Made for each other 6 August 2020: On Made for each other Thursday 6 August 2020 Written update, Anurag saying Sonalika, you here… Komolika says I thought to get your file. He says that’s so sweet, thank you so much.

She says you wanted the file so I got it, I wanted to surprise you, I was missing you. He says that’s sweet, actually why don’t you wait at my cabin, I will meet you later, Ashish take care of her. She says come soon, I will wait. She says show me the entire office. Prerna gets some files on her desk. Ashish shows the office. She picks some files. Komolika comes there. She gets Anurag’s call. She says I m coming. She goes. Ashish taunts Prerna and goes. Mala calls Prerna and says Anurag went to his cabin, take the file there. Prerna goes. Anurag drinks water. He sees the pic.


Komolika comes. She asks surprised? He says you like to give surprises, right. She says yes, you started understanding me. He says yes, but sorry I don’t like to keep family pic and show relations to everyone, its office space. She says its okay, I will take it back with me. He says relax, I m sorry, I didn’t know it matters so much for you, I will keep it here. She thinks its easy to fool delicate hearted people, its easy for me to shed tears. He asks happy. She says very…. you kept my heart, this matters to me. She holds him. He says its okay, you didn’t wish to come here. She says I was missing you a lot. He asks what will you have, tea or coffee. She says I will have black coffee. She stares at Anurag and gets close to him. Nika….plays….

He moves back. Prerna comes and knocks. He thinks thank God, whoever it is has come at the right time. Komolika thinks whoever it is has come at the wrong time. He says yes, come in. Prerna sees file number and recalls his words. She thinks Anurag will call me strange, what did I get, I made three mistakes, no. Komolika says I will see. Prerna goes. Komolika looks out and says there is no one. Anurag says maybe someone knocked by mistake. He orders coffee for her. She thinks if I know who was that idiot to spoil my romantic moment, I swear I won’t leave him.

Ashish comes to taunt Prerna again. He says you have no focus in your work. Prerna says I have to find the file. He says you mean I m wasting your precious time. She says no. He says you have attitude problem, I m talking to you. She says we will discuss it later, I m already late. She goes. He says she is just a secretary. Anurag says go home, I will be late. Komolika says as you say, my purse…. She holds Anurag’s hand. She says okay bye, I will wait for you. He says don’t wait for dinner. She says okay, I will wait. Mala says Prerna wait, Sir was asking did you take an off. Prerna goes. Komolika says lunch timings will change tomorrow. Mala says I m just a receptionist here. Komolika says I know, tell these exact words to Anurag’s secretary. Anurag says Prerna, you are still here, I thought you took an off and went home. She says no, you are my boss, I would have told you. He says you knocked the door some time back, right. She says sorry. He says no, its good you knocked the door. She says I know, I understood. He asks really.

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Ishq ka gallan….plays… She recalls their moments. They have an eyelock. She says my extension wasn’t working, I will go and check. She goes. Mala asks where is your house. Prerna says we shifted to kalighat temporarily. Mala says I also live there. Prerna says I will drop you. Anurag asks shall I drop you. Mala says you are sweet, Prerna is dropping me today. He says I can drop you too. Prerna thinks if he drops me, he will know about the house fire incident. She says thanks, I will manage. He goes. Mala says I wish we could go home in handsome boss’ car. Anurag comes home. Anurag comes home. Komolika serves dinner. He says so much food, wow, this is dad’s fav sweet, I also like it. She says we will start dinner with sweet so that we always remember it. She thinks to take a bite from his hand. He says dad… Moloy smiles. Anurag says come, look what’s prepared. Moloy asks how was your day. Anurag says it was great, look its your fav, I will serve you, just one bite. Moloy says this isn’t fair. Anurag feeds him sweets. Komolika thinks I had first right on this bite. She holds the fork tightly. She screams and drops the fork. She says fork fell down, I will get another one. She goes.

Moloy says Anurag, I need to find my book. Anupam comes and hugs Anurag. He says congrats. Moloy says you know how did he cracked the deal, in a second, he didn’t know its rival company. Anurag says I knew it, I bought it as the company has potential, I felt that company is calling me. Moloy says okay guys, carry on. He goes. Anupam says you remember I asked you to move on, I asked if Sonalika explained you, you said no, when Nivedita and Mohini were thanking Sonalika, she took all the credit, she didn’t say you decided this. Anurag says relax, girls like praise more than oxygen. Anupam says yes, your sense of humour suits you. Anurag says good night and goes.

Anurag looks into the storeroom and goes in. He sees the flickering bulb and says I have to do something, mum’s BP will get high and she will shout on servants. He says maybe bulb is damaged. He picks a crate. A pic falls down. He sees Prerna and his pic. He thinks Prerna and me together, what does this mean. Mala calls Prerna. Prerna is in washroom. Shivani says its Mala’s call. Prerna says answer it. Shivani answers. Mala says you sound different, I got pics of you and me with Anurag. Shivani says Anurag Basu. Mala says yes, our so called boss Anurag Basu. Prerna asks what did Mala say. Shivani says she said about the pics clicked in office, you and Anurag…. Mala has those pics, Anurag Basu? Veena comes and says Prerna, you are leaving this job tomorrow, its better if you stay away from Anurag.

