Made for each other 18 November 2020: Tapur asking Diya to just sleep. Diya says please I want to go in the party, there is no one at home, I miss them a lot, especially mum and dad, I m getting hiccups. Tapur agrees. Moloy asks Nivedita why are you worried. Mohini takes her aside.

She asks Nivedita what happened after Bajaj held her. Nivedita says he can’t be interested in any girl, except that Prerna. Mohini asks her to give her 100 percent, did she forget Anupam. Nivedita goes. Kaushik and Kuki argue. He says we can become friends. She says never. He says just show some respect for me and I will become your friend.

She says I heard you talking to Monish, you told the cheap plan, this can’t happen, so stay away. Kaushik says she knew it, too bad. He goes. Komolika says Anurag will kill me knowing about Ronit and Shivani’s engagement, he will come here by next flight, but it will be late, I will tell him that his phone was off. Tapur gets Diya and asks Komolika to handle her. Prerna sees them. Diya says I was missing you, I love you and dad a lot. Komolika says we also love you a lot, your dad will be back soon. Tapur says I had to surrender to her. Prerna cries and thinks of Anurag. Kaun paraya hai….plays….


Mr. Bajaj sees her crying and asks what happened. Prerna says how can he live like this, after snatching everything from me, they both have something that I want. He asks what do you mean. She says they have a daughter, I lost my daughter, why did this happen, why did they snatch my daughter, she was such a little baby, Anurag didn’t think twice about sending his daughter to the orphanage, he could have given her to me, I will never forgive him, I will not let him forget this, he has snatched my daughter, that wound didn’t heal in eight years, I don’t think I can forget this ever, I won’t leave him, you didn’t see my daughter, when I saw her for the first time, she had little hands and when I touched her, she held my finger, like she was telling me to be with her always, I wanted to live with her, I saw many dreams, I wanted to teach her walking and raise her, I wish some miracle happened that she got saved from that fire, I just wish. Sneha comes there and shouts Maa.

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Prerna looks around. He asks what happened. She asks did you hear, I felt she called me, I feel she is around, forget what I m saying, I m going mad. He says its justified, you are talking about your daughter, its logical that you feel her, don’t let emotions overpower you. She says I saw Anurag’s daughter, I got happy and then I felt hurt, I recalled everything how Anurag snatched my daughter, I wanted to hug her, but she isn’t my daughter. Sneha greets Shivani and says I m finding my Maasi, did you see her. Ronit asks is she famous. Sneha says her name is Priyanka. Priyanka calls her Samidha. Sneha/Samidha thanks Shivani. Shivani says you are so cute. Priyanka hugs Samidha and says I will take you to Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says I know you are missing Sneha. Prerna says Samidha, she is the girl about which I told you. Priyanka says she is my niece, she will be here with me. He says sure. Prerna gets happy seeing Samidha and kisses her hand. He says Prerna, I…. He thinks now I can see the peace on your face. He goes.

Diya greets Moloy. He asks how did you come here. Komolika says she got stubborn and came here. Diya says Tapur forced me to come here, she said she is scared to go in the party alone and asked me to accompany. Tapur says I will be scared to go home alone, come along. Diya asks Komolika to come soon. Komolika says I will come soon. Moloy says I wish Sneha was here, I m sure Prerna gave her good values, where is she.

Samidha asks Prerna why is she crying, is she sad. Prerna says no, you have come, I m very happy. Samidha says you are just like him, you cry and say you are happy. She wipes Prerna’s tears. She talks of Anurag. Anurag asks who is he, your dad. Anurag sees Prerna and Sneha’s pic. He says I wish I could see my daughter once, does she look like Prerna.

Prerna asking Samidha about her parents. Samidha says I have my Maasi and lots of friends. Kaushik says Kuki isn’t such a duffer, she knows your name Monish, I just call you Monu, she knew my plan. Monu says she is smart. Kaushik says you are my brother, take my side, I find Kuki interesting. Monu asks what happened. Kaushik says if anyone ignores me, I can’t bear it, Kuki will like me now. Samidha says don’t get sad, everyone doesn’t get everything, I m lucky to meet you, I like you a lot.

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Prerna says I also like you a lot, I forgot to ask what will you have. Samidha says nothing, tell me where is Maasi, I will go with her. Prerna asks why can’t you stay here. Samidha says this isn’t my house, I like when you smile, I don’t know my mum, maybe her smile is also like yours. Komolika says why isn’t Anurag reading messages. Mr. Bajaj sees her and recalls Prerna’s words. He goes to give her a drink. He says I know you well. She says even I don’t know myself, how can anyone know me. He asks what do you expect from this alliance. Komolika says dowry doesn’t excite me, I m thrilled that Ronit is marrying in Bajaj family, there can’t be a bigger gift than this.

She thinks I won’t tell you the truth soon, you wanted to know my intentions, let engagement happen once, then we will decide the deal. He thinks you will not talk and make someone talk on your behalf. He says if the person doesn’t want profit, it means he wants everything. She says I have created the kitchen politics myself, its a joke. He also jokes. He thinks she doesn’t want me to get any clue. Shivani asks where is Kaushik. Monu says its complicated, don’t ask, those who fight a lot get together. Shivani smiles. Ronit says she used to fight a lot with me. She says I don’t want to remember that. Monu gets Kaushik’s call and goes. Shivani says I want to remember the present. Ronit asks what about the past. Shivani says you used to hate me, I had sent you to the jail, our sisters are enemies, shall I remember this. Monu says Kuki is not sweet, she is a man-eater. Kaushik says I m not around her.

Monu meets him and says Kuki hates you, since you are the most handsome guy in the college. Kaushik says her thinking will change today. Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna and says you sound better now, where are you. She says just behind you. She comes to him. She says I can’t crack your codes. He says I meant that you are feeling better after meeting that girl, good. She says I can’t express what I felt. He says some emotions are such, what matters is your happiness, you were with Samidha, I was talking to Komolika, Kuki told me about the drama she created, she didn’t let me know anything. She says you couldn’t find out her plan. He says none can underestimate me, I m smart enough to find out Komolika’s plan. Komolika says we have to be together to defeat Prerna, I did a drama to spoil the function, will you help me. Mohini says Moloy raised hand on me because of Prerna, Anurag got against me, your enemy is my enemy. Komolika says you trust me, right. Mohini says this truth will never break, tell me, what do you want from me. Komolika says if you do this then Prerna will get a big shock, she can’t save herself from this fire.

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Rakhi asks for Diya. Moloy says she wanted to come and then left. Rakhi says you understand her well. Moloy says we get happy when we earn in young days, when we come in this age, we get happy to see grandchildren happy. Rakhi says I can’t understand Anurag, he is alone, he didn’t come today. Moloy says relations don’t form by keeping rituals, Anurag keeps relations, he stays away from one who matter the most. She says you are saying about Prerna, if Anurag loves her so much, why aren’t they together. Moloy says maybe he is staying away, don’t know why, but he is suffering a lot, he is happy with it, I can’t see his suffering. He cries. She consoles him. Shekhar and Suman come and meet Prerna. Shivani gets happy to see them. She says if Prerna didn’t agree for this relation, maybe I would have died. Prerna worries. Veena asks them to come. Prerna signs Mr. Bajaj. Komolika asks pandit about mahurat. He says its close, call the guy and girl. Nivedita thinks what happened to mom…. Ronit and Shivani exchange rings. Mohini stops Ronit.


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