Made for each other 10 December 2020: Nivedita recalling her moments with Anupam. He greets Mohini. Nivedita asks him to get out. Anupam says its your mistake, you blocked my number so I had to come.

Mohini says get out, you have no relation with Nivedita. She pushes Anupam. Moloy comes and holds Anupam. They hug and get happy. Anurag says stop the drama, I know you well, go and meet Kuki, tell her that you did everything for her, just say the truth. Kaushik says she doesn’t want to see my face. Anurag says it happens, she will see your face, buy a kerchief, you may need, she will beat you and make you cry. Kaushik says I know she feels I m bad, so she is upset. Anurag says its gone case, you will become Anurag Basu one day, go fast. Kaushik goes. Anurag thinks I recalled my college time seeing him, I just want Prerna, she hurts herself. Komolika says we aren’t related to Anupam. Moloy taunts her. He says Anupam is harmless. He jokes on Mohini.

He says Nivedita is sensible, sorry to say, she couldn’t make her house, she loves everyone but she doesn’t know right and wrong. Mohini says Anupam won’t stay here, its our house, they got divorced, so get out. Anupam says sorry, we just got separated, we didn’t get legally divorced. Moloy says right. Anupam says we had a fight, Nivedita asked me to leave and said we are divorced, I took her order, its enough now. Mohini says don’t come in his words, Nivi. He says please relax, I will have a drink with Moloy, I will discuss how to take Nivedita to my house. Moloy says yes. Anupam says I agree I was angry and left, but I missed her a lot, I love her. Nivedita cries. Anupam and Moloy go.

Komolika says you would have much time for this, I have to go to Prerna’s office to tell her who is the new boss of her company. She goes. Shivani gets Kuki to Kaushik. She says surprise…. Kuki sees him and turns to go. Kaushik says I didn’t mean to hurt you, I got that phone and used it, I know its not easy to forgive me, don’t hate me. Kuki cries. He gives her a kerchief. He consoles her. He thinks I know you started hating me. He goes. She says I don’t hate you, why did you take big risk. She turns and sees him gone. She sees the kerchief and says I m much angry on you. Nivedita says you think you will come and pretend that everything is fine. Anupam asks how long will you talk to me in anger, we are husband and wife. Mohini looks on. Nivedita says everything is a joke for you, you forgot why I asked you to leave. Anupam holds her hands and says we have lived our moments, we met at the hotel accidentally, our marriage, you also loved me, if you want to say that you didn’t like my coming, then you are lying, I love you, I missed you, I couldn’t live without you, I have come here to see your face, I think I did right. He kisses her. Mohini gets angry. Anupam says I love you, I will go now, but I will come back soon to take you, I know you still love me. He goes. Mohini comes to her. She says you forget about him, your guilt shows that you still love him, am I right.

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Nivedita says its nothing like that. Mohini says you remember what he said when he left, you can forget my insult, I can’t, that man is wrong for you, since he came in your life, we gave him everything, he has come here for money, not your love. Moloy says you are wrong, he has started a small company, its running well, he isn’t short of money, he is short of family, so he came to take Nivedita, he started the company with Nivedita’s name, Nivedita can check it on phone. He goes. Nivedita says I m not going to check. Mohini goes. Nivedita thinks. Manager says Mr. Bajaj asked me not to tell anyone about him. He gives a file to Prerna. Komolika says I m the owner of this company, I should get all the info, I m the boss. Mr. Bajaj comes and says yes, you are the boss after paying 200 crores. He explains her. He says I m the 90 % owner of Bajaj industries, pay me my money and take the ownership. Komolika asks what. He nods and says you have 7 days, else leave the chair. Komolika says you trapped me. Prerna says I didn’t force you, you forced me to sign the papers, you should have read it well.

