Made For Each other Saturday 12 October Update 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Saturday 12 October Update 2019 Starlife

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Navin and Anurag(Parth Samthaan) arguing. Navin says you are just saying nonsense, everyone knows me as Navin. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says Navin or Pradeep, you will be just cheap. Navin says this happens in frustration, I don’t mind. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says I m falling to your level. Navin says whatever I do is the best. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says I won’t let you do anything. Navin asks will you get Ronita again, you got a tight slap, I advised you not to get into this, look at yourself now, you are ashamed, I will be marrying London and taking her to London, you will be crying a lot, remember this. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) asks are you done, keep this kerchief with you, you will need this to cover your face. Navin says you are still stubborn. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) says you are adamant, the game can change in two mins, two days are enough. Navin shows the pearl and says this is mine, as Prerna(Erica Fernandes) is mine, I love you Anurag(Parth Samthaan), that’s why I say, I m playing a game, don’t come between, don’t be possessive and jealous, you got slap by Mohini, much more can happen tomorrow. He goes singing.
Prerna(Erica Fernandes) thinks there is something. She recalls Ronita. She thinks why would Ronita ruin someone’s life when she is already broken, this isn’t right. She goes to Veena and finds her having leg pain. She says I will massage your leg, then you can touch my feet later, Lord won’t be upset, I m going, let me just do. She cares for Veena. She thinks I don’t want to think of Anurag(Parth Samthaan)’s words. Veena feels relief.

She says if we didn’t had this loan, we would have shifted to village home. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says no, dad loves this house, how can you go, my heart says something will happen, we can sell the village land. Veena hugs her and says your positive talks give me courage. Dilbaro….plays…. Mohini recalls Anurag(Parth Samthaan). She says that was imp, I m still hurt by slapping Anurag(Parth Samthaan). Moloy says you and Anurag(Parth Samthaan) are hurt, I can’t trust Navin, he is happy now, I m not ready to accept anything, if Anurag(Parth Samthaan) is right, then this blind love for Navin, you will have to pay a big price for this. He goes to sleep. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) comes and wakes up Anurag(Parth Samthaan). He says you here. She says you came to meet me in my room, so I have also come. He asks how did you know about my room. She says I asked the moon. She shows the moon and says when I m confused, I ask the moon, I asked moon if I should meet Anurag(Parth Samthaan), the moon said I should, so I m here. He asks really, what did you ask the moon.

She says you always ask me what I see in your eyes, I told the moon about it, the moon said you are right, you understand me, everyone expects something from me, you are ready to do anything for me selflessly. She holds his face and asks is it hurting. O re chand….plays…. She says I m so sorry. He says its okay, you are more than a friend for me. She asks who am I, tell me. Ye kya hua….plays… He says you are my… His dream ends. He wakes up and looks around. He says why did she come in my dream today, maybe I m overthinking. He goes out and sees a broken vase. He says how did this break. He hears some sound. He goes to see. Navin applies nail paint to Madhuri’s feet. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) thinks Madhuri is in Navin’s room right now. Madhuri says colors look good when you apply it. Navin says I think you have solution for everything, how do you manage. She asks are you not scared. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) thinks they aren’t scared now. Navin says I like playing with dangers. She says you are getting married. He says that’s a business deal, you will always be my wife, Jaan, you know what will happen after marriage. Madhuri laughs and says I don’t know. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) thinks what will happen after marriage… She hears some sound and says someone is outside. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) goes away.

Navin saying maybe it was a cat. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) thinks I didn’t wish to hide, but I want you to relax and make mistakes, now I have a plan. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) thinks of Anurag(Parth Samthaan). Chahat ke safar mein…plays… She goes out in balcony and thinks he isn’t here, why will he come here, there isn’t any reason. She goes to sleep while thinking of him. She sleeps. Its morning, Anurag(Parth Samthaan) is sleeping. He gets troubled by sunlight. Mohini blocks the sunlight. She cries recalling she has slapped him. Her tear falls on his hand. He wakes up and sees her. He apologizes to her. She says I don’t want to talk about that, because of them, I have raised hand on them. He hugs her and says its okay. She says I never raised on you even by mistake, you were out of control, I had to stop you. He says I understand. She says love you Anurag(Parth Samthaan). He says love you too. She says you get ready, we need to go to Prerna(Erica Fernandes)’s house with haldi. He goes. She thinks Anurag(Parth Samthaan) will realize that Prerna(Erica Fernandes) also wants to marry Navin.
Shivani looks for envelops. Veena gets stressed. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) tries to talk to Veena. Veena says we don’t want you to marry Navin, but I have to do my work, I have to give shagun to guests. Shivani gets the papers. She says its the same love letter, I will read it today. She checks and says its legal notice to vacate this house, Prerna(Erica Fernandes) has hidden this from us. Prerna(Erica Fernandes) asks Veena how much will she work. She asks her to just sit for two mins. Veena says that lady Ronita was making allegations against Navin, Anurag(Parth Samthaan) was repeatedly saying that changed her stance by some pressure, do you still love Navin, I have started suspecting him, don’t you?

Prerna(Erica Fernandes) says its necessary for my life to marry Navin, it will change my luck, I will always be happy with him. Shivani thinks Prerna(Erica Fernandes) never said she loves Navin, it means, if this loan is paid off, her life will get better, she is marrying Navin only to save this house, she doesn’t want us to get troubled. Veena asks Prerna(Erica Fernandes) to come with her. Shivani thinks to tell Anurag(Parth Samthaan) about the letter. Rajesh welcomes Mohini and Nivedita. Mohini asks did haldi rasam not start. Dadi says we start the rasam by the haldi brought by groom’s family. She jokes on Nivedita. Rajesh asks Mohini not to feel bad, its just an age factor. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) comes with haldi. Mohini says its okay Rajesh.

Anurag(Parth Samthaan) greets Dadi. She says I remember you. He asks do you remember everything. She says yes, people think I forget things, I just forget things which I want to, its a secret, tell me truth, you couldn’t stay without meeting Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Prerna(Erica Fernandes) comes. Anurag(Parth Samthaan) sees her. Ye kya hua…..plays… Anurag(Parth Samthaan) smiles thinking of their moment. Veena takes Prerna(Erica Fernandes) with her. Dadi takes Anurag(Parth Samthaan) with her. Dadi asks for Anurag(Parth Samthaan)’s haldi. Mohini says Prerna(Erica Fernandes) is marrying Navin, haldi will be of Navin’s name. Veena applies haldi to Prerna(Erica Fernandes). Dadi asks Anurag(Parth Samthaan) to go and apply haldi to Prerna(Erica Fernandes). He says sorry, I just told that to make you happy. She says fine, but I feel it was the truth. He says I look innocent, that’s why, Prerna(Erica Fernandes) never believes me, I m not that innocent. She says I know you are very naughty. She asks him to marry Prerna(Erica Fernandes).

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