Married Again 2 Friday update 29 November 2019

Married Again 2 Friday update 29 November 2019

Sarita takes Divya (Parul Chauhan) away, while Divya (Parul Chauhan) is worried why she didnt allow her to talk to Raj. Divya (Parul Chauhan) asks if she’s scared, that Raj (Karan Grover) would go away if she come in Raj’s life again.

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Married Again update Friday 29th November 2019

sarita grees. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that its nothing like this, as she has taken a huge risk, by leaving her marriage, and getting insulted, and how she had managed to make the family understand that she wont get married without remarrying Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she doesnt expect anything from Raj (Karan Grover) now, and her mate is waiting now. sarita says that had she not believed her, she wouldnt have allowed her sarita says that she cant trust her heart, and what if it tells her to go back to Raj, as the heart doesnt listen to anything. Divya (Parul Chauhan) tries to make her understand, that she isnt after Raj. she tells her about

Sarita says that their arranged marriage is weak, as these

sarita asks her to forget that she came for help, and lead her own life, as after taking such a huge risk, she cant afford to lose raj. As she begisn to go, divys’s Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she wants the vows taken during their marriage to be fulfilled, and she would take seven vows today, in the temple, that she would control her heart. she brings camphor, from the temple, and placing it on her hand, she asks sarita to light it up, and make her promise whatever she wants to.

sarita asks if she hasnt gone mad. divay asks her to go ahead and make her vow whatever she wants to. Hesitatingly, sarita takes the matchstick, and lights it up, and the camphor. Divya (Parul Chauhan) asks her to ask whatever she wants. sarita asks her to never cook food for Raj, never attend to Raj (Karan Grover) when she’s sick, never help Raj (Karan Grover) financially, never take Raj’s help in her troubles, never make Raj (Karan Grover) remember the past, never touch Raj (Karan Grover) ever, never marry Raj (Karan Grover) even if she dies. Divya (Parul Chauhan) complies the first six, but not the last, ass he doesnt even imagine sarita’s death, and she has a long life ahead of her, and her only

Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that only coward people talk of death, and she’s a courageous girl. As Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s hand starts burning, she throws away the camphor, apologizing for what she wants

Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that these vows would give her strength Divya (Parul Chauhan) and Sarita tells that there are many things that she doesnt know and Divya (Parul Chauhan) does. Divya (Parul Chauhan) suggests something to Sarita, and while sarita is unsure that she would be able to pull it off or not, Divya (Parul Chauhan) shoves her in raj’s way, and herself hides behind the car.

sarita pretends to have a sprain in her leg, and says that she had come here for a mannat, and is going alone home. The helper says that Raj (Karan Grover) too is going home. Raj (Karan Grover) comes and says to the helper to take her to the doctor while he goes for the delivery of the goods. The helper tells her

Getting in the car, while Divya (Parul Chauhan) is in the backseat. Divya (Parul Chauhan) starts giving hints to sarita to talk about love filled things. She asks about babloo and his jhumri, and what happened to her, and that they love each other a lot. Raj (Karan Grover) looks at her, in surprise, while driving the car. Sarita is in in comfort, even when she is at discomfort. Both Divya (Parul Chauhan) nd sarita are lost in their own world about Raj, while he keeps driving stoically, oblivious of whats cooking. While the younger wife puts on horrible makeup, on the youngest daughter, granny makes fun of that girl, that she’s just gone on her mother only. She is scared when she finds sohan’s wife watching all this from under her bed. She keeps cursing the time when he

sarita asks if Divya (Parul Chauhan) had a god look, of their silent relationship. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that he’s turned to stone, and nothing would happen in haste, and she would have to come in the house, with a proper planning, as Raj (Karan Grover) understands whats in the heart, and their plan would fail even before starting.

As the youngest daughter shows granny her spoilt makeup, granny teases her saying that she almost gave her a heart attck, and asks her to wash up the makeup, before she scares again.

Raj (Karan Grover) and sarita together enter the house. Seeing them come home together, all are shocked out of their wits.
Sohan says that today after a gap of 10 years, his son and daughter in law are together. He says that it looks as if some magic has happened behind his back. He tells sarita, that even after 10 years, she managed to bring out some manhood, in his impotent son, and rewards her with gold earrings. Raj (Karan Grover) gets angry at this, and throws away the bike keys.

