Made for each other 22 July 2020: On Made for each other Wednesday 22 July 2020 Star life update, Komolika thinking the equivalent puja smell, I m back here. She presents herself as Sonalika.

Anurag says she spared my life, that is the reason, we have hitched without your consent and gift. Everybody gets stunned. Komolika grins. Moloy asks what are you saying, you would get hitched on the day you left from home. Komolika asks him not to remind him anything. Anupam asks her not to talk in the middle. Komolika says Anurag has lost his halfway memory, he doesn’t recollect that anything that occurred over the most recent two years. Moloy asks by what means would this be able to occur, we will remind him. Anurag asks what occurred, remind me. Komolik says don’t… ..

Moloy let him know everything. Komolika thinks it appears to be a terrible scene rehash broadcast. Moloy says I was on a wheelchair

for long and afterward I got fine, you recall. Prerna cries. Komolika asks Moloy to stop it. Anurag attempts to review and blacks out. They get stunned. Specialist checks Anurag. Komolika comes and says I m his significant other Ko… . Sonalika, really his treatment is now going on. She figures I didn’t get Anurag here to become sick, he needs to get me my privileges in this house. She acts before everybody. She says Anurag’s life is valuable, he got spared by a lot of trouble, I was with him since a month, regardless of having our very own medical clinic, we needed to call pros for him, in the event that anything transpires, I will be broken, I m standing alive here, as a result of him, my father was compelling me to wed a legislator’s child, so I had fled, I was driving the vehicle in speed, at that point… ..

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FB shows the men getting Anurag to her and requesting that her take Anurag to the medical clinic. She requests that they put him in the vehicle. FB closes. She says I met Anurag and spared his life, he was oblivious for long time, I felt he needs me, I was with him when he got cognizant. FB shows Komolika meeting Anurag when he gets cognizant. He asks what’s this, how could I come here, are you a specialist. She says no, I spared your life. He asks what, from where, what’s the time, I m getting late, I need to go. Specialist says you are oblivious since a month. Anurag says what, I have a match today. Medical attendant requests that he see the schedule. Anurag gets stunned seeing the date. Specialist requests that he sit and quiet down. Komolika says you don’t recall me, I m your significant other. FB closes. Nivedita asks when did your marriage occur.

Komolika thinks I knew Nivedita will ask this. She says he got cognizant even 5 days back, I was attempting to remind him, my father came to there, he was hauling me out, he had called everybody at the sanctuary to get me wedded, however Anurag came in the middle of, possibly our destiny is associated, its a supernatural occurrence, Anurag wedded me to spare me from this intense marriage, he had clicked our pics to demonstrate it to that person, our marriage got finished, the goons came there and assaulted him, he got head damage, say thanks to God police had come and captured goons, Anurag lost his memory, he didn’t recall our marriage, I became acquainted with he lost his memory, I was upbeat that he simply lost memory of two years, he is still in Dec 2017, its preferable to overlook two years over overlooking everything, two years passes unexpectedly early. She thinks Anurag is out of Prerna’s hand, I m excessively great. She says I demonstrated our pics to Anurag, I have the pics and recordings moreover. They get stunned. She figures the family will accept my story.


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