilding.
As raj goes out of the house to look for sarita himself, he finds rohan carrying sarita. kamla starts taunting about she being in rohan’s arms. Raj asks her to shut up and takes her inside. Sheila asks how is sarita with him at this time in the night. Rohan tells her that he found sarita unconscious in the mountains, and got her home. They thank him, while he starts sneezing. As he gets to go, kamla stops him saying that he should take a bath with warm water, so as to prevent himself from falling sick right before marriage, and says that she would give him raj’s clothes to wear. as they leave, Kamla thinks that there’s something wrong, and rohan isnt telling the truth.

While raj is sitting beside sarita, shiela comes and asks for a shirt for rohan. as shiels is disturbed at the recent happenings, raj asks shiela not to believ what kamla thinks and asks her to have full faith on sarita. Sheila leaves with the shirt.

As shiela goes into rohan’s room, she finds him naked till the torso, with a towel wrapped around him, and is shy. she manages to give the shirt, and turns around, but he catches her by the hand, and turning her around again, he pulls her close to himself. just as she is about to be kissed, he refraisn from her. When she asks if she has done anything wrong, Rohan tells that they may have started liking each other, but there’s someone who doesnt want them to get married. When shiela asks who, rohan says that its sarita who doesnt want them to get married. shiela is shocked, and asks why would she want this. She asks him to tell the truth making him swear on her. Rohan says that when she’s insisting so much, then he would have to tell the truth. Rohan tells shiela that he lied to her parents that he found sarita unconscious, when thne truth was that she had lost all control on herself, and that she couldnt bear the fact that he is marrying shiela and not her, and therefore did something, that he’s ashamed to even talk about. Shiela asks her to tell him everything. He begins to tell her that he was bathing in his bathroom and just like he’s out right now, in a towel, when he came like that, out of the bathroom, sarita came and hugged him from behind. shiela is shocked and hurt to hear this. she asks how can she do something like this, and refuses to believe it. Rohan says that he knew that she would never believe him, as sarita is very pure and takes care of everyone and cant bother anyone. He says that the truth is that he only loves her, and it doesnt mean the meeting of two bodies, but two souls. He says that he understands sarita’s s*xual frustration, after being untouched for ten years, and that may have prompted her to do something this shameful. While it has its effect on shiela, rohan remembers how he had been given this advise by his own mother. rohan thinks that he’s to marry shiela at any cost, and therefore has to do this. He apologises to shiela for making her feel bad, stressing that she needed to know the truth howsoever bitter it was. kamla hearing this is shocked and angered herself.

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Raj, after finishing his talsk with the doctor regarding sarita, turns around to find sarita waking up. Sarita asks how she came here. Raj tells her that she came with rohan. She remembers everything, and tries to tell him, but he says that he needs rest right now, and asks her to relax while he goes to get the medicines. Raj leaves.

Later, as rohan is about to take leave, asking shiela not to tell this to anyone else. She sarcastically says that she hasnt even thanked him properly yet. She tells them that rohan loves shiela so much that he has hidden something from them all along. Sarita asks rohan if she should spill thye beans. Rohan nervously asks which truth. Sarita says that truth that is named KAJRI. Sarita gets the entire family together along with rohan, and tells them what she saw, While rohan’s head is hung low, all others are shocked to hear what sarita has to say about rohan and kajri.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
The whole family is shocked to hear sarita’s outburst. rohan is tensed about the fmily’s reaction and if his shiela card would help him bail out safely through this. she also tells about the necklace in kajri ji’s neck. She tells raj too about what she saw when they went to rohan’s place for card selection, and that kajri was putting nailpaint, and also how his mother too covered it up. She also tells about the lie of the surprise party by him, and what she found when she followed him. She says that only a very true friend was there, who was waiting for him, his Kajri. She tells what she saw, rohan meeting kajri as lovers. She also told what happened next, and how she didnt get any network, and how she had been hit by Kajri. also as to how Rohan fooled them when he got her home. She says that she’s the girl who’s responsible for this relation, but now she herself is saying to break all relations with him. Granny laments about the situation. Kamla slaps sarita saying that she’s heard enough nonsense. Kamla says that she had never raised her hand on her, but the truth is that rohan has stopped bad things from happening. kamla says that the truth is that she is jealous that rohan rejected her and selected shiela, when she was trying to seduce him for herself. They are all shocked at this. Sarita tries to clarify, but kamla says that she wont be fooled. She asks sarita to give her proof. Sarita says that she herself is the proof, as she saw everything. Kamla refuses to believe, as she’s never proved to be a good wife, or a good woman, and rohan has more credibility than her.

