Made for each other 21 November 2020: Prerna saying I will be fine if I m alone. Mr. Bajaj says okay. He sits away. He says I will go when you handle yourself. Its morning, she wakes up and sees him sleeping on the sofa. He wakes up and says sorry, I wasn’t going to sleep here, I thought you can get emotional and wanted to be with you. She thanks him for always caring for her. He says you got much emotional, so I didn’t tell anything, you said you lost your daughter and Samidha lost her mum, I don’t know if I can explain this, you and Samidha are incomplete, you can give her mum’s love. She smiles and says you are good in business, you aren’t good in expressing emotions, people think you are complex and heartless, you have a beautiful heart, you care for everyone, not like that Anurag, he appears such, I don’t want to talk about it.

At college, Kuki meets Anushka. She tells about Kaushik. She thinks not to say anything bad about him, else Anushka will get upset. Anushka asks did he not ask about me. Kuki says yes, he asked about you. Kaushik comes. Anushka smiles. She goes to Kaushik and says Kuki said you were asking about me. Kaushik says its okay. Kuki says you got upset when she didn’t come. Kaushik says yes, Kuki is asking me to say this. Anushka gets angry and goes. Kuki argues with Kaushik. She says I know taking revenge, understood. He says you will know me, remember. She says you can’t impress me, I feel I shouldn’t waste time, but you need a lesson, so be ready.

Prerna is on call. She sees Shivani smiling. Shivani says Ronit is joining office, he is very happy to become CEO of Bajaj city project, he called to say that Komolika and Nivedita are coming. She goes. Samidha gets the tea. Prerna asks why did you get it. Samidha says I can make tea for you. Prerna asks shall I help. She drinks the tea and likes it. She teases Samidha.


Prerna says Mr. Bajaj will like it. Samidha asks and Anurag uncle. Komolika and Nivedita come home. Komolika says you didn’t get shocked by our coming. She asks Samidha is she the one who got caught in fire. Samidha says yes, Prerna took care of me and saved me. Komolika tells about the gifts. Nivedita asks about Mr. Bajaj. Prerna says he would be in his room. Nivedita asks can I personally give him the gift. Prerna says sure. Samidha makes tea for Komolika. Prerna smiles. Komolika thinks strange, I didn’t smile seeing the girl. Nivedita comes to Mr. Bajaj’s room. She sees his clothes and thinks where is Prerna’s stuff, maybe they are together for children’s sake, I m sure that he will get attracted to me. She says his shirt is very nice, it looks of cheap quality, but its nice. He comes and asks what are you doing. She says I came to give the gift. He says its our butler’s shirt, someone kept it by mistake with my clothes. She says I had come to give the gift. He says it would be Mohini’s ritual, keep it there.

She says you are seeing me, what is it. He says I m waiting for you to leave from my room, please leave. She goes. He says crazy woman. She says he is ignoring me, you got a swag, I don’t feel bad, I feel attracted to you, I will waste my time for you, you and Prerna are together for Kuki’s sake, it won’t be tough to get you. Tea falls over Samidha’s hand. Prerna cares for her. Veena comes. Komolika thinks why do they overreact always, Prerna would be seeing Sneha in this girl. Prerna goes to drop Samidha. Komolika thinks Prerna is falling weak for this girl, I hope she behaves well with me, else I have to use this girl to hurt Prerna.

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Prerna dropping Samidha to the orphanage. Samidha hugs Priyanka. Prerna says she is an angel, I m grateful that you have dropped her at my house, she is really nice, where are the kids. Priyanka says they are in classroom, you would be troubled to come here. Prerna says its fine. Samidha says I will show her what I made. Priyanka says that clock, fine show it to her. Samidha shows the old clock. She says it broke and everyone asked me to throw it, I have fixed it. She shows her clothes donated by people. Prerna asks do you iron clothes. Samidha says yes, I do my work myself. Prerna says my mum also taught this to me.

