Made for each other 29 November 2020: The Episode starts with Kuki saying Madam said I can’t leave the college until investigation gets done, she thinks I did this. She cries. Kaushik says I know you didn’t do anything.

She says everyone thinks so, but not Madam and authority, she said I can just get rustication letter, I can’t wait, I can’t study anywhere. He says tell me what to do, I can threaten principal and get the letter for you. She says its real world, if you go, you will get rusticated. He says we will go to Kali ghat, its my fav place. She says mad, I should go home. Prerna cries. Samidha comes. Prerna says I couldn’t save my daughter, I won’t let anything happen to you and this ashram. Samidha asks what happened to you. Prerna thinks she is really here. She asks did you come alone. Samidha says Priyanka came to show the papers, I wanted to meet you, tell her to never stop me from meeting you. Prerna says come, I will tell her.

Kaushik thinks Kuki. He says I never liked that girl, why did I feel I can never see her again, she became imp for me. Kuki thinks of Kaushik. She calls him and says I called you to say sorry, don’t know what you are thinking about me. He says that I can flirt with anyone, but not you, you would be smiling now, you are not like other girls, you shout and get angry, but you are sweet, pretty and good at heart. She says you called me trouble before. He says you called me cheapster, I understood you aren’t like other girls. She says you are Kaushik, so I won’t ask why I m different. He says you are Kuki Bajaj, else I would have told you why you are different, you know a lot, but not everything. She thinks he is different from other guys.


Priyanka says sorry to come at this time, no one will be ready to help us, so I came here. Samidha asks Prerna to tell Priyanka. Prerna says yes, I will tell Prerna. Priyanka asks what does these papers mean. Prerna says you don’t need to worry, I will handle it, go and rest, its Shivani’s mehendi. Priyanka thanks her and gets sad. She says you have saved us from the storm. Prerna says no storm can harm you, life back to normal, okay. Samidha says promise can’t be broken, people get separated if promise breaks. Prerna says I know, I promise I will never get separated from you. Priyanka says we will go. Prerna says I will send the driver for you.

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She thinks Anurag you crossed all limits, I will ruin your business project, media will know how you have demolished an orphanage, I have to do this. She recalls losing her daughter. Mohini says don’t know why Rakhi worries for Prerna. Nivedita says Komolika can’t do this. Mohini says no need to react on demolition. Nivedita says you are saying this, we are talking about an orphanage, we are Basus, we get everything we want, but there is a limit, Komolika has crossed that limit. Komolika comes. Nivedita says Anurag doesn’t do such work. Komolika says Mohini, explain her that she shouldn’t take stress. She says you are staying in your brother’s house, you can lose chances of remarriage. Mohini says I will explain her. Komolika says you should learn how to behave like me. Mohini says Veena called, she wanted to send mehendi through Mahesh, I said we will get it, did I do right. Komolika says yes, give such lessons to Nivedita. She goes. Nivedita says just look at her. Mohini says you can’t behave like that, control your tongue, you can behave like that when you marry a rich girl.

Prerna and Veena have a talk. Veena says Shivani got Ronit, I m worried for you. Prerna says everything is fine, go and sleep. Veena says you shouldn’t hide anything from mum. Prerna says Samidha’s ashram was getting demolished today, I have stopped it, owner is Anurag Basu, he has seen me happy with Samidha and tried to ruin it, you would be thinking why I m getting emotional seeing an orphan kid, I find some connection with Samidha, I see Sneha in her. Veena hugs her and says I can understand, you have love for that girl and hatred for Anurag, he did wrong, there is mehendi tomorrow, we should stay happy, I will behave well with Shivani’s inlaws. Veena smiles and says take care, sleep now.

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Komolika and Ronit complimenting each other. She says you always makes sacrifices for me, I don’t want our bond to catch bad sight, you are marrying Shivani for my revenge, you are my dear brother. He says I trust you, dad and Mishka didn’t support me, you are imp for me, I will always be with you. She says I know. He says I had to ask, we could have asked for money, why, we got CEO position as a gift, you want to trouble Mr. Bajaj. She says I understand, I will not leave the profits, it won’t be dowry, but like a favor, we will get it tonight. Mohini and Nivedita come. Mohini says we are ready, Moloy and Kaushik needs time. Komolika says we will go together like a happy family.

Suman gets mehendi. Shivani asks her to get mehendi applied. Suman says I have much work. Shivani is happy. Prerna jokes. Veena says Shivani is so happy, I want her life to have happiness. Prerna gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. Shivani says Ronit will get mehendi. Veena asks did Mr. Bajaj say something. Prerna says his flight got cancelled, he can’t come. Veena says your Sneha is coming. They see Samidha. Veena says I also feel she looks like you. Prerna says no, tell that she looks like Anurag. Veena says yes. Samidha hugs Prerna. Prerna asks her to apply mehendi. Samidha says I have to help Maasi. Veena hugs Samidha. Samidha says all the elders cry. Prerna says mum missed someone and cried. Priyanka asks them to manage guests. Basus come. Veena thinks I don’t like you, but I have to respect you for Shivani’s sake. Mohini argues with Veena. Prerna says I got self-esteem and sincerity from my mum. Komolika gives the mehendi.


Anurag looks on. Everyone goes for the ritual. Moloy stops Kuki and asks do you know me. Kuki says yes. He asks why don’t you talk to me, lets me friends. She says you were on wheelchair that time. He says you didn’t talk that time. She says I don’t remember how I started talking. He says I started working because of your dad. She says my dad is really good. He says I m a good business, I have a selfish motive to get friendly. Kuki asks what is it. Veena sends her. Moloy says I want to know how is Sneha, where is she. Kaushik comes to Kuki. She says I got scared. He says sorry. They sit. He says I m sorry for everything, my mischief and all. She says sorry to assume you stupid, then I realized I was harsh, its okay, you aren’t like you appear. He says we are bringing clarity or confusing more. She says I mean you are a nice guy. He says I m not a good guy. She asks why, I m saying it.

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Haan tum ho….plays… They have a moment. Monu says what happened to Kaushik, did he fall for her. He goes to take Kaushik with him. Priyanka asks can I ask you something, can you tell Anurag to not demolish the ashram. Komolika says I tried to talk to him, I felt bad, he isn’t listening, how is Samidha. Priyanka says she is fine, don’t know what happened to Anurag, sorry. Komolika says don’t talk to Anurag, he gets irritated, he may do anything in anger. Priyanka says sure, thanks for explaining me. Komolika thinks he will know it at the right time. Anurag sees Samidha decorating. He helps Kajal. Kajal thanks him and goes. He says I like the designs, I feel proud. She gets hurt. She asks him to tie the hanky. He says red hanky. She says its new one, I like red colour, maybe it was my mum’s fav, Durga maa chunri is also red, I was wrapped in red chunri when I was drooped at the ashram. He recalls the past.


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