Made For Each other Thursday 14 November Update 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Thursday 14 November Update 2019 Starlife

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Made For Each other Thursday 14th November Update on Starlife

Prerna(Erica Fernandes) recalling her intimacy with Anurag(Parth Samthaan ). FB shows Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) and Prerna(Erica Fernandes) romancing in the hit. In Lamhon ke daaman mein…. plays…. She gets shy and goes away. He holds her close and says nothing is wrong, we are going to get married in ten days. They kiss. He gets close to her. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) cries recalling this. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) and Prerna(Erica Fernandes) hug. He says whatever happened was love, pure love. She smiles. He says we will be getting married in seven days. FB ends. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) cries a lot. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) says I m sorry. Mohini asks why not, Anurag(Parth Samthaan ). He says no, I can’t. She says its not a joke, its about two families, you will marry Komolika. He says you care for society, did you see me, did you look at my trembling hands when I was filling sindoor in Komolika’s maang, sorry I can’t do this. He cries. She says everyone is talking about our family, our reputation is at stake. He says I know that, what about my heart. Anupam thinks to give this good news to Prerna(Erica Fernandes).

He calls Prerna(Erica Fernandes). He thinks maybe she isn’t answering thinking I m calling her here, I have to tell her that Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) just loves her. Mishka says I m worried that Komolika can get heartbroken, dad is so stressed. Nivedita says don’t worry, Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) will just come. Chobey says he refused for marriage and played with our respect. He counts Komolika’s favors on them. He says if my reputation gets stained, I will ruin Anurag(Parth Samthaan )’s life. Mohini says I won’t listen to you, come with me now. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) says whatever I told Prerna(Erica Fernandes) that day was a lie. Mohini gets shocked. He says sorry, but I tried a lot to lie and scold Prerna(Erica Fernandes) so that she hates me and gets away, I thought I did it, I realized that I was doing wrong, I promised her, she didn’t do anything, she thought I loved Mishka, I told her everything and shared my feelings that I love her, I promised that I will fill her maang. She gets angry. Nivedita comes and says Chobey is very angry, handle the situation. Mohini asks what shall I tell him. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) says I made a mistake, I will fix it, come. She says you have to answer me first. Mishka goes to taunt Komolika about the incomplete or broken marriage. Komolika says you are lucky and I m unlucky, you are my sibling, if anyone else asked this to me, I should have not spared this.

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Mishka says I m unlucky as you are my sister, you can scare Prerna(Erica Fernandes), but what will you do of her memories in Anurag(Parth Samthaan )’s mind, do you they your secret, this is called Karma, you will get punished for your deeds. Komolika says Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) left you as he loved Prerna(Erica Fernandes), Prerna(Erica Fernandes) is my better rival than you, now get out. She thinks why is Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) doing this, knowing this marriage is so imp for him. Mohini says I always found my happiness in yours, you rejected 51 girls, Mishka was the 52nd one, your choice, I got you engaged to her, you said you want to marry Komolika and fulfill promise to Moloy, I always listened to you, you have to do this marriage. He says I promised marriage to someone else, I already promised Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Prerna(Erica Fernandes) cries and says I got to know this when he is marrying today. Nivedita says you can’t back out. He says I know I can’t back out, I will do all the rituals and do this marriage, except the sindoor ritual. Mohini says marriage is incomplete without sindoor, you heard the pandit. Mohini asks shall I say this marriage isn’t happening. Nivedita says Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) will do this marriage with all rituals. He says I m sorry, I can’t do this, no matter what I have to face, I m sorry. They get shocked. Komolika asks Mohini what happened. Mohini says actually… Komolika says I trust you, you will fix everything. Mohini says he isn’t able to fulfill sindoor rasam, he is ready to marry. Komolika says I will manage, get him to mandap, I told you I will handle it.