Samidha says maybe I learnt this from my mum’s womb. Priyanka says these kids aren’t so lucky, they learn to stay happy, we get less funds, we buy things when needed, that’s why this clock is here and working, we switch off fans as well, it gets cool at night. Prerna offers help. Priyanka says no, I didn’t say all this to take help. Prerna says just tell me if you want help. Priyanka asks her to buy ration and new clothes for kids, they will be happy to get new clothes on diwali. Prerna says everything will come, I will send toys also, kids’ happiness is imp. Samidha gets the paper fan. Prerna says you won’t need it again, I will go. Samidha says you say you will come, I will miss you a lot when I sleep. Prerna says I will come. She goes. Priyanka asks Samidha to come, its time for school.

Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna and asks would you go office or come home. She asks him to send Johnson to market, she has to go shopping. He asks why are you working hard. She says no, I want to do it myself, I dropped Samidha at ashram, nothing is fine, I want to do something for them. He says you always donate your profits share, can I also help. She says thanks, I will call you if I need help, I will do this by my company funds. He says fine. He asks Ronit to ask Johnson to reach Prerna and follow her orders.

Nivedita does arrangements. She says Komolika is excited for Ronit’s marriage, she went to salon. Anurag comes home. Mohini hugs him. He says sorry. She says you don’t answer calls. He says I had some work, how are you. Nivedita says not fair, you didn’t call back. Anurag says my phone wasn’t working, I had to repair it, what’s happening. Mohini says Komolika would have told you, marriage is happening. He asks whose. Nivedita says Ronit. He says good for him, I got a pure silk saree for you, who is Ronit marrying. Nivedita says Shivani. He gets shocked. He asks what. Mohini says Prerna said no first and then she agreed. He says Komolika did this. He calls out Komolika. She says she went to salon. Nivedita says talk to her when she comes home. He calls Komolika. She doesn’t answer. He says I will come. He leaves. Prerna gets things for the ashram. Priyanka says so many things. Prerna says yes, there would be staff also, call me when you need help, we will call you whenever we need decorations in our house, where is Samidha. Priyanka say she is in school, she praised you a lot, you took good care of you. Prerna says when does she come, when you come home, get her along. Priyanka says sure, she will be happy to meet you. Prerna gets a call and says so sorry, I have to leave for a meeting. She goes.

Nivedita says Komolika isn’t answering. She gets angry and goes. Mohini says I hope Anurag’s anger calms down before Komolika comes, whom does he hate, Prerna or Komolika, why did he marry Komolika, why does he care for Prerna’s family.

Mr. Bajaj asks how did this happen, okay I will manage it. Prerna asks what happened. He tells her about the mess. He asks her to handle her meeting, he will manage it. She asks him to calm down. She goes. Manager says Prerna has donated to the ashram, that’s why we got late for the meeting. Anurag comes to meet Shivani and PRerna. Veena asks what do you want. He says I want to talk to Prerna. He holds Shivani’s hand and says come with me. He shuts the door. Shivani asks what are you doing. He asks what are you doing. Veena calls Prerna and says Anurag has come, he has taken Shivani and locked the door. Prerna asks how dare he. She leaves from office. Shivani asks him to leave. He asks why are you marrying Ronit, are you crazy. Prerna signs on the file.

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She asks Veena to call the police. Veena says yes, its the limit now. Anurag asks did you forget what Ronit did, are you doing this for money, don’t get trapped in this. Shivani asks did you come to break my marriage. Anurag says yes. She says I will marry Ronit. Veena knocks the door and asks Anurag to open the door, Prerna will come. Anurag says let her come, I m not scared of her. He says Shivani, you can’t marry Ronit, tell me. Shivani says I don’t want to talk to you. He says think about the past, what Ronit did against you and Prerna, you had sent him to jail, answer me. Prerna comes and knocks the door. She shouts Anurag, how dare you lock my sister inside, come out. He says you shouldn’t marry Ronit. Shivani says open the door. Anurag says listen, I won’t let you marry Ronit. He says Prerna, I came to talk to you, fine, I will break this alliance. Shivani asks who are you, who gave you this right. Anurag thinks they shouldn’t think I care for them, but I won’t let this marriage happen, how will I stop it, reverse psychology will work.