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Anurag calls out Mohini and Moloy. They come and ask what happened. Komolika also comes. Anurag asks what’s this. He shows the pic. Mohini sees Komolika. Anurag asks them to say. Nivedita, Anupam come. Anurag says I told you to tell me if anything major happened with me. Nivedita says we already told you, what’s in this pic, why do you think we are lying, you are making stories. Anurag asks Komolika what’s this pic saying. Mohini says you tell me. Moloy says yes, you tell us, then we will tell you, maybe we forgot to tell you something. Anurag says Prerna and I are in this pic, a party is going on…. Mohini says I will tell you, I wanted to ignore this issue, we had Diwali party and invited Sharmas, Rajesh was also there, he made a mistake, I got rude, I don’t like that family, this pic was one moment of that party, everyone was dancing, you and Prerna also danced, that’s it. Nivedita says yes, we should go and sleep now, give me the pic. She goes. Mohini says there is dance in our every party, you just danced with that girl. They go.

Komolika says which family will lie to their son, a bad one, right, I can see your family cares a lot for you, what’s the reason, you think they don’t love you. He says I know, they won’t lie, they love me. She asks why all of this, you know they love you the way you love me. Veena says I don’t want you to work in Anurag’s office, I understand that your heart is still finding Anurag, truth is you don’t matter to him, why are you hurting yourself. Prerna says Anshul was the boss when I went to give interview, Anurag has bought the company, not for my sake, for taking Moloy’s publication ahead, I m just his secretary. Veena asks is he just boss for you, I know the answer, you resign, I m not stopping you from work, don’t work in his office. Anurag asks I love you…. Komolika says I love you too baby. Anupam looks on.

Anurag says no, you love me, how, I remember I married you as your marriage was happening with someone forcibly, I helped you. She thinks I have to make you believe my fake story. She says you loved me a lot Anurag, you had confessed this to me when you took me to the temple, its my bad luck that you forgot everything, when you got conscious, you learnt about my marriage happening forcibly, so you married me, I really miss the old Anurag, the one who madly loved me. She hugs him.

Anurag doesn’t hold her. Anupam observes them and goes. Komolika recalls their old moment. She thinks some habits won’t change, same attitude towards me, even my face changed now, but you are behaving like before. Anupam sits thinking. Nivedita asks what happened Anupam. He says Sonalika hugged Anurag, but he didn’t hug her, even if he forgot everything, Prerna is there in his heart. She says don’t take her name, maybe Anurag isn’t feeling comfortable, like we needed time to feel comfortable. Anupam says yes, we needed much time. She asks him to sleep.

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Its morning, Komolika says I wanted to make Anurag’s fav food, what shall I make. Mohini says make anything. Komolika says I was thinking to take lunch for him. Mohini says I know you love him a lot. Komolika says yes, its true, I don’t know how much I love him, I can take seven births for him, its my second birth, I went to give life and he saved my life. Mohini hugs her and smiles. She says I m very happy that you love him selflessly, girls loved him for money, but you love him. She blesses Komolika.

Prerna comes to office and recalls Veema’s words. She comes to Anurag. He says you don’t need to come for meeting, send Ashish, you come later. She says I had to say something. The pic frame falls down. She says sorry, my hand hit it by mistake. He says its okay. She says I will clean it. He says its okay. He holds her hand. He looks at him. He calls Mala and asks can you send someone, send Ram to clean this, something got broken here. Ram comes. Anurag asks him to clean it, glass pieces fell down. Prerna says I m resigning. He asks what, you can’t resign this way. Ram says Sir its done and goes. Anurag says you can’t resign on short notice, I need some time to replace you. Prerna asks will you not ask the reason.

Anurag says I m sure you have some strong reason, actually I know the reason. He goes. Komolika says you said Anurag has no meeting. Mala says he called for the meeting. Komolika asks her not to smile, send cold coffee in Anurag’s cabin. She thinks Moloy spoiled our dinner, today it will be just me and my Anurag. She goes. Mala attends a call. She says Prerna, stay here, I will go to pantry and come, I have to take coffee. Prerna says I should be at desk. Mala gets coffee and says pantry staff is on leave, can you give this coffee, that lady in Anurag’s cabin hates me. Prerna says fine, no need to thank me. Komolika thinks office romance….

She gets Ronit’s call. He asks are you fine. She says yes, tell me about Anurag and Prerna’s love story, so that the story becomes of me and Anurag, he lost his memory, he doesn’t remember anything, I m thinking to remind him with a small twist, Komolika will be in Prerna’s place, like you kidnapped Prerna, I will tell him that my dad kidnapped me, like Prerna said Anurag that she loves him, I will tell him that I told him I love him, I will tell him that he told me that he loves me, she challenged me, I snatched her love and now her story also, in case if Anurag remembers anything, he should think it was me in that story, I will ruin Prerna if he remembers her. Prerna comes. Ronit asks hello…. is anyone there.


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