Made For Each other Wednesday 23 October Update 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Wednesday 23 October Update 2019 Starlife

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Made For Each other Wednesday 23rd October Update

Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and Anurag(Parth Samthaan) getting shocked knowing Shivani’s pregnancy. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) asks who. Shivani says Ronit Chobey. She cries. She says we both used to love each other a lot, he said that he would marry me, but suddenly, he said that he can’t marry me, I wanted to break this relation, but I felt somewhat strange, I think I m pregnant, I called him up and told him that I love him a lot, but he told me that he doesn’t love me, I don’t want to live. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) stops her. She thinks I won’t leave that Ronit. Moloy comes and asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan) to be with Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Veena cries outside. Suman looks on. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) goes to Prerna(Erica Fernandes). She cries.

Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says you said you won’t spare that guy, you are crying here. She says these tears are for Shivani, she has gone through a lot, I mean whatever I said inside, I m not going to spare that guy. He asks what will happen if you scold or threaten him, maybe he leaves the city by fear, relax. She asks what shall I do. He says file a legal case against him, I know the inspector well, we both will go and file the case, he took advantage of Shivani, she didn’t have any option than to commit suicide. She agrees and says he will apologize to me, I m ready to do anything to make him beg. They leave.
Moloy comes home and greets morning to Mohini. She asks are you okay. She says situation wasn’t good. She asks what happened. He tells everything. He says good thing is Shivani is fine. She says I don’t believe this, you left Nivedita’s anniversary party for such a girl. He asks what do you mean. She says Prerna(Erica Fernandes) couldn’t teach Shivani right and wrong, I don’t care for them, its better that you don’t get trapped, I m saying the truth, its not easy to say the truth, Shivani is a characterless girl. He says enough, I will go and sleep in study. She asks why are you upset with me, she did the wrong thing. He says a guy was also involved, you just can’t blame Shivani. She says I should blame Veena and Rajesh for giving such values to their daughters. He says yes, they are the worst parents like us, we couldn’t teach Nivedita as well, this is our reality, we caught Nivedita with Anupam, we had to cover that scandal and get them married. She says Nivedita loved Anupam. He says Shivani loved that guy. He goes. She says I hate his concern for them, thank God Mishka came here on time, else Moloy would have given Anurag(Parth Samthaan)’s hand to Prerna(Erica Fernandes), I m glad Mishka and Anurag(Parth Samthaan) are together.

Mishka is happy and says its a dream to be with you for breakfast, its first time after mom’s death, its great coming back, I missed you. Komolika says I missed you too. Mishka says Ronit didn’t meet me. Komolika says he came late. Mishka goes to meet her friend. Ronit comes and greets Komolika. Police comes home to arrest Ronit for Shivani’s rape and suicide attempt charges. She asks what, do you know who he is, dad will not spare you, better be careful, dad isn’t answering. Inspector says just Prerna(Erica Fernandes) Sharma can help you, she has filed the report. Komolika says Prerna(Erica Fernandes) Sharma.

Inspector says Anurag(Parth Samthaan) has filed the complaint, we will make sure that we catch Ronit. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) holds Anurag(Parth Samthaan)’s hand. Pal ek pal….plays…. She says sorry. He smiles and thinks you don’t need to hesitate, we are friends, friends can be dependent on each other, I m always with you. She thinks I know, you will always be with me, I have fallen in love with you, you are special for me. He thinks I m with you, because you are very special. Ronit is on the way and recalls Shivani. He cries and recalls the way she begged him for marriage and then threatened of worse consequences. Komolika is also on the way. She thinks of Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and says is this the same Prerna(Erica Fernandes), how can she file complaint against my brother, I m coming, you are going to face me.

Mohini comes to call Anurag(Parth Samthaan) for breakfast. She doesn’t see him. She calls him and asks did you leave for football practice, I always see your face first in morning. He says I m in police station. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine, I m here with Prerna(Erica Fernandes) to complaint against Ronit, its safe. She says I m very proud that you always help people, stay away from Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and her family. He asks what are you saying. She says you have helped Prerna(Erica Fernandes), your life exists too, its imp, I can’t tolerate it if you get hurt. He says I m just supporting Prerna(Erica Fernandes), I know Shivani isn’t lying, I know her, trust me, I won’t let anything wrong happen. She says fine, I trust you, come back soon, love you. He says love you too, I will come soon. He smiles and says mothers…. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says thanks for always supporting me. He says I told you many times, I will always support you. She thinks why is he so nice.

