Made For Each other Thursday Update 28th November 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Thursday Update 28 November 2019 Starlife

Veena and Mohini seeing the news of the robbery at the mall. They worry for their children. Veena asks Mahesh to take her to mall. Mohini runs to Nivedita and Anupam and tells about the robbery. They rush. The goon says someone leaked this video from here, we all will get caught. He asks who has done this.

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Made For Each other Thursday Update 28th November 2019 Starlife

The goons scare everyone. Prerna shouts I did this. The goon shoots at her. She gets shocked. The man gets shot. Shivani hugs Prerna in fear. The goon says we will kill her now, she is gone now. Anurag worries. Police reaches there. Mohini, Anupam and Nivedita come and ask for Anurag and Komolika. Inspector says I can’t allow you to go in, just get back, please. They plead to inspector. Veena, Suman and Mahesh come there to ask for Prerna and Shivani. Inspector says be patient and have faith in us. Mohini says Anurag is stuck there because of Prerna. Veena says there is no need to blame Prerna for everything. Mohini says she is really unlucky.

Veena, Mohini and Nivedita argue. Suman defends Veena and Prerna. Veena says Prerna has her mother with her, you better be ready to hear about your child if you tell anything about Prerna. Mohini warns her. The goon counts down. Prerna cries. Shivani worries. Anurag sees Prerna at gunpoint. Prerna says Anurag…. Anurag throws something at the goon and faints him. He beats the goon. The goon shoots at him. Anurag gets down. He gets saved. He throws things at the goons. Prerna says they are many, someone beat the goons, save Anurag.

The men also fight. Anurag scolds the goons for touching Prerna. Prerna sees him. He beats the goon. Komolika shouts Anurag. He doesn’t listen to anyone. Police comes there. Komolika thinks he is playing a game with me, he pretends to hate Prerna and then he loves her. Anurag thinks Komolika will now think that I love Prerna. Everyone comes out. Mohini hugs Anurag. Veena runs to hug her daughters. Mohini asks Komolika are you okay. Anurag and Prerna see each other. Komolika gets angry and says I have to go home. Shivani says Anurag saved your life again, we don’t know his situation, why he married Komolika, he still loves you, I saw his pain when the goons caught you, then we have seen him beating the goons, you need to realize it, he still loves you. Prerna cries. Mishka asks what happened, are you hurt. Komolika asks what do you want to know, I m deeply hurt in my heart. Mishka says Anurag, where is he, did he not come with you.

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Komolika says I have come alone, he is cheating me, he still loves Prerna, I kept telling him not to save her, why did he save her life, this is not acceptable. Anurag says I did what I wanted to, but why, I wanted Prerna to know that I love Komolika, but it happened the opposite, but Prerna and Komolika will think that I love Prerna, you know what, I feel I should have saved someone else, Komolika, I had sent her out of the mall, why did she come there. Anupam asks why didn’t you leave. Anurag says Prerna and Shivani were stuck there, give me some advice. Anupam says you have to deal with this mess. Anurag says I have to convince Prerna that I don’t love her and I have to convince Komolika that I love her. Anupam asks did you make any plans. Anurag says yes, I know how to save myself from these two women. He runs after Komolika. Prerna looks on. He asks Komolika to hear him out.

Komolika says Prerna is here, you were dying to save her, don’t lie, I have seen everything. He says you didn’t see what I was going to do, I wanted to save your engagement ring, I tried to find the ring and didn’t get it, I m saying the truth, I know its imp for you. Prerna thinks he was so concerned for her ring. She cries. Anurag says I tried to get the ring, really sorry. Komolika says I know you did it for Prerna. Prerna thinks he did this to make Komolika happy, I m such a fool, I thought he loves me, I have to make Komolika’s doubt stronger, this will be my weapon. Someone sees Shivani and calls Ronit. He says Shivani’s alliance is getting fixed, Savitri got the alliance. Ronit says Shivani will marry only me. He ends the call. He says I can’t let Shivani marry anyone else, if she chooses that guy, he will die. Prerna comes to Komolika and says I don’t want you to get cheated, Anurag made the engagement ring story, he told me that he will lie to convince you, you are smart and caught him, he was with me in changing room, he lied to you, he went to other changing room by jumping over the partition, he said he loves me and is finding right chance to throw you out of this house.

