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Mariam Khan Reporting Live September Teasers 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live September Teasers 2021: Aayat’s sister-in-law tries to get rid of the box in which Mariam is hiding. Aayat insists on seeing the contents of the box. Majaaz is determined to bring Mariam back to India. Mahira misleads Rifat.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live September Teasers 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live September Teasers 2021

StarLife Mariam Khan Reporting Live Teasers September 2021

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 57

Aayat carries out her plan to seperate Mariam from Majaaz upon reaching Attari. Majaaz refuses to board the train to Pakistan. Aayat, however, takes Mariam along!

Episode 58

Mariam feels excluded at Aayat’s Haveli. She misses Majaaz. Madeeha worries for Mariam when she learns that Mariam is not with Majaaz in Pakistan. Majaaz, Mariam and their family video chat.

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Episode 59

Mariam fears for her safety as Aayat seduces and abuses Mariam. Mariam is stunned and shouts for help after she accidentally enter Jibran’s room.

Episode 60

Mahira, who is in college with Reyhaan, tells him that she will divorce Zain and reunite with him. Mariam is threatened to be misled by Aayat so that Majaaz believes that she is happy in her house. Jibran feels insecure.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Episode 61

Mariam risks her life when Aayat threatens to make her follow Jibran’s sadistic orders. Mariam learns later about the operation she performed to save Jibran’s lives.

Episode 62

Mariam begs Aayat for mercy. She pushes Mariam into the darkened room and screams in fear. Mariam recalls Majaaz’s words, and she tries to flee. Later, she meets Aijaaz Khan. What is Aijaaz doing in that area?

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Episode 63

Mariam’s operation is organized by Aayat. Aayat’s sister in law and her husband are there to help her get out of the hospital. Unaware that the bomb was in her bag, she boarded a bus. Aayat follows her.

Episode 64

Mariam finds Majaaz at the market, and she sets out to approach police. She learns that Aayat has asked for help from police to capture her. As they are looking for Mariam’s bomb, the thugs chase her.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 65

Mariam visits a mosque to offer prayers to God. She tricks Aayat into escaping from her sight. When she discovers that the bomb was in her bag, she panics.

Episode 66

Mariam alerts the group about the bomb she has in her bag. After hearing the same, civilians become panicky. Mariam is willing to risk her life in order to save lives. Will her efforts pay off?

Monday, 6th September 2021

Episode 67

Rifat suspects all is not well between Zain & Mahira. Aayat questions Rifat about stopping Majaaz from going to Pakistan. Mariam is told that Aayat is her biological mother.

Episode 68

Mariam is misled to believe that Majaaz does not care about her by Aayat. Majaaz meets Zain after their car’s brakes fail. Rifat panics when she discovers that her plan to attack Majaaz is not working.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 69

Mariam has dreams about Majaaz telling Mariam Aayat is her mom. Reyhaan gets help from Meher when he is having trouble. Mahira takes care and Zain is happy. Mariam is frightened and keeps herself inside a box.

Episode 70

Aayat’s sister-in law attempts to get rid the box Mariam is hiding in. Aayat demands to see the contents. Majaaz wants Mariam to return to India. Mahira misleads Rifat.


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