Made for each other 13 December 2020: Anurag saying I won’t let Prerna get hurt, you won’t do anything, stay away from Prerna. Prerna comes home and shouts Komolika… He goes to check. Mohini asks when will she leave this middle class things. Nivedita says I will call the police. Prerna calls Samidha…

Samidha is listening to music. Komolika asks Prerna to talk in low tone. Prerna asks where is Samidha. Anurag says I didn’t know about it. Komolika says you knew everything, what’s there to hide. Anurag says enough, I didn’t know, trust me. Komolika says you told me to adopt Samidha, before Prerna does, since she loves Samidha. Prerna says you both just return my Samidha. Komolika asks what will you do with us. Prerna says you lie so much Anurag, Chandrika told me that you have my daughter to her. Anurag says yes, I told her to give Sneha to you. Komolika asks when did you say that.

Prerna says return my Samidha, my Sneha back, you knew Samidha is Sneha, you were acting to cry. Anurag gets shocked and asks Samidha is Sneha….really. Prerna says I can’t believe this. Komolika says solve this matter, I will not return the adoption, do anything you want. Kaushik comes to the tea stall. The man says Kuki called you. Kuki gets a rose for Kaushik. She apologizes. She asks will you forgive me, I couldn’t trust you, you are so good like my dream guy. Anushka smiles seeing them. Monu comes. Kuki says I was in shock and didn’t tell you I m fine, so sorry, I have practiced this a lot, will you hold my hand and never leave me. She proposes him and asks him to say yes please. The people look on and ask him to say yes. Kaushik holds Kuki’s hand and hugs her. They smile.

Prerna says my daughter will be with me, its my promise, see how I ruin both of you, Anurag gave my daughter to ashram, Komolika paid Chandrika to burn the ashram so that Sneha dies, live your life, I will not leave you now, you have seen my anger, get ready to face a mum’s anger. Anurag says you are mistaken, Prerna. Prerna goes. Komolika says she always creates a scene, you should be happy that I made you unite with Sneha. Anurag says I break my relation with you. She says you can’t do this. He says don’t show me your face again, I m leaving you. Mohini and Nivedita look on. He shouts out now…. Komolika goes.

Mohini says please calm down, I know you will find some solution. Nivedita says Prerna would have gone to jail if she stayed for more. Mohini says she wins all the time, she ruined our business. Komolika goes angrily. Mohini asks did I say anything wrong. Nivedita says you said the truth, Komolika can’t tolerate it, this time Komolika will handle everything. Anurag sees Samidha and goes to hug her. Abhi mujhmein….plays… He recalls their moments and says Sneha… She says Samidha, why are you crying, that I told I want Prerna. Anurag says Prerna is your mumma. Samidha says I also want this. He says no, Prerna is your mumma, she will tell you everything when you meet her. She says I can just see you crying. He says I m very happy. She says I want to ask, you promised me, you will make Prerna my mom, but can you become my dad.

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Anurag cries and says I m finding my daughter since 8 years, sorry, I don’t understand, when I get Sneha, don’t know how will she talk to me, you call me Papa once. She says Papa. He hugs her and says I will get Prerna here, I will hide you, until I come back, don’t come out, can you do this for me, can we play this game. She says pinky promise. Komolika asks the goons to kill Prerna today evening itself. The goon says we want more money. She says you will get money, I want proof of her death. The goons leave. Komolika says I have planned to kill Prerna, I like challenges. The goon sees Prerna driving. He calls Komolika and says we have seen Prerna. She asks them to just kill her. The truck follows Prerna’s car.

Komolika asks Mohini what is she doing here. Mohini says I was waiting, you did wrong to challenge Prerna, you will listen to me today. Komolika says fine, tell me. Mohini says you are not just Anurag’s wife, you are my Bahu, you have returned Anurag’s daughter to us, I m thankful to you, but you have two options, to teach a lesson to Prerna that she never comes back, or leave the city. Komolika asks done? She says second option is boring, first option is interesting, Prerna will learn a lesson, it will be my final revenge, I hired a contract killer to kill Prerna, it will be a murder, but look like an accident. Mohini gets shocked. Komolika asks why are you shocked. Anurag shouts Komolika…. Komolika smiles