Prerna and Veena coming in. Anurag says I will go, Ronit deserves a better girl than Shivani, why would he marry someone who had sent him to jail, he just wants to play a game, he will eventually choose someone else. He says Ronit should marry a nice girl of his status, you will always have the middle class tag, Prerna married Bajaj, but its his money, she will be middle class only. Shivani gets sad. Anurag says Shivani will regret, I m giving an advice, say something, look a your sister, she married me and then I left her, I had no interest in her. Veena gets angry. He shouts Prerna is regretting, even you will regret, don’t let this happen. Prerna says Ronit is bad, but not cheap like you, are you ashamed to see your guilty face in my eyes, at least you can see your place, you don’t mean anything to me, get out of here.

He says if you have so much problem, then I would not like to even talk, you are so shameless, I will never come here, I realized that all the problems in your life revolve around me, stand in front of the mirror and see it, why do I matter, you just be a middle class girl. He asks Veena to understand the advice and leaves. Prerna asks him to stop. Anurag scolds her and goes. Prerna says Anurag is right, Ronit is not right for you. Shivani says you don’t remember what he did with you. Prerna says I know those people. Shivani says Anurag came to break my marriage, he can go to any extent. She argues and goes. Veena says Anurag’s words are affecting you. Prerna says I don’t want Shivani to marry in that house, Anurag and I want the same thing, if you want this, then I m ready. She goes.

Anurag comes to the salon and sees Komolika. She asks when did you come. He recalls asking the lady, if Komolika booked the entire salon. He asks why did you fix Ronit and Shivani’s marriage when you don’t like them. She asks him to ask Ronit and Shivani, its their personal matter. He says you took advantage of my absence. She asks who could do it for Ronit’s happiness, I love my brother like you love your family, Ronit and Shivani love each other, Ronit got Shivani to meet me, Prerna blamed me for kidnapping, she called the media and police, I had to tolerate a lot, I swear I would have not let this marriage happen, I have a heart, I respect two lovers, I forgot hatred and enmity, I took the alliance, I called and messaged you.

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He warns her. She threatens him back. She says for whom you are doing all this will be dead, if I die suddenly, then whatever I have kept in my locker will reach the police, I married you, I m not a fool, I knew you can kill me and go back to Prerna, I m Komolika, I know to control people. He says I know you, I have tolerated you, but listen, I can’t do anything to you, I know Ronit is a cheap man, if I know its your plan behind his marriage, then trust me, Ronit won’t get saved, I know you love him a lot, he is your only brother, he won’t get saved, he will be in trouble, that’s my promise, keep Shivani away from this matter, think about it. He leaves. She thinks I knew you will create a problem, but I have a solution, none can come between my plan. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna why did she leave office and come. She says Anurag had come, he said Komolika and Ronit are higher in status, don’t worry, I have explained him. He says really, sometimes you amaze me, you are strong and sensitive too, don’t expect me to praise you more. He goes.

Ronit talks to Shivani and says Mr. Bajaj gave me CEO position, he realized that none can be better than me. Kajal comes and teases her. Anurag sees Ronit. Ronit says I will talk to you later. Shivani says everyone is happy with Ronit’s work. Anurag talks to Ronit. He says you got engaged so soon, how would I come. Ronit says Shivani and I are in love since 8 years, we got engaged, I will meet you later, Komolika is calling me. Anurag stops him and says I didn’t hear Komolika calling. Ronit says right, but she called me, what happened, do you want to talk to me. Anurag says no, I have to warn you, you said you love Shivani and she loves you, wrong, you listen to me, take this as my last warning, take it seriously, if I m right, then trust me, I will not leave you, you will be badly beaten up, last warning, think of it. Ronit nods. Anurag says focus on marriage, yes. Ronit says yes. Anurag says good and goes.

Komolika says my brother has become CEO of Bajaj company. Mohini says I have explained Nivedita. Komolika says I will handle Moloy, he has gone to attend a wedding. Mohini says yes. Komolika goes to Ronit and asks the news about the project. He says it was my first day, I met Anurag, he was in bad mood. She says we can’t waste time, I have to focus on target Prerna, tell me about Bajaj city project. He says Anurag doesn’t know that I m on the CEO position, maybe he will get me removed. She says before Anurag knows it, get some info for me, that Prerna gets on her knees in front of me, I can use some news against her, tell me everything, so that I play my game, I want to hurt Prerna personally, but I have nothing such to hurt her, I saw a girl at her house but….


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