Made for each other 8 December 2020: Chandrika thinking to get money by using Sneha. Komolika comes to meet her. Chandrika says you didn’t change, same figure and beautiful face. Komolika says you also didn’t change, you run the NGO to show but none knows your greed. Chandrika says you can kill anyone by your taunts. Komolika says shut up, I have no time for this, show me the girl. Chandrika takes her to Samidha’s room and says she is there. Komolika gets shocked seeing Samidha. She goes and says Prerna saved this ashram because of Samidha, you are lying to me. Chandrika says mum can identify her child, we named her Samidha, she was getting adopted by a family. Komolika sees Samidha and says yes, you look the same, you are Sneha. Mr. Bajaj says I got angry as you were stammering, if you aren’t wrong, then don’t get scared of me or anyone else. She says sure. Kaushik and Monu try to run from the window. The alarm rings. Guards come.

Kaushik says there are sensors, maybe principal did this, come fast. They run out. Guards run after them. Guards catch them. Kaushik tickles the guard and runs. Prerna asks Kuki to say. Kuki says I was saying… I lied there, that guy likes me, I behaved badly with him, I was hiding my feelings, I think I love him. Prerna smiles. Kuki says I have feelings for him. Prerna says its time to celebrate, this feeling is the world’s best feeling, who is he. Kuki says Kaushik, he is Anurag’s nephew. Prerna recalls Kaushik and says he is a nice guy, I like him. Kuki gets happy. Guards catch Kaushik and Monu. Principal comes there. Kaushik worries. Nivedita thinks of Anurag’s words. She says Anurag loves Prerna a lot, it can result really bad for him, what should I do. She gets Anupam’s call again. She recalls his words. She gets sad.



Principal says I will talk to Anurag, I didn’t know you will be doing this. Kaushik and Monu worry. She scolds them. Komolika says Prerna shouldn’t know that Samidha is Sneha. Chandrika says fine, but you have to give money to keep my mouth shut, you think I have raised Samidha just like that, its my retirement plan, I like people who understand me soon. Komolika slaps her. She says Prerna should never know that Samidha is her daughter Sneha. Chandrika says I proved my loyalty to you, if I told Prerna, then she would have taken that girl, I just thought of you, you are Laxmi for me. She demands money. Komolika says I will give you 15 lakhs, you are a clever blackmailer and got much money. Samidha comes. Chandrika asks why are you awake. Samidha says I heard some sound. Chandrika says diwali firecracker, go and sleep now. Komolika says you will get cash tomorrow. Chandrika says don’t forget. Samidha says what are they talking. Anurag calls Komolika and asks where are you, I need to talk. She says I don’t need to talk, you called me for dinner and left. He says I also have complains, I need to see you. She says fine, I m coming.

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Mr. Bajaj gets a call. He asks what, she is going home every day. Principal says no, maybe you aren’t aware. He shouts Prerna….. Principal says Prerna came to our college, she knows about Kuki’s rustication, I caught Kaushik red handed, its clear that Kuki leaked the papers. Kaushik says Kuki didn’t do anything. Prerna asks what happened. Mr. Bajaj passes the phone. He shouts Kuki. Principal says I m shocked that Mr. Bajaj knows nothing about Kuki’s rustication, its better that you get Kuki here so that everything gets clear. Prerna says fine, I will come. Mr. Bajaj says Kaushik is a bad guy, you know this. Prerna says we have to go to college. He asks why didn’t you tell me about rustication. Prerna says I didn’t tell you, she can’t do it. He says that guy is stealing papers from principal’s cabin, which state that she did this.

Mr. Bajaj scolding Kukki. He says they are going to college and now. Prerna tells Kukki not to be afraid, she is with her. Nothing will happen.

Anurag asks Komolika how Basu industries got such a big stake of Bajaj industries project. Komolika says his question sounds strange just like their relationship. He should be happy and thankful to her for saving Basu industry, but it seems he’s angry. Anurag gets a call from principal. He disconnects and tells Komolika that he knows her very well, she must have forced Prerna to sign the papers. He asks how she convinced Prerna? She says he will never change. She thought he would give her compliments, but.. He says if she was expecting compliments, then she wouldn’t be hiding the papers. There is something wrong for sure. Deal is wrong. Now Komolika receives a call from principal. She puts it on speaker. Principal says there is an issue, she urgently wants to meet Kaushik and Mohnish’s guardians. Komolika tells Anurag that she will also go with him. She thinks it’s Kukki and Kaushik’s matter. They must get together so she can take her revenge with Prerna.

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Kukki is in car. She recalls Kaushik helping her fix car. She tells him she did wrong by troubling him in college. She didn’t know he is such a nice guy. If she wasn’t rusticated, she would have spent time with him. He says she’s still in college. She says if investigation goes further, then she will be proved guilty as papers were leaked from her number. She didn’t do anything and still getting punished for it. She hugs him. He promises that he will do anything to get her out of this mess.

Back to present, Kukki thinks Kaushik did all this to save her.

Mohnish is angry at Kaushik. He had warned him to stay away from Kukki. Kaushik tells him that he won’t take his name. Mohnish asks what’s in that girl that he is risking his reputation? Kaushik says he loves her. He doesn’t know what she thinks about him, but he loves her. Mohnish says sorry for screaming at him. Kaushik hugs him and says he will handle this.

Mr. Bajaj arrives at college. Him and Kukki go inside. Prerna’s dupatta gets stuck in car and car is locked. She thinks of not disturbing Mr. Bajaj as he’s already angry.

Komolika thinks that she will help Kaushik now and use him in future. They also arrive there. Anurag senses Prerna’s presence and stops. He helps her with her dupatta. They both look at each other and recall their past moments. He pulls dupatta and takes her support to prevent from falling. Both have eyelock. Security guard tells them they are called inside. Prerna thinks what had happened to her. Anurag thinks Prerna’s heart is feeling what’s in his heart.

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Mr. Bajaj sees Kaushik and asks Kukki what kind of friends she has. Komolika comes and tells Kaushik not to be worried. Kaushik tells Mr. Bajaj that Kukki didn’t do anything. Mr. Bajaj asks him to stay out.

Mr. Bajaj asks principal why he wasn’t informed that his daughter was rusticated. Today when Kaushik got caught stealing the papers, she’s telling him it’s the same paper that Kukki leaked? Kukki says Kaushik was just trying to help her. Mr. Bajaj asks so she really leaked the papers? And then she got scared, so she took Kaushik’s help? Kaushik says she didn’t tell anything. They just talked and she was sad.. Mr. Bajaj asks him to stay quiet. Betraying and all is normal in his (Kaushik’s) family, but not his. His daughter wasn’t like this, she became like this after she came into his company. Anurag and Prerna come in. Anurag slaps Kaushik and asks what’s this? He can go this low? He says he trusts Kukki can’t do anything like this, but they still haven’t found any proof that support Kukki. Mohnish says Kukki was upset and Kaushik was just trying to bring smile on her face. Anurag says they should have waited until investigation was over, truth would come out that Kukki didn’t do anything. Kaushik says no, she would get stuck because papers were leaked from her number. And person who did this is him.. Everyone is shocked.


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