The younger wife asks her to identify her own beauty and the art of seduction which managed to turn saints into sinners, just at the glance on the female body.granny tries to hear this intently. Sarita says that she understands iut, but she doesnt want to lure him, but win him over with her love, as only love makes life. granny compliments her, that this is the daughter in law, and not the second woman like her, as this is the result of a true and authentic marriage, not like hesr, the one that is just on alluring and has no strong basis. While the younger wife stands sullen, Sarita thinks that their relationship is true, and strong, and authentic, and this time Divya (Parul Chauhan) would ignite love in Raj’s heart, for Sarita. the screen freezes on her hopeful face.

Gaurav looks at Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s burnt hand, which is a sign that she shouldnt do this. Divya (Parul Chauhan) gets a director’s call, who tells her that she’s in bhopal, and he too is and wants to come meet her. He tells that they heard about her marriage cancelled, and wants her to come back to the TV, if not for a daily soap, then a reality show, which are very popular. Hearing the name of reality show, Divya (Parul Chauhan) gets an idea. While sarita is working, she looks at raj, and thinsk that she’s being courageous in getting Divya (Parul Chauhan) in the house, to get raj’s love for herself. she thinks that she would do anything to get his love as a husband. Sohan comes and starts taunting Raj, for working on himself too, just like he’s working on the fan. He says that he needs a woman in his life. Raj (Karan Grover) shows his anger by breaking the fan. as Raj (Karan Grover) is about to go, sohan stops him saying that he’s the father, and talking from experience, he should atleast listen to what he has to say to his son. He asks Raj (Karan Grover) not to cry over love, as its not becoming of a man, as he can attain that in a second, and asks to take an example from him, who has more age yet two woman, one for the household, one for his pleasure, and has the best of both worlds. He asks Raj, if he is impotant. Sohan asks Raj (Karan Grover) to just name the woman who he would want to ignite his manhood, and he would have her in his feet anytime. he says that he just needs the proof of Raj’s manhood. Raj (Karan Grover) breaks the fan and gets very angry. Sarita hears this and is tensed. Hearing the doorbell ring, Raj (Karan Grover) opens the door to find Divya (Parul Chauhan) waiting outside, and is very shocked. Sohan sees this and is surprised that choti bahu is in their house, and goes to call sundari, the younger wife or rather the mistress, as she woulod be very happy. sarita also rushes upto him. Raj (Karan Grover) thinks that he knew that she would come to Raj, and his wait wont be in vain, that why she came to him, leaving her marriage. they both enter into a romantic eyelock. he caresses her cheeks, while she is teary eyed. they are interrupted, when sohan comes in barging along with his family. Sohan’s wife exclaims that she came again. The younger daughter and the fatso tell him that she had come here also. Raj (Karan Grover) is surprised and asks her if she came earlier too to meet him, and asks that she has come to meet him again. Raj (Karan Grover) says that he thought what not, seeing her getting married, but actually she came for him.

But before he can complete, Divya (Parul Chauhan) crosses him and says that he isnt here as Divya (Parul Chauhan) Malhotra, but to greet this family as Choti Bahu, and calls in her camera crew. Raj (Karan Grover) is surprised whiel his family is happy out of their wits.

shiela comes in asking which contest is she talkinga bout, and they dont knwo about any such contests. She says that there’s just one

Before she can complete, Rah holds her back and asks why has she come eher.

Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that Sarita had given the best slogan on marital relationship

She tells the poetry that supposedly Sarita had given her. Granny compliments sarita for this. Sohan butts in, saying that he is the head of the family. He, along with

Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she just came for the announcement of the results, and the contest starts tomorrow. She informs them that she would stay with them for the next one month

Raj (Karan Grover) is highly confused and surprised, that she came here for the contest

sarita wonders if Raj (Karan Grover) got to knwo that sarita got her to come, then there would a big problem

Shiela asks why is sarita doing all this, in her room. sarita is in denial. Sariat tries to

sarita says that when she had called, she didnt hink so much. shiela

She asks him to see what is Raj (Karan Grover) facing, and that this story

Sarita tries to tell her that Divya (Parul Chauhan) is engaged. Shiela tries to tell her that for Tv pewrsonalities

Sarita tries to tell her that not all people are alike, and some are good and some bad. She

Shiela asks her not to repeat the mistake that her mother did, and not let another sundari come in this house. Shiela leaves, but sarita is tensed. Divya (Parul Chauhan) tries to explain her reason for this