Mohini comes to Anurag(Parth Samthaan ). She takes him. Chobey asks what’s happening. Komolika says Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) won’t fill sindoor in my maang, right Anurag(Parth Samthaan ). He says yes. She says I have told this to everyone, tell us the reason.  Komolika saying Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) will not fill my maang. She asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) to say the reason to them. She says we know this, but the relatives don’t know this, they will think that Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) doesn’t want to marry me, truth is he loves me, he doesn’t want to apply sindoor in my maang. Aunt asks have you gone mad. Komolika says there should be love between two people for marriage, Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) loves me a lot, its my duty to make a compromise, I m ready to marry without sindoor rasam, he is allergic to sindoor, there is no reason behind it, I promise Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) I will never apply sindoor, I won’t be adamant to hurt you, you are my would be husband. She acts good. Mohini smiles. Komolika says its okay if the marriage is called done without sindoor, but I will have mangalsutra of his name, that’s the biggest sign of a married woman, trust me Anurag(Parth Samthaan ), I have no issues, I want to complete this marriage as it was wish of Moloy uncle.

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Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) and Komolika sit in the mandap. Mohini asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) to do the rituals. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) is asked to make bride wear mangalsutra. Doctor asks Prerna(Erica Fernandes) for her husband’s number to contact and inform. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says he won’t come, he is going to marry someone else. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) makes Komolika wear mangalsutra. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) runs out and her dupatta catches fire. A man shouts to alert her. She runs out of the hospital. Anupam cries seeing Anurag(Parth Samthaan )’s marriage completion. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) recalls Anurag(Parth Samthaan )’s words. She falls on the road. Mohini hugs Komolika. Chobey and his Bhabhi plan the reception at the hotel. Mohini agrees with them. She asks Komolika and Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) to go together. Komolika asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) to pretend that this marriage didn’t happen forcefully. Nivedita asks Anupam to smile. She argues with him. She says even Veena is trying to live after losing her husband, Prerna(Erica Fernandes) will also learn. He asks how can you be stone hearted, knowing Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) love each other. She says he loves Komolika, else he would have not married her. He says he wasn’t happy during the marriage, he couldn’t even touch sindoor, you know he has no allergy, his love for Prerna(Erica Fernandes) was stopping him. She says I can’t believe you are telling me about love, you married me for money, not love. He says you can say that to me, love is needed to live, not money, Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) didn’t just sacrifice his love, but himself, its too late, suffering has begun. She says I m going with my mum. She leaves. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) and Komolika get in the car. She says we got married. He says yes, our deal is done, there is no one around to judge us, stay away. She controls her anger. Shivani says Prerna(Erica Fernandes) isn’t answering my call, where is she, maybe she is at Anurag(Parth Samthaan )’s house. She calls Anupam and asks is Prerna(Erica Fernandes) fine.

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Anupam says she didn’t come here. She says its impossible. He asks when did she leave from there. She gets Ronit’s call and says I will call you back Anupam. Anupam says I m unable to help, knowing everything. Ronit says thanks. She recalls his words. He says I could attend Komolika’s marriage because of you, she married Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) and she is very happy. She gets sad and says never call me up again. She thinks where is Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) is on the way. Driver says maybe its going to rain now. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) thinks of Prerna(Erica Fernandes). He thinks Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) and Prerna(Erica Fernandes) will never be together, this rain will never bring happiness for me. Komolika thinks I will throw Prerna(Erica Fernandes) out of your life. Driver stops the car and says there is a girl fallen on the ground. Komolika says we don’t have time to help people. We are getting late for reception.

Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) doesn’t see Prerna(Erica Fernandes). He asks the driver to stop the car. He says we should help the girl, maybe its an emergency. Komolika says fine, driver will help her, we should go for reception. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) says I will see her once. He goes to Prerna(Erica Fernandes) and asks what happened. He gets shocked seeing Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Komolika says Prerna(Erica Fernandes), what happened, someone get some water. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) says nothing will happen to you. Driver gets water. Komolika asks is she dead. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) says no….. He asks where is the nearby hospital. He takes Prerna(Erica Fernandes) along. Chobey says my friends are eager to meet Anurag(Parth Samthaan ). Mohini says I will call him. Anurag(Parth Samthaan ) asks Prerna(Erica Fernandes) to open her eyes. Komolika asks him not to worry, she will be fine. She stays angered.

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