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Komolika asking Prerna to get out. Prerna says I m like Radhe and Rukmani for him, and you are like other girls, he is doing everything for me, Anurag loves me, he messed up things, I m winning too, I m getting my rights and property, leave from this house, before Anurag admits that he doesn’t love you, I will help you pack your bags. Komolika says just leave. Prerna says don’t push me. She pushes Komolika. Komolika shouts leave now. Prerna says my plan worked. She goes. Anurag looks on and thinks I wonder what she said to Komolika. Ronit meets his friend. He goes to Shivani’s house with a gun. Akash stops him. Ronit says don’t try to be my brother, just stay as a friend, you will find out everything, get going. Anurag comes to Prerna and asks what do you want. She says I want to make desserts.

He says don’t provoke Komolika, you don’t know the consequences. She says you worry for your baby, aw…. He says look at me, I m talking to you, I m concerned for you, why don’t you understand. They recall their moments. Tu hai dawa…plays…. She says leave me and goes. She says I want to make sweets to celebrate my victory.

Komolika says I will burn this house and everything if I have to leave from here. Prerna says your marriage with Komolika was a deal, I still feel that you love me, we are husband and wife, you do everything for Komolika, so go to her, go and pacify her, tell her that you love her, I will tell her that you are a liar, I m going to raise a doubt in her mind against you, you are cheating me, she will feel that you are cheating her, have sweets, you will like it. She goes.

Mohini scolds servants. Prerna asks why are you angry, I will manage everything, I m this house’s real bahu. Mohini says I don’t need your concern, what’s this new drama. Prerna says no need to worry. She asks servant to ask her what to cook, don’t trouble Mohini. Mohini says Anurag’s life was at risk today, how dare she call herself my bahu, I can’t take it anymore, its imp to control her.

Komolika says yes, she is crossing her limits, we have to stop her. Mohini says then stop her, this girl will snatch your place, you have the power, do something. Komolika says calm down, don’t be angry. Mohini says you are telling me to relax. Komolika says okay forget this, lets meet my friends. Mohini says Prerna called herself my bahu, that’s my insult, you don’t care for my insult, its about my respect. She shouts Nivedita. Nivedita comes. Mohini asks why did you change everything in the kitchen. Komolika asks Mohini to check at the door. Prerna asks Anurag to ask Komolika to behave well with Mohini. Komolika says my friends will clean this mess. Mohini goes and opens the door. She sees the police. Inspector says we are here to arrest Prerna. Anurag and Prerna get shocked. Komolika smiles and signs to Mohini.

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Mohini says please come in. Inspector says Prerna has to come with us. Prerna asks the reason. Inspector says under charges of harassing Mrs. Anurag Basu. Prerna says I m Mrs. Prerna Anurag Basu. Komolika says you can’t do this acting in front of police, have mercy on yourself, if you lie, it will be proved costly. She says she is calling my husband as her own, she signed the confession letter and said she did wrong, we thought she will leave, she is so shameless, she is harassing us. Prerna says I m Anurag’s wife. Komolika says better check her confession letter, she admits that she had tortured us. Prerna says you tricked me into signing this. Komolika says she signed it with her will and then thought that she will lose all comforts, so she changed her word. Mohini says yes, my bahu Komolika is right, Prerna wants to snatch my property, I want to file the same complaint. Anurag thinks if I support you, Komolika will be sure that I have feelings for you, everything will be ruined. Nivedita says Prerna ruined our house peace.

Komolika says you think anyone is interested in hearing you, my dad has done all this, power, connections and whatnot, you and even your so called husband can’t do anything, grab a corner in your home and cry, its the Bengali new year, so this is a new gift from my side, happy new year Prerna. Inspector says we don’t just have complaint, but also evidence against you. Anupam asks do you have arrest warrant to arrest Prerna, I have heard people talk about rules and regulations. Inspector says yes, we have the arrest warrant. Anupam checks it and signs Prerna. Prerna says I won’t go, I m Mrs. Basu, those papers are fake. She sees Anurag. He looks on sad. Judaai….plays…………. She gets handcuffed. Anurag comes downstairs and says Prerna is my wife. Komolika and everyone get shocked. Anurag says yes, its true that she is my wife, I promised her that she will have complete right over me. Anupam and Prerna smile.

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