Guarav says that he isnt bothered

And what would she say when Raj (Karan Grover) finds out. Divay says that she isnt bothered about that. He says that the media would splash this news. she says that she would stay away from the media. She apologizes for this irrational anger, and that he is just to be angry at her. He says that He asks what is Raj (Karan Grover) cant control his heart. Divya (Parul Chauhan) asks him not to worry as she has more faith on Raj (Karan Grover) remembers what happened, and Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s statements. Sohan asks Raj (Karan Grover) why didnt he tell that they were in the same college. He says that he would welcome her garndly

Raj (Karan Grover) is determined that he wont sit in peace till he finds out what is Divya (Parul Chauhan) upto and her purpose of coming in this house, as she might lie to others, but not her, as he knows that. Sarita asks her not to forget that she’s older to her in Shiela asks her not, She asks that today she is giving Divya (Parul Chauhan) her bed, then tomorrow when she asks her husband, would she give that away too. Sarita slaps her, at this and she is hurt. As shiela leaves, the screen freezes on Sarita’s tensed face.

When Divya (Parul Chauhan) shops with gaurav for raj’s family, and hopes that they would like it, gaurav says that she’s going to give the most precious gift to sarita, her raj. Divya (Parul Chauhan) is shocked to hear this. Gaurav asks her to wait while he gets the car. While he’s gone, eveteasers start passing lewd comments on Divya (Parul Chauhan) , and also offer her money. Divya (Parul Chauhan) slaps them hard and ask her to get lost. they all try to force themselves on her. she frees their grip and starts running, with them in tow, who finally catch up on her. she is very scared. But just then Raj (Karan Grover) comes on the bike, with clenched fists, and takes the dupatta that has fallen on his biks, and gives his bike a stop. While Divya (Parul Chauhan) is surrounded by goons, who are trying to ill treat her, Raj (Karan Grover) takes them off saying that having seen one woman alone, they went on to force themselves on her. When Raj (Karan Grover) sees that its Divya (Parul Chauhan) , he is shocked. She goes and hugs him tight, and remembering her promise to sarita, she jerks away from him. He caresses her cheeks, and gaurav sees this. Raj (Karan Grover) goes in and beats the crap out of those people, all the time shouting how dare they cast their evil hands on his Raj. Divya (Parul Chauhan) is apalled, while continually asking him to stop.

Gaurav sees this and is surprised to see the ferocity of raj’s passion. Gaurav tries to stop him, but Raj (Karan Grover) goes on beating sasying that he would break this hand that tpuched his Divya (Parul Chauhan) . Gaurav asaks Divya (Parul Chauhan) to make Raj (Karan Grover) stop, or else he would kill someone. When he doesnt even listen to Divya (Parul Chauhan) , she makes him swear on her, to let them go. Gaurav stands beside Divya (Parul Chauhan) , while Raj (Karan Grover) drivces his bike and leaves. Divya (Parul Chauhan) falls on the floor in tears. Divya (Parul Chauhan) thinks that she didnt betray him, and she has always loved him just as much, as he loves her. Gaurav is extremely tensed seeing this. All are excited about choti Bahu’s arrival. A lady comes and says that she’s her tenant but a friend at first. she says that when she told the astrologer, her husband about choti bahu’s arrival. And he told her that the choti bahu would break the home, on her arrival into the house.

Shiela gives a glance at sarita, who is visibly tensed hearing this. Sohan comes in singing, and says that the priest is jealous of them, hence said so. He asks his wife not to believe it. He asks the tenant to go, while asks his wife to get milkshake for him and sundari. The tenant lady taunts her on her condition with the second woman. She backfires that her husband sired her 4 children when her husband just sired one son. When Raj (Karan Grover) comes, sarita is tensed to see blood coming out, but he doesnt listen to anyone and goes inside. The tenant too lashes back saying that its been ten years, and her own son couldnt sire one child. She asks her to be quiet, and taunts and curses sarita, for being barren and not being able to sire a child. she again asks the lord, to make her meet the woman who Raj (Karan Grover) loved, and she would get her in this house as raj’s wife. Sariat is tensed to hear this. The tenant leaves in anger.

