Made for each Other November Teasers 2020 Star life

Made for each Other November 2020 Teasers: Anurag falls into the deadly trap set for Prerna. Coming up on Made For Each Other November 2020 Teasers.

Made For Each Other November 2020 Teasers

Made For Each Other November 2020 Teasers

Starlife Made For Each Other November 2020 Teasers


Made for each Other Monday 2 November 2020

(Episode 360)
Veena and Mohini get into a heated market when the latter searches for Anurag. Even though Viraj chases Komolika’s goon, she has a surprise up her sleeve.

Made for each Other Tuesday 3 November 2020
(Episode 361)
Anurag provides a solution to remove Prerna’s ring while Komolika confronts Mohini. Afterwards, Anurag arrives in Prerna’s engagement ceremony with a gift for her.

Wednesday 4 November 2020
(Episode 362)
Anurag gets flashes from his past and inquires Prerna a shocking wonder. Afterwards, Komolika tampers with the wheels of Prerna’s automobile.

Made for each Other Thursday 5 November 2020
(Episode 363)
whilst Viraj and Prerna’s engagement ceremony commences, a confused Anurag loses control of his car. Later, Prerna gets tensed, noticing an unthinkable omen.

Made for each Other Friday 6 November 2020
(Episode 364
Prerna takes a drastic step to save Anurag’s life. Afterwards, Komolika expects some information about Prerna but gets a jolt in return.

Made for each Other Monday 9 November 2020
(Episode 365)
Anurag narrowly escapes a significant injury while Mohini includes a comprehensive breakdown. Afterwards, an psychological Prerna gets overwhelmed as she tries to get Anurag.

Made for each Other Tuesday 10 November 2020
Elsewhere, Prerna does the unthinkable to conserve Anurag’s life.

Wednesday 11 November 2020
(Episode 367)
Viraj secretly meets Komolika in the hospital while Anurag is leery of him. Later, Prerna makes a shocking statement.

Made for each Other Thursday 12 November 2020
(Episode 368)
Komolika is left fuming when Prerna challenges to throw her from Anurag’s life. While Viraj catches Anurag after him, Ronit is held at gunpoint.

Made for each Other Friday 13 November 2020
(Episode 369
A furious Viraj injures himself because he reflects upon Komolika’s egocentric plan. Afterwards, Anurag breaks into a prison cell in his quest to find out the truth.

Made for each Other Monday 16 November 2020
(Episode 370)
Komolika puts forth an ultimatum to Mohini while Anurag manages to slip into Viraj’s room. Afterwards, Prerna decides to find out about Anurag’s medicine.

Made for each Other Tuesday 17 November 2020
(Episode 371)
Anurag discovers Viraj’s bogus identities and exposes his deeds into the Sharmas. Elsewhere, Komolika decides to assist Viraj by tricking Prerna into marrying him.

Wednesday 18 November 2020
(Episode 372)
Prerna slaps Viraj when he threatens her at gunpoint. Later, he forces Prerna into marrying him as Anurag gets thrashed by his goons.

Made for each Other Thursday 19 November 2020
(Episode 373)
Prerna agrees to marry Viraj, but on a state. After a heated battle, Anurag is stunned when Viraj shoots Prerna from the stomach.

Made for each Other Friday 20 November 2020
(Episode 374
Anurag gets back his memory back, while Prerna delivers a baby girl. Afterwards Komolika finds Viraj’s body as Anurag learns the whole fact from Prerna.

Made for each Other Monday 23 November 2020
(Episode 375)
The Basus are shocked when Anurag slaps Komolika. Together with evidence against her, a desperate Komolika lunges at Prerna using a surgical knife.

Made for each Other Tuesday 24 November 2020
(Episode 376)
Anurag scours the town looking for a match for his daughter’s blood group. While Komolika plans to kill Prerna’s baby, Anurag’s hopes are shattered.

Wednesday 25 November 2020
(Episode 377)
Anurag uncovers a shocking fact about the blood donor while Prerna is discharged from the hospital. Afterwards, she leaves the home upon facing Mohini’s accusations.

Made for each Other Thursday 25 November 2020
(Episode 378)
Anurag proposes to Prerna and hatches a plan to oust Komolika forever. Afterwards, Prerna is stunned when she witnesses Anurag’s unthinkable action.

Starlife Made For Each Other November 2020 Teasers

Made for each Other Friday 26 November 2020
(Episode 379
Anurag will the unthinkable after sharing a romantic moment together with Prerna in the Howrah bridge. Afterwards, Mr. Bajaj saves her and shows a shocking fact.

Made for each Other Monday 30 November 2020
(Episode 380)
Mr. Bajaj requires a devastated Prerna to London. Eight years after, Anurag thanks his spouse , Komolika while a successful Prerna Bajaj seeks revenge against Anurag.


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