Sarita says that she has one proof. When they ask her what, sarita asks shiela to tell everyone what happened with her in lovers’ Park. Shiela asks sarita to stop, as she is disgraced to call here bhabhi, and this is how she repayed her back. she tells everyone that sarita is lying. She says that she knows the truth, from rohan who told her not to tell everyone. but she wont be quiet. she tells everyone what rohan had told her, surprising everyone. She says that sarita is concocting a lie out of revenge. Sarita is in tears, while kamla asks raj to believe atleast her sister now. Sarita pleads out to raj, but kamla says that they have heard enough, and its better not to have a daughter in law, than have one like her, who never was and nevere will be a member of this family. Kamla says that she tried to destroy her daughter’s future, and therefore she doesnt have any place for sarita in her home. Kamla takes her by the hand and throws sarita out of the house, while raj stands as a mute audience. sarita is deeply hurt at the behaviour being meted out to her. Kamla slams the door shut on her face, while she is in tears. She moves from there, and starts walking out of the house. she sits in the verandah, and is shocked to find raj there. she lowers her eyes, but raj wipes her tears, surprising her.

Raj opens the door, surprising everyone, as he brings sarita too inside along with him. They all are shocked and angry too see him with her. Raj clasps her hand into his, and with stern dtermination, is about to step in the house, when kamla stops him saying that this woman wont step in the house. Raj says that this house is as much sarita’s as its hers, and noone can ask her to step out. He says that they may have any kind of relation, but till divorce she’s his wife, and even after that he wont bear anyone talking rudely with her, or insulting her. raj says that sarita would leave when she feels like, and till the time she’s here, they would all let her live respectfully. and if anyone’s got a problem, then they should take it up with him. Raj and sarita enter the house. While she’s nervous, raj tells her that for ten years, even though being married, and staying with her husband without any physical intimacy, she didnt philander, she wouldnt do it now. Raj tells rohan that he doesnt believe in his accusations, and its regretful that those who know her better also believe this. Raj confronts shiela as to why does she believe this. Sohan tells him that today he has doen something wondrous, and hopefully the results are good. Kamla asks if this means that the son in law is true, and sarita’s talks are the truth. raj says that he doesnt know that, but sarita is definitely not at fault. And as far as sarita’s accusations are concerned, raj says that maybe sarita had a misunderstanding. When kamla again argues, Raj asks kamla what proof does she have that what sarita is saying is false. He takes sarita inside to his room, while all are shocked. kamla asks sohan as to why isnt he saying anything. sohan is amused.

Location: On the road
Rohan remembers kamla’s promise that she would get him married to shiela, while driving on the road./ He wonders that sarita doesnt give any more problems, as raj too is with her. He hopes that his and kajri’s plan is a success now.

Location: On the road, and a deserted bulilding.
Inside, sarita hugs him saying that she got very scared today, that he too had beloieved her, and let her be out of the house. she thanks him for the faith that he showed in her. Raj says that he may have favoured her in front of the family, but the truth is that he too doesnt know who to believe. As sarita is shocked, he asks why didnt she tell him anything, as they could have gone out together and found the truth, and she didnt get anything out of it, except for humiliation and distrust except for his company, when even he doesnt have an y proof. he says that she should have told him everything, and that what she did wasnt right. As raj loeaves, sarita is tensed. She brings a blanket for raj, who’s sleeping out, and drapes it on him while he’s asleep. she says that today has been her true griha pravesh, and she wont let that faith that he exhibited today, go in vain, and would do everything to retain that faith and save shiela’s life. Sarita thinks that she has her husband’s faith and power, that even sita didnt have. She is dtermined that she would unveil the truth about rohan and kajri, Raj’s wife and this house’s daughter in law.

Location: Rohan’s residence
Rohan assures his parents that shiela and kamla are with him completely. But she is very tensed. rohan tries to say that she managed, but she tells him that its his fault that they are here in the first place, and she advised about this plan. she says that if sarita knows the true reason why are they marrying him with shiela, they would be in grave trouble, and hence this has to be a well kept secret.

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Location: Jagotia’s residence
Raj wakes up, and wonders about the blanket, and then assumes that sarita must have done it. He comes inside to find her sleeping. He gets on top of her and she starts smiling. raj understands that she’s awake. sarita says that she just wanted to see her friend, hence the pretension to be asleep. She asks for forgiveness. Raj says that he wants to know the truth behind Raj’s secret, and why this happened. Sarita tells him everything in detail. she says that she knows only he would believe her. raj says that he would also support her in bringing rohan’s true face in front of everyone. sarita is happy. raj says that had she told him earlier, then she wouldnt have had to face the humiliation that she did. She apologises again. raj says that soon the family would apologise for last night. he leaves, asking her to make breakfast for him. As he goes, she wishes that she get married to him again.