Mohini recalling Nivedita’s words. She says did I do any mistake by taking Prerna(Erica Fernandes) lightly, will she really take my son away from me. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) smiles seeing Anurag(Parth Samthaan). She gets a call from Mahesh. He says Shivani isn’t listening to anyone, come soon. Inspector says we caught Ronit, he will be here soon. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says great. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) asks why is Shivani behaving mad. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) thanks inspector and goes to see. She says I m in police station, I m coming soon. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) asks what happened. She says Shivani is out of control, Mahesh was crying, I don’t know what to do, shall I stay here or go. He says Ronit has been caught, you want to stay here or… She says we should stay here, I want to ask him why did he do this.

Inspector comes and says you know about Ronit’s father. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says I just want justice. She takes Fir copy and goes. Komolika comes there. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) misses to see her. She leaves. The man asks who is this girl, it seems you haven’t seen her, the most luckiest man will get this girl. She meets Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and says you are here, you have come to complaint about your lover. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says I need my copy, heart is broken, but not mine. Komolika picks the document and gives her. She says we have met here again, destiny, there is something. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) gets the car and signs her to come. Komolika turns to see him and doesn’t see his face. She says you got a new guy with new morning, life should be such, why to cry after the same guy, I m glad you have moved on. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says sorry, I m definitely not like you, I can’t run away from my relations. Komolika says poor soul, I hope that we meet under good circumstances, I have come here as someone has tried to hurt my loved one, I believe in punishing the person, not getting the person punished by law. She leaves. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) goes to Anurag(Parth Samthaan) and says sorry, I met a weird girl. He recalls Komolika and says even I have collided with her. She says maybe we are talking about the same girl. They leave.
Rajesh and Veena try to console Shivani and ask her to forget the past. Rajesh says no one will scold you, don’t cry. Suman thinks he is too much. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) and Prerna(Erica Fernandes) come. Shivani says I won’t go home, send me to some ashram, I don’t want people to criticize my parents. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says you won’t go anywhere. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says no Shivani, its obvious that people will say a lot of things, they will taunt you and scold you, but do you care for this, a relation is formed based on mutual trust by two people, when one person is wrong, its not in our hands, you are not scared of those few people, who are they, are they close to you, you know your family, do you want to run away from them, they love you so much, you are not weak, sorry to interfere, its in your hands, do you want to stay with family or run away, stop crying, I know you, whatever happened was your moment of weakness, I m sorry if I said something wrong, you should get up, okay, do it for the sake of your family. Shivani says take me home. Everyone smiles. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) signs Prerna(Erica Fernandes). She smiles.

Chobey comes to police station. Reporters ask him questions. He asks the man to find out everything about Prerna(Erica Fernandes) Sharma. Komolika asks inspector to free her brother, her dad would be coming. Inspector says sorry, I can’t help you. Chobey scolds the inspector. Inspector says no use shouting on me, media didn’t know why we got Ronit here, if you take Ronit, my seniors may suspend me, but your political career will be affected too, your son didn’t do anything great. Komolika says its that girl’s mistake. Chobey says set him free. Media comes there to ask him why did he come here. He says I have come here for social service. Reporters thank him. Chobey goes and scolds Ronit.

He says girls and love aren’t made for you, but you wanted to fall in love. Komolika says dad, its okay, he has no experience of worldly things like us. Chobey gets angry and goes. She says inspector has said the right thing, it will be our loss, elections are ahead, we have to be very careful, we must respect women. He says I m proud of you that you are my daughter, you are right, we can’t take this risk. She says I can’t tolerate defeat and I don’t let anyone win, I will handle this matter and get Ronit out. He smiles and says I m sure you will take care of it. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) asks Shivani you still care for Ronit, we were going to lose you, what’s wrong. Shivani asks did you tell your feeling to Anurag(Parth Samthaan). Prerna(Erica Fernandes) recalls Mishka. Shivani hugs her and asks her not to feel bad, you got your love and I didn’t, loving Ronit was my mistake, he used to get stressed when I spoke about marriage. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) cries thinking of Anurag(Parth Samthaan), when she hears Shivani’s words about Ronit. Shivani says Anurag(Parth Samthaan) always supports you, he never let you alone, he loves you a lot. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) wipes her tears. Shivani looks at her.

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