Made for each other 12 December 2020: Anurag saying I didn’t know this, how shall I apologize to you, I hurt you so much, sorry, I misunderstood you that you want revenge on me, I thought what did I do, I didn’t know that you are in pain since years, now I know why you behave so rudely with me, why you get angry, I swear, I didn’t know, I thought Sneha… He cries.

Prerna looks at him. He says I thought she is alive, she is in hostel, she is with you, you are hiding her, I came in Shivani’s sangeet to see Sneha once, I wanted her to call me Papa, I would have forgot the pain and hugged her in a second, you don’t know there is no day when I didn’t think of her, I always thought to tell her that I m her dad. He says sorry Sneha, I promised I will always protect you, I will do anything for your happiness, I couldn’t keep it, I didn’t know she won’t come back, I deserve it. Prerna hugs him. They cry. Kasauti…plays… doctor comes to them.

Kaushik gets Monu’s call. He answers. Monu says Anushka called and told me everything, how is Kuki. Kaushik says she slipped in coma. Monu says very sorry, your love will end before starting. Kaushik says no, I will love her always, even if she doesn’t respond, she will be my first and last love, I will always love her. Kuki hears him and opens eyes. She recalls talking to doctor. She says I m fine. He says I will give the good news to Anurag. Nurse asks shall I give the good news to Kaushik. Kuki says wait, tell him that I m in coma, I want to keep him away, I feel he is lying to me, if he loves me, he will wait for me, else not, truth will be found. FB ends. Anurag and Prerna come to see her. Kaushik thinks I can’t tell them that Kuki slipped in coma. He goes to call nurse. They ask how are you now. Kuki says I m fine. Kaushik goes to nurse and says Kuki’s mom has come, I can’t tell her that Kuki slipped in coma, can you tell her. Nurse says Kuki told me say that to you, don’t you know she isn’t in coma, listen to me. Kaushik feels bad. Prerna says I will drop you home. Kuki says I will go home with Anushka. Anurag calls Kaushik and asks what, you could have informed me. Kuki asks where is he. Anurag says he suddenly left for home. Nurse says I told him, sorry, nothing. She goes.

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Prerna says I will send driver. Kuki says you go, I will go with Anushka. Prerna goes. Anurag says take rest. He leaves. Kuki thinks he knows that I want him away, he would feel bad. Kaushik thinks of her. Prerna comes to orphanage and asks for adoption papers. She says I have to adopt Samidha. Chandrika sees Priyanka.

Shivani takes care of Kuki. Kuki says I don’t like guys, since they think girls are timepass, I misunderstood Kaushik. Shivani says you love him. Anushka asks when were you going to tell me. She says you liked him and saved him for yourself, I m very happy for you. She hugs Shivani. Shivani thinks of Prerna and Anurag’s love story. Chandrika says sorry, but someone already adopted her. Prerna asks who adopted her, tell me. She says give me the number once, I will tell them that Samidha is like my daughter, Samidha and Sneha are one for me. Chandrika says I can understand, but now its not possible. Prerna says please, I plead you, I will give you money and property, anything, give me Samidha. Chandrika says please, its late now. Priyanka says Prerna can check the register if you can’t say. Prerna takes the register. Chandrika tries to snatch it. Priyanka asks Chandrika to leave it. Chandrika slaps her. Prerna sees Komolika’s name. She gets shocked. Priyanka says Komolika… She scolds Chandrika. Prerna asks what are you both talking. Priyanka says Komolika has separated your daughter once again, Samidha is Sneha. Prerna gets shocked. Chandrika worries. Priyanka says Samidha is your daughter, her name was changed in this orphanage, she is your Sneha. Prerna happily cries.