Kamla instructs shiela that she should get rohan’s mood cheered up, by going out with him, and salvaging their relation, as it got quite strained last night. Sarita says that she wont go anywhere, and defeinitely not alone. wherever she goes, Raj would accompany her. shiela is tensed. Kamla again gets angered. But sarita puts her foor down. She gets to work calmly in the kitchen. But kamla warns her not to step in the kitchen. Sarita teases her giving the menu that she wants for raj. as she leaves, kamla is again fuming with anger.

sohan is angry on the phone, asking his work to be done. kamla comes in and asks him to be angry at sarita instead. but sohan says that he was talking to the lawyer to get the dovirce papres fast, so that they may get rid of her soon. as she reminds about raj’s promise, sohan says that he would forget everything once he’s divorced, and go running back to divya. They both are happy. Just then they are informed by munni, that rohan’s mother has come and brought them gifts.

Rohan’s mother gets every girl happy by getting gifts for them. she also gives sarees to kamla, getting her in the bag. she announces that this is Rohan’s liking. she also shows the extravagant shopping that they have done for shiela. she sees sarita eyeing her from a distance. Roahn ‘s mother excuses herself to give the gift to sarita too. She goes to sarita and pretends to be very sweet and gives her the gift. sarita is about to refuse, but she says that she shouldn t say no, as what she has done has been done, and its her youth that is to blame. Sarita reminds her that they may have played their game brilliantly, but the winner is he, who plays the last bet right. Rohan’s mother is confident that the gifts that she has got, has silenced and blinded them, and that she should silently let the marriage be. Rohan’s mother warns sarita, that if she doesnt stop her snooping around soon, she might lose her only ray of hope, Raj Ji, who she would happily snatch away from sarita. As she begins to go, Sarita asks her to wait for her reply. She says that whatever might happen to her, but she wont let her sister in law’s life be spoiled. Rohan’s mother is tensed. sarita says that now its only for shiela, but she would have her vengeance for the insult that she and her son did. She throws the gift saying that she knows what they are doing, but she would find out why are they doing it. she says that they have done their bet, and now its her turn to play. roahn’s mother is tensed.

Sohan reprimands sarita for insulting rohan so badly, and reminds her that she’s here only because of raj, and he is guilty that he hasnt touched her for the last ten years, and not because he has fallen in love with her. she is warned that she shouldnt say anything to raj, or else that would be wrong for her only. As sarita begins to talk, he silences her saying that their lawyer has fixed the date for their divorce, and its on the day when shiela gets married. It would be double happiness for them, as shiela would leave with her husband, and they would be rid of sarita too. kamla too comes and taunts her, that she went out to break shiela’s relation, and now her own is at stake. Sohan says that she has been shown her worth today, and that now she wont do anything. as they leave, sarita is very sad and in tears.

Location: Rohan’s residence, kajri’s residence and jagotia’s residence
Rohan assures kajri on the phone, that sarita isnt a problem anymore, as he has taken care of that, and even if she does anything, he would see to it. He asks her to stay away from him, till the marriage so that there’s no more problem. Raj’s sudden arrival startles rohan, and he pretends to be talking to his brother. Roahn asks raj what does he want and if there was anything, he could have called him and he would have come. Raj asks rohan point blank who is kajri ji, and whats his relation with her. as rohan is about to talk, he warns her not to say the lie, as he reminds him of his warning on haldi day. Rohan tells that the truth is that what sarita said to him, is all lies. Rohan instead angers raj saying that sarita isnt as simple as she seems, and asks him if she seduced him too in a similarmanner last night. raj clenches his fist in anger, while rohan smirks. raj slaps rohan, and saying that he wont hear anything about sarita. rohan further instigates him by maligning sarita, and saying that he shouldnt have this sympathy for her, when they have no relation. Raj gets on beating rohan. Raj says that he doesnt need any proof now. Raj says that he would never let his sister marry a lowlife like him, and that sarita was right. He says that he’s breaking the relation rightaway, and if he’s seen anywhere near his sister and his family, then he would lose his life. Rohan is angered. raj leaves, and rohan is tensed. He calls up someone.