Anurag asking how dare you.. Komolika argues. Anurag shouts you have ruined my life. Mohini calms him down. He says mum please, just leave. Prerna is on the way. She recalls Komolika’s words. She thinks I will ruin their business, Komolika will come to plead me and give my daughter back. Komolika says Prerna’s game is over today. Anurag asks who did you send. She says apologize to me, I will not tell you even if you do, because Prerna will die. She smiles. He says nothing will happen to Prerna, I will save her, I will find her, I trust my love, my love will win, your hatred will lose. She asks really. He says yes, Komolika won’t live in this house now, just Prerna will stay here, she will be my wife. He turns the photo frame. She gets shocked seeing Anurag and Prerna’s picture. He shows Prerna to her. He says this is my promise. He goes. Prerna says buy all the shares of Basu industries, don’t buy it from Mr. Bajaj’s company, his name shouldn’t come.

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Anurag calls her. She says don’t lie more, please. He asks where are you. The call disconnects. He thinks Komolika made accident plan, it means Prerna will be on some road, but where. The goons follow. Prerna gets Priyanka’s call. She says I m reaching JP road, why. Anurag says thanks Priyanka for help. He sees the truck and says if I get my car between some way, yes. He speeds up and drives in between. Prerna stops her car. Goon says now who is he.

Prerna says did he go mad. Anurag runs to her. He holds her hand. They both run. Goons run after them. They run upstairs to a temple. Goons miss them and go other way. Anurag says they went to other direction. She asks what’s happening, you are showing that you came to save me from accident. He says enough. She argues. She says I have no time to waste, I have to get my daughter, leave me. He says I can’t leave you alone. She says stop it, what do you want to express, same thing again, you want to kill me, I will get saved this time, I got my daughter back. He says come here, take this trishul, kill me, listen to me, they are after us, they want to kill us. She says stop it. He says hold this, kill me, I will not let you go, hit me. She says don’t try to become Lord, you tried to kill me, you snatched my daughter, you are stopping me now, why.

He says I m sorry, I forced you to stay alone all life, sorry to keep you away from Sneha, I always did wrong in life, so wrong that I had to stay alone, there was no one with me, I didn’t wish to push you, because I love you, I wanted you to be alive. She asks can anyone survive after that fall. He says Komolika wanted to hurt you, let me say, I was helpless to keep you alive, Komolika threatened me that she will get you jailed. She asks what did I do. He says Viraj’s murder 8 years back, Komolika has the video, she threatened to show the video in court. Komolika takes a knife and stabs Anurag and Prerna’s pic. Goons look for Prerna. She calls goon. Goon says we didn’t find her. She says I want her dead. He says that guy came in between and saved her. She says that guy’s name is Anurag Basu, I want that girl dead, kill Anurag also if he comes in between. Mohini shouts Komolika…. Komolika says kill both of them. Anurag says you told me the story of thorn bird, I have lived the pain all life to save you from pain, seriously.

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He says Komolika asked me everything, I was ready, she snatched you from me. She asks how much will you lie, you were having alcohol, Komolika was in your arms. Anurag says you are right, you have seen what we wanted to show, I wasn’t drunk, else I would not remember, I wanted you to see us and hate me, so that you leave me and go. She says not again, I won’t believe you. He says I didn’t have the courage the face you, but now, I can face you, I can tell you because I have courage today, I want to tell you everything, I was helpless to push you, I have all proofs today, I want to live with you and Sneha.

She asks if you cares for Sneha, would you leave her at the ashram, she is raised there, her parents are alive, she didn’t get their love, because of whom. He says I would have not let this happen if I knew, I gave the baby to Chandrika, I took her promise that she just gives Sneha to you, I m saying the truth, my fate is bad, I didn’t know you didn’t have her since 8 years, trust me, I swear on you, I m alive but my life went with you. She says you tried to kill me, you pushed me down the bridge, how can anyone survive. He says Mr. Bajaj saved you, he was there, did you think you will get him there, how, because he is also part of this plan, he knew you will fall and he will save you, yes.

Mohini asks how dare you thought to kill Anurag, I won’t leave you. Komolika asks did you forget your status, you don’t know me, I m the one who did Moloy’s accident, who killed Prerna’s dad, I m the one because of whom Sneha was going to die, I regret she is alive, Anurag went to save Prerna, if he saves her, then…he will die. Mohini cries. Komolika hits a vase on her head and thinks you will also die, so that you don’t do anything to save them. Mohini faints.


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