Made For Each other Sunday update 15 December 2019

Made For Each other Sunday update 15 December 2019

Anurag and Prerna dancing on Teri meri kahani…. Komolika holds a knife behind her back. Mohini says I wish Komolika wasn’t so bad, I would have handled her.

Made For Each other update Sunday 15th December 2019

Everyone claps for Anurag and Prerna. Komolika comes close to them. Waiter gets cold drink for them. Anupam says its cold drink for you. Anurag drinks and says it tastes weird, try it. Prerna drinks too and says its fine. He asks is it fine, okay then. He drinks it. They share the same drink. Everyone smiles. Komolika gets back. She looks at them angrily. She hears Sahil and Tapur’s conversation. Tapur says you have no time for me, I m switching off your phone. Komolika hides her face with the mask. Sahil turns to see her. Tapur says your time is for me. He agrees and goes with her. Anupam says Anurag should propose Prerna in a grand way, shall we go to them and ask about it, the ambience is romantic, I think they should propose today. Nivedita says I will talk to Prerna. They go.

Komolika looks on. Komolika says Anurag and Prerna can’t confess love, he can just propose me. Anurag says not now, all the guests are here, is it imp. Anupam says its most imp, Prerna is here, just go and tell her that she is your love, I m sure she is expecting this from you, everyone can figure out your feelings. Anurag says its too early. Anupam says you are being shy. Anurag says no, how shall I explain you, I need some time to know each other. Anupam says that day you were running to propose her. Anurag says yes, but its good I didn’t propose her that day, I don’t want to hurry, its all about trust, its very imp for us. Anupam says much time got wasted already, someone else can take her away. Anurag goes.

Nivedita goes to Prerna. Anurag asks for Prerna. Komolika comes in front of him and thinks your wife is in front of you, its me Komolika. He goes. She thinks Nivedita knows where is Prerna. Prerna thinks of Anurag and smiles. Nivedita comes to her and asks for Anurag. She says I thought he is here, I saw him talking with a girl. Prerna says flirting…. Nivedita says I heard you are jealous when you have special feeling for someone. Prerna says its nothing like that. Nivedita says I was joking, I think you should tell your feelings to Anurag, I like you a lot, I like your honesty. Prerna says what I want, I don’t want that, I m afraid to fall in love again. Nivedita says this time nothing will go wrong, what you want is in front of you, very few people get true love. Prerna says I don’t know if I should get ahead, I loved and trusted him.

Nivedita asks what will you do if Anurag proposes you. Prerna says I can’t think, I want space. She goes. Nivedita says take your time. Prerna smiles. Komolika goes after her. Kids play around her. The knife falls. Waiter picks it and goes. Inspector calls Chobey and says sorry to disturb your sleep, we were shifting Komolika, she shot our constable and ran away. Chobey asks how did this happen. Inspector says you know your daughter is so clever. Chobey says I told you to be alert, I know her madness, she can become a big threat for Anurag, call Basu family and alert them, protect them. Inspector thanks him.

Chobey says I have cheated Komolika, she will come to me after taking revenge on Basu. He books his ticket. Inspector says Anurag is unreachable, find another contact number of Basu family, Komolika is after Anurag but she hates Prerna, so she will attack her first.

Prerna comes on the terrace. Anurag comes to surprise her. O mahi ve….plays….He holds her and asks will you believe me if I say that I… I have spent much time with you by my heart, we have given many sacrifices for each other, we should unite now. Prerna smiles. He says I will marry you in front of everyone like you wanted, with all the rituals, will you say yes. Prerna agrees and hugs him. She says you are my Anurag, you just love me, that hatred was fake, you were hiding your love, you are just mine. He nods. Her imagination ends. She thinks I m foolish to have this expectation, what am I thinking. Sahil’s mum and dad thank Anurag for the party. Anurag says I didn’t do this, Tapur did the arrangements, credit goes to her. Prerna thinks maybe Anurag has really come. Komolika asks what are you thinking, are you dreaming about Anurag. Prerna gets shocked.

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