Gaurav and Divya (Parul Chauhan) , both are silent in the car. Gaurav asks zDivya (Parul Chauhan) to still say that he’s wrong about raj, and wonders whats wrong with her, as they both still love each other, and what is she thinking of going in that house. He says that he;’s bothered that the responsibility that she has taken isnt approved by her heart. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she’s leaving everything on time, and one day when her mission is successful, his questions would be answered. they drive on in silence. shiela again requests sarita, not to get Divya (Parul Chauhan) in the house, while sarita is making rangoli. she says taht she has nothing to lose, and not even Raj’s love, and if what she’s saying is true, then her last hope too would vanish, and she would do the good thing of making him meet his love, and that after ten years she can sacrifice herself, for Raj’s happiness. Shiela leaves. someone is shown to be watching sarita, from behind the bushes, while she is oblivious.

Raj (Karan Grover) notices that person, and he goes to him, and holding him by the collar, he turns him around to face him. Raj (Karan Grover) asks him whats he upto. He ask when he returned from Jhansi, implying they know each other from long back. He ask Raj (Karan Grover) about the Tv Star choti bahu, coming to stay at his place. Raj (Karan Grover) is tensed and goes in a trance, not knowing that Sarita is in front, making a rangoli, He unknowingly splashes the plate of colours on the the floor from her hands, surprising sarita. They are distracted, by Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s grand arrival in their house, on a palanquin. while Raj (Karan Grover) remembers his past moments with Divya (Parul Chauhan) , and Divya (Parul Chauhan) remembers Gaurav’s doubts about her plan’s success. the whole family comes out in anticipation and excitement. Raj (Karan Grover) and sarita are equally tensed at Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s palanquin entering their house, and Divya (Parul Chauhan) getting down with the help of raj’s sisters. sohan’s wife does the tilak and home welcoming. Sohan gloats about it in front of the tenant, the astrologer. sarita thinks about Shiela’s doubts.

Surrounded by people, and grandeur and festivity, while Raj (Karan Grover) watches her from afar, Divya (Parul Chauhan) avoids locking eyes with him and thinks that this is the test of her love, and she has come here, with a true heart to give her love to someone who truly deserves her love for Raj (Karan Grover) now, his wife, Sarita. she has the full faith that god too would support her. She enters the house in haste, along with other ladies, to avoid meeting Raj, who begins to approach her from the other side. The screen freezes on Raj’s surprised face, as Divya (Parul Chauhan) avoids him and goes inside.

the ladies and girls excitedly get Divya (Parul Chauhan) inside, and pamper her compltely, thinking about her luxury. they all compliment on her beauty and accessories and clothing. Divya (Parul Chauhan) casts a cursory glance at sarita. Divya (Parul Chauhan) asks for water. they all scramble. Sohan’s wife taunts sarita, to go and get cold water from the fridge. The younger daughter says that she knows Divya (Parul Chauhan) doesnt like cold water and icecream. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she just said so in the interview, but actually she’s fine with cold water. She again taunts sarita to get water. sarita leaves. Sohan too says that Divya (Parul Chauhan) should just order and that would be given to her, giving her care’s responsibility to sundari, while an expecting sohan’s wife’s is saddened. Divya (Parul Chauhan) wonders who’s sundari. As sarita gives water, her mother in law taunts her getting water in a steel glass instead of a steel one. sarita says the thirst is quenched by water and not the material of glass. Sohan’s wife says that she hesrelf is steel and choti bahu is silver glass. Sarita goes inside. Sohan’s wife begins to taunt sarita in front of Divya (Parul Chauhan) , while others listen. Sarita vents out her frustration in cleaning the vessels, crying out her heart, remembering how Raj (Karan Grover) had gazed at Divya (Parul Chauhan) . Divya (Parul Chauhan) too feels the same, that sarita must have felt bad, seeing Raj (Karan Grover) coming attracted towards her. she wonders how to go to sarita, as she’s surrounded by people. Sohan’s wife goes on to ask Munni to show Divya (Parul Chauhan) around the house, and also show the room. Just then, two band people come, and give a promotion about the serial, Jodhaa Akbar. While they discuss about it,. Divya (Parul Chauhan) thinks that she should be given the strength that she is successful in her mission, so that her love story too is imprinted in the history in golden letters, as an eternal one.

Divya (Parul Chauhan) finds sarita working in the kitchen. As she places her hand on sarita, Sarita reprimands her for forgetting her promises, the minute she entered the house, and its her mistake to have got Divya (Parul Chauhan) here. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she can only see the good future, but sarita is unconvinced. Divya (Parul Chauhan) picks up a steel tray, and shows her head margin, filled with vermillion, which sarita reminds happened, when Raj (Karan Grover) accidentally knocked off the Rangoli colours tray. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she started stepping in the hosue, and Raj (Karan Grover) filled her with the colours of her love. She asks her to get rid of the anger, and give a smile.

