Made for each other 31 August 2020: On Made for each other Monday 31st August 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Anupam saying I will go and call Partho. Komolika worries and thinks he may say the truth. Anupam asks Partho what is he doing. Partho says I was fixing the bulb.

Anupam says just come with me. Anurag asks how could you be careless. Partho thinks he is angry as his wife got the shock, if that girl got the shock, he would have not scolded me. Anurag scolds him and says how could you leave the wire like that, look at her, she is pregnant, if anything happened to her baby, I would have killed you.

Partho says sorry. His money drops. Anurag stares. Partho says its my money, I didn’t do this for money. Anurag says say the truth, I will not leave you. Komolika coughs. Nivedita asks Anurag to get water. Anurag goes to her. Komolika signs Partho to go. Prerna looks on and asks Anupam to catch him. Partho runs away. Nivedita asks Anurag to see Sonalika. Anurag asks Anupam to go after Partho. He asks what’s happening. He takes Komolika to the room. She smiles seeing Prerna.

Prerna feels uneasy. Mohini comes and asks are you fine. Anurag says yes, it was the electrician’s fault. Anupam comes and says I didn’t get Partho, I saw Prerna having some pain. Komolika thinks its good. Anurag says Prerna needs me, I will go to her. Mohini says we will inform her family. Anurag sats I promised her, I will go to her, she needs me. Komolika goes after him. Prerna says its paining a lot. Anurag says I will take her to doctor. Komolika says Anupam will take her, don’t go. He says I will be back. They go. She throws the bowl and scolds Anupam. Anupam says Prerna was in much pain. Mohini asks Nivedita to explain her husband what’s right and what’s wrong. Komolika says I needed my husband, it was someone’s plan, I was attacked, he should be with me, why did you tell this to him, don’t do this with me next time. She goes. Mohini also scolds Anupam. She says no one will tell Anurag anything about Sonalika’s reaction. She goes.

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He says sorry Nivedita, its okay I know Mohini is angry. Nivedita says mum is right, any girl would react like that in Sonalika’s place. Anurag waits for doctor. Doctor comes and says so this is your emergency, Anurag and Prerna. Prerna thinks doctor doesn’t know that Anurag has lost his memory. Anurag asks did we meet. Doctor asks what happened, I have seen such anxiety in first time fathers. He says I m sure about same feeling in first time mothers, I m also getting this feeling. Doctor says why are you talking like…. Prerna interrupts. Nurse asks him to complete formalities. Doctor asks Prerna how can Anurag do this. Prerna says he lost his life’s two years memory in an accident, he doesn’t remember anything, I m just a secretary for him, he doesn’t remember me, I feel bad for him, what he feels, he can’t even express, he feels someone else has a right on me and my baby. Doctor says sorry to hear this.

Anupam says you think Sonalika’s behavior was right. Nivedita says yes. He says she was jealous of Prerna. She says Prerna has to understand that Sonalika is Anurag’s wife now, any girl would behave like Sonalika, she is feeling insecure. He says I think you also don’t like Prerna, she is pregnant with Anurag’s child. Nivedita asks who told you, did Anurag tell you, no right. He thinks no, Sonalika is the second woman, not Prerna. Doctor checks Prerna’s reports. Anurag comes and asks may I come in. Doctor says yes, please come, you are lucky to feel the heartbeat of an unborn baby. He smiles seeing the baby on the screen. Prerna smiles.

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Komolika says no mom, I can’t tolerate this, that girl is going to snatch my husband, so sorry, I can’t control my anger. Mohini says I understand, such people see such dreams. Komolika says Anurag told me he loves me, he should be with me, he should take care of me, who am I for him, I will leave this house and Anurag. Nivedita says you don’t need to do this, I have explained Anupam well. Mohini says I will explain Anurag, that you are his priority. Komolika says yes, Prerna doesn’t have his child. Nivedita says yes, its someone else’s child, Prerna should not be here. Mohini says his heart is of gold, like his dad, Moloy did same mistake and befriended Rajesh.

Komolika says I m thinking about them, I can get a panic attack. Mohini asks her to relax. Prerna says baby is kicking. Anurag asks what. Doctor asks him would he like to feel the baby kick. He nods. She asks how do you know its a girl. Prerna says we know. They feel the baby kick. Doctor asks him to get the injection. He goes. Doctor says he lost his memory but your souls are connected. Komolika says I should take some rest, Anurag isn’t here, I want to be alone. Mohini says I understand. Mohini and Nivedita go.

Komolika says they are supporting me but I didn’t forget anything, I will not leave them, what shall I do, I have to call him. She gets her phone. She says you are just mine Anurag. She puts phone on charging. Anurag hears the nurses talking about Prerna’s bad husband, who left her in such a time, he went with some other girl. Nurse says Prerna is innocent, pretty and strong also. Anurag thinks Prerna’s husband left her. Komolika says I behaved like Komolika used to behave, Prerna had made me so angry, if Anurag knows about it, no… what shall I do, I will call Anurag and tell I m not well, will he doubt that I m Komolika. Anurag says it means Prerna lied to me, but why. He thinks to find out who is her husband.

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