Made for each other 22 November 2020: Komolika saying I just want to harm Prerna personally or professionally, get the news soon. Ronit agrees. Prerna asks Mr. Bajaj are you going to London.

He says I m a businessman, I just need some time alone, I will take some time to come back, you are strong, don’t do anything that Komolika finds you weak, I don’t want to miss my flight. She stops him. He asks driver to get the car. Prerna gets his passport. She says I remember, you always forget the passport in the room. He says I intentionally forget to check if you remember or not. They smile. He says actually, right, I m overdependent on you, its not my nature, I think I trust you too much. She gets a call.

He thinks I wish I could tell you my feelings, I had moved on but now I don’t want to lose you, I respect you, I don’t want to think such about you, you just think so about Anurag. She asks him to meet Kuki once. He says sorry, I m getting late. He goes. She sees Kuki and says yes, I will tell Kuki that you left. Kuki says its okay, I will go to college. She leaves. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj never tells about Kuki, he isn’t behaving the same way like her childhood.


Kuki collides with Kaushik and goes. Anushka comes and meets him. She says I like your company, Kuki’s mood is upset. Kaushik says she is already Sadu. Anushka says you would be knowing that she doesn’t like you, her anger will get high if she sees me with you, shall I go to her. He says I m understanding, good looking, good hearted, go to her, give her company, tell her my qualities. She says yes definitely. He sees Kuki upset. Anushka says I have forgiven you. Kuki cries and says dad went back to London, he doesn’t care for me. Kuki and Kaushik argue. A man comes and calls Kuki. He says principal is calling you, come. Kuki leaves her bag and goes.

Kaushik says I will like it if principal scolds her, she is careless, she forgot her bag, if this gets stolen, then I will be blamed, I will give this to her. Ronit checks Prerna’s account. He says that’s a huge amount for an orphanage, Prerna likes to become great, but why. He calls Komolika and says you told me to give you all updates of office, Prerna’s account has no money, she has used all the money for an orphanage, I feel she wants love of hungry orphans, none can fill her pain of losing her baby, she is doing a drama of donation. She asks him to send address of orphanage. He thinks what happened to her, she will also spend money on orphanage to compete, no she is sensible, she would be seeing some other angle. Komolika says Prerna cared for Samidha so much, Samidha is her weakness, I love you Samidha, you have shown me the way to strike Prerna, her weakness will be my strength.

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Moloy meets Anurag and talks to him. He says I missed you a lot. Anurag says I seriously missed you. Moloy says don’t lie, why did you not call me, I thought you wanted to be alone and peaceful. Anurag says yes, I wanted to be alone, but I was busy with some work also. Moloy asks him not to say about work. He says no worries, you would be knowing it. Anurag says yes, I will not let anything wrong happen with Shivani, where is Kaushik. Moloy says he went to college, its his result today. Anurag says oh I forgot. Moloy says you are college trustee, you forgot, what would be his score. Anurag says he will pass. Kaushik goes to the principal’s office. Kuki cries and says I didn’t do it. Principal says you should have accepted the mistake, I have to follow the trustee’s rules.

Kaushik thinks I will torture her once I know what she did. The principal says papers leaked by your number. Kuki says I didn’t do it, trust me. Kaushik recalls. Principal says you disappointed me a lot, Prerna offered a donation, but seeing your marks, I gave you an admission, now I know how you earned the marks. Kuki says I have always studied well. Principal asks her to call her parents, just go. Kuki cries. Kaushik goes. Komolika comes to orphanage. She sees Priyanka and thinks she was seeing flower decoration work in Prerna’s house. She says I wanted to hire you for decoration work. Priyanka says I know Prerna asked you to hire me, she has sent all the stuff for kids, she loves kids a lot, she has a big heart, I will do the decorations, thanks. Samidha comes. Komolika says I found you. Samidha asks were you finding me. Komolika says yes and holds her face, trying to grab her neck.

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Komolika saying you can come home with Priyanka, promise me. Samidha says promise. Komolika says you like Prerna a lot. Samidha says yes, I like her a lot, she took good care of me. Komolika thinks this girl is also bonding with you, I wanted this info, it will be useful for me. Kuki sadly cries. Kaushik comes. Kuki says madam rusticated me, I didn’t leak the papers. She cries on his shoulders. He feels bad. Priyanka asks Samidha to go to her friends. She gets water for Komolika. She says Anurag could have called me and I would have come your home. Komolika asks how do you know Anurag, he didn’t come in engagement.

Priyanka says everyone knows him here. Samidha asks her to come fast, a girl got hurt. Komolika thinks how is Anurag connected to them. Monu asks Kaushik to come. He says we didn’t give papers to anyone except Rocky, if principal knows, we are gone, tell me. Kaushik says principal thinks Kuki did this. Monu says we got saved, why are you in tension. Kaushik says Kuki was crying. Monu says we don’t like her. Kaushik says I feel bad for her, she is innocent, I feel guilty. Monu says she is Kuki, forget it, else we will be gone. Samidha looks for aid. She says I want to become a doctor. Priyanka gets the girl. Samidha does the aid. Komolika asks how do you know Anurag. Priyanka doesn’t pay attention. Komolika asks again. Priyanka says he sends help for this orphanage since many years. Komolika thinks Anurag helps other orphanages also, any way I got the info. Kuki comes home and cries. Prerna ends her work call. She asks why are you crying. Kuki tells everything. Prerna says I know you can’t do it. Kuki says principal asked me to call my parents.

Prerna says I will come with you, your dad isn’t here, I know you didn’t do it, come. Principal says we should call Mr. Basu, he is the trustee, he had made the rules to rusticate the student who cheats or leaks papers. She calls Anurag. She asks him to come to college for some time. He says sure. Prerna comes to college with Kuki. Anurag comes there. He says I had urgent work and had to come, oh I forgot the phone in my car. He goes. Peon meets Kuki and says you helped me that day, I couldn’t thank you, my daughter made this card for you. Kuki smiles. Peon says she got the books by your donation, she paid fees also, thanks. Prerna says sorry, we are getting late. Peon says why is she so worried. Prerna goes to principal’s office. Principal says we have proof against Kuki. Prerna says I m her mum, she is innocent, I know her. Principal says Kuki accepted that its her phone number, every student is dear to me, why didn’t I blame anyone else, I have proof. Prerna says listen to me. Principal says no use, our trustee made the rules for everyone, wait outside. Peon hears this. He goes to Kuki and says sorry, I have heard everything, our trustee is a nice man, you can talk to him, he will listen to you, he may stop this rustication.

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Prerna says we will meet him before going to principal. She asks the man about the trustee. The man says you can meet him when he comes. Anurag comes. Principal says sorry to call you this way. Anurag says I know, Kaushik shouldn’t misuse the college rules, I think we have established the rules so that students follow it, I understand, he did a big mistake, he should be punished, remove him from the college, I m okay with it. She says no, he didn’t do anything, some other student did it, we decided to rusticate that student, you need to sign on the papers. He says you are doing it right. He talks to peon and takes papers to sign. Komolika thinks why didn’t Anurag tell me about the orphanage, you can hide things, but can’t do anywhere, I have to keep an eye, what’s happening. Anurag says students will get a lesson now, can I take your leave, have a nice day. He leaves. Peon asks Prerna did she meet trustee, he is leaving. Prerna goes. Peon stops Anurag and says madam is worried and wants to talk to you. Anurag asks who. Anurag sees Prerna. She goes to him.



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