As raj comes back to his house, he is reprimanded by sohan and his family for what he did. raj says that he doesnt have any regrest and reiterates what his opinion is. He says that he would never let him force shiela into marriage, just like he did to him, ten years back. Just then they are distracted by the sound of commotion in the kitchen. they go to see shiela trying to put herself on fire, while sarita prevents her. Raj slaps shiela and asks her to atleast think about her family, and what would they suffer if she’s gone like this. Shiela asks him if he thought of her before hitting rohan. raj calms her down and tries to tell her and explain everything to her, and asks her to have faith in him. But shiela says that she doesnt need anyone else, and only wants rohan, as she loves him and he too. sarita tries to talk, but shiela asks her not to interfere in between in between her and her brother. sarita is silenced. shiela says that when all agree, then why break the relation now. raj tries to explain that this marriage would be fatal. Shiela reminds her of his own mistake of being in love madly for ten years, and still willing to leave his own wife for his love. raj is silenced at this counter statement.

Sheela reminded Raj of the relationship he and Sarita shares, then with folded hands beg Raj & Sarita to leave her alone and don’t enter in her life as she can’t live without Rohan or eles she will kill herself , Raj is shocked to hear this.
Sohan then end his call, while Kamla ask if everything is okay with Rohan’s family hoping they didn’t call off the wedding. Sohan told her everything is okay, Kamla thank god. Sohan then told her she should make sure Raj & Sarita doesn’t spoil Sheela’s wedding.
Tears roll down Raj’s eyes as he remember Sheela’s words, Sarita then bought food for Raj, Raj blames himself he can’t give peace and happiness to no one not her Sarita or Sheela. Sarita then tell him they need to save Sheela from this relationship and they need to exposed Rohan with proof. Tomorrow is the mehendi ceremony and they need to behave as if they are happy with the marriage and everything is okay but they also need to find proof to expose Raj. Sarita then beg Raj to eat, she feeds him.

Guest start arriving at the Mehendi Ceremony, Rohan mom arrive criticizing Kamla and her family. She then saw Sarita and told her just how Sarita made Raj slap Rohan that how she will also be slapped, right at the Mehendi ceremony and that person will be her own sister in law Sheela. Sarita says Sheela may be angry but she can’t never disrespect her. Rohan mom then say we will see who wins.

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Rohan is adoring Kajri mehendi, she told him that Sheela will also have mehendi in his name but hers will be more colorful as she knows Rohan loves her very much, Rohan then said that is why I am getting married afterall. Rohan mom calls his cell to be on time.

Sarita is dressing up, when Raj arrive she ask how should she keep her pallu, Raj told her to leave it down she then looks into the mirror, Raj then notice her blouse isn’t hooked, Sarita asked what is wrong? He told her to look at herself, so she did. Everything is okay to her. Raj then hesitantly told her the blouse is open, she immediately turn around. Raj then signal her he will help her. As he touches her back, she closes her eyes and she plays with her fingers. After Raj finish, she leaves.

Rohan deliberately walk into Sarita and hold her hips. She remove his hands, he praises her then told her she was saved but who will save Sheela as she will soon be his wife. Till now Sarita have done nothing and she will never be able to do anything he then leave. Sarita is angry.

At the Mehendi ceremony, Rohan tell Raj he is happy Raj is part of his happiness. Sarita then comes, Rohan & his mom shared a look. Rohan mom then told everyone they have a ritual where their bahu bhabhi is apply the mehendi on the foot first. Sarita then go, but Sheela say she wants some water. Kamla tell her to get the water.
Sarita arrive with the water and Rohan mom put her foot out and make Sarita tell on Sheela and the water fell on her hands, Sarita is shocked.

A woman then say that is not auspicious, Rohan mom then say when one mind is bad it is inauspicious. Sarita the turns to Sheela only to get one tight slap from her leaving everyone shocked & Rohan mom happy, Sarita just keep looking at Rohan’s mom. Raj begin to walk but his dad stop him to not create a scene on Sheela Mehendi ceremony as he must remember what she said. Sarita the began crying and leave as Raj watch helplessly.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
Sarita wipes the haldi, with water running from the tap, as she remembers the slap. She comes to her room, where she is faced with Shiela and her taunts again, who accuses her of stealing her happiness, and demands to know why is she doing this, as she herself always supported her. sarita is about to reach out, but shiela stops her saying that she’s lost the right to wipe her tears. she leaves from there. sarita wonders how to explain that it wasnt her fault today too. Rohan comes to tease her, saying how would she understand, and that she’s trying so hard to do good for shiela, and she herself is falling prey to all of this, and her character is being maligned. and if not for her husband, she would be out of the house now. He reminds her of the slap that she just received. Sarita asks him not to be happy, as the marriage is still two days apart, and therefore she has sufficient time to expose him till then. He gets going wishing her best of luck for her effort.

