Made for each other 2 September 2020: Made for each other Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Anurag saying that feeling was priceless, how shall I… Komolika says its late, we should sleep now. She thinks Anurag will throw Prerna out of the house tomorrow. Anurag comes to Veena’s house. He says I have come to invite you all, Rajesh is part of the

company, I wanted to invite his family in the party. She says I m happy, but Shekhar and Suman aren’t here, we can’t come. He says please come with Prerna and Shivani, where are they. She says they are at home, Prerna is taking a bath, Shivani is upstairs. He says if possible, get Prerna’s husband in the party, sorry, maybe I heard something right, that Prerna’s husband left her, she is going to give birth to baby without her husband, you can share it with me. She asks how dare you say this, you think she did some mistake and got baby in her womb, wait here, I will tell you who is the father of her child. He says I didn’t mean to say that. He thinks I can see him by this excuse. Veena says I will send her husband’s pic. He thinks maybe Prerna will stop her.

Shivani asks what happened. Veena says I m gong to throw the pic on his face, he is asking who is Prerna’s husband, I will tell him that he is her husband, I will show him the pics. Shivani says you won’t go this. Anurag comes there. Veena says I know he lost his memory, but does his heart say anything. Anurag asks what doesn’t the heart say. Shivani throws pics and picks it. She says don’t talk about him, Anurag can you come later. He says I actually came to invite you in the party, please come. Shivani says we will come. He says sorry and goes. Veena says go and tell him, not to ask anything. Shivani says you know his state. Veena asks you know Prerna’s state. Shivani says Prerna will feel bad if she knows this. He says what’s happening, everyone is hiding something, truth is something else, I will find out, who cheated Prerna, I know how to see his pic.

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Komolika comes to room and calls out Anurag. She says he isn’t here. She calls him and asks where are you. He says I came here to invite Prerna, Rajesh helped us a lot, so I came here, I didn’t meet Prerna, I just met Veena, I will call later, dad is calling. Komolika calls Prerna and says party is in evening, but don’t act lazy, come for the work. She ends call. Prerna says she is thinking of something. Shivani says it would be big problem if anything happened to Prerna. Veena asks her to shift to her room. Prerna asks what happened, I will go and finish my work.

Nivedita says our client called, he wants to call media to announce the deal, I m so happy. Anupam asks Anurag did he count the money. Anurag says yes. Komolika says I will do something that we come close. Prerna comes and says congrats Anurag. He says congrats to you too, we have worked together, credit goes to everyone. Mohini says Sonalika is your wife and life, foreign investors and 3 crores cash. Nivedita says 3.5 crores, Sonalika keep the cash. Komolika says I don’t have the keys. Anurag says Prerna has it, go with her. Prerna opens the cupboard and puts the keys. Komolika asks are you annoyed, I got the electric shock and then you also got a little shock. Prerna says good planning, I knew it, I had seen the electrician, I went to kitchen, I have seen the water and live wire, I did my work and thought you will come to check, I switched it on, you got the shock, I know who you are, this time, I won’t save you, you should thank me. Komolika says you have a big heart, you couldn’t do anything, you couldn’t tell truth to Anurag, I will attack you always. They argue. Komolika says enough, keep this and lock the cupboard well, I have some plans for you.

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Shivani says get ready. Veena says I don’t want to go there, I feel restless, I don’t want anything to happen with Prerna. Shivani says Prerna is happy. Prerna comes and says I m ready, I kept a saree for mum. Mohini comes and compliments Anurag. She asks about Moloy. He says he will come, why are you both not talking, tell me if he is bothering, we will pack bags and go to Nanu’s house. She says it happens, husband and wife have small issues, its the spice of life. He asks what happened. She thinks Moloy is upset that I m not accepting Prerna. She asks did the clients come. She sees Prerna, Shivani and Veena. She asks Veena to come and have special sweets. Nivedita says Prerna, I need a favor, Shivani come with me. Mohini thinks Nivedita and I took the right decision, we shouldn’t give any chance to Sharma family. Anurag welcomes Mr. John. He calls Prerna and Nivedita. She introduces his client. Nivedita thinks where is Sonalika. Komolika says I will trap Prerna, Anurag will throw out Prerna, Mohini will slap her like she slapped me last time. Mohini and Veena argue.


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