Made for each other 26 November 2020: Komolika asking about Anurag. Komolika says he isn’t here. Mohini asks what happened. Komolika says I had some imp work, I will tell you later. She thinks where is he, that moment will be over. Ronit says Shivani, you tell me about the song. Shivani sings Jab koi baat bigad jaye. Ronit says your caller tune song. She sings Ajeeb dastaan hai ye.


He says Prerna likes it a lot. Ronit says play this song, its Shivani and her family’s fav song. Anurag says you think I m creating this problem, this door is stuck, its not because of me, I m more hurt now, don’t forget, you are the one I wanted to get rid of, I tried to kill you, I had to make you out of my world. She says I remember, you failed badly, I m here in front of you, so that I can fail you. They hear ajeeb dastaan song playing. Ronit and Shivani dance. Prerna recalls Anurag and her dance, their moments. She sits crying. Kuki and Kaushik see each other. Everyone dances. Anurag recalls Prerna. She cries and asks why did you do this, you killed the one who wasn’t at fault. She recalls Sneha. She asks why did you end all that, don’t you miss Sneha. She says you made a sin, you did really bad.


She says when dreams break, it hurts a lot, but when hope dies, then person dies, I want justice, I want revenge. Anurag looks at her. She says you didn’t think of Sneha once. He holds her. She cries. Kasauti…plays…

Nivedita says I have cracked the project for the company. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t understand few things, can I ask directly, we can’t hire anyone, why are you telling this to me. She thinks how to say I m trying to impress you. Komolika sees him and thinks he is here, it means Prerna would have come out of the washroom. Nivedita asks all okay. He asks why did you get shocked seeing me. She says I m going to washroom. He says take Nivedita along, someone locked me, she will help you out. He goes. Nivedita says I was trying to impress him, Prerna comes in between to disturb, I locked Prerna, I was trying to impress him, you should have come later. Komolika slaps her and says I locked him, you failed my plan, I wanted Anurag to see Prerna close to Mr. Bajaj, she is alone there. Nivedita says you should have told me the plan, Mr. Bajaj may doubt me, I should open the door. Shivani gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He says Prerna’s number isn’t connecting. Shivani says she isn’t with me. She goes after Komolika. He says maybe she is in the room. Mohini calls Anurag. She sees Komolika and goes. Komolika goes inside the washroom. She gets shocked seeing Anurag and Prerna together. Nivedita, Mohini, Shivani come. They also get shocked seeing them close. Anurag gets away. Anurag recalls Komolika’s words.

He says Prerna is manipulative, she said she hates me, she came after me, she fell weak and cried telling the past, I just gave her a shoulder, so she hugged me, she asked me to give her a hug, then you came, you have seen her drama, its never ending. Prerna gets shocked. He says she was saying she won by spoiling Basu project, she said she is happy, why are you after me, be happy. Komolika asks did you hug her. He says no, she hugged me, I m irritated. Prerna asks how dare you. Mr. Bajaj comes and says Mr. Basu….party is over, I think you should go home. He asks Shivani to go to her room. Anurag thinks I did this so that you and Sneha don’t come back to me, just go away, there is no place for humans and human emotions.

Prerna thinks of his words. Mr. Bajaj asks her to be strong, why is she affected by his words. He says I promised that I will be with you, how can you fall low, you cried today, you didn’t become strong. She says there was pain, you can’t understand what’s pain of losing a child, this pain was within me, I had a question for Anurag, why he did it, I always think of Sneha when I see him, he used to wait to meet Sneha, but he did this, how low can he fall. He says sorry, please calm down. She says I know I got emotional, Anurag exploited me, he killed my daughter. Anurag thinks Prerna take Sneha and leave the city, she isn’t safe here. Prerna says Anurag was Sneha’s father, he had no guilt. He says I promise you, I will always be with you. She says I won’t forgive Anurag, never. Anurag comes and hears them. Prerna says I will do the worst with Anurag, business is his strength, I will break it.

Prerna saying I will snatch everything from Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says okay, do you feel better now. She says sorry to face problems because of my stupidity, thanks for always being there, you never left me, thanks a lot. He nods. Komolika sees Anurag outside Prerna’s door. She gets angry. She says when Prerna and Anurag are together, some scene gets created, he hugged her in the washroom. Ronit says she was crying, was it a drama, I assumed wrong. Komolika says she will cry now, she doesn’t know what will I do with her now. Prerna looks on. Komolika stops to taunt her. Ronit says Mahesh is calling me, I will meet you later. He goes. Komolika says I m sure Mr. Bajaj has strong arms to hold you, Anurag is my husband, his arms are just to embrace me. Prerna says last time when you were in his arms, he was my husband. Komolika asks will you snatch him from me, are you in love with him, will you die without him.

Anurag recalls Prerna’s words and cries. Kasauti….plays… Moloy and Mohini come. Anurag goes. Mohini says Prerna always comes in my son’s life. Moloy says I thought you love Anurag the most, you understand him. She says he means a lot to me, he is much sad. He says he is in pain, his pain will never end. He goes. She says I understand him well, I m his mum, he is upset and angry, he isn’t in pain, Prerna left him and now came to hug him, else Anurag can’t do this.

Komolika asks Prerna to answer her. Prerna says I feel so sorry for you, I hate Anurag, I will not snatch him from you, you do all this, its your nature, you have snatched Moloy’s company and acted to invest it, you aren’t such, Anurag learnt it from you and snatched everything from me, he faked love, but he wanted to snatch everything, you both are a perfect couple, cheap people. Komolika says who are you, an average girl of middle class family, you are talking to me, Anurag is just mine, remember this. Prerna says yes, keep him, I don’t want him. They argue.

Prerna says I think when he is with you, he forgets he is your husband, he thinks of me and hugs me. Anurag thinks Prerna behaves much mature, I wish I could return the old days to you, you were so happy, I can’t tolerate more. He sees Prerna’s pic and says I wish to hug you and tell you that its enough, tell you everything, but its no use, I will get relieved but what about you, I will be called selfish, your life will be ruined, I can’t do anything, nothing. He recalls her words. Komolika comes to him. He says we will talk later. She argues. Prerna thinks of Sneha’s pic and cries. She thinks he broke my dream and now its his turn. Komolika shouts on Anurag. He says not today, we will talk tomorrow. She asks how dare you hug Prerna, you have shown your feelings. He holds his face. He says I m tired, we will talk tomorrow.

She says I m tired of you, hearing the same nonsense, I did a lot for you, but you just think of her, can’t you see me, what do I lack, you have Prerna in your heart, not me, you love her right, answer me. He shouts yes, I love her, I just think about her, she is in my mind and heart, she is my world, I can love her, you can’t stop me, did you think how helpless you have made me, what did you tell me, look at me, you sent me to the bridge with Prerna, you know how happy she is, she had love for me in her eyes, she had faith, I pushed her down like a trash, I didn’t think what she went through, she was so shocked, she couldn’t think that I can do this with her, think of her once, breaking someone’s trust is breaking that person, you can’t think of this. He gets angry. He says she hates me today. He shouts on her. Komolika says I never thought, stay away, go there and talk. He says you are scared that I will hurt you, what did you do in 8 years, you are thinking cheap, I hugged Prerna as a helpless father for Sneha, I wanted to know where is my daughter. She recalls the fire.


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