Sarita says that the weakest link to this game is Kajri and she would have to reach out to her. she is surprised when raj comes in, and says that he didnt like that sheila slapped her. Sarita says that she’s young and immature and therefore she shouldnt feel bad. He apologises but she says that for the truth, they have to exp[ose Rohan ASAP. She says that she would have to go to that place where she saw kajri with rohan. Raj offers to go, but sarita says that would arouse suspicion, and it would alarm rohan, and akss him to take care of shiela. Raj thanks her and also saying that she would definitely be successful, he tells her to go.

Outside, Rohan’s mother says that shiela should quieten now, as they can apply the mehendi again. Rohan says that their love mightnt reflect in mehendi, but it would exist. He says that nothing can break this relation. sarita stealthily leaves the mansion, while rohan and shiela are discussing as to how nothing can come in their way.

Location: Deserted building
Sarita reaches that place, where there’s strict security and wonders how to get inside the building. As she ses a vegetable vendor, sarita asks for some vegetables in abasket, and draping a pallu over her head, she tries to get inside, with the vegetables. The guard lets her in. She rings the doorbelll, and kajri comes out to see. sarita asks her to see the vegetables, under her veil. She forcefully enters despite kajri telling her not to. Kajri is surprised to see sarita there, and sarita taunts her that the servant is wearing jeans and tshirt. Sarita tries to explain how kajri is stupid to love a person who’s getting married, and why doesnt she marry him if they are in love. Kajri surprises her saying that she wants rohan to get married. Kajri says that she would never know why, and that this marriage should happen, and would happen. She thanks her for being so crucial in making their plan succeessful, and that she’s responsible for her sister in law’s condition. Sarita slaps her saying that now its on her only to rectify the mistake that she has made. Kajri asks what proof does she have. Sarita jersk her aside saying that she has come for that only. Sarita gets on to search for any proof, and finally finds a photo. Sarita shows a pic of Kajri and Rohan to Kajri, saying that she finally got the proof, and this is what they were trying to hide. She says that now she wouldnt let this marriage happen at any cost, and that her game is over now. Kajri is tensed, at being caught red handed.

Location: Rohan’s residence and kajri’s residence
Munni and rohan are teasing each other, while they give rohan a thirty second count down to find his name, on shiela’s hand. He keeps getting kajri’s call, but he doesnt pick up. finally he picks up the call, and is shocked when she tells him everything. Shiela is surprised to see him tensed. Rohan excuses himself to attend, while his mother is tensed. Kajri explains that sarita doesnt know why the marriage is happening. His mother goes to rohan, and asks him to keep shiela and her famil engaged in banter, while she thinks of something. She says that she would see what is to be done with sarita. She is frustrated. As sarita enters, she is pulled by the hair, by rohan’s mother, but sarita shows her the photo, and says that now nothing can stop her from exposing them. Rohan’s mother instantly changes her tone, and pleads that she should not spoil rohan’s life by doing this. She changes her tone again and says that she would do this drama infront of her family and then they shall see who is believed. She agrees that she’s lying, but her family would believe hr blindly. She says that this pic is actually fake, and that this has been made for her, so that she gets it here, and a new drama can be created, and she can be thrown out of the house, or shiela might try to suicide and succeeds this time. she takes the photo from sarita’s hand and tearing it, she says that she wont be able to destroy her son’s life. Rohan’s mother leaves, but then comes back saying that this photo was real, and he actually had landed on some proof, but she turned it to strips. she taunts sarita and leaves.

Later in the night, kamla and sohan are dicussing about shiela’s marriage. Seeing raj pass, they call out to him, and ask why is he tensed, did his wife leave him. He asks him to think about shiela, as he is about to spoil her life, by doing the same mistake that he did ten years ago. Sohan instigates him into marrying on the same day, and get divya back too, and throw sarita out of the house. Rajk is angered and leaves from there. Raj sees that sarita isnt in the room. He thinks that she’s in the bathroom, and vents out his anger fromk outside, asking her not to do anything about her sister now. Sensing no response, he enters inside, and sees that sarita isnt there, and is tensed as to where is she.

Location: In the photographer’s studio
Sarita gets another copy of the same photo, by the bits that she had brought. The photographer asks her why is she so interested in this photo. Sarita is disappointed, but brightens up when the photographer tells her that he took this picture, and recognises them as rohan and kajal, who got married three years back, and he covered that too. Sareita is shocked to hear this. He confirms this news, saying that they were an indecent and vulgar couple. Sarita remembers rohan’s lies, and then she is determind to find out whats the reason to be lying, when they are so in love with each other. The screen freezes on her tensed face.



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