Made for each other 11th June 2020: On Made for each other Thursday 11 June 2020 Update, Prerna says Anurag is in this state, he has to get up, will he hear me, I know he will listen to me, doctor said if he doesn’t wake up in 6 hours, he will die.

Made for each other Update Wednesday 10 June 2020 Star life

She cries and asks did you hear me, he won’t wake up ever, he has to get up, he told me that he will always listen to me, my voice will reach him, he will come to me, he matters to me, I don’t think what others think about me, I can’t see him like this, I won’t let him go this way, no one can stop me. She runs upstairs. He thinks I will never stop you, because its about someone’s life and death. Doctor checks Anurag.

Nurse rushes out. Everyone asks what happened. Prerna runs inside. Mohini stops her and says you won’t go inside, get out of here. She drags her downstairs. Prerna says leave my hand, enough now. Servant gets Moloy. Mohini scolds Prerna. Prerna says you can insult me, say anything to me, I will give you respect, I spoke loudly as you aren’t letting me meet Anurag. She asks Moloy to let her meet Anurag, he was always with her. Moloy signs Mohini. Mohini says Prerna won’t go, I know how to handle my house matter, you are so shameless Prerna, you married Mr. Bajaj and you are after my son, I have to call your husband here. She shouts Rishabh Bajaj, I need to talk to you about your wife. Doctor says Anurag is sinking. Moloy thinks Mohini, let Prerna go to Anurag, doctor said if anyone loves Anurag, he can get a new life. Prerna runs to Anurag.

Everyone goes after her. Moloy tries to get up from his wheelchair. Mr. Bajaj comes and holds him. Doctor tries to revive Anurag. Prerna comes there. Prerna says please get up, I reached here with difficulty, maybe I never meet you again, I didn’t do this to see you dying, can you hear my voice, get up. Mohini looks on. Prerna cries. Anurag starts breathing. Doctor says this is a miracle, his heartbeat which stopped, suddenly started running again. Mohini looks on. Tapur says leave him, he is my dad. Mr. Bajaj asks when did I say, he is my dad, take care of him. He goes. Moloy looks on. Mr. Bajaj comes upstairs. Doctor says there are some good signs, can you stay here, your presence showed good impact on him. Prerna looks at Anurag. Doctors leave.

Mr. Bajaj comes and sees Mohini. He asks her to say, what does she want to talk about his wife. Mohini says I wanted to ask you, can your wife stay with my son for more time. Everyone comes. Mr. Bajaj asks were you shouting for this reason, its Prerna’s wish, husband and wife discuss matters, Prerna has a right to take decision, she isn’t my employee, but my wife. He goes thinking about Moloy.

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He thinks I hate these people, still why do I care for them, what’s this, is this Prerna’s influence on me. Tanvi looks on and goes to Maasi. Tanvi says Prerna was in Anurag’s room, Rishabh had no problem, Basu family was there. Maasi says did Rishabh fall in love. Tanvi says I don’t think so. Maasi asks is Basu family there, is Mohini also there, we will go to her room and find the pic, she was blackmailing me about the pic, once I get it, I will erase the proof, tell me one thing, how do you like Anurag. Tanvi says what is mum thinking. Doctor says he will be fine, trust me, he needs some rest. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. She sits back. He says Prerna, please stay. Prerna says I m not going anywhere, I m here with you. Everyone looks on.

Anurag sleeps. Anupam asks Mohini to come. Mohini and everyone leave. Maasi and Tanvi look for the pic. Maasi says wow, look here. Tanvi says congrats. Maasi asks where is the pic, look at Mr. Moloy, he is looking so handsome, he isn’t on wheelchair, Mohini and Moloy’s jodi is perfect, Anurag called me pretty. Maasi checks the cupboard and gets pics. Anupam brings Moloy to the room. Maasi and Tanvi hide.

Mr. Bajaj thinks of everyone’s words. He thinks something is wrong with me, why am I thinking about this, what’s happening to me.

Mr. Bajaj attending a work call. Kuki comes and hugs him. He ends the call. She asks for Prerna. He says she is busy, your teddy got more cute, I understand, your mood is upset, I will take you to school and then for a long drive. She signs no. He says fine, so much anger, come we will go and meet Prerna, you have to give me tax. She kisses and hugs him. He says I have the best daughter in the world. Anupam helps Moloy rest. Maasi and Tanvi hide in the room. They check the pics. Maasi gets a pendrive.

