Made For Each other Wednesday 30 October Update 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Wednesday 30 October Update 2019 Starlife

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Made For Each other Wednesday 30th October Update on Starlife

Anurag(Parth Samthaan) going to receive Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Komolika sees him rushing to Prerna(Erica Fernandes). She says Prerna(Erica Fernandes) is surely Mishka’s Sautan. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says you guys got late, I was waiting for you, where is Dadi. Rajesh says she has gone to village. Veena says we didn’t know about your engagement. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) sees Mishka and thinks I really got late. Komolika asks Mishka to see Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Mishka says she is still glued to my Anurag(Parth Samthaan). Nivedita asks Mishka to come for the engagement, so that Anurag(Parth Samthaan) doesn’t think about someone else, I know I didn’t tell you the truth before, Prerna(Erica Fernandes)’s love is one sided, it will end with your engagement, I m with you, okay. Komolika says you think like me to some extent, we are going to be good friends. Moloy asks Shivani how is she now.

Veena says Anurag(Parth Samthaan) has explained Shivani well, everything is fine now. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) and Prerna(Erica Fernandes) think of each other’s words and moments. Komolika says Mishka you have one quality like me, possessiveness, Prerna(Erica Fernandes) will be with Anurag(Parth Samthaan), I have a plan, I have to plan to make Prerna(Erica Fernandes) leave from the party. She tells the plan to Mishka. Veena congratulates Mishka. Mishka makes the waiter fall down. She scolds him for spoiling Prerna(Erica Fernandes)’s saree. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says its fine, I will manage. Komolika smiles. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) goes to clean her saree.
Nivedita asks for a good mahurat for engagement. Pandit asks why did Mohini decide suddenly, the mahurat isn’t good for engagement. Nivedita asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan) to go and get engagement ring, pandit will do its puja. He goes. She asks about the mahurat. She says get them engaged if mahurat is good. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) goes upstairs. Moloy asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan) about his friend. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says I spoke to him, the matter is resolved. Moloy says no, please tell him that he is in love. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) looks at him and goes. Rajesh comes. Moloy says Anurag(Parth Samthaan) is in love with someone else. Rajesh asks what, he would have told you. Moloy says he doesn’t know he is in love, he is confused. Rajesh says its nothing like that, come. Moloy says no, he is really in love. Anupam hears them. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says sorry, I had come to use your washroom, guest washroom was busy. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says its okay, don’t be formal. We are friends. She says yes, but you will be getting engaged to Mishka soon. She gets leaving. He calls her out and stops her. Deewani hogai…plays… He reminds her the story of thornbird.

She says when thornbird gets her love, she goes to sit on a thorn while singing, so that her love turns eternal, why is love so painful. He says no, its beautiful. She asks why are you talking like me. He says I m influenced by you. Pandit asks Nivedita about the ring. Nivedita asks Mishka about Anurag(Parth Samthaan). Mishka asks about Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Nivedita says she would be crying in some corner. She goes to call Anurag(Parth Samthaan). Prerna(Erica Fernandes) picks a file. She realizes something and gets back…. He asks what happened. She says my hook is broken. He says don’t worry, I will get extra hook or safety pin, until then talk to the walls. He goes. He shuts the door and tells Nivedita that he is going to get his engagement ring. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) gets his ring and keeps it. He gets some safety pins from Mohini’s room and comes back to his room. He tries to help Prerna(Erica Fernandes). He asks her why is she crying, its just a hook.

Pal ek pal….plays… He asks is there any other problem. He gets hurt. She cares for him. They have a moment. Mohini praises Mishka. Chobey says I m also glad that Mishka has chosen a nice guy. Komolika thinks parents talk such boring things. She goes. Her dress gets stuck. She realizes the broken hook and looks in the mirror. She says who will help me, Anurag(Parth Samthaan) will help me. She smiles. She says I will embarrass Anurag(Parth Samthaan) today, I will ask him to fix the hook of my blouse, should I be doing this, is it right to flirt with him. She asks about Anurag(Parth Samthaan)’s room and goes. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says I like your dependency on me, I like helping you, promise me that nothing will change between us. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) looks at him. Komolika comes to him and calls him Jiju.

Komolika coming to Anurag(Parth Samthaan) and asking him to help her in sorting the broken hook of her blouse. He agrees to help her. She says men will be men, you are also the same. He says you seriously have some trust issues, I m not like other men, I m Anurag(Parth Samthaan) Basu. He asks Prerna(Erica Fernandes) to sort out Komolika’s blouse issue. He goes. Anupam gets him to the room and says I saw that person, he was telling his wife that he will take revenge. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) asks who. Anupam says Navin, I went out to talk to my friend, I have heard Navin saying about revenge. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says how dare he think of harming Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Anupam says we will see him after the engagement. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says I can’t stay back, I have to go. Anupam says I can’t take risk. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says he will harm Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Anupam says Mishka’s family has arrived, what will you tell everyone, Prerna(Erica Fernandes)’s family is with her. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says so what, I m also with her, I will save her. He leaves.
Komolika greets Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and says Anurag(Parth Samthaan) told me that you will help me, my hook has opened, I don’t know how. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says I can understand. She helps Komolika. Komolika taunts her and sings Dil ke armaan… she says you are seeing Anurag(Parth Samthaan)’s dreams, he isn’t yours, he is of someone else. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says I think you don’t know him, you are a guest here, I m a part of Basu family. Komolika says you are a servant and I will soon become a family member, because Mishka is my sister. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) gets shocked. Komolika smiles.

Anurag(Parth Samthaan) calls out Navin and asks where are you, how dare you come here, I got you arrested, don’t dare to harm Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Anupam looks on and says Navin isn’t here. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) asks where is he, I promise I won’t leave him if anything happens to Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Anupam says he didn’t come here, I had said that to check something. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) asks what. Anupam says Prerna(Erica Fernandes) is more imp than Mishka and your family, she is more imp than this engagement, you have fallen in love with Prerna(Erica Fernandes).

Anurag(Parth Samthaan) gets thinking. Anupam smiles and says I know you are not at fault, you may think Prerna(Erica Fernandes) doesn’t love you or if she learns your feelings, I m sure you are in love with her, when you are in true love, you can’t tolerate anyone hurting your lover, no one else can tell you about love. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) asks do you know what’s love. Anupam says yes, everyone thinks I married Nivedita for money, I told her the wrong reason for marriage, I love her very much. Mohini comes there and asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan) to come. Anupam asks are you happy. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) goes. Komolika gets hurt and turns to slap Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says it happened by a mistake. Komolika argues with her. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says I have to get the needle, it may prick you. She asks Prerna(Erica Fernandes) not to come between Mishka’s happiness.

She warns Prerna(Erica Fernandes). She says you are mad for Anurag(Parth Samthaan), he isn’t yours. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says lets go for the engagement ceremony. Komolika asks can you see it, how will you control your tears and see his marriage, your heart will break and I will enjoy it. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says my happiness lies in his happiness. Komolika says we will see your sacrificing you are. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says I m happy if Anurag(Parth Samthaan) is happy. Komolika leaves. Nivedita starts the engagement ceremony. Mohini calls pandit. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) and Mishka come for engagement. Komolika taunts Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Anurag(Parth Samthaan) holds Mishka’s hand. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) sees him and cries. He gets the ring. Pandit asks him to make Mishka wear the ring. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) thinks of Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Main waari jaawan….plays…. Mihini asks him to go ahead. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) slips down the stairs. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) gets shocked and runs to hold her. He drops the ring and holds Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Everyone looks on.

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