Prerna saying how did Mr. Bajaj manage all this. She calls Anurag and says I think you have to give 200 crores to Komolika, KB industries took loan from Bajaj industries, you should pay this loan, give her 100 crores and I will manage the rest. He smiles and says okay, nice. He thinks someone has defeated Komolika for the first time, very nice. Moloy cracks jokes and laughs. Mohini says I know you don’t like my way, but marriage has issues. He says yes, there are likes and dislikes. They argue about Anupam. He says you know my place in your father’s eyes when we got married, I have everything today, even then he would have not liked me, Anupam wasn’t good, but there is chemistry building between Nivedita and Anupam, let them take decisions. She says I don’t stop anyone, I know Nivedita doesn’t love him, he entered her life forcibly, is it wrong if I think good for my children. Shivani waits for Ronit. She calls him.

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Ronit says she is again after me, she loves my image, not me, her problem is she is Prerna’s sister, she will always cry, Prerna troubled my sister, I will not let her live well. He drinks. He says you know we need to pay 100 crores to Basu industries. Police comes there and asks Ronit to stop. Ronit runs. Nivedita checks Anupam’s company info. She says he did something for the first time, but he can’t go against his nature, he won’t work for long time. Mohini hears this and goes. Anupam calls Nivedita and says you were thinking about me, you missed me. She says no. He asks do you hate me. She says no. He says I know its confusing, I missed you. He says I will take this challenge and become suitable that you accept me, I love you a lot, I know your silence, I got it. He ends call. She thinks.

Samidha recalls Chandrika’s words. She hugs Priyanka and says I like you a lot, Komolika came yesterday, she was talking strange things, she was telling Chandrika to hide something from Prerna, Chandrika saw me and got angry, she dragged me to room. She shows the marks on her arm. Priyanka hugs her. She says its late, you sleep, I will talk to Didi about this. Samidha says okay, good night. Ronit comes to meet Shivani and hides something/drugs in her bag. He hugs her and says really sorry to keep you waiting. Police comes there and says come here, you can’t lie now. Ronit says don’t talk to me like this. Inspector asks why did you run seeing me. Ronit says my fiancee was waiting, so I came running to meet her. Shivani says he is saying the truth. Ronit says no need to justify, they should go now. Constable checks Ronit. Ronit asks did you get the answer, I m not involved in any drug dealing, you can go now. Police leaves. Shivani gets upset. Ronit asks what happened. She says you know what, I felt you will change one day because of my love, you think I don’t know you, I was a big fool, don’t touch me. He asks what happened. She asks him to just answer her. Priyanka comes to Chandrika. She says you dragged Samidhato the room so angrily, why, I don’t like when anything wrong happens with kids, especially Samidha, she is innocent. Chandrika says no, she was hearing our talks. Priyanka says so what, I understand it, you lied to Prerna, what are you hiding with Komolika, Prerna saved this orphanage, she did a favor on us. Chandrika says no, how did you get fees for your child, I got money from Komolika, I know her since many years, Komolika decided to take revenge on Prerna and was demolishing this ashram, Prerna is fighting with her, she didn’t do any favor on us, we have to take advantage. Priyanka asks what are you saying. Chandrika says don’t ask me anything, support me in this, Samidha isn’t your daughter, think of Piya, worry for her future, she is studying in an expensive private school. Priyanka asks why did Komolika give you money. Chandrika says so that I keep Prerna’s daughter away from her. Priyanka asks her daughter? Chandrika says yes, Samidha is Prerna’s daughter. Priyanka gets shocked and thinks of Prerna. Chandrika says Komolika gave Samidha to me.

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Prerna comes to Mr. Bajaj. He says I set my targets always, so that I fix your mistakes. Prerna says thanks. He asks how did Anurag think of the bad deal. She says he was trying to show that he doesn’t care, but he was shaken. Ronit says I don’t know what are you saying. Shivani empties her bag. She shows the drugs. Ronit picks the packets quickly. She says you were finding it, you did a love drama with me, I knew it, I thought its a surprise for me, I m surprised to love a person like you, you aren’t ashamed. She says I have heard you and your sister’s talk that day. He gets shocked.


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