Made for each other Wednesday 9th September 2020 Written update

Made for each other 9th September 2020: On Made for each other Wednesday 9 September 2020 Written update, Anurag saying I m finding Mr. Mittal’s file. Komolika hides the file and says why don’t you call Prerna.

He says I gave her an off. She says you should have done this, she would feel you gave her an off since I m upset on you. He says no. She says call her for some time, her misunderstanding will clear, you will get the file also. He calls Prerna and asks for the file. She says its on study table. He says its not there. She says I will come. He says I will send the car. She says no need. He says fine, leave in 20mins. Komolika goes out and calls Ronit. She says Prerna is leaving, I m coming there to see her dying. Ronit says I guarantee, it will be her last day today, see you soon. Anurag thinks Prerna will leave in 20 mins, I should reach there in 15 mins, I don’t want her to travel in public transport. Prerna says I m going. Veena says say you will just come. Shivani stops Prerna. Veena says you shouldn’t call someone from behind. She feeds sugar to Prerna. Prerna goes. Driver asks when will she come. Ronit says she will come.

Anurag is on the way. He says Prerna will be surprised seeing the rasogullas. He calls Prerna. She says I already left. He says I thought you won’t leave on time. She says I changed. He says actually, I m coming to pick you, girl. She says fine, guy, come and pick me. She sees a boy asking for the ball. His mum is on the call. The boy goes and gets the ball. Prerna goes to him. Komolika comes there. Ronit says you can see that lady, she is our target, one wearing grey and pink saree. Driver says but she is pregnant. Ronit asks so what, can’t her accident happen, I will give you 5 lakhs. Driver says 5 lakhs should be perfect. Komolika calls Ronit and says all the best. The driver drives ahead. The boy pulls Prerna. Prerna sees the truck passing by. The lady runs to take her son and thanks Prerna. Prerna says thanks for pulling me on time. Ronit scolds the driver. Komolika calls him and asks can’t you do a simple accident.

Ronit says give me 10 mins. He shouts on the driver. Prerna sees Anurag. She holds her tummy and says see, your Papa has come. Anurag and Prerna smile seeing each other. He signs her to stop, he will come to her. Ronit says if you miss target this time, I will kill you. Anurag goes to Prerna. The truck hits her. She falls back. Komolika looks on. Anurag gets shocked. The truck stops. The people gather. Ronit says drive ahead, else we will be caught. Driver says that woman had a baby in her womb. Komolika asks why isn’t Ronit leaving. She calls Ronit and says Anurag is coming, just leave. Ronit sees Anurag. Anurag asks Prerna to open her eyes. Ronit makes the driver leave. Prerna says someone did this accident intentionally to kill me and baby. The lady says let me handle, I m a doctor. Ronit drives the truck. Anurag runs to his car and follows the truck. Veena worries when the boiling milk spills. She says I feel something wrong is going to happen. The doctor says keep eyes open, don’t sleep, anyone call the ambulance. Komolika says you can’t get saved now, you challenged me, now bear it. Ronit scolds the driver. Driver says I didn’t know you wanted to end two lives.

Ronit says you will die, I would have killed this Anurag also. Anurag shouts stop. Ronit hits his car. Komolika says Ronit, if anything happens to Anurag, I won’t leave you. She calls Ronit. Driver puts it on loudspeaker. She says I m warning you, don’t think of harming him. Ronit says do something, Anurag will see me, I doubt Prerna saw me. She says forget Prerna. He says don’t know why she loves Anurag so much. Anurag comes in front to stop the truck. Ronit hides his face. Ronit drives away. He sees the truck and goes to check. He doesn’t see anyone. He leaves to reach Prerna. Ronit looks on. Driver asks who was that guy, that girl’s husband. Ronit says he is the root of all problems, my sister’s husband.


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