Komolika saying Samidha is your other daughter, react something. Anurag thanks her. Mohini and Nivedita ask Anurag why is he agreeing. Komolika asks them what happened to them. She asks Samidha to think of it as her house. Priyanka says Samidha is your own daughter, Sneha, you felt Samidha can take Sneha’s place, she is Sneha. Prerna cries and says Samidha is Sneha. Komolika says she will get family’s love, Samidha was emotional, so I got her here, did I do right. Anurag says you have taken the right decision for the first time, thanks for bringing her into our family. Prerna says my daughter is alive. Priyanka and Chandrika argue. Prerna looks on. Mohini says you should have checked her family line before adopting her. Anurag says enough, I like this girl a lot.

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He thinks why did Komolika do this, Prerna won’t get Samidha at the ashram. Chandrika says I m going, let me go. Prerna stops her and threatens her. She asks why did you keep me away from my daughter. She says I will drag you to the police station. She threatens to cut her finger. Chandrika says I will tell you. She cries and sits back. She says Komolika gave me money to kill the baby, the baby was two day old, I had ignited the fire in the ashram. Prerna gets shocked. Chandrika says my greed got more, I thought I can keep the baby alive and use her for more money, then you met me, I told Komolika and blackmailed her, Komolika adopted Samidha and gave me much money.

Prerna says you should have returned my daughter to me, I would have given you money, you got saved because of Priyanka, none can save Komolika. Kaushik says she lied to me, she made the nurse lie, am I such a bad person. Monu holds him. Kaushik says I decided to go back to London, I will be with mom, I don’t want Kuki to hate me. Anurag brings Samidha to Diya’s room. He asks whom do you want as your mum. Samidha says Prerna, I didn’t see my mum, but I see Prerna when I think of my mum, I didn’t wish Komolika to adopt me, I told Chandrika that I won’t go with Komolika. FB shows Chandrika scolding her. Samidha says call Prerna, she will adopt me. Chandrika says go with Komolika and behave well, else I won’t leave you. She slaps Samidha. FB ends. Anurag says sorry, you had to come here, don’t cry, I promise I will take you to Prerna soon, she will be your mum, I will take adoption papers back. Samidha smiles. He says happy now, I promise, don’t cry. He asks her to listen to songs. He thinks I will tell Komolika that she did wrong to get Samidha here. Kuki asks what shall I do now. Shivani and Anushka say just propose Kaushik. Kuki says dad won’t agree. Shivani says Prerna will convince him, you enjoy. Kuki asks how will Kaushik understand, I did bad with him, he knows I told the nurse to lie to him, he was so upset. Anushka says silly, call him.

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Kaushik doesn’t answer. Kuki and Shivani to the tea stall. Kuki requests the tea stall vendor to call Kaushik. The man calls Kaushik to his stall quickly. Kaushik asks is everything fine. Nivedita comes to Komolika and says we don’t need Samidha, we can’t have an orphan in our family, Mohini thinks of culture, after all, own blood is own. Komolika says you know who is that girl, that girl is Sneha, Prerna and Anurag’s daughter. Nivedita asks how can this happen, Sneha would be with Prerna. Komolika asks did you see Sneha with Prerna, Samidha is Sneha. She smiles. Nivedita is shocked. Prerna drives and thinks of Samidha.

Mr. Bajaj calls her and asks where are you, I was calling you since long. She says Sneha is alive, Samidha is my Sneha, she got saved from fire, Komolika adopted Samidha, I will not leave her. He asks what, I m coming there. She says no, she challenged a mother, I m enough for her. Komolika says I m not to bad and got Sneha home. Mohini says Samidha is Anurag’s daughter Sneha. Komolika says yes, Anurag shouldn’t know it, else he may return Sneha to Prerna. They get shocked seeing Anurag at the door. Anurag says you are right, I will return Samidha to Prerna. Komolika thinks he got to know Samidha is Sneha. He asks them to leave. Mohini and Nivedita leave. Komolika says don’t be foolish, I thought you will be happy. He says Prerna wanted to adopt Samidha, you knew she lost her daughter. She thinks he didn’t hear Samidha is Sneha. He shouts on her. She shouts yes, I adopted Samidha to hurt Prerna, so that she suffers and cries.


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