Sarita is set to think about this, and calms down. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that she needs to talk top raj, and asks where is he. Sarita says that she would go and see where is Raj.

Divya (Parul Chauhan) herself gets to washing utensils in the kitchen, trying to help sarita. But she accidentally breaks a glass, and instantly sohan’s wife assuming that its sarita, begins to bad mouth her. Sohan’s wife doesnt know that its Divya (Parul Chauhan) , until she steps inside the kitchen. she asks Divya (Parul Chauhan) what is she doing in the kitchen. Divya (Parul Chauhan) apologizes for the broken glass. Sohan’s wife again goes on to blame sarita for this kind of rude behaviour on her part. she ask Divya (Parul Chauhan) not to work, and spoil her hands. Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that by doing work, her hands wont be spoiled, but she felt bad. She says that she felt bad about one thing. when sohan’s wife asks what, Divya (Parul Chauhan) says that when she compared her and sarita, she felt bad. Sarita is very talented, only the perspective needs to be changed, and next time she scolds sarita, she should bear that in mind. Divya (Parul Chauhan) leaves after washing off her hands. Sohan’s wife thinks that Divya (Parul Chauhan) was a hundred percent right.

Divya (Parul Chauhan) comes through Raj’s room, and wonders if she should wait for sarita, or should she enter herself. She is about to step, but then refrains, but finally she decides to go in. She arranges her pallu, and walks through the room, looking around for sarita. she comes across Raj (Karan Grover) and Sarita’s wedding snap. She looks at it, and is overwhelmed. She again calls out to sarita. when Raj (Karan Grover) comes out from bathing, and finds Divya (Parul Chauhan) , he pushes Divya (Parul Chauhan) on the bed, and gets on top of her, and pins her down, while Divya (Parul Chauhan) keeps resisting it, and asks him to beware of what he is doing, and asks him to get off her.

As sarita is looking around for Divya (Parul Chauhan) , she accidentally breaks something again. Sohan’s wife habituated to scolding her, begins to taunt her, but then remembering Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s words, she softens up, and asks her to prepare lunch as Divya (Parul Chauhan) might be getting hungry. Sarita is surprised by her soft behaviour towards her. Munni asks her mother to stop shouting atleast till Divya (Parul Chauhan) is here, so that they make a godd impression on her. Sohan’s wife wonders where is Divya (Parul Chauhan) , and what is she searching for. The fatso comes and announces that Divya (Parul Chauhan) is on a house tour, and has just gone to see Raj’s room. Sarita, working, thinks that Raj (Karan Grover) jas just gone for a bath, and Divya (Parul Chauhan) is in her room. Sarita is tensed, hearing this.

As Divya (Parul Chauhan) jerks herself away from Raj, while Raj’s still holding her hand, they are shocked to find Sarita stading on the door watching this. Raj (Karan Grover) leaves Divya (Parul Chauhan) ’s hand, and goes out of the room, in a huff.

In his room, sohan’s wife comes and hesitatingly says that Choti Bahu’s very beautiful, and gentle, and if they can always keep her in their house. This surprises sohan, and she asks him not to get angry and hear her out. Sohan’s wife proposes Divya (Parul Chauhan) and Raj’s marriage. Sohan is very hapy at this idea, which pleases his wife. He says that there are many advantages to this, first they would be famous in all of bhopal, secondly they would get much more money than from sarita’s father, thirdly their business of rags would boom, and fourthly, Divya (Parul Chauhan) , having run away from her wedding, would be a perfect replacement for sarita, and they would get a good chance to get rid of her, by throwing sarita out of the house. He says that he’s so happy with her that he would give half of his own pan, while she shyly eats.

Divya (Parul Chauhan) asks her not to worry, as she wont break her promises. She says that she just came here to talk to raj. Sarita sarcastically says that did she nicely talk to Raj. Divya (Parul Chauhan) asks if she still is doubting her. Sarita asks what else should she do, after what she saw. She says that this bed hasnt had any action or seen any curls, then what she should make of these curls on the bed, after what she saw. Munni comes in, excited to show her dance, while sarita, seeing no other option quietens down. Divya (Parul Chauhan) is dragged outside by munni, while sarita is very sad and tensed eyeing the curls on the bed. She find the wedding photo, and picking it up from the bed, she’s lost in anticipation.

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