Made for each other 2 December 2020: Ronit thinking why didn’t I delete the message, if Komolika knows about my phone… He worries. Shivani thinks he looks worried. He goes to talk to Komolika. Kuki thinks of Kaushik.

She asks how did you know that Ronit loves you. Shivani says when someone worries for you, wants you happy and does what you like, then its love, you shouldn’t lose such person. Kuki says such people don’t exist these days. Shivani says that person stays between us, we have to just identify him. Prerna asks Anurag are you drunk. He clarifies. She says behave, I m Mrs. Prerna Bajaj. He asks her to not fight, just take his jacket, she is feeling cold. He says I m tired of fighting, please. She says I don’t want your fake concern. She puts the jacket in the freezer. He says you could have given it to me, I don’t like this. He feels cold. She says I don’t care, don’t drink and come in front of me. He says I understood. She thinks why are you showing care, so that I fall weak. Ronit says I made a big mistake, forgive me. Komolika asks what happened.

He says I want to marry Shivani so that you take revenge on her, if everyone knows it… She says don’t think of it. He says sorry, it will happen tonight, you messaged me to talk to Shivani with love so that she doesn’t doubt, I didn’t delete the message. She asks him to come to the point. He says phone got stolen. Veena comes there. He says I think Kaushik took it. Komolika slaps him. Veena says what happened.

Komolika asks how did you do such a big mistake, why are you alive, why didn’t you die, Shivani will know everything. Anurag and Prerna sit away. He asks do you believe in Karma. She says yes. He says we did something wrong in last birth, so we fall into troubles. He asks her to behave normal. He says you like all this to fight. She says yes, I m feeling so good. They argue. She says I can’t tolerate this cold. He says you should have used my jacket. Veena goes to hear them. Komolika says everything will get ruined because of your mistake, you know that message was imp. Ronit says sorry. She sees Veena’s reflection in the mirror. Ronit asks what can we do. Komolika says shut up, the phone had Shivani’s messages, she loves you a lot, she wanted to enlarge that pic as a wedding gift, you have lost the phone, what will we tell her, not a word now, I m much angry. He says I know you are angry, but I don’t understand what you are saying, I will get cold water for you. She slaps him again.

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Veena thinks Komolika always gets angry, the matter isn’t big, shall I go and stop her. Komolika shows Veena and says Veena is standing behind. She says Shivani shouldn’t get upset. Ronit says I promise you. Komolika says recover the data, get Shivani’s messages and pics back, I don’t want her mehendi function to spoil. He agrees. Veena goes. He says we got saved. Komolika slaps him. He says Kaushik has my phone, he was pretending like phone got exchanged by mistake. She shows his phone and says Moloy had it, its useless now. He asks how did you get it.

She recalls Moloy giving Ronit’s phone to Patra. Komolika goes to them. Patra says its unlocked. She drops the juice on the phone. She says so sorry. She takes the phone and drops it in the jug. She says sorry, now this phone won’t work, I will get same model for you. She goes with the phone. FB ends. Ronit says wow, this is the best. She says Moloy is after us, I have to treat him again, he needs a long sleep, else he can create a problem for me. She goes. He smiles. Kaushik says Ronit isn’t a nice guy. Moloy says I should talk to Veena and Prerna, but we have to alert Shivani, she is so happy. Kaushik says Shivani is simple, I like her, I can’t let her marry Ronit. Monu hears him and misunderstands. Prerna says I won’t forgive you. Anurag says fine, I told you to wear the jacket, you will get some energy to fight, you are stubborn. She faints down. He asks her to say something. He sees her fallen on the ground. He holds her and asks her to get up. He warms her hands. He asks her not to give up.

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Anurag asking for help. The man says the door is jammed. Anurag says Prerna and I got locked here, call a doctor. The man says I need to call the repairing guy, I will call the doctor as well. He goes. Anurag asks Prerna not to give up. He tries to warm up her hands. Komolika asks did you see Anurag. Mohini says I didn’t see him. Komolika says call Nivedita and ask her. She gets angry. Mohini says Anurag isn’t with Nivedita. Anurag says I didn’t make a sacrifice that you die like this, I m living as you are living, you can’t give up. He checks her pulse. Mahesh and Shivani joke.

The man comes and says the ice cellar door got jammed, Prerna and Anurag are locked inside. Komolika gets shocked. She asks where is the ice cellar. The man says this way. Anurag says I won’t let anything happen to you. He shouts for help. He says your oxygen level will end, you won’t be able to breath, don’t give up. He gives her oxygen through mouth to mouth resuscitation. Prerna gets conscious and sees him. She gets away. She asks how dare you get close to me. He says thank God. She says don’t say anything. He says thank God, you got saved, I was scared for you.

They start arguing. She says you aren’t my Anurag, you have no humanity, you have signed on the orphanage demolition papers. He says I didn’t do it, trust me. She says I have seen your signatures, you know I love Samidha, you did this to hurt me, you think I will trust you. He says I didn’t do this. She says I can never forgive you, you showed you can do anything, see what I do. He says enough, do you think I can do this, look into my eyes. She recalls his words. Komolika comes and knocks the door, shouting Anurag. Prerna faints. Anurag shouts Prerna. Shivani asks Mahesh to open the door. The man comes and unlocks the door. Everyone enters.

They see Anurag holding Prerna in his arms and taking care of her. They get Anurag and Prerna out. Anurag takes Prerna to her room. He asks the doctor to check her. He says we got locked in the cellar, she fainted there, no one came to save us. Doctor asks him to change clothes first and stay warm. Mohini asks him to go and change. Anurag says just check Prerna. Doctor asks for heater to warm up the room. Anurag goes. Doctor says I m sure Anurag has provided her oxygen level and saved her life, else she would have not survived, don’t worry, I will give an injection. Komolika gets angry. Doctor says you should thank Anurag, he saved her life, if I m not wrong, he is Prerna’s husband, right. Shivani gets silent. Doctor leaves. Mahesh gets clothes for Anurag. Mohini asks Komolika to listen to her. Komolika warns her and sends her away. She goes and gets angry on Anurag. He asks how is Prerna. She asks how dare you ask me. He goes. She says you didn’t do right to anger me, Prerna.

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Prerna gets up. Shivani says Anurag saved you. Prerna says doctor doesn’t know that Anurag tried to kill me. Shivani says he was madly worried for you, don’t know why. Prerna recalls his words. Shivani says I know you hate him, he tried to kill you, he saved you. Anurag says I wanted to see Prerna once. Veena says Prerna is conscious now, doctor left, we have fixed a room heater, she is fine, go home and rest. He says I will see her once. Veena says I don’t want you to meet her again. She gives him a shawl. He asks can I see her once. She says no way. He turns to go. She says thanks to respect my word. Prerna thinks its true that I would have died if he didn’t save me, why did he save me. Shivani says I will get soup for you. Prerna asks did Anurag leave. Shivani says yes. Prerna thinks there is something I don’t know, why is it tough to understand him. Komolika comes and says I m glad you are alive. Prerna says you would be happy if I had died. Komolika says you should move on, Anurag also moved on. She takes a fruit knife and makes a face.


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