She thinks this will be last source with the pics backup, now I have it, sorry Mohini, I m going to destroy this. Anupam says trust me, everything will be fine, we will not leave Mr. Bajaj, once Anurag gets fine, I will not let him get hurt. Anupam leaves. Moloy sleeps. Maasi and Tanvi come out. Mohini sees them and asks what are you doing here. Maasi says we were finding something. Mohini taunts them. Tanvi says my ring is lost. They go. Mohini says I know you are lying, I have no strength to deal with you now. She goes to change. Moloy thinks I wish I could do something for you, my family and Anurag.

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Mr. Bajaj gets Kuki to Prerna. Kuki hugs Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says she didn’t wish to wait. Prerna says its good. Kuki holds Anurag’s face and hand. Doctor comes. Mr. Bajaj asks how is Anurag now. He says Anurag had to get fine, every man is scared of his wife, Prerna scolded him and demanded him to get fine. Prerna interrupts. Doctor says he heard you and came back from death, his wife got him back to life. Prerna says I m not his wife, but Mr. Bajaj’s wife. Mr. Bajaj says she is Mrs. Bajaj. Doctor says sorry for that.

Mohini comes to Moloy. She says we shall sleep now. Moloy sees her in stress. She says I know Anurag loves me a lot, he loves Prerna also, I didn’t know he loves Prerna the most, we were in hospital, Anurag didn’t hear my voice, he reacted when Prerna called him, doctors are saying that his improvement is because of Prerna, I don’t understand, he is more connected to someone, not me, don’t misunderstand me, I m very happy and thankful to Prerna that Anurag got a new life, but where am I wrong, Prerna and Anurag can never unite, what shall I do, Prerna knows this, so she went to meet Anurag, she didn’t do this that she loves Anurag, she did this to save her husband, so that Rishabh Bajaj gets saved from the law.

Maasi asks Tanvi to delete all the pendrive contents. She tears pics. Tanvi says you can do anything after Anurag gets fine. Maasi says I know Rishabh won’t kick them out when Anurag is in this state. Tanvi asks why is he acting sweet. Maasi says its because of Prerna, its happening on its own, you know Rishabh, he has a habit to win, but he just lost. Tanvi says Anurag has entire Bajaj mansion and we just have 50%. Maasi says he had come here to ruin Basu publication and family, he met Prerna and left it, his real motive was to ruin Basus, not marry Prerna.

Tanvi asks do you know the real reason for his revenge. Maasi turns away and says no idea, actually I want to rest, good night. Tanvi thinks why does Rishabh wants to ruin him, right now Prerna has become a reason. She goes. Maasi says I shouldn’t talk about this. Tanvi comes to Mr. Bajaj and says I thought you want to relax. He says thanks, I don’t drink with anyone, good night.

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She says don’t blame yourself for your accident. She hugs him and says I can’t see you sad. He says Tanvi… and moves her away. She says Prerna is with Anurag, I feel so bad, she is your wife and knows he is your rival, you don’t deserve this. He says please don’t say anything about Prerna. He goes and thinks I should be angry on Prerna, why am I defending her, she is caring for Anurag, why am I feeling jealous, something is wrong with me, I don’t like it, I have to focus on my work, this melodrama will make me mad.

Tanvi thinks if Rishabh behaves like this, I have to think about mom’s idea about Anurag. Kuki signs Prerna. She goes to sleep beside Anurag. Doctor says I think she loves Anurag a lot. Nurse says you don’t look like her mum. Prerna says but I m her mum. Anupam comes and asks about Anurag. Doctor says he is resting, he will be fine till morning. Doctor asks Prerna to go and rest. Prerna says I m fine. Anupam asks her to go and rest. She says Kuki… Anupam says I will take Kuki. Prerna says doctor, if you need anything, call me. She goes.

Maasi says I won’t let this matter come out. Tanvi comes to tell her. Maasi says its good news, Rishabh will get possessive and problems will increase if Prerna is with Anurag. Tanvi says why did you ask me if I like Anurag or not. Maasi says I will tell you soon, I m making some plan. Tanvi says I want to know, what is it. Anupam brings Kuki to her room and makes her sleep. He says I m sorry. Prerna asks why. He says I spoke to you badly today. She says no, relations matter, not words, those words said in anger.

Anupam says that’s why Anurag loves you a lot, you have a big heart, you know forgiving people. She says annoyance and forgiveness aren’t there in relations. He asks are you happy with this marriage. She says from this marriage, I got what I wanted. Mr. Bajaj lies to sleep. He thinks of Prerna. Prerna comes to the room. She sits worried. She goes to change. He wakes up and says I m awake, you can switch on the light, I have to make some calls. He asks how is Anurag. She says better than before. He goes out.


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